One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on OLTL

Blair and Todd fought for custody of Starr. Marty was subpoenaed to testify for Todd, and Patrick prepared to testify for Blair. Asa and Cord gave Dorian an ultimatum. Maggie helped her father to move a dead woman from his hotel room but was not happy lying to Max. Carlotta agreed that it would be best for Antonio to leave town.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Blair got caught with a tape recorder while talking to Todd. She had hoped to get Todd to admit that she was a good mother, which he did, but she also wanted something that she could use against him in the custody hearing. Todd tore the tape up and told Blair to let the judge decide what was best for their daughter. Todd reminded Blair he had a criminal record, and he wondered if she was going to tell the judge or if she would let the judge decide for himself what was best for Starr.

Blair told Todd she thought that it was inappropriate for them to discuss the battle for their daughter. Todd thought it strange that she found it okay to tape his conversation but inappropriate for him to fight back. He said if that was what she wanted, she could dig up his past -- and he'd dig up hers. He was willing to see whom the judge would believe. Blair dropped the bombshell that if Todd were such a good father, he would know what the next day was. Todd didn't know.

Blair told Todd the next day was Starr's first birthday, and she left. Todd went to the phone and called Viki. He demanded that she go to his home immediately. He insisted he needed her. Viki arrived but told him that she didn't appreciate being summoned. Todd asked Viki if she could get Starr to him the next day for her birthday, and Viki said no.

Todd asked Viki, "Will you tell the judge that there is more about me than what's written on paper? Can you do that?" Viki told Todd that she would testify for him, but he needed to know that love wasn't enough. Before leaving, Viki asked Todd, "Do you want your daughter because you love her or because you hate your wife?"

Patrick and Marty cleared the air about Patrick testifying for Blair. Patrick promised Marty that Blair's pregnancy wouldn't get between them. Marty told Patrick that she had decided to take the internship in Llanview and not Los Angeles so that she could be near Patrick and because she knew that Patrick needed to be there for the birth of his and Blair's baby and then to help raise the child.

Blair, who was upset after a run-in with Todd, showed up wanting to talk with Patrick, and Marty made excuses and left them. Blair told Patrick that she had never felt so lonely in her life. Todd was going to try to prove her an unfit mother and unstable person. Patrick told her not to worry -- he could answer to Todd. After leaving Patrick, Blair went home to Starr and talked to her daughter about her birthday the next day and what a wonderful party she would have. Blair vowed she would never let Starr go.

"Daddy" showed up at the hotel room where Max and Maggie had just made love. Max was asleep. Maggie went to the door and found her father, the bishop, standing, saying something terrible had happened, and she needed to go with him. She kissed Max goodbye, got dressed, and went to the bishop's room. He was outside the door, waiting for her. He told her that there was a woman sick in his room and that he needed her to watch outside the door so that he could get her back to her own room.

Maggie rushed past her father and found a woman on his bed. However, she wasn't sick. She was dead. He told Maggie that it wasn't what it looked like. He had been counseling her, and she had died of natural causes. He wanted to get her back to her room before anyone found her, so she could be found dead there, because the woman was married with children.

Maggie accused the bishop of trying to protect no one but himself. She asked him point-blank if he and the woman had been having an affair and who the woman was. Her name was Eleanor, and he assured Maggie that she had died of natural causes. He still wanted to get her to her room and make it look like she had died there in her sleep. "This is what Eleanor would have wanted, and this is what I'm going to do for her. Please, will you help me?" he implored Maggie.

Kevin showed up at Cassie's door, wanting the disks of their story about Antonio. Cassie was wearing an apron, Kevin asked her if she was doing a Holly Homemaker routine, but she told him that she just wanted to cook a nice dinner for Andrew. Kevin then told her that they should work on the story together. Andrew called and said he would be late returning from the hospital because someone needed him. Cassie wasn't really disappointed; she and Kevin worked on the story and had a good time doing it.

By the time Kevin and Kelly finished their story, they were laughing and joking with each other, getting closer again, when the phone rang. It was Andrew saying that he would be another hour, and he was sorry. Cassie told Kevin that Andrew was on his way, so Kevin said he needed to leave anyway and left. After Kevin left, Kelly put her apron back on and became a perfect wife again.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Maggie was still trying to convince her father, Bishop Carpenter, that they needed to tell someone about Eleanor's death. The bishop told Maggie that Eleanor had called him to say that she had something to tell him but had died before she could. Maggie said, "So this wasn't an accidental meeting?" The bishop said no. Maggie finally agreed to help watch the halls so the bishop could carry Eleanor back to her room.

Maggie opened the door, and a very drunk couple was stumbling by. Maggie turned her head and told the bishop that they hadn't seen her face. After they stumbled on, the bishop carried Eleanor to her room. The bishop then decided that Ellen couldn't just lie there. He wanted to call the desk and tell them, but Maggie said she would do it.

The bishop grew sentimental and told Maggie that he knew that he had never been a real father to her and that he had never been there when she had needed him. He thanked her for her help and told her she treated him better than he had ever treated her. Then he said that they shouldn't see each other again until they got back to the states. Maggie went back to her room. Max was still in bed. He had stirred once and called out for Maggie but had never woken completely up.

Maggie got undressed and slipped back into bed. She woke Max up enough that he told her she was cold, and Maggie told him that it was his job to warm her up. Suddenly, there was a lot of commotion outside in the hall. Max jumped up and opened the door. There was a security guard outside with the drunk couple that had seen Maggie outside the bishop's room.

The security man questioned the couple about the woman that had died and asked if anyone had seen a woman making a phone call in the hallway. Max told them no; they had been asleep in bed. Maggie just dropped her head on Max's shoulder. Maggie then asked if they had informed the woman's family of her death. The man said they were due in the next morning.

Max then turned and shut the door and went back to the bed. He said to Maggie that it was terrible that that poor woman had died all alone. Back in the bishop's room, he had found a locket that was Eleanor's on his bed. He was sitting on the bed, looking at it.

Kelly was trying to teach Joey to speak French. Cord arrived at the door and told them that they had the goods on Dorian. Olivia had given them a videotaped confession. Kelly told them that Olivia was lying. After a discussion summarizing the Buchanans' hatred for Dorian and her hatred for them, Cord left.

Joey told Kelly that he understood her devotion to Dorian. He said he loved her, too, but that Kelly had been used just as he had. He was just another notch in her belt. He had been used, and Dorian was using Kelly. Kelly told Joey she knew how much Dorian hated his family, and in some ways, she understood. She felt like the Buchanans provoked Dorian.

Kelly wanted Joey to convince Cord, Asa, and all to drop the charges against Dorian and let it go. The company was safe, and no harm had been done. Joey finally promised to talk to them.

Every officer in Llanview was out looking for Antonio. He was at the bus station, hiding in the bathroom, when all showed up. He got away, and Eddie hid him in Angel Square. Back at the Vega diner, Linda showed up and told Cristian that he couldn't trust Andy because she had turned on Antonio. He shouldn't trust anyone that wasn't from Angel Square.

Eddie then showed up at the diner, asking for sandwiches. He and Cristian started to leave when Bo showed up. He told them that they weren't doing Antonio any favors by hiding him. They left anyway. Bo and Andy then sat down, and Andy told Bo that she wished she had never seen Antonio throw the shirt into the fire.

Bo told Andy that she had done the right thing. He asserted that it was their town, and if they didn't do anything to help straighten it out, no one would. Andy left, and Bo talked to Carlotta. She was afraid that someone would shoot Antonio and ask questions later. Bo told her that he was doing everything he could to find Antonio and keep that from happening. He also told her that he liked and believed in Antonio -- and wasn't completely convinced that Antonio was guilty. Everything was pointing that way, but he hoped it wasn't true.

Before Bo left, Carlotta told Bo, "Find him before someone else does. Don't let them hurt my son." Eddie and Cristian showed up where Antonio was hiding. Cristian tried to trash Andy, and Antonio said that she had just been doing her job. Antonio then said he had no choice but to hide out for the time being. However, he wanted out of the country. He didn't believe that anyone believed he was innocent.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Todd took a birthday present to Starr at Dorian's house. Blair wouldn't let him go in nor give Starr the present. She told Todd that he would miss Starr's first birthday just like he would miss all of her birthdays. He said it was Blair that would be on the outside, begging to see Starr. He was escorted off the property.

Todd went back to his office, and Alex showed up saying she had an exclusive for Todd. She asked him if he knew anything about Carlo's will. She said that she had found it and had given it to Hank; that was the reason the police had questioned Antonio. Carlo had left all his estate to Antonio. So, of course, that made Antonio the prime suspect. Alex then told Todd to print, "Mayor is responsible for Antonio being prime suspect. Mayor is working hard for the city."

"I want the people to know how much I have worked for them," Alex asserted. Todd told her that he would get a reporter on it. She said that she wanted him to handle it personally, or she would give it to the Banner. She then told him that she could help him win Starr if he would help her. She said courts didn't grant custody to fathers unless the mother was totally unfit. She said he would need something current on Blair to prove Blair was unstable.

Todd reminded Alex that Blair was carrying Patrick's child. "Oh, yes, Ireland's gift to the poetically challenged," Alex said. Alex then told him about when she had been a practicing lawyer, and she'd had a client that had wanted to win custody from his wife. Alex had found out that the wife had a fear of spiders. Alex had put a spider up her sleeve, and when the woman had been on the stand, Alex had let it down in front of the woman. After they'd called paramedics in to handle the woman, her client had won custody.

"This is the type of thing that you need," Alex said, elaborating, "You have to do something that would make Blair go berserk in the courtroom." Todd said that he would handle the story for Alex and make sure she looked like the hard-working mayor she wanted everyone to believe she was. Todd then told Alex that "when I pull out what I have up my sleeve, the judge is going to sit back and watch as Blair bounces off the walls."

Joey was with Asa and Cord, trying to convince them not to press charges against Dorian. He told them that it would hurt Kelly if they sent Dorian to jail. Dorian was like a mother to Kelly, and it would destroy her not to have Dorian in her life. Asa and Cord reminded Joey that Dorian had cost them $20 million, and they couldn't just forget that. They had enough on Dorian to go to court and win, and that was what they wanted to do.

Joey told Asa and Cord that even if they won and Dorian went to jail, if she received a seven-year sentence, she probably wouldn't spend 18 months in jail -- and it would probably be one of those country club prisons. Asa said he couldn't stand that, so, after thinking it through, they decided to hit Dorian where it would hurt her most -- in the pocketbook.

Kelly went to Dorian's for Starr's birthday party and got Dorian off to one side to report that Olivia, a.k.a. Cameron Wallace, had told all. Addie showed up for the party. Dorian told Kelly that all she had to do was keep quiet, and all would be well. They couldn't prove anything.

Kelly told Dorian that Olivia had been backed in a corner, and she had nailed Dorian. Dorian was furious. Addie overheard. Cassie walked in and asked, "Do we have secrets?" Addie said, "Olivia is backed in a corner, and Dorian is in trouble. Dorian is always in trouble."

Dorian told Cassie that Olivia was someone that lived down the hall from Addie. About that time, Cord, Joey, and Asa showed up. Cord told Dorian that he wanted to speak with her and that they could do it privately or publicly. Dorian told all to go on to the club for the party and that she would be there shortly. Dorian got everyone out.

Cord started up the video camera. Dorian asked if it was his "answer to America's Tackiest Videos." They then showed her the tape of Olivia Dewitt, a.k.a March, a.k.a Fisher, a.k.a Cameron Wallace. The tape was a confession of what Dorian had asked her to do -- destroy Buchanan Enterprises -- and had paid her $25,000 to do. Dorian told them that Olivia was lying and needed help, because it was all fantasy. Cord told Dorian that not only had Olivia confessed, but she had kept a journal and a paper trail that led straight to Dorian.

Cord then started reciting the mile-long list of charges that they could file against Dorian. Dorian said she was calling her lawyer. Asa told her to call her bank instead. She accused them of blackmail. They then told her that if she paid them $20 million, they wouldn't press charges, and little Starr wouldn't have to visit Aunt Dorian in jail. They insisted on $20 million because that was what she had cost the company. She had 48 hours to get it.

At the club, Blair told Addie that she was having Patrick's baby. Kelly pulled Joey off to the side and asked him what was going on back at Dorian's. Cassie approached and asked the same. Joey told her he didn't know. She said something was going on, and she was going to find out what. Kelly then told Joey that she wished she was strong like Cassie. Joey told her that she was strong, beautiful, and honest and that he was glad that she hadn't inherited Dorian's ability to lie because he didn't think their relationship could stand that.

Linda was out collecting money for Antonio so that he could leave the country. A customer gave money to Carlotta. She gave the money to Cristian and told him it was for Antonio. He denied knowing where Antonio was. His mother then asked, "Is he safe?" Cristian finally gave in and said yes.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Alex went on-air and made an appeal for Antonio to give himself up. Todd published the article for Alex. Andy called the Salvation Army about Antonio's tux and shirt. The Salvation Army found the tux, but they hadn't found the shirt. They were going to look again and get back to her. Fibers under Carlo's fingernails matched the fibers in Antonio's tux.

Andy again went on a tangent about wishing she had never found the shirt, and Bo took her off the case. Bo and Hank questioned R.J. about Carlo's relationship with Antonio. They wondered how R.J. felt about the closeness that Carlo had felt toward Antonio. They wanted to know if R.J. was jealous. R.J. told them that he had told Carlo that Antonio was a snake in the grass and couldn't be trusted.

Maggie was really nervous about not telling Max what had happened. They were having breakfast, and Max kept asking her what was wrong. She told him nothing, but he knew that wasn't true. He asked again and was interrupted by someone at the door. It was the bishop. He was there to talk to Maggie. Max told him to go easy on Maggie and left.

Maggie told the bishop that she hadn't told Max anything, but she felt terrible about it. The bishop asked her what had happened after he left. She told him about the security man stopping by and admitted that Max had unknowingly lied for her. He had said they had been asleep. She didn't like Max lying for her, even if he didn't know he was doing it. The bishop finally told her to do whatever she felt like she had to do.

As Marty and Patrick were talking, a process server arrived and served Marty with a subpeona. Todd wanted her to testify for him.

Cristian took the money that his mother had given him and gave it to Antonio. Antonio asked if Cristian had robbed a bank or stolen it. Cristian replied that it was from the people of Angel Square. He told Antonio that they had collected money and had a plan to get Antonio to Puerto Rico. Antonio didn't want to take the money or go to Puerto Rico but finally gave in.

As Antonio and Cristian were opening the door to leave, Carlotta was outside the door. She told Antonio, "You were leaving without saying goodbye."

Friday, January 10, 1997

At the courthouse, Todd was playing on the floor with a little boy. He turned and smiled as a Sun photographer took their picture. Todd then paid off the boy's mother -- the whole thing had been a set-up to make Todd look good for the custody battle. Todd told his lawyer that with the witnesses they had lined up, Blair would be blown out of the water. Todd would look like a saint, and Blair would look like Cruella deVille.

At Dorian's house, Blair's lawyer was warning her that she would hear Todd's witnesses say horrible things about her. Blair couldn't let it get to her. They would get to present their own side later. Out in the foyer, Cassie arrived, and Dorian managed to avoid her questions about Asa and Cord. Cassie went in to see Blair, who was worried because she was sure Todd had something unexpected up his sleeve.

Marty, at the Palace Hotel restaurant with Patrick, was served with a subpoena to testify for Todd. Patrick was very upset and thought Marty shouldn't go. Marty assured him they would get through it -- both the custody battle and Blair's pregnancy.

Kevin ran into Viki at the courthouse. She was there to testify on Todd's behalf. She thought it was wrong for Blair to deny any contact between Todd and Starr. Kevin didn't feel "Llaview's favorite rapist" deserved custody of Starr.

In the courtroom, Todd was anxious to begin. His lawyer told Todd to control his "impatience and arrogance" and let his lawyer go after Blair for him. Todd left to get some air and ran into Kevin, Viki, and Cord. Todd thanked Viki and Cord for being there to testify, and Viki and Cord walked away to talk privately. Cord explained to Viki that he and Asa had given Dorian 48 hours to reimburse Buchanan Enterprises for everything she had cost them or face arrest. Neither Viki nor Cord wanted the story to become public.

Joey and Kelly arrived, and Cord thanked Kelly again for her help in catching Olivia. Kelly denied doing much to help and left in search of the ladies' room. Joey asked Cord not to mention Kelly's part in catching Olivia. Kelly was caught in the middle between the Buchanans and Dorian.

Cassie arrived, and Kevin pulled her aside, surprised that she was covering the case too. Cassie explained that she was just there for her cousin, Blair. Cassie went to see Kara, Blair's lawyer, and said Blair would be there in a few minutes. Cassie thought Kara would approve of Blair's clothes. Blair arrived with the top of her hair pulled back in a white bow and very little makeup on, and she ran into Todd in the doorway to the courtroom.

Todd said Blair could morph into Donna Reed if she wanted, but it was not going to help her case. Blair went into the courtroom, leaving Todd with Dorian. Dorian quickly excused herself, walked over to Viki and Cord, and asked for an extension on their ultimatum. Cord told her the deadline stood.

Back in the courtroom, Blair was in a dark dress with a wide white collar and white buttons and wore a pearl necklace and earrings. Marty and Patrick entered the courtroom, and Blair wondered what they were doing there. Patrick went over to tell Blair that Marty had been subpoenaed to testify for Todd. The judge finally arrived and explained the court's decision would be based solely on what was best for the child.

Todd's lawyer made his opening statement, claiming that Todd was the only parent fit to raise Starr. Blair's lawyer declined to make an opening statement, declaring the facts would speak for themselves. Viki was called as the first witness and testified that Todd was very loving and gentle with Starr. Todd would not be a threat. He would do anything in his power to protect Starr. They went over the history of Todd and Kevin being accused of raping Marty and the fact that Todd had not spoken up to clear Kevin's name because it would have meant admitting his own guilt.

Since Viki was testifying of her own free will, she said clearly a lot had changed since the days of the rape case. Todd was a totally different person, Viki testified, and a large part of that change had happened when Todd had fallen in love with and married Blair. Viki thought it would be better if both parents raised Starr, but she also thought Todd could raise Starr alone.

Cord testified next that Todd had saved C.J.'s life and had a close relationship with both of Cord's children. He then testified about Blair's suicide attempt. On cross-examination, Blair's lawyer pointed out that Tina and Cord had designated Viki as legal guardian of C.J. and Sarah in the event of their deaths and had not even considered making Tina's full brother, Todd, the children's legal guardian. The court took a recess, and Marty worried what Todd's lawyer would ask when it was her turn to testify.

During recess, Cord told Viki he was going to talk to his lawyers in case Dorian decided to fight them in court. Cord left, and Joey approached to tell his mom that he was taking Kelly home. Kelly told Blair she was leaving. Dorian stopped Kelly on her way out and asked if she was okay. Kelly asked Dorian never to mention to anyone how Kelly had lied to protect Dorian. Joey and Kelly left.

Before court reconvened, Blair went over to Marty briefly to tell her how sorry she was that Marty had gotten involved. Back with her lawyer, Blair said that she didn't care if her lawyer ran Marty over with a Mack truck during cross-examination. Marty was called to testify.

Carlotta went to see Antonio in his hiding place. She was very upset that he would leave town without going to see her. Antonio knew Carlotta wanted him to believe in the system and to believe in justice. However, if there were really justice, Carlotta wouldn't have to struggle so hard just to put food on the table, and Cristian would have gotten his scholarship without Carlo's help.

Carlotta asked Cristian to leave so she could speak to Antonio alone. Cristian left. No matter what Carlotta thought, there was no justice, Antonio told her. That was why he hadn't wanted to see her -- he hadn't wanted their last conversation to be about that. Carlotta replied that he thought he knew her too well. Carlotta wanted him safe and alive, so she thought it would be best if he left town.

Antonio asked if Carlotta was okay. He couldn't believe she thought that leaving was the right thing for him to do. All her life she'd believed if she worked hard and did the right thing, life would get better, for her and for her children. However, all she had gotten for all her hard work was the chance to bury her husband, the chance to see her son go to jail for a crime he hadn't committed, to see her younger son take money from a gangster so he could study art, and finally to see her son go back to jail again for another crime he hadn't committed.

Carlotta was sick at heart, and she wouldn't fight anymore. She wouldn't dream anymore. She wanted Antonio to go where he'd be safe. He needed to go, she insisted. She kissed him.

Antonio had never seen his mother like that before. Carlotta wouldn't see him go back to jail. He had worked for the police twice, and she was upset at the way they repaid him. Carlotta didn't think Antonio should put his trust in anyone but himself. Carlotta gave him money and told him he had to go. Antonio didn't want to take the money, but Carlotta insisted then gave him some food to take with him. They jumped when they heard a noise.

Cristian was there. He thought they should relocate Antonio until he could get out of town. Cristian asked if Antonio was still leaving town. Carlotta answered for Antonio, "Yes, he's leaving."

At the police station, in trying to clear Antonio, Andy instead proved that fibers from Antonio's tuxedo matched those found under Carlo Hesser's fingernails. She showed the report to Bo, who suggested that she take the rest of the day off. Max entered. He was there to talk to Bo.

Max told Bo that he had seen Antonio walking down the gangplank of the ship the night Carlo had been killed. Bo was upset that Max had withheld evidence, giving Antonio time to get away. Andy told Bo she would take the afternoon off that he had offered. She left just as Nora was walking in.

Andy, having a glass of wine in the Palace Hotel restaurant, recalled a conversation with Antonio where she'd said that they would get through it if they were open and honest with each other about everything. She had suggested he talk to Bo, because Bo cared about him and wouldn't let him down. Nora entered the restaurant and sat down with Andy. Andy said she loved Antonio, and if he went to jail, it would be all Andy's fault.

Bo was very upset with Max for withholding the information about Antonio being on the ship. Max explained that Antonio had sworn to him that he'd had nothing to do with Carlo's murder, and Max had believed him. Max was just sorry he had been forced to hurt Andy with the news. He hoped Nora had caught up to her. Max asked Bo if he was going to charge Max with obstruction. Bo told Max he could leave, and Max gladly departed.

Nora asked if Andy believed Antonio had killed Carlo. Andy thought that things were looking pretty grim, but she didn't believe Antonio would kill Carlo in cold blood. Nora thought they should hear Antonio's side first, and the best thing Antonio could do would be to return and provide evidence for his own defense. Nora suggested Andy try to get a message to Antonio: running away wasn't helping his case.

Andy thanked Nora for the advice. Max approached the table, thinking Andy would be mad at him. She just asked him what he had been thinking, withholding evidence from the police, and asked him to drive her home.

At the police station, Emilio told Bo he had a solid tip on where Antonio was hiding.

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