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Luke and Noah kissed again last week, and this time the colonel saw it. It was an explosive kiss, and we're probably going to see more. Noah has finally admitted his feelings for Luke, and the writers seem committed to pursuing this storyline.

If you weren't crying this week when Carly told Jack about her terminal illness, then your chest has a gaping hole where your heart should be. Those scenes were so heart wrenching, that I was sobbing like a baby. Maura West and Michael Park played every layer, with subtlety and sincerity. That was some of the best acting on daytime, and I hope you caught it.

Kudos also to the ATWT writing team for the brilliant juxtaposition of the wedding and Carly's "sick" scenes. It was beautiful storytelling. The writers didn't go the typical soap route i.e. Jack finding out about Carly during the ceremony and leaving Katie at the altar. Instead, the writers crafted the tale so that Jack and Katie made it official, only for Jack to find out afterward that his former wife is deathly ill. Timing is everything, and I think the characters will have a much juicier story to play with Jack and Katie married and Jack distracted with Carly's illness.

The small details of the wedding were perfect, too, from the guests discussing the weather, to Henry entertaining the crowd, to Emma sending cookies, to the guests blowing bubbles at the happy couple (Henry's nickname for Katie is "Bubbles.") I hope this marriage lasts longer than Katie's previous two. But considering that all Jack and Katie did on their wedding night was sleep, it's not looking good. Plus, despite what the doctors are saying, I don't see Carly becoming a corpse anytime soon.

In other musings:
--Poor Dusty. During his dying hallucinations, hooker Cheri paid him a visit, instead of his dearly departed Jennifer. Perhaps that means he's headed south for a heat wave, instead of north to the pearly gates.

---Katie needs to get a new wedding look. She should have chosen something other than the long, white, traditional gown that she's worn in her last three weddings. This was her fourth wedding (fifth if you count the two to Simon,) so she should have changed it up a bit from the virginal white gown.

--Maddie is taking the fact that her boyfriend turned out to be gay much better than I expected or hoped. Frankly, I'd like to see her angry and appalled, instead of letting him off the hook so easily. Most women would be furious and traumatized, in the same situation. Noah slept with Maddie, knowing that he was gay. He purposely misled her, when he was having doubts about himself. Noah may need a friend, while he's coming to grips with his homosexuality, but it's Maddie who is the real loser in this scenario.

--I was so excited about Rosanna's return, but honestly, it's been duller than dishwater. I don't like embittered Rosanna. I love Cady McClain, but rehashing a storyline that happened years ago has transformed her character to a snoozefest. I hate that Paul is so easily manipulating her, too. That is not the Rosanna I remember. She should be front burner in Carly's storyline and focusing on regaining her business. The good news is that she still has chemistry with Craig.

--Nice use of history this week, when Margo toasted Katie at the wedding reception and said she's the kind of girl who would give someone half her liver. However, it looked Margo and Katie were toasting with champagne. I'm not sure, but I don't think people with a history of liver problems should be knocking back champagne.

--Was it my imagination or did Henry bristle a little when Vienna brought up the idea of marriage again? He was literally biting his nails, nervously, when Vienna lined up to catch the bouquet. It's obvious Henry will always love Katie, but lately it seemed that he'd accepted their platonic relationship and moved on to hottie Vienna. Maybe not.

--Luke and Noah kissed again this week, and this time the Colonel saw it. It was an explosive kiss, and I think we're probably going to see more. Noah has finally admitted his feelings for Luke, and ATWT seems committed to pursuing this storyline.

-If I recall correctly, Nancy gave Katie pearls to wear on her wedding day. But, instead, Katie wore the necklace that Jack gave her. Why didn't Katie wear the "borrowed" pearls from Nancy? Did I miss something here?

--Brad gets the good-guy award this week. I have no idea how this happened, but Brad is turning out to be an incredible friend and brother. I wouldn't mind seeing Brad and Carly reconnect, too, so that Jack can move on with Katie.

--Where is Emma supposed to be? I can't believe she missed Jack's wedding. At least she mailed six-dozen pecan cookies, so she was there in spirit.

--Vienna and Sage win the best-dressed award for their wedding attire. They looked gorgeous. I loved Margo's dress and wedding hair, too.

--Jack Snyder is one generous guy. He's been showering Katie with gifts lately (the watch, the necklace, the team Snyder jersey.)

--Sofie is this year's Celia. It's a shame because I think the actress is good. I think Sofie could have been a great vixen, but she's so wimpy I can't stomach her for more than a few seconds. As for Cole, don't get me started. This storyline is a stinker.

--I'm convinced that Henry will always be in love with Katie. Even she seemed to sense it, thanking him for sacrificing so much for her happiness. The real problem is that Henry and Vienna need to have their own storyline. They are both strong characters, but are consistently used as side players in the Jack and Katie storyline. I'm begging here, ATWT honchos, please give Henry and Vienna they're own story. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how well it would be received.

--Bravo to the writers for having Faith refuse wedding cake this week. Eating disorders are a life-long battle, and to have her recover so quickly is unrealistic.

---Paul has been angry for so long that I can't remember why anymore. Is Craig truly the reason for all his anger issues or is this rooted in something else? He needs anger management, pronto.

Best Lines of the Week:
(During Katie and Jack's wedding, Henry is concerned that Carly will show up and cause a disturbance.)
Minister: "If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."
Henry: (whispering to Vienna) "Why would they leave that part in?"

(The wedding guests eye the cloudy sky at Katie and Jack's wedding.)
Tom: "I always heard rain on your wedding day was good luck."
Bob: "Not if your wedding is outside."

(Henry sums up the future of Katie's sexy lingerie.)
Jack: "Katie, my lovely wife to be, doesn't have any secrets. Even if you haven't read Oakdale Confidential, all you have to do is watch her show for a week and you'll know everything, from what she eats for breakfast to what she wears to bed."
Henry: "Like that won't change after today."

(Jack and Katie's past marriages are on Henry's mind on their wedding day.)
Henry: "I'm glad they're both getting a second chance...or a third chance, or fourth chance, as the case may be."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Jill)
"I think I have to jump on the Carly bandwagon. Maura West is doing an awesome job with her current storyline. She pretty much is the reason I watch ATWT. But I must say I wish that the Katie haters would lighten up. I don't like Katie with Jack; it's a relationship that never made sense to me. But having said that, the actress is doing a great job too. She was a gorgeous bride - and just as gorgeous in her "jersey" nightshirt. Kudos to the kid who plays Parker, too. I am disappointed in the way the writers have portrayed Jack lately; it's been hard to be on his side. But the biggest surprise to me is Brad. I actually like him now. My wish for the storyline would be that he be the one that finds the person who can save Carly's life. He plays such an awesome friend to Carly and I like that about him. I hope he and Katie don't fall into bed. I hope he has more integrity than that. My final comments are about the Meg/Paul/Craig/Rosanna story. I hate it and fast forward through most of it. The writers have a habit of rehashing old storylines and it's boring. I just don't care about these people anymore.

(From Two Scoops Kristy.)
"The speech Jack gave Carly was painful to watch but I preferred it to the forced lovey-dovey of Kack. It seems that it is just the same scene over and over- Jack talks about the future, Katie brings up Carly, Jack does the 'I love you now' thing, Katie flashes those uberwhite veneers and goes on and on about sharing love and happiness forever and ever, blah, blah, blah. Admittedly I want a CarJack reunion but if Jack needs to have a relationship before that happens the least they could do is make it less sickening to watch (those lip smacking kisses are like nails on a chalkboard). Also, I am thrilled that Lily has something more to do than apologized to Holden. This is another case of the same scene being played over and over. I love Lily and Holden together but I was never satisfied with how they got back together after the Julia2 affair. He was (and is) so snotty and self righteous that I want to see something knock him down a peg or two. I was glad that Cole, Sophia and Iris were off the screen but I would have been happier if the writers gave us a break from Gwen and Will, they've had constant storylines for two years and it's too much."

(From Two Scoops reader Andrea )
"I think the Luke-Noah storyline is done very tastefully. They simply showed two people in "like" with each other. What I don't understand is how it can be considered morally wrong. Noah's story is clear that this isn't how he chose to be, he even denied it for some time. Homosexuality is just becoming a comfortable thing in the media, so it is expected that older viewers are a little disturbed about seeing two guys kiss. But I'm sure years ago the first time people ever kissed or made love or anything on TV it caused commotion. I think ATWT did this well and made it seem very natural and I think it is a good thing that Noah is accepting himself instead of continuing life in a lie. I also think this is the sort of thing that makes confused young people in real life ok with who they are, even if they have parents who may disapprove."

(From Two Scoops reader Kathleen.)
"I couldn't agree with you more on a couple issues: HENRY'S ORANGE SHIRT----BLECH. Not even a good yard sale item--Goodwill would refuse it! And, about BRAD. I feel the exact same way--even said as much on the message boards. I thought he was an arrogant pig when he started the show, but now, I'm hanging on his every scene. I can't wait to see his loving looks at the dieing Carly. He is too cute! And he has become compassionate and an actual human! ) Also I have come to grips with the Kiss of the Century. Now I'm watching the odd triangle of Luke/Noah/Maddie with more interest, plus the fact that Loony Tunes Col. Mayer is probably Cheri's murderer/ex-husband. This is a nice plot twist. Never fails--about the time I'm ready to bail on ATWT, that I've been watching for over 40 damn years, the show starts to improve and hooks me all over again. Keep up the great Scoops column!

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
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