Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on GL

Roger found Vanessa, who told him that Alex was holding something over Alan. Zachary and Michelle professed their love for each other. Reva found out her lost sibling was a girl, and then left Buzz.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on GL
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Monday, January 6, 1997

In Paris, Josh tried calling Reva but got a busy signal. Reva was on the phone, trying to find the doctor who had delivered her half-brother. Apparently, all the old records had burned in a fire. Buzz offered to help her.

Buzz was on the phone and told Reva that he had talked to the head of human resources at the hospital, who would check around for information. Dylan arrived downstairs and told her he was leaving. Before he left, Reva wanted them to spend some time together. Buzz left to run errands. Dylan told Reva that Buzz was a pretty good guy and asked what the problem was.

Reva claimed she and Buzz were happy, and Dylan commented that Buzz seemed happy. He asked if Josh was what was bothering her. Reva avoided his questions and asked what he was up to and if he was leaving because of Bridget. Dylan told her whatever he and Bridget had had wasn't there anymore because of Hart. Reva insisted that he couldn't give up on his love for Bridget, because a love that strong didn't die. He pointed out the love she and Josh had shared and that it was over.

Reva replied that Josh and she were different, which Dylan didn't buy. Dylan told her how hard Josh had taken it when she had driven off the bridge. He said that if she and Josh couldn't make it, he and Bridget couldn't. Reva told him that Bridget didn't know what she was missing.

Reva made Dylan promise he would visit often. Dylan was on the way out when Annie dropped by. Reva introduced them, and Dylan left. Reva asked Annie what she wanted. Annie replied that she was there for Marah and Shayne and was going to drive them home. Reva said Annie wasn't going to do that.

Annie said that Josh had called and asked her to pick up the kids. The phone rang, and it was Josh, who said he would be back later that night. Reva asked him if he wanted the kids back, and he said that would be great. Reva put Annie on the phone. Annie told Josh how much she and the baby missed him. They hung up, and Reva asked Annie how she was feeling. Annie replied that she was feeling good except that she wanted Josh back home.

Jenna made plans to leave Springfield. She went to answer the door, and it was Matt, who told her he knew about her secret. Jenna told him she was leaving, but he couldn't let her leave without talking to her. He told her he knew she had been pregnant with Buzz's baby when she'd left and that she had never told Buzz.

Matt made friends with little "Coop." Matt gave Jenna a letter from Vanessa, which had been returned a couple of weeks after her death and which Matt had opened. He told her he had opened it to try to figure out what had been going on in Vanessa's mind before she'd died. Jenna asked Matt to read it to her. The letter told Jenna that she was happy Jenna had named the baby after Henry, and she believed Buzz would be thrilled to know his son. Matt told her she would be making a big mistake not telling Buzz about the baby.

Jenna asked if Buzz would really be pleased to know that he had another child. Matt replied that she just didn't know how people would respond and that things weren't always as they seemed. Jenna asked if things weren't so rosy in Buzz and Reva's marriage. She then prepared to leave and asked Matt to pick up the toys while she changed little Coop. Matt was picking up the toys when Buzz knocked on the door.

Buzz was surprised to see Matt. Jenna returned, and Matt left the room to use the phone. Jenna was nervous to see Buzz, who wanted to know what she had planned to tell him earlier.

Buzz said he was worried about her because she had told him there was something important to say then she had just disappeared. Jenna brushed it off by saying she'd just had a business meeting. She told him she had to leave and opened the door for him. Buzz said he would see her the next time and left. Matt walked out and told her the baby was asleep. Jenna said she hadn't been able to tell Buzz, and it wouldn't work.

Buzz went back home, and the phone rang. It was the woman from the hospital. Buzz told Reva that the old friend of her mother's was at a rest home. Annie went to meet friends at the bus stop, and Reva and Buzz rushed off to the rest home.

Jenna missed her flight, and Matt told her that it would give her a chance to tell Buzz. Jenna went to take care of the baby, and Matt said goodbye to them.

In Switzerland, Vanessa felt that she was right to keep her illness from her family and was comforted that they would never know. The nun entered the room and told Vanessa that the doctor thought she should be moved to another facility that was better equipped to deal with her new needs.

Leo told Roger he had found Vanessa. Leo wanted Roger to explain his actions regarding his divorce and his finding Vanessa. Roger said had faith Dinah would screw things up on her own, and he was going to use Vanessa to end up on top. Leo replied that Vanessa was a patient at the Sisters of Charity convent on Lake Lucerne.

Roger got on a plane to Switzerland. Roger visited Vanessa at the convent and told her they had a lot to talk about.

Hart complained about Dinah's friends to Bridget. Bridget told him that Dinah was just not like them and that she was difficult. Bridget told him if he ever needed anyone to talk to, she would listen. Dinah walked in and told him that she had gone there to make up, but that had been a mistake.

Bridget told Dinah it wasn't what it looked like, and Hart had only gone there to talk. Dinah was rude and told her to mind her business. Hart defended Bridget, but Dinah said the only reason she put up with her was because she was Peter's mother. Dinah wanted to make up with Hart. Hart asked her if she was sure it was what she really wanted.

Dinah told him how wonderful he was and insisted that it was what she wanted. Hart wanted to know if they could make a life together. Dinah wanted to evict her friends from the farm so they could spend some time alone. Hart said he believed her, and they kissed. They left to take out the Eurotrash.

Dinah thought of her mother and made Hart call for Jean Luc. Dinah told him that he and the rest of her friends had overstayed their welcome, and it was time for them to go. Dinah told him he wasn't welcome in her home anymore. Jean Luc told her she had once been her own woman, but she was trying to change herself to suit a man.

Dinah told him it was none of his business. Jean Luc told her that he loved her and kissed her as Hart opened the door.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Vanessa recognized Roger's voice, and she asked how he'd found her and what he wanted. He replied that he merely wanted to talk. She asked if there was something wrong with her children, but he reassured her that he just wanted to speak to her. Roger asked her if there was anything he could do for her, and she answered that he could leave and forget he had ever seen her. Roger wanted to know why she had faked her death, and she replied that it was her business. He told her that since he knew she was alive, it was his business.

Vanessa insisted Roger tell no one because she didn't want her family to see her that way. Roger asked if there was any hope. Vanessa informed him that she couldn't see or use her legs, and she could barely feel anything. She told him that she had staged her death so her family wouldn't pity her. Vanessa wanted him to tell her that Maureen wasn't wrong to think there was something redeemable about him. Roger said he would keep her secret if she would help him.

Vanessa told him that there were many times when she had wished that Billy had killed him, but then she would see his love for Peter. She commented that she had known him all her life and still didn't know who he was. She asked him who he was. Roger answered that he had compassion and goals, and the two weren't mutually exclusive. He wanted her to give him information in exchange for keeping her secret. She told him she would rather see him dead than help him get her daughter back. He said that it was not about Dinah. She asked him what the information was, and he answered it was about Spaulding.

Roger wanted to know why Alan always deferred to Alex. Since Vanessa and her father were privy to the inner workings of Spaulding, he figured she knew what Alex had over Alan to keep him in line. Vanessa didn't want to help him. She told him she didn't want to take anybody's side. Roger pointed out that he would keep her secret if she told him. Vanessa told him he had won, and she would tell him what she knew.

Vanessa told Roger that before her father had died, Alex had stolen some files as an insurance policy. Her father had told her that whoever controlled those files would have the leverage to put the Spaulding family on their knees. Apparently, Alex had them hidden somewhere on the grounds -- and they were as close as the nose on his face. Roger thanked her, and she told him to keep his promise. Roger told her she had his word of honor.

Roger asked if she was sure there was nothing he could do to help her. She told him to keep his promise. Roger left, and the nun entered and asked if she was ready. Vanessa replied that she was too tired. The nun asked if the man who had left had anything to do with it, and Vanessa replied yes. The nun asked who he was, and Vanessa replied that sometimes she thought he was the devil himself.

Phillip wanted to know what was up. Alan said he needed Phillip's advice on approaching Amanda and convincing her to cut ties with Roger. Phillip didn't believe him, and Alan said it wasn't a lie, just part of a truth. Phillip asked what Alan really wanted. Matt entered the room and wanted to know what he was doing there.

Alan asked how Matt was dealing with Vanessa's death and said that he respected what Matt and Vanessa had had. Phillip figured out that Matt was the trustee of Vanessa's estate and that he controlled a good portion of Spaulding stock. Amanda overheard the conversation. Phillip wanted to know who Matt would support if Roger and Amanda tried to take over the company.

Matt told Alan that he didn't care about Alan's little power struggle; he only wanted to ensure Vanessa's children's future was secure. Despite Phillip's warning about Roger, Matt told them he didn't want anything to do with them, and he left. They left the room, and Matt returned to get his coat. He turned around, and Amanda said it was her turn.

Matt he said he'd had enough of Amanda's family, and she replied that she only wanted one minute. Amanda said that from the look of her father and brother, Matt hadn't given them what they wanted. Matt said he didn't want anything to do with any of them. Amanda said she envied the love that he and Vanessa had shared.

Amanda said that she hoped to have what he'd had, and he asked if she really thought she could have that with Dinah. Phillip and Alan entered, and Matt told her if she really wanted what she said she did, she would get out of there while she could. Amanda signed the merger papers.

Hart saw Jean Luc kissing Dinah and attacked him. Dinah was mad at Hart for hitting Jean Luc, and Hart ordered him and all of her friends gone. Dinah replied that she wasn't going to make her friends leave because he said so.

Hart was mad. Jean Luc said he loved Dinah. Dinah wanted Hart to let Jean Luc explain. Hart said he was tired of being hospitable and that it was time for Jean Luc to go. Dinah told Hart that Jean Luc knew she loved Hart but that it was just his way. Jean Luc offered to leave if he was causing a problem.

Hart asked Jean Luc if he still loved Dina, and Jean Luc said that he loved her and that Dinah had changed herself to be with Hart. Hart said that Dinah wasn't the only one who had changed. Jean Luc tried to point out that the real Dinah was hidden and that she would grow to hate the man who had taken her life. Jean Luc told them he would pack his things and go. He went upstairs. Dinah left the room.

Dinah returned downstairs, and Hart asked her if Jean Luc was right. Dinah replied that she didn't want him to be. Hart asked if they had made a mistake and if they were that different. Dinah replied no and that she cared about the same things he did, but she cared about other things also. Hart said that was okay.

Dinah pointed out that they weren't so different, and Hart agreed. He told her he didn't want to bury her; he just wanted to love her. She replied that he did. He commented that he had tried to adjust to her friends, but that he just wanted things to be the way they had been. Dinah replied that that was what she wanted also.

Hart asked how he and Dinah had gotten there, and Dinah replied that she didn't know, but they didn't have to figure that out right away. Hart got up from the couch, and Dinah replied that at that moment, all she wanted them to do was to love each other. Hart kissed her and carried her upstairs.

Hart and Dinah were in bed in front of a roaring fire, and Dinah told him she loved him. Dinah said that she had even forgotten what they had been fighting about. Hart said that they had been fighting over how different they were. Dinah said "viva la difference" and that she wanted to stay like that forever. Hart mentioned her telling her friends to go, and Dinah asked who had ever said that she was going to do that.

Rick and Abby talked at the hospital. Rick apologized for being out of line with the doctor earlier. Blake stopped by with the babies, and Rick ran over and picked Kevin up. Abby had to go take care of something, and Blake told him that he needed to stop making a fuss over her and Kevin because it would make people suspicious. Rick put the baby down, and Blake told him he was going to blow the thing with Abby if he didn't have her help. Rick didn't want her to talk to Abby, but Blake insisted. Blake went over to Abby and told her they needed to talk.

Abby asked Blake if there was something wrong with the babies. Blake told her it was about her and Rick. Blake asked Abby if she loved him, and Abby replied that she didn't have the words to describe how she felt. Blake wanted to know how Abby felt, and Abby said that it was like fire and ice at the same time. She said she felt like she was going to float away. Blake told her that what she had with Rick was precious, and if it took the fight of her life, she should never let it go. Blake then went to get someone.

Rick entered the room and asked what Abby and Blake had been talking about. Rick said that Blake didn't know anything about her and him. Rick told her that he wished that he could tell her what he was feeling, and she said she wished she could tell him. He said he wanted to kiss her and asked if she had any idea how he felt when he kissed her. She replied that she knew how she felt when she kissed him.

Rick and Abby both commented that the things they wanted to say to each other always came out wrong. Abby told him that she knew what he meant and asked him to sign what he wanted to say, and he signed, "I love you." She told him she loved him.

Rick and Abigail kissed.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Jenna stopped by to see her old house and thought back to being with Buzz. Jenna told the place that she loved Buzz and had more flashbacks about being with him. Jenna started crying, and Eleni stopped in and asked if she was crying over Buzz.

Jenna asked what Eleni was doing there. Eleni replied that she had seen the lights on and thought Buzz might be there. Eleni asked what was going on. Eleni told Jenna that she fought the idea of them being together, but she couldn't deny how Buzz loved her more than anything. Jenna asked if that meant Reva, also, and asked if Buzz and Reva were as happy as they seemed.

Jenna told Eleni that Buzz deserved to be happy and asked if Reva loved Buzz the way he needed to be loved. Eleni explained that Buzz was taken with Reva and that Reva obviously adored him. She said that they had stood by each other despite talk that Josh and Reva were destined to be together. She was about to say something else but decided to leave instead. She asked Jenna how long she would be in town and told her to stop by. Eleni then left. Jenna told herself that if Buzz was happy, she was happy, but she didn't look thrilled.

Josh wanted an explanation from Annie about planning a nursery so early. Annie said she didn't want to wait and didn't want to leave anything to chance. Josh agreed to get started on the nursery with Matt. Annie told him that she and Matt were discussing a carousel theme. Matt wanted to do it another day, but Annie insisted. Annie went to get coffee, and Matt commented that Josh appeared not to have told Annie he wanted a divorce. Josh replied that no matter how much he loved Reva, he wouldn't do anything to compromise her recovery and the baby.

Matt told Josh he didn't see how Josh could stay married to Annie when his heart was with Reva. Josh said he couldn't do anything until the baby was born and that telling her the marriage was over would destroy her. Matt said it was better hearing it from him than Annie finding out some other way. Josh said the bottom line was that Annie was carrying his child. Matt didn't think that he could live like that. Matt asked if Reva had told Buzz, and Josh replied that they both felt that it wouldn't make Annie feel any better to know that Buzz was free and clear.

Annie excitedly talked about the nursery, and Josh commented that she seemed to have thought about it a lot. Matt said he had to leave and would get back to them. Annie thanked him, and he left. Annie told Josh how much she had missed him and asked him how his father was. Josh replied that his father was great, and he didn't realize how much he missed him. Annie replied that she had never known her parents, so she had missed that bond.

Josh asked Annie how her A.A. meeting had gone, and she said everything had been great. Annie called Fran and threatened her with telling her boss about breaking the rules. She told Fran that she wanted to get pregnant, and she was going to help her no matter what. Annie told herself that she would get pregnant in no time, and there was no way Reva could compete with that. She left, and Josh entered the room. He picked up the phone.

Buzz and Reva talked to Sarah's doctor, who had delivered the baby. She told him that she wanted to find her brother and that the records she needed had been burned in a fire. She explained that her mother's dying wish had been for Reva to find him. He didn't know the name Sarah Shayne but remembered another Sarah who Reva figured out was her mother.

Reva showed the doctor a picture of her mother and asked if the woman was Sarah O'Neil, and he said he thought it was. Reva asked if he remembered what had happened to the baby. The doctor said the baby had been given up for adoption and assigned to a social worker who had since died. Reva asked about her case records. The doctor told her that the baby had been a girl, not a boy.

Reva was surprised at the sex of the baby. The doctor double-checked the records, but the record was smudged. Buzz and Reva returned home and were frustrated that the adoption records were sealed, and Reva suggested enlisting Ross's help. Josh called and said he needed to see her.

Michelle was writing a paper on poetry when Zach stopped by with a flower for her. Zachary asked the girl who was sitting with Michelle if he could have her seat, and the girl moved. Zachary said he had been looking everywhere for her, and she wanted to know why he had been in such a hurry to see her. Zach said he wanted to talk, and he told her that he loved her.

Michelle was surprised that Zach said he loved her and said that she had never been happier and that her prayers had been answered. Zach said he couldn't promise her forever, but he said that they loved each other, and that was all that mattered. They kissed. Zach said he wanted to be with her. They quoted poetry to each other and kissed again.

Zach told Michelle how incredible what had just happened was. Zach let down her hair and told her how beautiful she was. She told him that she loved him very much, and he repeated that he loved her. They kissed again. The bell rang for the library to close, and Zach offered to drive her home. He kissed her again, and they left.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Josh was on the phone with Reva. Buzz entered. Reva lied to Buzz about someone else being on the phone. Josh asked her to meet him. She agreed to meet him at the mall. They hung up.

Josh was getting ready to leave. Annie entered and told him that she wanted to go out. Buzz gave Reva a drink to celebrate meeting her half-sister.

Jenna was at her old house, reminiscing about an argument that she and Buzz had had in the past. She then remarked that she guessed it wasn't going to work out that time either.

Alan and Alex were talking. Alex was going to the country club for the Red Cross Gala. Alan told her to have a great time and to put it on his account. She laughed and told him he was trying to bribe her. He asked her if she was wondering what she'd get out of it. He told her that he wanted her to ruin lunch for a couple of the guests.

Roger approached Amanda at the country club. She asked him where he had been. She said that she deserved to know. Roger said that he had found an unexpected "gem" for their project. If he told her, she had to keep it quiet.

Reva and Buzz talked about Reva's half-sister. Buzz told her that while Ross was exploring the legal side, Buzz was going to look into other matters. Reva said that she had an errand to run and left to meet Josh.

Josh made several excuses to Annie about not going out for the evening. He told her that he had to go to the mall to pick something up for Marah. She asked him to go to the baby store and pick up something she had ordered. After all, the new baby was going to be there sooner than she thought.

Alan told Alex that Amanda and Roger were having dinner at the country club. Alan asked Alex to have dinner with them. Alex said that she was planning to have a pleasant dinner, not a night in hell. Alan said that he wanted her to look like she was enjoying herself. He wanted her to appeal to Roger's very large ego and tell him how lucky they were to have him in the company -- and how glad she was to have him in the family.

Amanda begged Roger to tell her where he had been. He said he had been doing research. He said that Alex had papers in her possession that could lead to the whole family crashing down. Roger said that even if she didn't intend to use them, it would pit Alan against her. Amanda speculated that that was how they would isolate Alan from Alex.

Roger said to imagine Alex's embarrassment if the existence of the papers were ever out in the open. Amanda said that they needed to find the papers. Roger said they were somewhere on the Spaulding property. He asked for unlimited access to the house. Amanda asked exactly what he was proposing.

Buzz was at home, cooking alone. The doorbell rang. It was Annie, looking for something that the kids had left at the house. Buzz went to look for it. Annie was really looking for Reva. Buzz returned downstairs and told Annie he hadn't been able to find it. He said he wished Reva was there to help, but she was at the mall. Annie looked angry and said she would talk to Reva later.

Josh and Reva met at the mall. They acted like it was an accidental meeting. Josh handed Reva a letter from HB. She read the letter to Josh. HB told her that she and Josh were meant to be together and that putting off the decision because of other people was wrong. Reva cried as she read.

Reva wondered how HB knew. Josh asked Reva how her mother had known. He said that the people that loved them could be a continent away and know how things should be. He told her he missed her.

Reva said that she couldn't talk about it there. She got up to walk away. They ran into Dahlia. She told them that she was working at the music store. They chatted briefly. Dahlia left. Reva started to leave and ran into Annie. Annie said that the day was full of surprises.

Buzz set the table for a romantic dinner. He thought of Jenna and reminisced of a time when she had told him she loved him. Meanwhile, Jenna was reminiscing about the same scene.

Reva, Josh, and Annie talked about what a coincidence it was to run into each other. Annie told them she had found a store that had the fabric for the curtains in the baby's room. She made a remark about the baby being happy and healthy. Josh and Annie left. Reva watched them.

Alex and Alan talked about Roger and Amanda. Alan told her that together they had a lot of business savvy. He said they needed to drive a wedge between them. He told her to think of Nick, Alan-Michael, and Phillip -- they needed to think about them. Alan said that she should think it was fun, or perhaps what Nick said was right -- that she had lost her cutting edge. She said, "Not by a long shot," and left.

Amanda asked Roger how he planned to have free rein of the Spaulding house. She wondered if he planned to stay at the mansion in her bed. He said no, but he needed the ability to enter and leave like any "devoted fiancÚ." She asked if he thought the files were in the house. She said she would look for them. He told her that she needed him.

Amanda asked what made Roger think that he would do better than she would. He reminded her that Alex knew where they were -- and he was one of Alex's Achilles heels. He would be so charming to Alex that she wouldn't know what hit her. Amanda told him that he could enter and leave at will, but she was going to be watching him every minute. He told her that he was flattered that she felt a need to protect her man from her aunt. She told him that she was not afraid of any competition -- certainly not from Alex.

Alex arrived and ran into Amanda and Roger. Roger told her that a beautiful woman should not eat alone. Alex said that she was sorry that he'd had to run off from lunch the day before -- but they were going to be seeing a lot of him in the future. After all, he was joining the family. Roger said, "Again." They laughed.

Amanda, Alex, and Roger chatted casually, with Alex and Roger both being sickeningly nice to each other. Alex offered her help to Amanda to plan the wedding. Amanda asked what the "catch" was. Alex said that she wanted to let old grievances go. Roger said that he felt the same way. Alex and Roger smiled at each other as Amanda watched.

Annie and Josh returned home and chatted about the kids briefly. They chatted about the nursery. Annie told Josh that Reva had looked really wonderful earlier and that marriage seemed to be agreeing with her.

Reva arrived home. Buzz was waiting with dinner and a fire. Buzz tried to kiss her. She stopped him to tell him that she had seen Dahlia at the mall. Buzz told her that Annie had stopped by. Reva asked if Annie had been looking for her. Buzz said that he had told Annie that Reva was at the mall. Buzz was chatting as Reva mumbled to herself that the lies had to stop.

Alex, Amanda, and Roger talked before dinner. Amanda said they had a table ready. Alex suggested that they eat together. Alex then suggested going back to the house and letting Cook prepare something really wonderful. Alex left. Amanda and Roger left, with Amanda mumbling that she hated it. Roger said that he was doing it just for her.

Annie told Josh that she had missed him. She modeled her new maternity negligee. She told him the kids were in bed, and they should be too. She took off the robe and asked him if there was anything more perfect.

Buzz was chatting. Reva was very quiet and pensive. She jumped up and told Buzz that she couldn't do it to him anymore. She said that he was the most special man that she had ever known. She said their marriage was a lie, and she had to leave. Buzz asked her why she was leaving. She said, "Because I still love Josh."

Jenna left her old house, remarking that there was nothing left for her there.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Jenna was in the hall of the hotel, holding a stuffed bunny. She yelled to someone that they had left "Buzz" the Bunny. She walked in the hotel room and put it in the top of one of her pieces of luggage. Eleni visited Jenna and noticed that Jenna was packed up and ready to leave town.

Buzz and Reva talked about her walking out on the marriage. She told him that her love for Josh had never gone away. She said her love for Josh had gotten between them. Buzz asked her why he had the feeling that Josh was saying those same words to Annie at that very moment.

Annie kissed Josh. She remembered that the lab results had shown that she was really not pregnant, even though she had told everyone that she was. Josh told her that she deserved to be happy. She said that she knew that he had been worried about her while he'd been away, but she had taken really good care of herself by going to twelve-step meetings. She said that since he was home, she was much better; he was her rock. They continued kissing.

Eleni told Jenna she was sorry that Jenna was going, and she knew that she was not the only one. Jenna said that she had completed her business there, and it was time to go. Eleni asked why Jenna's visit had been so short. Eleni asked if Jenna and Buzz had talked, since she had seen them at the firehouse. Jenna said that Buzz had stopped by, and they'd had a nice chat. Jenna said that she'd enjoyed meeting Reva, who was a wonderful woman.

Jenna said that she believed that she had seen Springfield through rose-colored glasses in the past, and it was just not the same. Eleni said that Jenna had more than memories -- she and Buzz had had a wonderful time. They chatted about the past briefly. Jenna recalled to Eleni that in the past, Eleni and Frank had been pulling for Nadine and Buzz. Eleni said that Buzz and Nadine had had a past together -- they had children. Eleni said that when Jenna became a mother, she would understand.

Reva and Buzz talked. Reva said that Josh was going to stay with Annie, at least until the baby was born. Buzz thought that would be terrible for Annie. Reva said that Josh didn't yet want Annie to know that he would be leaving her. Buzz asked Reva why she hadn't told him that she loved Josh months before. She said that it had started out that she had been lying about little things, but they had turned into big things. She said that she had taken too much of his life away, and she wanted to give it back.

Buzz asked Reva if he had been dreaming their life; he had felt like she loved him. She said that she did in her own way, but she still loved Josh. Reva said that Buzz was a decent and loving man, and she cared about him, so she couldn't do it to him anymore. He told her that she didn't know what kind of man he was.

Annie and Josh were on the bed, kissing. Josh got up from the bed. He told her that he was glad that she was feeling better but that they needed to slow down. She told him that she was very happy to be carrying his baby. She said that she felt like the woman he had married.

Annie kissed Josh and told him that she remembered the day at Laurel Falls when they hadn't been able to wait and had made love there. He told her he didn't want to live in the past; he wanted to be where they were at that moment. She hugged him and told him that it just felt right.

Shayne arrived at the door and told Annie and Josh that he'd had a bad dream, so they broke the embrace and went to help Shayne. They talked to Shayne and tried to convince him that all the scary things were gone. Annie told him that they were safe as long as they were all together in their house.

Buzz told Reva that he didn't know her anymore. He said that he had known what he had gotten into with the marriage, at the beginning. It was because she didn't want Josh to know she still loved him. Buzz reminded her that he had not slept with her until she wanted a real marriage. Buzz said that she was the one who had gone to him and told him she loved him. He'd thought things had changed and they'd had a real marriage.

Reva said that she did love Buzz, but she couldn't get over Josh. Buzz asked Reva if Josh knew that she was breaking up their marriage. She said that Josh was staying with Annie. Buzz said that he was sure that Reva would find a way to be with Josh, even with the baby on the way. She always did. He congratulated her because she had gotten what she'd always wanted. He left.

Eleni told Jenna that Jenna needed to stay in Springfield long enough to make sure that she and Buzz didn't have anything else to say to each other. Jenna said that there was nothing more for them to say to one another. She said she really had to leave.

The bellboy arrived and started to take Jenna's luggage. Jenna asked Eleni to say goodbye to Buzz. Eleni left. Jenna told herself that she never should have returned. She said goodbye to Springfield as she left the hotel room and shut the door.

Shayne was asleep between Annie and Josh. Josh said the boy was sleeping so soundly that maybe they ought to leave him there. Annie said that wasn't a good idea. Josh carried Shayne to his bed. Annie arranged the pillows and lit the candles while Josh was gone.

Josh entered the room and saw the candles and Annie waiting for him. He said that he had checked on the kids, and they were both sound asleep. Josh stared at Annie. She took her nightgown off and walked toward him. She kissed him, and the door closed.

Buzz arrived at the diner. He told Eleni that he had to go away for a while. Eleni said that he and Reva needed a vacation. He said that Reva wasn't going. He asked if she and Frank would watch the diner. She tried to find out what was wrong. He said he had to go. He left for the airport.

Jenna, the baby, and the nanny were at the airport. An announcement was made that her flight -- the shuttle to O'Hare airport -- would be delayed.

Annie kissed Josh again. She began undressing him. He kissed her back, and they fell on the bed. He jumped up and said that it wasn't right.

Reva sat alone and looked at the table Buzz had set for dinner. She sat on the steps and stared at the picture of Buzz while she cried.

At the airport, Jenna checked with the clerk about her flight. The clerk couldn't give her any information about why the flight was delayed. Jenna walked over to the baby and his nanny. The nanny said the baby needed to be changed, and she would change him. Jenna said if they got separated just to meet her on the plane. She told the nanny not to mention "Buzz" the bunny to Coop because it was in the luggage, and she wasn't sure that she could get it before the flight.

Buzz was at the airport. He walked past a luggage cart, and a bunny -- actually "Buzz" the bunny -- fell off of it. He told the bunny he knew how he felt -- he had just gotten dumped himself. He went to the clerk and told her he didn't know where he wanted to go -- just somewhere far away. She told him that the shuttle to O'Hare Airport would connect to half a dozen international flights. He paid for his ticket.

Josh told Annie he didn't know what to say. She said that she thought that he had shown her how he felt. He began to tell her that she was a wonderful and beautiful woman. She said that he didn't need to explain. He said that he should be able to give her what she needed. She said that those things happened. It wasn't about performance -- it was about love and showing it.

Reva watched the fire. She heard the voices of Annie, Buzz, and Josh telling her to tell the truth. She got up and put on her coat then left the house.

Buzz finished paying for his ticket. Jenna was waiting. Her flight was called. She started to leave to get on the plane. When Buzz saw her, he called her name.

Annie asked Josh to get in the bed with her. He stood and looked out the window.

Reva walked up on the porch of Josh and Annie's house. She looked at the plaque hanging on the door with Josh and Annie's names on it. Josh saw her from the window.

Jenna walked through the airport, getting ready to board the plane. Buzz started running and calling her name. She stopped on the airplane steps, turned around, and looked at him.

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