As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on ATWT

Pilar pulled through her surgery. Lucinda fired Emily from WorldWide, and Emily rebounded quickly. Lily learned Diego's true identity.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Connor, driving down a deserted road, looking for something, stopped suddenly when she saw something blocking her path in the road. She looked closely and found that it was Mark in the middle of the road. She got out and went to him. He asked what she was doing there. She admitted that she had been worried about him and had decided to follow.

Connor asked Mark why they were in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. Mark pointed out the spot in the road where there were skid marks and said that it was the spot where Jones had had her accident. He said that he had been going there often to try to figure out what had gone wrong.

After Connor and Mark sat quietly together for a while, Mark wondered why Jones had entered into his life if only to be taken out of it shortly after. He told Connor about the night Jones had died, how he'd had a fire burning in the fireplace and had had a nice, quiet, romantic dinner all planned. Connor appeared a bit uncomfortable but didn't say anything. He said that Jones had had a rough life growing up and hadn't deserved to die that way.

Connor told Mark that she could tell that Jones had made him extremely happy. Mark, angry at that point, yelled out that he didn't know why she'd had to die and that there were just too many questions left unanswered. Connor tried to comfort him, and they hugged. Both of them were crying.

A man and woman were seen sitting in a bar, having an argument. Another man in a black leather jacket, whose face wasn't seen, stepped in to defend her. The first man punched the man with the leather jacket, who went down to the floor. When he got up, it was clearly Holden. Holden defended himself against the man and another, who had arrived to help the man.

About that time, a policeman entered and broke up the fight. The men told the policeman that Holden had jumped them over the woman for no reason. The policeman checked everyone's IDs then took the woman away from them to get her statement. As they talked, the first man picked up Holden's wallet from the table and looked inside. Holden didn't notice. The man found a picture of Holden and Lily together. The man remarked to his friend about "getting" some of Lily.

Holden turned back to them and found them in possession of his wallet and photo of Lily. He demanded his wallet back. They refused, but the policeman turned around to see what was going on. The men complied and gave the wallet back to Holden. When the policeman was done, he told the men he wouldn't run them in that time. He turned to Holden and said the next time he was in Maryland, he should not get into trouble. The officer left.

The first man kissed the photo of Lily and got excited. Holden demanded the photo back. When the man wouldn't comply, another fight broke out. The policeman returned and tried to break it up. Holden picked up the policeman, thinking it was one of the other men, and punched him. Holden realized what he had done and stopped.

Later, Holden was shown into a jail cell. The policeman commented that it should cool him down. After the officer was gone, Holden took out the photo of Lily and looked at it.

Diego watched Ben operate on Pilar from outside the room. He encouraged her that she had to beat it. He looked up to God and said that she'd better not die, with an angry look on his face. Ben worked diligently and carefully on her. Susan walked up and found Diego watching the surgery and suggested that he go home. She said she'd be there most of the night if he wanted to call and find out how the surgery had gone. He said he wouldn't leave.

Susan asked if Diego had been able to contact Pilar's family. He said he had checked Barcelona and Madrid, but without knowing where she was from, it was hard. Susan said goodnight and walked away. He promised that if Pilar died, everyone involved would pay dearly.

Later, Diego paced outside. He wondered what was taking so long. Ben walked out of the operating room. He said that the surgery had gone well and that he expected her to emerge from the coma once the anesthetic wore off.

Diego asked Ben if he could sit with Pilar in her room. Ben didn't think it was a good idea. Diego asked if Ben had heard that Diego had been suspended from the hospital. Ben said he had. Diego explained that it was only a mix-up at the university that had issued the credentials and that Bob had promised to reinstate Diego once it was cleared up in a few days. He also said that he didn't know what Mike had told him, but he admitted that Mike and he had a difference of opinion. Diego didn't want Ben to be influenced by that.

Ben changed his mind and agreed to let Diego sit with Pilar when she returned to her room. As Ben walked away, Lily walked up to him. She told him that she had been trying to get ahold of him.

Lily looked at photos of Holden and smiled. The phone rang, and Mike was on the other end when she answered it. Mike told her that he was on the way there and teased her with the fact that he'd found Diego's sister. After he arrived, Lily asked if he was sure that Pilar was Diego's sister. Mike told her that he had overheard Susan thank Diego for his donation of the rare blood type. He had heard Diego make reference to the rosary beads belonging to "their" mother. Mike also showed Lily a picture that he had found in Pilar's locker that matched the one that Diego had in his apartment.

Lily looked surprised, as did Mike. Mike said he couldn't believe that they had been deceived all that time. Mike told Lily that he thought he could get Pilar to tell him the truth if she woke up from her coma. Lily asked how.

Mike said that Pilar had talked while she'd been unconscious. He thought he could get her to talk again after her surgery was complete and she was in her "half-conscious" state. Mike thought it might be their only chance. Lily didn't think Diego would let Mike be alone with Pilar long enough. Mike explained that was where Lily factored in.

Later, Lily found Diego at the hospital. She told him that she'd been looking for him. He asked if something was wrong. Lily said nothing was wrong. Diego asked her what was up then. Lily said she had some plans for them that evening. Diego said it wasn't a good time. Lily asked if he could change whatever he had to do. Diego said he couldn't. Lily asked why not.

Diego had a scared look on his face. Lily told him that it was very important. Diego asked why it had to be right then. She said he didn't know how she felt, and she wanted to make love to him. She started to get him interested, and he looked like he'd change his mind, but he refocused on Pilar and said he couldn't go. Lily asked what was more important than her. All Diego said was that he had something to do, and he left.

Mike checked Pilar's room and found that she wasn't back yet. Susan walked up to him and told him that Pilar's surgery had gone very well. Susan admitted that if Pilar hadn't had the surgery that day, she probably wouldn't have survived the night. Susan left as Ben approached Mike. Mike asked Ben if he could stay with Pilar when she was taken back.

Ben said that he'd be having some company and said he'd agreed to allow Diego to go in too. Pilar was taken into her room. Mike asked if he could see her. Ben said he could and walked away as Mike entered the room. Mike sat with Pilar and held her hand. Mike said that he needed her to tell him about Umberto. Pilar's eyes suddenly opened. She didn't say anything. Mike asked her about Umberto again.

Bob and Kim arrived at her planned getaway. Kim told him that she had abducted him so they could start the new year off right. There were two boxes in the middle of the room. She told him that she had gotten them delivered. When they opened the boxes, they found ski equipment for cross-country skiing in the moonlight. Bob said he would rather stay inside in the hot tub.

Bob and Kim went out and returned from their moonlight skiing. They looked tired. They got warm before dinner, but Bob suggested that they stay in. Kim said that she was glad she had abducted him and that they had gone there. Bob said he was, too, and added that he loved her. She warned him about being abducted a little more often then. As they decided to order room service, Bob's pager went off.

Bob got up to look at the number on the pager and announced it was the hospital. After a brief phone conversation, he said that he had to drive back that night, and he apologized. Kim said it was okay, since they'd had some fun. She helped him pack. As she did, she got a "twinge" in her back. Bob asked her where it was. Kim moved around and said it was gone, and she resumed packing.

Barbara, trying out different ideas for her line, was with Lisa at Fashions. She had on a South Pacific-type wrap, but Lisa didn't want to be reminded of it. John entered and told Barbara that he liked it. Lisa asked why he was there. John said he had learned of a new Polynesian restaurant with Tahitian-type food and wanted to take them there, since they hadn't gotten to try out the food while helping Lisa. Lisa said she didn't want to go.

John asked Barbara, who in turn tried to convince Lisa to go, but Lisa only remarked about not having as much fun as some people. John and Barbara sat down and talked all about their trip again, asking each other the high and low points of it. Lisa wanted them to stop. John told her that he thought it had been a wakeup call after looking death in the face a couple of times and declared that Bob could keep his chief of staff job. John added that he planned to stop and smell the roses along the way. Lisa laughed, realizing that he wouldn't change at all.

Later, Barbara and John were still having fun, talking about the trip, while Lisa stood nearby, obviously annoyed. John confirmed lunch for the next day with Barbara, and he left. Lisa wondered if John would be happy with a commissioned statue of him swimming with sharks on the elbows in Riverfront Park. Barbara asked Lisa to give him a break and said that she had fond memories of the trip too. Lisa sounded surprised that Barbara could have fond memories with John, knowing how Barbara felt about him. Lisa also mentioned that it had been hard to believe seeing them dance and kiss.

Barbara reminded Lisa it had been midnight on New Year's Eve. Lisa asked if Barbara and John were dating. Barbara said it was only lunch, and it was not a date. Lisa voiced her reservations about them getting together. Barbara wished that Lisa would change her mind and join them. Barbara said she was just glad that they had gotten out alive. Lisa only wanted to know what was on John's mind.

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Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Mark and Connor went to the empty Kasnoff house. Connor asked Mark if he would be okay by himself until Mike returned home. Mark replied that he would be fine. As Connor started to leave, he told her not to go. He asked her if she minded hanging around for a while. She said she had only been going home and instead decided to stay.

Connor said she knew Mark was hurting, but Mark didn't want any apologies. Connor noticed an unfinished game of solitaire on the desk. Mark said that he played on nights that he couldn't sleep. She asked if he had been having problems sleeping. He said that he had sometimes but didn't want her to feel sorry for him. He said that he'd be fine.

Later, Mark and Connor played and won a game of solitaire together. Mark asked her if it had been rough for her. Connor said it was on and off. She had been staying home and hadn't gotten into the singles thing. She wasn't interested in meeting anyone yet.

Mark offered to make some hot chocolate. He stepped out to the kitchen. Connor took off her coat and sat down with an uneasy look on her face. When Mark returned, he found Connor lying down on the sofa, asleep. He covered her up with her coat and a nearby blanket. He sat there and watched her sleep.

Mike sat at Pilar's side in her hospital room, holding her hand. When she woke up, he asked her about Umberto. When she didn't answer, he asked if she could hear him. She nodded her head a little then she asked him where she was. Mike said that she had been in an accident at the track. He asked if she remembered. She said she thought she did.

Mike told Pilar that they had operated on her. She said that she was tired. Mike questioned her again about Umberto. He asked if Diego had worked for Umberto and what she knew about it. Outside, Diego approached Pilar's door. Just as he was ready to go in, a doctor stopped him from entering. She asked him if he was related to Pilar. Diego replied that he wasn't.

The doctor told Diego that unless he was a member of Pilar's family, he couldn't go in her room. Diego walked away. The doctor went into Pilar's room and found Mike there. She asked him if he was related to her. Mike explained that he was the closest thing she had to family and was allowed to be there. The doctor asked Mike to leave so Pilar could get more rest.

When Mike and the doctor exited the room, Mike talked to the doctor as Diego listened nearby. Mike asked if Pilar would really be okay. The doctor said that she'd be fine but would probably be in the hospital another two weeks. As Mike and the doctor walked away, Diego walked back to Pilar's room and entered. He sat down beside her and told her that he would protect her like he had when they'd been kids and that Mike would never get near her again. She woke up then.

Diego told Pilar that the operation had been a success. He said that she would be a famous car driver and that he would have Lily. It was a good time, and all of their dreams were about to be realized. Pilar said she wanted Mike. Diego told her to forget about Mike. She said she wouldn't.

Diego asked Pilar what Mike had wanted. She said she was tired. Diego said that Mike was trying to take Lily away from him and demanded to know what Mike had said. In his anger, Diego was hurting her hands, and she said so. Diego told her that if Mike returned, she wasn't to talk to him.

Pilar said that she was worried about Diego. He said that he had everything under control and that once he took care of Mike, Mike wouldn't bother them again. As Diego left Pilar's room, Bob caught him. He asked what Diego had been doing in there. Diego said that he had been visiting Pilar because he had witnessed the crash and felt he had a stake in her recovery, since he was the one who had donated the blood.

Bob commented that Pilar owed a great deal to Diego, but it would have to wait until she left the hospital. Bob said Diego was barred from entering the hospital again until his credentials were verified. Bob added that the university still hadn't found Diego's records. Diego couldn't see how that was his fault. Bob was willing to believe that they were lost, since computers could lose anything, but until Diego was recertified, Bob had to think about the hospital.

Diego thought the situation was very unfair. Bob said that might be true, but he had hospital liability to think about. Bob wished he didn't, but as chief of staff, he had to. Diego said he wasn't asking to work on Pilar but only for the right to visit her. Bob still told him no and hoped that the computer that had eaten Diego's records returned them soon. Bob said that the hospital was off-limits to Diego -- and that was an order.

Bob walked away. Diego's anger built, which he promptly took out on the nearest wall. While Diego went to Sparky's and tampered with Mike's racing car, Mike returned to the hospital with flowers to see Pilar. When he entered, she was awake and smiled broadly.

In a Maryland jail cell, a doctor checked out Holden. The doctor thought that Holden would be just fine. Holden claimed that he still felt fuzzy-headed. Suddenly, an image of Lily appeared at the jail cell door. After a moment, the image changed to Lily, the woman he had helped at the bar. The doctor finished up and left.

Lily offered to help him in any way she could for the great thing he had done by helping her. She asked why he had done it. Holden said he had done it because of her name. She looked confused. Holden explained that he knew another woman named Lily. Holden had a flashback of the day Dustin and Lily had gone to the stables after Holden had been hired there.

The Maryland Lily saw Holden in distress and went to get the doctor back for him. After she left, Holden had more flashbacks. He remembered more of the stable, the first time he and Lily had made love, and the night of his accident in New York when he had lost all his memories. As he sat there, confused, the doctor returned. Holden said that he remembered.

Tom visited with Bob at the hospital. Bob asked if Tom had been using the treadmill he had gotten. Tom admitted that it hadn't been used much and that he was usually tired after getting Casey and Adam to bed. Bob said that Tom needed to exercise a little more, and Bob showed Tom an x-ray of a man that looked 68 who was really in his 50s.

Tom commented that Bob did not need to worry about him but asked when Bob's last physical had been. Bob admitted that he had been lax on that but would get it done soon. Tom asked why Bob was focused on fitness all of a sudden. Bob said that he had a lot of live for -- his family, his work, and Kim. Bob explained the feelings he'd felt while he and Kim had gone skiing. He had felt free and happy, and he wanted to enjoy it all.

Bob commented about maybe losing his marbles. Tom said he hadn't implied that. Bob asked if Tom ever felt like he was just "married" -- when everything was just routine. Bob said he wasn't going back there again and asked if Tom wanted to know the secret. Tom was intrigued. Bob said that interest never went away unless you let it, and when people got older, lovemaking could be better and more meaningful. As long as people had their health and money to pay their bills, they had it all.

Meanwhile, at Fashions, Kim, with Lisa, shopped for a trip to the Caribbean. Lisa pointed out that Kim really seemed happy. Kim explained the reason. She said she and Bob had gone skiing, and it had felt like being teenagers again -- including the courting that went with it. Lisa said she knew what was going on and didn't want Kim to lie about it. Kim looked confused. Lisa said she knew what Kim really wanted -- to feel younger and have a makeover. Kim said it wasn't that but was about falling in love again.

Kim went back to looking for clothes. Kim got another twinge in her back. Lisa got frightened. Kim said she was fine. Lisa suggested that Kim have it checked out with Bob. Kim didn't want the fuss and insisted that it'd be gone in a few days. Kim relived the night of skiing with the moonlight and recalled Bob getting in front of her, singing.

Lisa made a half-hearted comment about not being young anymore. Kim got mad, saying she knew that. Lisa felt embarrassed and made a comeback comment about how Kim looked like a kid. Kim said she felt like one again and went to try on the clothes she had selected.

Lucinda, with Lily at the mansion, learned about the new lie uncovered about Pilar. Lucinda asked if Mike was sure. Lily was convinced after Mike had overheard about the rosary beads, the photo, and the blood donation. Lucinda thought it was a good point to take up with Margo and Templeton. Lily asked what was taking them so long.

Lucinda told Lily to stop pacing and just relax. Lily couldn't and had to get Diego. Lucinda promised that they would -- and Lucinda said she never made an unfulfilled promise. Margo entered with the FBI file and photos of the crash site. Mike entered soon after, looking for Lily. Lily apologized and said she hadn't been able to get Diego to leave the hospital.

Lily asked if Diego had found Mike with Pilar. Mike didn't think so but said he would go back in an hour or so. Lucinda didn't think it would be necessary, since Margo was there with the FBI report and photos. Lucinda asked Margo what the report said. Margo looked over the report then the photos of the crash site.

Margo shivered and looked like she was reliving it all over again. Margo said the report concluded that no evidence had been found to support sabotage to the plane. The report only contained information about the embezzlement charges, but Margo said the case was in no way closed. Lily asked what they needed in order to pin Diego to the accident. Margo said they needed the "smoking gun" or a signed confession.

As Mike and Lucinda looked over the photos, Margo read through the report more and said she had found something interesting. She told them that Sandramano had gone to Chicago in September and had been due to return two days later but never had. The last time his family had heard from him had been the day Umberto's car had crashed. Everyone looked at each other. Margo said the FBI couldn't find a connection. Lily said there was one there, but it'd be too late once they figured out what it was.

Lily stormed off. Lucinda stopped her, and Lily said she was leaving to be with Luke. After Lily left, Mike said that Lily needed to have the situation settled. Lucinda said that Lily was obsessed and didn't have a life. Lucinda asked Margo if she wanted to play the crash over and over in her mind. Lucinda suspected that was what Lily had been doing.

Lucinda asked if anyone wanted a drink. Mike accepted, and Margo said that she was on duty. As Mike and Lucinda moved away, Margo looked at the photos again and flashed back to that night. She tried to fight back the tears.

Mike pointed out to Lucinda about the overlooked angle they hadn't thought about recently -- Kirk's contact with Umberto. Lucinda went to make a call, but Mike was worried because Kirk's name was mud in town. Lucinda said it'd be done, and she would go to see him that night. Mike didn't want to know how and left to go back to the hospital.

Margo was still shaking as she sat with the photos. She put everything back in the folder and sat there, still fighting back the tears. Margo got up suddenly and said she had to go. She told Lily to call if she needed anything. Lily said the FBI was just one big joke, and she couldn't believe they hadn't found anything.

Lucinda told Lily that Mike had gone back to the hospital, and Lucinda was headed to Kirk's. Lily asked why. Lucinda said that Kirk knew things that he hadn't told them. Lucinda said to be patient, and they'd outfox the fox.

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Wednesday, January 8, 1997
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Thursday, January 9, 1997

by Sage

Mark, with Connor at the Kasnoff house, strolled into the living room as Connor woke up on the couch. She apologized for falling asleep. Mike walked in and didn't like what he was seeing. Connor excused herself to go freshen up. With Connor eavesdropping from the doorway, Mark told Mike it was not what he thought. He and Connor were just friends, and Connor had made that very clear.

A few moments later, Connor returned. Mark told her and Mike that he was going to change and asked Mike to fix Connor some coffee. After Mark went upstairs, Mike asked Connor if her divorce from Cal was final yet. She said it wasn't and that there were just some technicalities to be worked out. Mike basically told Connor to keep her distance from Mark because he still needed time to grieve for Jones and that her death probably hadn't even really hit Mark yet. He didn't want her playing games with him.

Connor told Mike she didn't want any coffee and that she had to go. She left as Mark walked down the stairs. Mike told Mark that Connor had needed to go. Mark hurried out the door behind her. Later, at the tree house, Connor was wandering around. Mark showed up and looked at her with a puzzled expression. Connor stood there, stunned for a moment, then bolted away.

Ryder was working on Ludie Bell at Sparky's when Diego strolled in. Diego baited Ryder into thinking Diego could back him on the parts that Ryder couldn't afford and that Ryder could pay him back when he won -- and he knew he'd win. Ryder resisted a little then accepted the offer. Diego gave him a card with a name to call and told him to have the guy bill Diego for all the parts he would need to get started for the season. Diego left as Nikki walked in.

Nikki told Ryder she didn't trust Diego and that he gave her the creeps. She thought that Ryder should just ask Bob for the loan or wait and save up for the parts himself. Ryder said that he didn't want to miss the season. Nikki said she had to go but wanted Ryder to think about the offer more, pointing out that he didn't even know that Diego guy. Ryder asked if he could see her the next day. She said yes and left after they kissed.

Later, at his loft, Diego made a phone call to the parts man. He said that a young man was going to call about some race car parts and that his name was Ryder Hughes. Diego told the man to give Ryder anything he wanted and charge it to Diego -- and to make sure the parts were hot and traceable. Later, back at Sparky's, Ryder made the call.

Holden stood in his jail cell in Maryland. The policeman Holden had slugged walked in and asked if he'd like to call someone to get him out. Holden said no. The officer thought that maybe Holden's wife was worried about him. Holden said he wasn't married. The officer asked who the woman in the picture was then. Holden only said that it was someone else's wife.

The policeman couldn't believe that Holden had gotten in a fight with two guys and a policeman over a picture of someone else's wife. The officer laughed and commented that he had thought he had troubles. The officer left, and Holden began to have flashbacks again of his time with Lily. Holden stood up from his memories and stared out the jail cell bars.

Lucinda was in her office at WorldWide as Emily entered. Lucinda said she knew about Emily and Diego -- everything. Lucinda proceeded to tell Emily that Emily was the one who had taken Diego to town to live in Lucinda's house to help Samantha. Lucinda suspected that Emily had been even more involved with Umberto than Kirk had, and Lucinda was sure that Diego had worked for Umberto too. Lucinda wanted Emily to confess immediately, or Lucinda would make her life a pure hell. Lucinda even hinted to Emily that she'd do time in prison.

Emily asked Lucinda if she thought Emily was a criminal. Lucinda thought Emily was an opportunist and wanted her to seize the opportunity, as it would be easier on her. Emily wanted to know what Lucinda wanted from her. Lucinda wanted details, all the details that Emily could give her on Diego, because Diego was making his move on Lily.

Lucinda said she would let Emily think about it for a while and would meet her for drinks at the Lakeview at 3:00 p.m. Emily said she would be there. Lucinda warned Emily not to run to Diego with the information. Lucinda thought that Diego was psychotic and dangerous. Plus, if Diego took off, then Lucinda would only have Emily to pester.

Diego was just getting off the phone at his loft when there was a knock at the door. He put away a candle he had been whittling and laid the knife down on the desk. When he opened the door, he found Emily standing there. He freaked out and got on her case for going to the loft. He hurried her inside before someone saw her there.

Emily tried to tiptoe around the issue without telling Diego that Lucinda suspected them. She told him that they needed to confess. He wanted to know why it was suddenly important and what had happened. He said that Lily loved him and wouldn't let her mother press charges against him for embezzling. Emily commented about him only embezzling money and said it was not like he had killed anyone. Diego grabbed her and growled, "And what if I did?"

Mike entered Lucinda's office just as she was getting off the phone. Lucinda said she had just found out that Emily was the one who had signed the check to pay for Pilar's surgery and that Emily had a past with Diego. She told Mike that she had put Emily on notice. Mike didn't think that was a good idea and feared that Emily might be telling Diego everything at that moment. Lucinda said that Diego was dangerous and that Emily was not that stupid.

Jane interrupted Mike and Lucinda to tell Lucinda that Mr. Templeton with the FBI was there. Templeton walked in and said that Sandramano's wife, the detective that Lily had hired, had called. She had said that her husband had been missing since September 30, the same day as Umberto's crash. They checked the dental records on the crash victim with Sandramano's, and they matched. Luncinda asked about the fax that Sandramano had supposedly sent. Templeton replied that the wife had admitted to sending the fax and that everything checked out. Lucinda gasped, saying, "God, Umberto is still alive."

In Maryland, the officer that Holden had hit was at his desk, talking on the phone. Someone on the other end answered the phone "Oakdale Police Department." The officer identified himself as Officer Cain, calling from Maryland. He said that he had one of their strays and asked if anyone wanted to claim him. The officer laughed.

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Friday, January 10, 1997

by Sage

Lily was doing the dishes at the Synder Farm. Emma walked in with the mail. Lily headed off to another part of he house as Emma went through the mail. She found a letter she had written to Holden that had been returned to her with "Addressee Unknown" stamped on it. She went over to a cabinet and placed the letter with a collection of others that had also been returned to her.

There was a knock at the door. Margo was standing there when Emma opened the door. She welcomed Margo, exclaiming what a surprise it was to see her. Margo didn't think it would be a nice surprise after what she had to say. Margo told Emma about a call she had received from a Maryland police department, asking if Holden had any outstanding warrants and reporting that he'd been arrested on "disturbing the peace" charges.

Emma was worried and asked Margo not to burden Lily with the news. Emma thanked Margo for the information, and Margo left. Lily returned, not knowing that Margo had been there. Emma told Lily that she had something she needed to do and would be gone for a few days. Lily was puzzled because Emma had just gotten back. Emma said that she needed to pack and that she'd be back soon. Lily didn't understand the conversation that had just taken place.

Holden was still in his jail cell in Maryland. He hollered from his cell, wondering what the hold-up was with his hearing. An officer entered and said to pipe down. The officer reported that the judge was running behind schedule at that moment. Holden just wanted out. The officer left, and Holden sat down on his cot.

Later in the day, while Holden was lying down on the cot, an officer told Holden he had a visitor. Holden was surprised to see Emma. He called out "Mama" to her. The officer let Emma in with him, and they embraced. Holden told her what had been going on in his life. He said that he had been moving around too much and that was why Aaron was with Julie and Caleb. Emma told him that she had seen all of them at Christmas, and they were all doing fine, but Aaron missed Holden.

Holden told Emma that his memory was returning -- all of it -- memories like fishing with his father, fighting with Caleb, and more. He thought it had most likely happened during the fight he'd had in the bar. She asked him why he hadn't written more. She had been mailing letters to the last address she had, but the letters had all been returned to her. She also wished he visited her more often. He told her that he couldn't because he had to sort things out. She asked if it was about Lily.

Holden admitted to Emma that he and Lily had had an affair, but Lily had chosen Damian in the long run. He had finally given up on her loving him when he'd helped her deliver Luke. Holden had needed to leave so Lily and Damian could live their life together. Emma told Holden that there had been an accident and that Damian was dead. Holden looked shocked.

Tom talked with Bob and Kim at the hospital. Kim told Tom that she had created a monster in Bob when they had gone skiing. Bob had been on some health kick ever since. She said she was still sore from the ordeal and rubbed at her back. Bob told Tom how he'd been trying to get Kim and himself into a health club. Kim said that Bob had even taken away her chocolates. Bob said that he wanted to grow old with her. Kim said she wanted to grow old with her chocolates.

Bob, Tom, and Kim all laughed, and Kim said she had to go. After she left, Tom and Bob discussed Margo. Tom said that she had been sleeping better since she had gotten off the Umberto case. Tom said he had to go.

Later, Bob picked up Kim at the station so they could look at health clubs. She winced when he helped her put on her coat. He asked if her back was still sore. She said just a little and asked about him. He admitted to being a little sore as well. They left in search of a health spa.

At home, Margo was straightening up a bit. She saw the Umberto file. She picked it up and heard the roar of the jet engines in her mind. She dropped the file, and the noise stopped. Tom slipped in and startled her while she was vacuuming. He giggled and told her why he was home early then he told her about Bob and Kim wanting to join a health club. He tried to entice her into doing that, too, as a couple, with him. She didn't go for the idea but offered to fix them something healthy for lunch. Margo disappeared into the kitchen.

Just then, Mike knocked on the door. Tom headed him off at the pass. Mike said that he had some new leads and wanted Margo to know, since she was the only one he trusted with the case. Tom told Mike to keep her out of it. Tom explained about the nightmares she had been having and that she was off the case. Mike told Tom that Margo would be mad when she found out that he had not revealed that Umberto was alive. Mike warned that Margo would find out sooner or later.

Mike was with Lucinda at her office. They discussed Sandramano's possible connection to Umberto and tried to figure out where Emily fit in. They also wondered where Diego fit into the puzzle. Lucinda said that corporate theft was one thing, but murder was quite another. Lucinda added that Emily was involved in it right up to her neck. Lucinda and Mike discussed how the FBI would muddle things up if they were given the new information. Mike thought Lucinda might have already done that by telling Emily she was onto her.

Lucinda was convinced that Emily would try to save her own butt and turn "state's evidence." Lucinda believed Emily was one frightened young lady at that moment. Lucinda said that she was going to meet Emily at the Lakeview as planned and that she'd get what she needed out of her.

Emily, squirming in Diego's grip at his loft, looked down at the knife resting on the desk beside her. Emily thought that he had never really killed anyone and that he was just trying to scare her. Diego asked if he was succeeding. Emily said that he was not because she knew he was joking. He laughed and forced her to her knees then rhetorically asked if she had ever known him to joke. Emily winced in pain and grabbed the knife, but he crushed it out of her fist back onto the desk.

Diego told Emily to listen to him. He admitted he had killed before and, if he had to, would kill again. He smiled. Emily started to speak, but Diego interrupted, admitting that he had said a lot of things. Emily went on to tell him how much he had changed since he had found Lily and how he had even helped the young woman in the hospital. Emily didn't think he would have done that before.

Diego said he would have never done that for a stranger and said that he needed a way to launder the money so he could pay for his sister's operation. He told Emily that she was to forget that last little bit of information. Diego grabbed the knife and pulled her to him, commenting about how she already knew too much. He reminded her about the body at the car crash. He taunted about how she really didn't think he had bought that corpse, asking, "Did you?"

Emily's eyes widened in fear at Diego's revelation. She began to beg, saying she'd never tell. Emily asked if Lily was a part of his act too. Diego said no and admitted that he really loved her. Diego could see Emily's wheels spinning and gave her a few words of warning.

Diego told Emily that before he had told her that if she exposed him, he would turn her in as his willing accomplice -- but he wouldn't anymore. He grabbed her and pressed the knife to her throat. He said it would be much easier to just eliminate her.

In the bar at the Lakeview, Emily was downing martinis and stressing out when Lucinda walked up to her. Lucinda told Emily she had just found out that Umberto Malzone was still alive. Emily acted surprised. Lucinda said to cut the act and that it had been Sandramano in the car. Lucinda said she knew Emily knew it. Lucinda also said that she had made the connection with Diego's withdrawal and Emily's gift donation at the hospital.

Emily tried to backpedal, but Lucinda applied the screws. Lucinda could see that Emily was remaining stubborn. "Fine," Lucinda said, "you're fired, Madam President." Lucinda walked away. A little later, Paul strolled up to Emily at the bar. He asked her what was wrong. Emily told him that she had just gotten fired.

Paul thought that Emily losing her job was "divine providence." Paul said that he had to leave town on business for a while. Sarah was in Europe on business, too, and he needed someone he could trust to run the business in Oakdale while he was away. He asked if she would do it. Emily sighed and replied, "Why not?"

Diego was in the stairwell on Pilar's floor at the hospital. He opened the door a crack and saw Bob talking with a nurse. He waited until they walked away then proceeded in. He ducked around a corner to dodge an orderly. He finally made it into Pilar's room. She was flipping through a magazine. They talked about how she was. She said she was still tired all the time and was also afraid that Diego would raise suspicion if he kept showing up.

Pilar told Diego that Mike wouldn't understand Diego being there. He asked if Mike had been pestering her. She said he hadn't and that she liked Mike. She thought he was sweet, pointing out the flowers Mike had given her. Diego started in on her about how anyone could buy flowers and that Mike was only using her. Pilar asked if it was about Mike using her to pump her for information about Diego. Diego relaxed and said he wanted her to concentrate on getting better.

Lily was elsewhere in the hospital. She asked Bob if she could visit the young race driver. She told him that she had seen the accident and just wanted to see how the young woman was doing. Bob told her it was fine with him but that she'd need to check with the floor nurse. Lily left for Pilar's floor. As Lily reached Pilar's room, she overheard Diego and Pilar talking.

"Diego?" Pilar said. "What?" he replied softly. "As soon as I'm stronger, I think we should both leave Oakdale," she told him. Diego said, "We will, but not until I'm sure that Lily is coming with us." Lily listened uneasily at the door. Diego and Pilar engaged in small talk until Pilar drifted off to sleep. "Sleep well, little sister," Diego crooned.

Diego then strolled over to the flowers. Talking to a sleeping Pilar, he started rambling on about how he had outsmarted all the fools in Oakdale. "Fools who think they can outsmart me. Fools like your pathetic friend Mike Kasnoff," Diego said as he laughed. "Imagine the look on his face. If he only knew the truth... it would almost be worth it to tell him I'm Umberto," Diego said menacingly.

On the other side of the door, Lily's jaw dropped. Shaking nervously, Lily continued to listen to Diego boast about his hideous past. He continued, "Fools that get in the way, I squash them like the bugs that they are." He dumped the flowers and smashed the bouquet with his foot.

"No one is going to keep me and Lily apart. She is my destiny, just as I am hers. Oh, boy... it's amazing. My life before her husband died was so muddled. Then after the crash, only a period of a few months, it all became so clear. I was fated to have Lily. Now sabotaging the plane... that was my doing," Diego rambled, continuing, "But it was God's will." A shaken Lily reeled in the revelation, unnoticed on the other side of the door.

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