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Holden has always based his opinions of Carly on the things that Jack had told him, and Carly has always seen Holden as a holier-than-thou man that her best friend loved. Now, they are starting to get to know each other as real people.

We start another Sweeps period with the writers back at work - the landscape in Oakdale has changed a lot though with the people who are gone are not as missed as I thought they would - things are different still interesting and worth the wait and see how it will all turn out.

Desperate for Meg
This is not the Paul that we have seen lately; Paul had been trying so hard to be the man Meg wanted him to do. Now Paul has become obsessive for Meg again. He should not have cancelled his appointed with Dr. Michaels - therapy is a long time overdue for Paul Ryan Stenbeck. He has always had issues and when he gets to this point of sheer craziness, it is sometimes hard to root for him to get the girl. It is also sending Meg right into the arms of newly returned, Mike Kasnoff.

I hope that Meg does not rush into a relationship with Mike because of her constant problems with Paul or his rejection by Katie. I would like to see them build a solid friendship before jumping into bed. We need to get to know this new version of Mike before he is thrown into a relationship with Meg because once that happens he is on a rollercoaster downhill.

What the heck is happening with Sofie? I thought this story was going into another direction. I thought she was looking at Paul as an older brother or possible father figure. To see them getting sexual left me cold and my first thought was 'Yuck!" Paul is very much drawn to Meg so why use this impressionable young woman - this is going to end badly especially when Meg decides she wants Paul back and that can happen as soon as next week. One last thought, is Sofie trying to replace the baby she lost?

Casey and Emily
This could be the story to watch - Casey is the son of Emily's ex-lover, the half-brother of her son and the son of her sworn enemy, Margo; this is the making of a good story. It adds history and we have gotten familiar with nu Casey and Emily needed a new story after Dusty died. I like the dynamic of these two together.

Unlike Paul and Sofie, the idea of Casey and Emily would create fireworks in Oakdale - much like the time on OLTL when Dorian had an affair with Viki's son, Joey. The character is much more mature acting than the previous one as Casey was in love with Maddie and that worked for that version of Casey.

It is about time that we saw the people of Oakdale working again and the Intruder has been dormant for a long time. They could have some interesting short story arcs about some of the stories these two investigate: the recent one with the judge was what we are reading and seeing on the news lately.

Holden and Carly's Friendship
These two being friends has been the possibility of energizing these two characters: Holden for years has been tied only to Lily and Carly is the glue that made Jack interesting. This could be a real test of the relationships of Holden & Lily and Jack & Carly. Carly and Holden are building a friendship that is fun to watch. First of all, Holden always took his opinions of Carly based on what Jack had told him and Carly saw Holden as this holier-than-thou man that her best friend loved and was the best friend/confidante of Jack. They are starting to get to know each other as people like in real life.

I am getting tired of Jack and Carly constantly bickering. I am still a huge fan of Jack and Carly but if Holden and Carly develop a friendship then we can see where this will go. The time will come for Jack and Carly to get back together and the same for Holden and Lily. There is going to be an adjustment period with the recast of Lily.

Baby Daddy - Brad
He has a daughter appearing out of nowhere right after he marries Katie - what a way to spend your honeymoon. This kid, Liberty is obviously Brad's daughter and he has to grow up in record time. He is trying so hard to do the right thing as he knows the greater possibility that she is his daughter.

I am watching Katie as she is not running away from a problem - she is being very adult by sticking by Brad throughout this. I always thought Brad was the man for her and this shows it as they are facing their obstacles head on without being that character that makes you scream at the television.

Chris and Alison
The last time it was different actors so it seems like the current actors have some chemistry together. Chris has moved on from Emily and Sofie - Alison has grown up a lot since she returned to Oakdale. I like her becoming a respectable member of society by becoming a nurse. The scene when she saved a man was choking was kind of funny as she was sitting with two doctors. The other part was that she did not really know what was wrong with the man before helping him. I know that the point of this was to show how good she is going to be for the nursing profession.

I like the way the character of Alison has evolved lately - she is honest about her past and addresses issues upfront with an adult perspective. Who knows maybe she will even marry Chris this time.

Let's see what readers have had to say about the show:

Kate said, "I cheered when Luke and Noah kissed, again (finally)! I am so proud the writers decided to go for it and give this couple what they deserve, a normal display of affection. Not only did we get one kiss, we got quite a few, sweet and believable kisses. Thank you, finally!"

Angela said, "I think it would be a great twist to let Emily and Casey have a one-night stand at the intruder. Please let Katie and Brad stay together; I think there's no one left for her to marry plus they are cute together. Aaron is so negative no wonder he runs the girls off. Carly did right by putting Jack off; I'm with her if you can't be with me for me and not just for "appearances" for the kids then just get gone: especially the "drunken" toss in the hay. Come on Jack, you are a big boy you could have said no instead of sleeping with a vulnerable woman you know wants to be with you?"

Joy said, "I loved the wedding. I found myself laughing out loud and watched it twice! I was so great to see Lisa and Kim involved in the storyline. Keep the veterans involved!"

Lucie said, "PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me they aren't planning to pair Holden and Carly together. I have a hard time thinking that Carly would do that to Lily and Holden would do that to Jack!!!!! I would be ashamed of myself to write a storyline like that.... although if they are pairing up to ONLY be a shoulder for each other to lean on.. I think it's brilliant!!! Please no Holden/Lily/Carly/Jack storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marie said, "Wedding of the year? How about Wedding of the Century? So often I have been fast-forwarding through the Oakdale nuptials...but this was one for the books. I watched it twice and, yes, I still have it on my VHS tape. This one is definitely a keeper! Not just for the laugh-out-loud funny Henry material but how about the fact that maybe, just maybe, somebody out there is paying attention to all the gripes from us long-time viewers? I'm sure that lines like, "Be true to the family history" or "Introduce young people but don't throw out the core people who got you interested in the first place" were not missed by those of us out here who have been so disappointed lately. Great episode! WE NEED MORE LIKE THIS!!!"

Finally, Luke decided he has had enough of this farce of this marriage with Noah and Ameera. I still believe that there is something not quite genuine about Ameera's act - it's just a nagging feeling.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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