Brad's a dad, and Casey's a hero

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Brad's a dad, and Casey's a hero
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Just days after telling Katie that he didn't want to be a father quite yet, Brad's alleged teenage daughter strolled into town. Kudos to the writers for amping up the Brad/Katie storyline by about one thousand watts.

Brad Snyder, welcome to fatherhood! Just days after telling Katie that he didn't want to be a father quite yet, in strolls Brad's alleged teenaged daughter to introduce herself. In no way did I see that coming. Bravo! Kudos, ATWT, for amping up the Brad/Katie storyline about 1,000 watts. I'm betting the baby mama isn't far behind.

I absolutely loved Brad and Katie this week, despite Katie's silly wishy-washy behavior at times. It's strange to see Brad acting like more of an adult than Katie lately. But just as I started to really feel these two as a couple, Brad's past came back to bite him. Maybe now Katie will start to appreciate her husband a little more. A girl can dream, right?

Most newlywed couples face typical first-year issues of dealing with finances, personal space, etc. A teenager claiming to be your new husband's daughter is sure to put a crimp in the newlywed bliss. Here's hoping Katie stands by her man and proves that she really loves him, instead of rebounding back to Mike or Jack, or another man with the last name of Snyder. (Holden, you've been warned.)

--Mike Kasnoff, did you leave your testosterone at your previous address along with your tool belt? The Mike I know and love would have punched Paul in the pie hole for his behavior this week. Man up, Mike, and teach this loser to stop messing with you.

--Oh no he didn't! Holden got in Jack's face to defend Carly, after her nasty argument with Jack. Are the Snyder boys getting ready to rumble over a certain troublesome blonde? Holden and Carly seem to be bonding lately, and it looks like things are headed that way. All I can say is, Lily, you'd better turn that limo around and get home, pronto, before your husband falls for your good pal.

--Quick, someone get Casey Hughes a cape. He went all superhero this week, when the Judge got violent and took Emily hostage. Now that's a Casey I can get behind. I'm loving this version of Margo's kid. Finally, I'm seeing some shimmer of her in him. (Yes, I remember that he turned into a punk the last couple years. But, I'm blaming it on poor character writing. I'm doing my best to forget that he stole from Lisa's cash register a few weeks ago and got a guy fired for it.) Casey the hero, I like! Now, if he could only get a decent love interest that isn't Luke Snyder.

--Paul Ryan is a jealous maniac. He missed his hot air balloon ride, so he goes psycho? Has he been consulting Emily on how to act like a crazy ex? (She could give lessons you know, from how to drug someone to how stalk and shoot them.) Before long, he'll be gunning Meg down with a bullet to the back and watching her fall over a cliff. Don't say I didn't warn you.

--I couldn't help but chuckle at the pronouncement that Aaron and Sofie had broken up. When did they become a couple? I must have blinked and missed it.

--Lily Snyder could use some lessons in subtlety. Her set-up dinner for Carly and Jack was downright painful to watch. I did however enjoy her "Jack, you're an idiot!" comment. I've wanted to say that to him a few times myself.

--I've seen it a dozen times. A well-known TV couple starts dating in real life and the chemistry fizzles faster than an exploding firework. Poor Kim. She must have been pulling her hair out this week, as Katie and Brad fawned all over one another on the air in newlywed bliss. I'm with Kim. Bring back the banter. That's why we fell for Brad and Katie. Married shouldn't have to equal boring.

--Margo has been cranky lately. Sure, she's been through a lot, so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on her. But first she refused to be Katie's matron of honor, then she completely overstepped by telling Emily that Casey would not work for her. I think Margo has some control issues. Tom, you'd better hope you remember to take out the garbage, or it could get ugly.

--I know this is wrong, but does anyone else think that Judge Burke is hot?

--Holden Snyder got the gun! I was grinning ear to ear when he actually pulled out that firearm and threatened to shoot that rascally rabbit, er, Paul, this week, if he didn't vacate the premises and stay away from Meg. Emma would be so proud!

--Place your bets on how long it takes for Parker and Brad's new-to-town teenage daughter to start bantering and perhaps more. I know they are sort-of cousins due to the Snyder connection, but technically, Parker is a Munson, not a Snyder.

--Who knew Oakdale was such a gorgeous place to live? I'm loving the outside shots of the "Snyder farm" and the park. Could it be we might actually get to see the infamous Snyder pond in the daylight at some point in the future this summer? I think it's the perfect time for Brad and Katie or the Snyder clan to go swimming.

--Barbara had screen time this week. Can I get a woo-hoo? The woman looks grand to be battling cancer. Her talk with Kim was perfect. But I have to agree with Two Scoops reader Curtis that lately her storyline seems to be more about Sofie, Paul, Ali, Chris, and everyone else in Oakdale but her. I couldn't believe that she had to take time to step in and deal with Paul's childish behavior this week. Paul needs to step up and be there for his mother, instead of whining about how he lost his girlfriend.

---Speaking of Paul, he's now drinking in the mornings. Frankly, he's driving me to drink in the mornings. I know I've been hard on this character the past year, but he's just all over the map. I don't think I've ever been so exasperated by a character. He's not even likeable anymore. Think back to the Paul that fell for Rose and to the Paul that had friends. Where is that guy? Writers, I'm begging here, please get this character back into character.

--The crack Oakdale hospital staff is at it again. Since when does a doctor ask a parent of a child to step outside while he does the examination? That was just creepy. Poor Parker. If I were he, I would have asked for my mommy. (And a lollipop.)

Best Lines of the Week:
(Margo interrogates Casey on why he's leaving home so early in the a.m. without eating breakfast, and he gets sarcastic.)
Casey: "You caught me. I'm on my way to score some serious powder."

(After Mike storms on to Katie and Brad's live show, Katie turns the table on Brad.)
Katie: "I bet our audience would like to hear from some of your ex girlfriends. Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we invite the entire Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad on to save time?"
Brad: "That is a great idea! We should do that."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Curtis.)
"Is it just me, or is Barbara's cancer story becoming less about her struggle with this horrible disease, and more a reason for Paul and Sofie and Chris and Alison to interact with each other? After the 04/18/08 episode where it was all about Ali "saving the day" when Barbara had a reaction to the radiation (and in doing so impressing Chris) and barely anything about Barbara's actual reaction, I don't think I'm wrong here, which is sad, sad, sad."

(From Two Scoops reader Amy.)
"I agree about Brad being funny. But, after Henry's performance at the wedding, he is back on top. I laughed so hard! I agree with you....More sweet, loveable, hilarious Henry please!"

(From Two Scoops reader Kelly.)
"Totally agree with so much in your column, particularly Paul and Meg. I miss the fun, sexy, snarky Paul we saw earlier this year, especially his scenes with both Emily and Lucinda."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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