All My Children Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on AMC

Laura and Phoebe plotted to get Brooke and Pierce back together. Skye changed the results of Dimitri and Maria's paternity test. Erica learned that she was pregnant. Andy found out about the paternity test mix-up. Maria told Edmund that she and Dimitri had slept together.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, January 6, 1997

A jubilant Maria and Edmund told Dimitri that they had felt the baby kick for the first time. Maria said it had felt sort of like "a flutter." Dimitri was happy to hear the good news but could not help being distracted by his fears for Erica. Dimitri told Edmund and Maria that Erica had fallen on the ice, and he was concerned that she might have reinjured her back.

Maria felt confident that Erica would be all right and tried to assuage Dimitri's fears. Maria remembered that she had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Clader and readied herself for the trip to the hospital. Dimitri suggested that they carpool because he was going to the hospital to check up on Erica. Edmund left, allowing Dimitri and Maria some time alone. Dimitri told Maria that he had bumped into Andy at Holidays' grand opening bash and that Andy had recognized him. However, Dimitri informed Maria that he had "put the fear of God" into Andy so that he'd keep his lips zipped.

Tanner stomped back into town and announced that he had returned the plane he had "borrowed." He hadn't returned to Pine Valley just to tell Mateo and Hayley of his accomplishment. Instead, he returned the four hundred dollars they had given him for plane fuel. Hayley refused to take back the money. She reminded Tanner that if he had not stolen, or as he called it, "borrowed" the plane, they would never have been back in time for the grand opening. Tanner was pretty much unmoved but asked if he could start earning some money by working at Holidays.

Mateo told Hayley that he would give Tanner a job but that, since he did not live in Pine Valley, there was really no point in hiring him. Isabella ran into the club and told Mateo that his youngest sister, Rosa, had cut school. She said that she had always had a hard time reaching out to Rosa and that only Hector and Julia could get through to the girl. Mateo said that he would take care of the problem.

With Mateo gone, Tanner moved over to Hayley and decided to keep her company. He told her the story of how he had ended up in America. He said that a fire had claimed the lives of everyone in his family but that he had managed to slip out the window and emerge as the only survivor. The land that the family house had stood on had been sold to pay for taxes, and Tanner had been forced to move into the city. From there, he had begun studying and had eventually been given the opportunity to leave Australia as an exchange student.

Mateo dragged Rosa into Holidays and warned her that he would be keeping his eye on her. He told her that he would not ground her or take away her television privileges -- but she had better do her schoolwork and stop cutting classes.

Trevor told Amanda that Janet was very busy and would probably be unable to find the time to pay them a visit. Amanda got around that problem and asked Janet if Janet's daughter could join Amanda's playgroup. Again Trevor stepped in with an excuse and said that Janet's daughter was busy with school, art classes, and other activities and could not meet Amanda right then. Trevor did, however, stop short of saying that Amanda would never meet Janet's daughter. Trevor handed Amanda some change and asked her to buy him a soda from the vending machine in the hall.

Once Amanda was gone, Trevor blasted Janet for trying to confuse Amanda. Janet insisted that she only had Amanda's best interests in mind. She asked Trevor if he wanted her to hire a child actor to play her daughter. Trevor laughed at the idea and said that the idea showed Janet was still hovering in outer space. Janet tried to make an analogy between her past crimes and Trevor's one-time confinement to a wheelchair. She said that no one knew how a person really felt until they were in that position.

Janet criticized Trevor for his lack of compassion. She told Trevor of her conversation with Erica and how she had been planning to back out of Amanda's life. She was, however, no longer sure that it was the right decision. "Let me be there," Janet said of wanting to be a part of her daughter's life. Janet said that she was confused by Trevor's sudden showing of sympathy on Christmas Eve and asked him why she was allowed to spend time with Amanda. Trevor did not respond. Instead, he ordered Janet to "never, ever tell [Amanda] that you're her mother."

Tired of waiting in the hall, Amanda reentered the office. Trevor said that they were ready to leave. Before leaving, however, Amanda had a message for Janet. "Tell your little girl I said 'Hi' and that she has a nice mommy," Amanda said.

Erica was stunned by Joe's news. She told him that the test results were either incorrect or that the results had been switched with someone else's. Joe shook his head and told Erica that there were no mistakes or mix-ups. Erica was so shocked that Joe postponed some of his meetings so that he could sit with her and make sure that she was okay. Erica's shock turned to concern as she asked Joe if it was possible that the baby would be born with birth defects from her drug addiction.

Joe told Erica that all of the drugs had been out of her system at the time of conception and that the baby would be perfectly fine. Erica gave Joe a big hug and told him that it was the best news he had ever given her. On her way out of the office, Erica said that she was concerned that she might suffer the same cramping that Maria had suffered and asked if there was some type of pill that she could take to avoid complications. Joe wrote out a prescription for a daily vitamin supplement and sent Erica on her way.

As Erica was leaving the office, she bumped into Dimitri and Maria. Erica made Joe tell Dimitri that she'd had a clean checkup. When Dimitri asked about the prescription he had seen Erica stuffing into her purse, Erica explained that piece of paper away as a description of an orthopedic support pillow that Joe had recommend she use when working at Enchantment. Erica stopped Maria from heading to her appointment just long enough to tell Maria that she looked more beautiful that she had looked before. Erica told Dimitri that she had some last-minute work to do at Enchantment and that she would meet up with him later.

Back at Wildwind, Dimitri visited with Sam and Edmund. Erica called him there and begged Dimitri to join her at the hunting lodge. Before Dimitri could respond, Erica hung up the phone.

Maria returned from her appointment and told Edmund that she had been given a clean bill of health. Dr. Clader speculated that Maria's cramping was the result of ligaments and muscles moving to help support the uterus.

At the lodge, Erica prepared to tell Dimitri her "wonderful" news. A fire flickered in the fireplace as Dimitri entered. He asked Erica if everything was okay. Erica suggested that Dimitri might want to sit down because she had something to tell him. Erica began by saying that Joe had performed some tests on her and had found that there was something unusual in the results. That only made Dimitri more nervous. Finally, Erica blurted out that Dimitri was going to be a father because she was pregnant. Dimitri had to force a smile on his face.

Skye pressed for the results of the paternity test, but Andy refused to part with them. Skye then tried to make Andy feel guilty by saying that he was obviously not the type of man she was hoping he'd be. Skye grabbed her purse and prepared to leave, but before she could walk out of the office, Andy called her back. "Truth," Skye said, "is the only standard we recognize." Again she asked for the results.

Andy said that he wished he could give her the results, but the lab's policy forbade it. Skye smiled and told Andy that she was "usually only attracted to men who take risks." After some touchy-feely moments, Andy said that he could be the type of man that Skye was looking for. She sat Andy down in his chair and sat on his lap. She gently stroked his hair and asked Andy if they were "destined to become partners in every sense of the word."

Andy was summoned from his office by a coworker but told Skye to stay right where she was. With Andy gone, Skye was able to freely tap into the computer system. She pulled up the paternity results. Her mouth dropped and her face scrunched up as she silently read the results.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Edmund noticed that Maria was clutching her stomach and ran to the phone to call the doctor. She told him that she was not having another episode of cramps, but that the baby was kicking. Edmund suggested that the two -- he corrected himself and said two and a half -- of them go on a mini-vacation. Maria's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she said that she could not leave because she was waiting for test results. Maria managed to cover for herself by saying that she was waiting for the test results of a patient.

Maria said that the tests would reveal whether or nor "the patient" was in line to inherit a genetic disorder. Maria said that if the tests produced good results, she'd have no problem heading on that vacation with Edmund. Edmund went to tuck Sammy into bed while Maria called "pathology" to get the results of her patient's test. There was no answer, and Maria said that she would feel better if she went down to the hospital and got the results firsthand.

Scott and Laura returned from ice-skating at a local pond and mused about Laura's inexperience on the ice. Laura was convinced that she would one day learn how to ice-skate but feared that it wouldn't be until she was in her golden years. Scott found a note from Stuart that said he was not going to be home for dinner because he had switched work shifts at the shelter. Laura reached for her coat and said that she had better go home, since it looked like dinner was off.

Scott chuckled slightly and said that he knew how to make dinner, so Laura could stay and eat with him. The two sat on the sofa and talked about "the old days," and Scott expressed his unhappiness that he could not hang out with "the old gang" after school. More importantly, Scott told Laura that he missed seeing her. Before long, the two young adults were engaged in a passionate kiss. After coming up for air and marveling at the sparks they had created, they kissed again. This time, however, things got even more heated as Scott unbuttoned Laura's shirt.

Scott laid Laura down on the sofa and lay atop her as they continued kissing. They were so engrossed in their passion that they didn't hear Stuart walking in the front door. Stuart was shocked to see Laura and Scott kissing in the dark and asked Laura if Brooke knew where she was. Laura was extremely nervous and ran home.

Scott wasn't in the mood to hear his father's lecture about sex and said that he'd known all about sex since he was eight years old and had been given a book on "where babies come from." Stuart shook his head and said that he didn't want to talk about sex, but rather, he wanted to talk about Scott and Laura. Stuart asked what would have happened if he had not returned home. Scott suggested that he and Laura would have had dinner. Stuart didn't believe the story.

Scott insisted that he knew all about safe sex and using protection. "Have you used it?" Stuart asked. Scott answered no, a response that sent a chill up Stuart's spine. Scott went on to say that he hadn't needed to use any protection because he hadn't had sex yet.

Stuart told a story of his days back in Pigeon Hollow and how he'd had girls who'd been interested in dating him. He told Scott that he didn't expect Scott to "hide under a bushel" basket, but that he did expect him to wait until the time was appropriate before he had sexual relations with Laura or any other girl. Scott nodded and said that he needed some time to think. He called Laura and asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine, but she was upset that Stuart thought she was "a slut." Scott laughed and said that his father liked her and that he was not mad at either of them. The two made a date to see each other again -- in twenty-four hours.

Dimitri said that he was "not processing" the news Erica had given him. Erica recapitulated her statement and this time asked Dimitri if he would like to be called "Dad or Daddy" because "Father" sounded too formal. Suddenly, Dimitri's face dropped. Erica immediately became concerned and asked Dimitri what was troubling him. Dimitri began by assuring Erica that she had done nothing wrong. He told her that he had recently learned that he was the carrier of a genetic disorder known as thalissemia major.

Dimitri told Erica that his sister had died of the disease and that he worried that their child could develop the disease. Erica took a deep breath. She asked what the chances would be of her baby getting the disorder and if the disease was curable. Dimitri said that if Erica also carried the gene, the baby would have a one in four chance of getting the disease. If that was the case, there were two treatment options: a blood transfusion and a bone marrow transplant.

Erica demanded to know why Dimitri had kept the information from her. He reminded her that he had not known until recently and that he had wanted to tell her, but the "Kinder situation" had gotten in the way. Erica said that they needed to tell Maria and Edmund about the disorder so that they could be informed of their decisions. Dimitri said that the disorder ran on his mother's side of the family and that he and Edmund were half-brothers linked by having the same father. Therefore, Edmund was not carrying the thalissemia gene. Erica said that she was going to call Joe Martin and have him sort out the genetic questions for her immediately.

Skye was furious when she read the results. "It's Edmund's baby!" she fumed. "The world is hers in a little gift box," Skye said of Maria. Skye was so furious that she slammed her hand down on the computer's keyboard, and the screen suddenly appeared jumbled. She tried to fix the problem by pressing a bunch of keys, but the screen remained jumbled, and the results were lost.

Andy heard his office phone ringing and ran to answer it. Instead, he found Skye trying to undo her mistake. Skye explained that she had dropped her purse on the keyboard and that the computer had gone haywire. Skye told Andy that it was a sign that the results were inaccurate. Andy explained that it was unlikely because the results were over 99% reliable.

Andy headed to the door to find the computer repairman, but when he opened the door, he bumped into Maria. Skye hid under Andy's desk while Andy explained to Maria that he did not have the results because of a computer malfunction. Maria offered Andy a fistful of cash, but he insisted that it was a problem that cash could not solve. She wrote down her cell phone number and told Andy to call her the minute the test results were in.

Andy took off to find the computer repairman. Skye had enough time to think about how life would be altered if Edmund learned of Maria and Dimitri's affair. In her fantasy, Edmund ordered Maria to leave Wildwind after she broke the news of her affair. Fantasy Maria said that she knew she had made a terrible mistake, but insisted that she loved Edmund. Edmund said that he had made a mistake, too -- marrying Maria. As the two bickered, Skye walked into the mansion.

Still in Syke's fantasy, Maria, crying frantically, left, and Skye assumed a position next to Edmund. She told him that she had not told him of Maria's affair because she had not wanted to hurt him. Edmund kissed Skye's hand and moved up to her mouth.

Erica and Dimitri returned from an impromptu visit to Joe. Joe told the couple that Erica was not a carrier of the thalissemia gene and that the baby would be fine. Erica asked Dimitri if he could help her become fluent in Hungarian before her child learned how to speak. Dimitri said that Erica was hoping for a miracle but that anything was possible. The talk soon turned to wedding plans.

Dimitri was in a hurry and said that he wanted to get married in the morning. Erica put the wedding on hold until after she told Bianca that Bianca would be getting a younger brother or sister. She then said that the wedding could take place on the first day of spring. When they cut the wedding cake, they could also announce that they were expecting. Until then, Erica said that she wanted the pregnancy to be kept a secret.

The computer repairman arrived on the scene and said that he would have to pull an "all-nighter" to get things fixed. Skye told Andy that she was going home to try to recover from her panic attack. Andy hoped that she would join him for dinner, but Skye said that she lost her appetite in high-stress situations. Skye and Andy explained Skye's presence to the repairman by saying she was a newly hired employee who was learning the ropes of the lab. Andy headed out for dinner, and Skye sneaked back into the office just as the computer repairs were finished.

The technician, thinking Skye worked at the lab, had no qualms with leaving Skye alone at the computer. After he left, Skye repeated her desire for Maria to "burn in hell" for getting away with her affair. But Skye said perhaps Maria wouldn't get away with anything. Skye pressed a few buttons and removed the word "not" from the test results' "Not a Match." The results read that the baby is "A Match" for having Dimitri as its father.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Sitting alone in Holidays, Skye's paranoia began to surface as her mind concocted a vivid image of what would happen to her if people learned that she had tampered with the results of Dimitri and Maria's paternity test. In her mind, she saw Edmund having her arrested for fraud and telling her that he had really had cared for her -- but no more. That, more than anything else that happened in her dream sequence, seemed to carry the most weight. As Skye remained floating in the stratosphere, Janet entered the establishment and asked Skye what she was up to, which caused Skye to nearly jump out of her skin.

Janet jokingly asked Skye what crime she had committed and even asked if Skye was upset because Edmund had found out about her crush. Skye rolled her eyes. She informed Janet that she was way too convincing to let Edmund onto her crush. She then tossed around the idea of telling Erica about Dimitri's one-night stand with Maria. Janet and Skye both agreed that they should not, could not, and would not tell Erica about Dimitri's affair. Janet confessed that she was having some problems of her own and that she did not know how she was going to handle Amanda's wanting to see Janet's little girl.

Dimitri and Maria had a secretive chat before breakfast. Maria told Dimitri that the lab's computers were down, but he said that he already knew that. Dimitri suggested that he slip out for a few minutes and head to the lab, but on his way out, he bumped into Erica, who insisted that they have breakfast together. Dimitri tried to get out of breakfast by saying that he had left his appointment book at the hunting lodge, but Erica insisted that he wait until after they ate before he ran off to retrieve it. Maria went to track down Edmund so that he could join them for breakfast.

Erica told Dimitri that she was suddenly hungry enough to devour the entire breakfast by herself. She also told Dimitri that she could not wait to tell Bianca "the good news." Maria and Edmund walked in and asked to be clued in on the big announcement. Erica asked Dimitri if they should tell Edmund and Maria their good news. Dimitri saw no problem with it and told his brother and sister-in-law that Bianca was going to spend two weeks of her vacation with them.

Dimitri managed to escape breakfast after he made up a bogus excuse that he had a sudden board meeting at the hospital. After Dimitri left, Erica realized that Dimitri's appointment book was upstairs and not in the lodge. She told Edmund that Dimitri obviously had a lot on his mind to be so forgetful. Maria claimed that forgetfulness seemed to be running amuck at Wildwind because she had just remembered that she had to call the hospital.

Edmund and Erica were left alone to eat their gourmet breakfast. Erica asked Edmund if he could tell Skye that Erica had not "squealed" on her. After being asked what "squeal" meant, Erica said that Skye had an off-the-wall notion that Erica had told Edmund that Skye had a crush on him. Maria met up with Dimitri and told him to call her the minute he got the results of the paternity test.

Scott told Laura that he had not wanted to stop kissing her the night before. She smiled and said that she hadn't wanted to stop either. Laura was worried, though, because she had not been thinking and had only been "feeling." She said that if Stuart had not interrupted them, they might be having a totally different conversation. Scott asked Laura if she had talked to Brooke about what had happened and said that if she hadn't, Stuart might beat her to the punch.

Brooke arrived and interrupted Laura and Scott's kiss. Scott scampered off, fearing that he might have upset Brooke. Brooke told Laura that she did not mind Scott and Laura displaying their affection for each other. Laura smiled. She told Brooke that she enjoyed kissing Scott but that she and Scott had gone a little further than kissing the night before. Brooke wasn't furious. She kept calm but told Laura that she should not rush into having sex just because her friends might be having sex.

Laura said that she was putting pressure on herself by worrying that Scott might find a "college girl." The conversation turned into an issue of feelings. Laura said that she had never told Scott that she loved him and that she really wasn't sure if she did "love" him. But she said that they both looked at each other with love in their eyes. Brooke told Laura that she might want to wait until she said that she loved someone before having sex, to make the moment special.

Tad and Gloria sat down for a cup of coffee at Holidays. They'd planned to spend the day together at Tad's house, but Jake threw a monkey wrench into their plans. Jake told the couple that he had told Joe and Ruth about dropping out of medical school. He said that they did not understand his decision, and he felt rather awkward staying at their house. Tad agreed to let Jake stay at his place for a while but asked if he could wait a day so as not to interrupt Tad's plans with Gloria. Gloria insisted that they would be fine and headed off to make a phone call. A few minutes later, Gloria returned to the table and told Tad that they were headed off on "an adventure."

Left alone, Erica began to envision her life with a new baby. In the fantasy sequence, Erica told her baby that he was the luckiest baby in the world because he had Dimitri as his father. Erica drifted back to reality and wanted to call Dimitri to tell him that she loved him. When she called the hospital, she was told that Dimitri was not there and that there was not a board meeting on the books. Erica became curious and wondered why Dimitri would lie to her.

Amanda was less than thrilled with playmate Jamie. She told Trevor that Jamie only wanted to do "boy stuff" and that she wanted someone to play dolls with her. Jamie and Amanda raced up the stairs to play a geography game on the computer. When Janet arrived, Jamie told Amanda that Janet had saved him from drowning at Willow Lake. He also told Amanda that people called Janet "Janet from Another Planet."

Janet informed Trevor that she had reached a conclusion on how to handle Amanda's questions. The solution was to tell the truth. Obviously, Trevor was not pleased by the announcement and ordered Janet to hit the road. As Janet was leaving, Amanda raced down the stairs and asked why Janet had not said hello to her. Janet apologized for the oversight. There was another issue that Amanda wanted to address: "Why do people call you 'Janet from Another Planet'?" Janet crouched down on to the floor and told Amanda that it was time she told Amanda the truth.

Gloria and Tad ended up at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. Gloria went to freshen up a bit, leaving Tad to answer a knock at the door. Sissy, the inn's owner and operator, said that they had forgotten to sign the registry. Sissy instantly recalled Tad as the host of The Cutting Edge and remembered that he had been at the inn a few weeks prior with "Miss Vale." She also recalled that Tad had stolen one of her keys to the room. Tad offered her some money to pay for the inconvenience and pushed her out of the room before Gloria overheard the conversation, but it was too late. Gloria asked Tad who he had been with and when it had all taken place.

Skye called Andy at the clinic, but he hadn't arrived at work yet. She decided to track him down. When she arrived at the clinic, she made small talk with Andy and asked if he had been able to recover the test results. Andy said that the results were fine, but that they were not going to be good news for Mr. West because he was the father of the woman's baby. Skye thanked Andy for helping him out with the article for Tempo and said that she would see him later. Andy celebrated his new romance until Dimitri showed up.

Andy handed a sealed envelope to Dimitri and told him that the test results had not been affected by the computer problems. He also said that he was going on his lunch break and that Dimitri could use his office if he'd like. Dimitri nodded and waited until Andy had left before opening the envelope. His disappointment showed when he read the results.

At the hospital, a frenzied Maria paced around her office, waiting for a phone call from Dimitri. She picked up the phone and prepared to call Dimitri until someone walked into her office. It wasn't Dimitri, as she had hoped, but it was her loving husband toting healthy snacks to satisfy his wife's cravings. She hugged him and thanked him for thinking of her, even though she knew her mind was elsewhere. Outside, Dimitri prepared to enter the room and give Maria the news of their paternity test.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Dimitri hesitated before knocking on the door to Maria's office. As he walked into the office and caught sight of Edmund, Dimitri fumbled the envelope containing the paternity test results. Edmund happily bent down and picked up the envelope and teased Dimitri by pretending that he was going to take a peek at the envelope's contents. Dimitri was quick on his feet and said that the envelope contained information on a hospital board member's relative living in Texas. Dimitri said that since the Santos family business was in Texas, he was hoping that Mateo might be able to give the person a job doing construction. Maria snatched the envelope and put it in her pocket. Edmund told Maria that he would meet her back at Wildwind just as soon as he finished some work.

Tad confessed that the night he had taken off to find Liza, he had tracked her down to the very same inn that Gloria had chosen for their romantic getaway. Tad seemed to feel uncomfortable with the situation, but Gloria praised Tad for doing something nice for a friend. Tad's mind wandered to another subject as he asked Gloria how long they had together before she had to leave for her seminar in Virginia. The two made love, but when everything was said and done, Gloria felt uneasy about what they had done. She told Tad that the reason she had chosen the Sleepy Hollow Inn was because she did not feel right about having sex in Tad's house.

Tad assumed that she meant she did not want Jake around the house. Gloria actually meant that she was not comfortable having sex in what had been Dixie and Tad's bed. Gloria indicated that she wanted to talk to Dixie about her relationship with Tad so that she would no longer feel she was doing something behind Dixie's back. Tad initially put up opposition to the idea, saying that they were both grownups and did not need to get permission to sleep together. After listening to Gloria's argument and seeing that it was something that Gloria felt she had to do, Tad agreed.

At Holidays, Erica told Skye that Dimitri had told her he'd had a hospital board meeting, but when she called the hospital, she had been told that there was no board meeting scheduled. Skye took a call from Andy but made the conversation short. When Erica heard the mention of "work" and "article" in the brief phone chat, she drew the conclusion that the topic of conversation was Edmund. Skye seemed more than a bit bothered by Erica's continued implications that Skye had the hots for Edmund. Skye told Erica that she had changed her way of thinking and that she was only going to focus on men who were available.

Erica tried to arrange a date for Skye with a new employee at Enchantment, but Skye turned her down. Erica rambled on about how she and Maria were lucky to have men who were honest and loving. Edmund walked into the club and heard the mention of his name and asked if his ears should be ringing. Skye explained that she and Erica had been talking about Edmund's Sinclair Award. Erica asked Edmund if he had seen Dimitri in his travels to the hospital. Edmund nodded and indicated that Dimitri had dropped by Maria's office after a board meeting. Erica was relieved to hear that there had, in fact, been a board meeting and headed back to Wildwind to pack her bags for her trip to Seattle.

Before Skye could shuffle off, Edmund said that he had to have a few words with her. Skye finally confessed that she found Edmund to be attractive, but she said that she did not have designs for him. She said that if Edmund were single, she would love to see how a relationship with him would work out, but since he was married, she would never think of pursuing anything. Edmund was pleased to finally wipe the slate clean and told Skye that he was glad that there were no personal feelings to get in the way of a new job assignment he had for her.

When Erica returned to Wildwind, she found Ruth waiting at the door. Ruth, coffee cake in hand, said that Joe had told her that Erica was... home. Erica gave Ruth a funny glance, and Ruth confessed that Joe had told her that Erica was expecting. Erica had no problem with Ruth knowing about her pregnancy and said that she had given Joe permission to tell Ruth. The two ladies chatted about motherhood, and Ruth said that in a year's time, Wildwind would be filled with the sounds of children.

Erica wished she could talk to Mona about her pregnancy and admitted to picking up the phone several times before realizing that she could not speak to her mom. Ruth told Erica that Mona would be proud of Erica for finally settling down into the family life. Erica beamed. She said that she was happier than she had ever been and that nothing could ruin her happiness.

Even though Trevor did not want Janet to tell her story to Amanda, he seemed to have no alternative but to let Janet tell Amanda "the truth." Janet said that people called her names because she had done some very mean things in the past. Amanda was confused and said that Janet was a very nice lady. Janet nodded but said that she was not always nice. Janet asked Amanda if there was ever a time that she'd wanted something so badly that it hurt. Amanda nodded and said that she wished for her mommy to return.

Janet said that she had once wished for friends, and as hard as she had wished, no one had ever wanted to be her friend. She said that she had pretended to be other people and that she had even talked to herself. All of that, she said, had led to her imprisonment, and because she had gone to jail, she was no longer allowed to see her little girl. Janet said that she did not know if she'd ever be able to see her daughter again, but the little girl lived with her daddy, and he loved her very much. Amanda told Janet that she should be allowed to see her daughter.

Janet's story continued, but when Trevor figured out that Janet's story might lead to telling Amanda of her conviction as a murderer, Trevor pulled the plug on the story. Amanda went upstairs to get Jamie. While she was gone, Trevor blasted Janet for trying to confuse Amanda. When Amanda returned downstairs, she told Janet that she had a photo of Laurel by her bed and that she talked to her mommy when she was lonely or scared.

Amanda then handed Janet a picture of herself and told Janet that she should talk to Amanda when she was lonely. The tears flowed down Janet's cheeks. Trevor, Jamie, and Amanda headed to the movies, but Trevor told Janet that she could hang around for five minutes to compose herself.

As Janet was preparing to leave, Pierce knocked at the door. Janet wanted to leave without saying anything to Pierce, but he refused to let her go without saying hello. Janet filled Pierce in on her wanting to tell Amanda the truth about being Amanda's mother and how she had been allowed to see Amanda on special occasions. Pierce apologized for the way he had left things with Janet when he'd left town. Janet accepted the apology but said that their bad split had been mostly her fault.

Janet told Pierce that she had not heard from Laura in quite some time and that she guessed she was "out of the loop." Janet did say, however, that she thought that Laura was much better off living with Brooke. Pierce offered to speak to Trevor on Janet's behalf and try to get Trevor to lift the restraining order, but Janet told Pierce not to bother because it would look like she had conned Pierce into talking to Trevor. Janet left the house, but as she walked away, Pierce walked to the window and watched Janet leave.

"Maria, I'm so sorry," were the first words out of Dimitri's mouth. Maria was devastated. She said that she had known her baby was Edmund's baby and that God was enacting revenge on her for sleeping with Dimitri. She went on to say that she and Edmund had begged God for a baby and that God had played the ultimate joke of irony by giving Maria a baby, but making Dimitri the father. Dimitri suggested that they deal with the news slowly and talk to Dr. Clader about their options. Maria refused, She said that too many people already knew about her affair with Dimitri and that she could not take any more chances.

Dimitri reminded Maria that Dr. Clader was bound to secrecy through his Hippocratic Oath. Maria still refused. Dimitri said that he would not destroy their families because of their "one mistake." Maria asked Dimitri if he would "go through life, denying" his own child. Dimitri nodded and said that that was what he had to do. Maria disagreed. She said that she had to tell Edmund the truth and that Dimitri had to do the same for Erica because they could not live their lives filled with lies.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Adam searched high and low for his attorney but couldn't find him anywhere. He ordered Winifred to call Barry's office and find out why the lawyer was late. Before Winifred could place the call, Barry showed up on the arm of Marian Colby. Marian said that she had been showing Barry around the mansion and that she had not meant to keep him from an appointment with Adam. Adam was furious. He told Marian to pack her bags and vacate the premises, or he'd have her arrested.

Liza approached Tad at Holidays and seemed pleased that he was not with Gloria. The glee lasted for only a moment, as Liza's mood changed when Jake showed up. Tad informed Liza that he was trying to help his "little brother" find a job.

Liza sat at a table and waited for Jack to show up for a meeting. She pitched the district attorney an idea in which he would be a regular guest on WRCW's Sunday forum program. Jack didn't like the idea and said that he would be a special guest, but not a regular. Liza was peeved that Jack had turned her down and told him that he would rue the day he'd turned down her offer. Jack had a feeling that Liza was more interested in other matters -- namely Tad and Jake -- and asked why she kept staring across the room.

Edmund showed Skye two teddy bears that he had bought for his children. He admitted that it might seem premature to buy an animal for a baby that had not yet been born, but he said that it was never too early to start spoiling one's kids. Skye received a call from a "Mr. Faller" on Edmund's office phone. Skye took the call from Andy and tried to keep the theme of the call a secret. Edmund, however, could not help but hear the frequent use of medical terms.

Andy told Skye that he had gotten a copy of the original paternity results and that something about it just didn't seem right. Skye asked Andy to have a copy of the results messengered to her and said that she would take care of things. Andy seemed upset that Skye was only interested in "talking shop" and wanted to talk more about their budding relationship. Andy still had no idea that Skye was just using him to get at the test results. Edmund asked Skye if she was working on an article that he did not know about. Skye shook her head and said that she was doing some tentative research on a project she might work on at a later time.

Since Maria said that she had a feeling that the baby she was carrying was Edmund's child, Dimitri urged Maria to hold on to that feeling. Maria didn't like the suggestion and said that she needed to tell the truth. Dimitri warned Maria that Erica and Edmund would be crushed by the news, but Maria felt it was "God's retribution" for their sins. Dimitri said that he would do anything he had to do -- except tell the truth. His reason for the decision was that Erica was pregnant.

Maria was stunned. She asked Dimitri why he had not told her sooner. He replied that Erica wanted to tell Bianca first then tell everyone else later. The news had the opposite effect of what Dimitri had hoped. Instead of causing Maria to back off, it made her even more adamant about telling the truth.

Maria said that she could not have two new lives entering the world based upon lies. Maria said that she loved Edmund too much to go on living a lie. Dimitri clasped his hands together and sighed, "Then God help us."

Edmund asked Brooke if Jamie was upset that Laura was going to be adopted. Brooke laughed. She said that Jamie was as enthusiastic as anyone and couldn't wait for Laura to be his sister. Edmund rephrased the question slightly and asked Brooke if she felt different having one biological child and one adopted child. Brooke said that she had enough love to give to both children and that she never thought that one of her children was not related to her by blood. While Jamie and Laura might think that Brooke had stronger feelings for one of them, Brooke said that there was no difference in her heart when it involved her children.

Marian arrived at Holidays and blabbed to her daughter that she had been "evicted" from Chandler mansion. Jack didn't stick around to listen to Marian. He said that he had a flight to catch and left Liza to deal with Marian alone. Marian begged Liza to stand up to Adam and allow her to stay at the mansion. Liza agreed to stand up for her mother, and the pair headed back to the mansion.

Across the room, Tad and Jake got caught up on the hows and whys behind Jake's decision to leave medical school. As they talked, Skye walked in, and Jake immediately summoned her to the table. The threesome chatted for a short time. Out of nowhere, Jake asked Skye if she would have dinner with him. Skye accepted and told Jake to call her with a time and place. She dashed back to the office with a smile on her face. Tad warned Jake that he should reconsider his plans with Skye because he did "not know what [he's] getting [himself] into."

Laura and Scott snacked on popcorn while Laura told her boyfriend that she had told Brooke about their night of almost-passion. Scott seemed surprised that Stuart had not tattled on them to Brooke. Scott noticed that they were alone and that no one was expected home for at least an hour. The two leaned over to kiss, but the doorbell prevented anything more than a quick smooch. Laura opened the door, saw Pierce, and jumped into his arms. Laura was more than ecstatic.

Laura filled Pierce in on what had happened in her life -- and Scott's -- since they had last chatted. Phoebe arrived and was equally thrilled to see her long-time friend back in town. Pierce asked if Brooke knew that he would be attending the adoption ceremony, and Laura quickly lied that Brooke was looking forward to seeing him again. Pierce remembered an "appointment," and Scott had to leave for a class. After the men were gone, Phoebe asked Laura if Brooke had even the faintest idea that Pierce was in town.

Laura confessed her plot to get Brooke and Pierce together and told Phoebe that she hoped Phoebe was not mad at her. Phoebe was delighted with Laura's plan. When Brooke arrived, the two quickly stopped talking. That made Brooke curious, and she asked what they had been talking about. Laura explained that they had been talking about the adoption ceremony and what a wonderful day it would be.

Andy tracked down Skye and told her that the paternity results for the Wests had been mixed up and that the baby was not Dimitri's child.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza and Marian double-teamed Adam and twisted his arm into letting Marian stay there. Adam suggested that he pay for Marian's rent at the Pine Cone Motel. Liza was less than amused and told Adam that Marian wanted to stay with her family. Marian waltzed down the steps with her suitcase and told Adam that she appreciated his generosity, but she would be leaving for Las Vegas.

The private investigator that Marian had hired, Bernard, had called her and informed her that he had tracked down Amber in Las Vegas and that she was spending all of Marian's cash on the slot machines. Marian left the mansion. Liza was so furious with her mother that she stormed off to be alone. Adam looked around to see if the coast was clear. He called Bernard and told him that their plan had worked perfectly. He said that all Bernard had to do was to keep Marian occupied until further notice.

Edmund walked into Maria's office at the hospital and found her with tears in her eyes. Edmund was concerned that something had happened to the baby or to Sam. Maria assured Edmund that the health of her children was okay. There was, however, something that she needed to tell him. She told him that the night Edmund had taken Sam back to Kelsey had been the most difficult night of her life and that she had managed to find comfort from someone.

Edmund did not want Maria to rehash old news, but she continued with her story. She said that Dimitri had comforted her, and that on that night, "Dimitri and I slept together."



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