Thanksgiving in Oakdale

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Thanksgiving in Oakdale
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Iris has got to be one of the cruelest individuals to hit Oakdale in a long time. Last week, she ingested herself with a dangerous chemical in order to frame Will.

The holiday season has begun and I am making my list for the things that I want to happen between now and December 25th - at least before the New Year begins.

Gwen and Will
Iris has got to be one of the cruelest individuals to hit Oakdale in a long time. How could she ingest herself with a dangerous chemical in order to frame Will? At one point, she was providing a much needed diversion from the outrageousness of the baby switch but now she has taken things to a new level. I hate what she is doing to Will. This hopefully will send her out of town and let Will find love with Gwen.

Gwen and Will are the best thing in Oakdale right now. I can say how much I enjoy them as a couple and as actors who show such depth and feeling in every scene that there are in. The true sign of a good actor is when they can hold there own with the veterans like Dr. Bob, Barbara, Hal, Paul, Jack and Carly; these two have gone on to show that sometimes they have just taken over the screen. I know that their characters will have new obstacles especially after the baby switch is revealed.

My wish for this season is for the switch to be revealed and Billy is returned to his natural mother, Jennifer - what a wonderful present that would be for her and us for having to endure this story for so long.

Missing Henry
Maddie Coleman has been such a busybody since she has been in Oakdale that it is difficult for anyone to believe her now that she knows that her brother is missing. She has a real sense of trouble. She knows now that bringing BJ into their lives was a major mistake and it was all because of her meddling - now her brother is paying possibly with his life if he is not found. Hopefully, Katie will use BJ's feelings for her to get to Henry. They need to work fast before something happens to Henry or Mike. One question, BJ has put sent a hitman to get to Mike and something should have happened to him by now or is this hitman spending all of his time at Yo's or Mabel's?

One good thing about this is that Casey and Maddie are beginning to see each other differently which is making Casey not look so bad after the way he treated Gwen. He is going to need a good friend when the truth comes out that he was indeed the father of Gwen's baby. I believe that Maddie will stand by him creating a nice bond for them.

My wish is for Henry to be found pronto and B.J. is sent to the loony bin where he really belongs.

Poor Lily
Lily needs to just tell everyone the truth and move on with life with Holden so all will be happy. There is no chemistry at all between her and Keith. Keith is such a worthless character that if he walked upstairs and never returned that no one will ever mention him or miss him; that's a shame because Kin Shriner is really a good actor however this character has certainly run its course.

Wishful thinking: get rid of Keith so Lily and Holden finds their way back to each other to bring in the New Year together.

Finally, I am so happy that we were able to enjoy the holiday by seeing it celebrated by the Snyders. There used to a time when we'd see celebrations by more than one family in Oakdale - let's wish for that to happen with Christmas celebrations with the Snyders and the Hughes.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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