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July 26, 2004 columns
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As I watched the show this week, there were so many things that just didn't seem logical to me. I am not saying that it was good drama but it took an awful lot to let all of these story points seem plausible. There is one character that needs to disappear - his name is Doc Reese and some others that need to find their footing like nuMolly and nuNikki while others are truly a mess like Jessica and Allison.

Margo and Jessica Debacle
I tried very hard to like this story because it gave Margo something to do but this Doc Reese thing has gone too far. Not only has this guy destroyed Margo's marriage and her friendship with Jessica. Jessica is a walking train wreck - the writers have written her into this slutty corner. How can one woman who was a pillar of honesty and justice cheat on the same man twice in their relationship? I think Ben put it best this week when he told her that Marshall was one thing but once they took their vows it was a different ballgame.
I so hope that the writers get themselves out of this mess by getting rid of Doc and Jill by one of them killing the other then fixing the Hughes marriage and making Ben the father of Jessica's baby. All Doc Reese, who from the beginning was always out for a quick piece, had to do, was sleep with Jill. This story needs to be fixed quickly.

Molly, Holden, Jack and Carly
I watch this nuMolly and I still see Lesli Kay in the part so I guess this new actress is doing her job because I still see Molly. Molly has always been of late her own worst enemy. First because she sees Holden as her knight in shining armor put Lily and her kids in jeopardy then she moved on to Carly and Jack.
Jack and Carly were so happy which was refreshing to see after all they have been through. Everyone knows that a happy couple on a soap is boring but I have never been bored watching these two together. I also have to admit the best part of Jack and Carly is seeing them finding their way back together. Why did Jack let Molly dictate how he should handle a police situation? He could have waited for backup. He didn't even handcuff Starsiak properly so that in itself was trouble. I guess also the best part of this is that it was Jack in jeopardy this time where Carly has to save him as opposed to all the other times when Jack had to be the hero.

Allison and Chris and Emily
Chris is beginning to see Emily in a different yet familiar light. Emily was the one who ended their affair years ago and now its time to revisit it. Chris and Emily is a much better match than Chris and Allison. Allison is such a troublesome kid who needs to be with someone like Aaron who definitely has feelings for her. That whole thing was with wedding dress was too much - the only thing it did was let us see Lisa interact with Kim and Susan. It just continues to show how immature Allison is by doing these juvenile stunts. Personally, I like Allison with Aaron.
Emily seems to moving away from Hal as he is favoring his daughter, Nikki. It is somewhat hard to believe this is Nikki - its almost like they have aged the character too much. I like Chris and Emily together the first time so this would be a good match again.

Dusty and Lucy
Dusty may be too old for Lucy but these two have a lot of chemistry. As rough as he portrays, he does have feelings for Lucy. This time the writers got it right this time because the crush she had on Paul was kind of creepy. What's going to happen when Lucy finds out that Craig is behind her kidnapping attempt and the murder of one of the kidnappers? Dusty is doing his best trying to protect her from learning the truth about her father and from getting involved with a guy like him.
Finally, the show was true to its words by having the veterans on a lot more this year. We get to see Lucinda, Bob, Kim, Susan, Nancy and Lisa a lot more these days. But where is Dr. John Dixon - he is definitely MIA.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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