Rainy days and Springfield bring me down

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Rainy days and Springfield bring me down
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Just when you thought that Harley would be able to get her head back on straight after throwing Cyrus out, they slept together again last week. The whole situation is pretty awful, making Harley a weak woman in need of a man who will only break her heart.

Spring is here, the weather is sunny (at least here in Maryland) but in Springfield the weather calls for clouds all week long.

Personally, I love spring. All of the flowers in bloom (along with my allergies) and the sun shining high in the sky. But everyone is happy to shed heavy winter wear for short sleeves and flip-flops. But in Springfield, the clouds have rolled in and taken up permanent residences over the town.

Sure, Gus' death has cast a pallor on the town, as it should. He affected so many relationships in Springfield and can't be replaced. But even in the darkest of times there has to be something to look forward to with anticipation. Daisy and Rafe will graduate this year, and face the uncertainty of life as an adult. Apparently they'll be doing this apart, since GL decided to break up the one teen couple we had - right before summer when teens watch more. This twist leaves me puzzled, to say the least.

Ashlee and Olivia are both on the road to recovery after major surgery. But the two characters are polar opposites when it comes to the way they approach things - which is no surprise. Ashlee wants to be thinner now - like the old Olivia wanted things without waiting for them. This new Olivia wants to take Gus' heart and just give up - while causing as much misery as possible. When 'Liv asked Natalia for her wedding rings, I wanted to reach through my television and bonk them both upside their heads. For Olivia to ask - and Natalia to give them to her - was totally ridiculous. I can't imagine any married woman I know purposely parting with her wedding rings, for any cause. Come on, GL.

It is great to see Blake back on screen again. She seemed to have an awful lot of time off-screen, despite her ties to Springfield (now if GL could only find room for Holly once in awhile, too). But I get a sense that Blake might be developing a little crush on her client (Coop) and just want to say that this is NOT ok. The age difference is pretty big - but it's that she would come between another couple. Maybe she and Frank can get together - besides the one night they already shared years ago. Frankie needs a woman in his life, and Blake surely needs an anchor to make sure she doesn't go off the deep-end somehow.

And just when you thought Harley could get her head back on straight after throwing Cyrus out, they sleep together again. This whole situation is pretty awful, making Harley - a strong character throughout her time on GL - as a weak woman in need of a man who will only break her heart. This whole romance has left many of you perplexed since it's not really Harley's style to go after someone else's man - especially her niece. Just another example of how you need to know the character you are writing. Do your research before you destroy 20 years of history.

Speaking of history, let's see how much is accurate in the "Reva" movie - should they really go through with this project. Given Reva's track record with men, and her relationship with Cassie, this might be an interesting story. If her family survives the glare of Hollywood, that is. But with Jonathan on the run, Marah and Shayne all over the world, how can the story be complete? Unless we have visits from the Lewis clan this summer this might not work. But any chance I get to see Rusty (and maybe Roxie, too?) would be great!!

As we get closer to Bill and Dinah really taking over Spaulding, I can't see how his on again/off again relationship with Lizzie will survive. The one (sort of) happy couple in Springfield. Lizzie is pretty determined to fight for her grandfather, despite all that he's done to her. But if she wins for him, will Alan allow Jonathan and Sarah to return to Springfield full time?

Speaking of characters and actors off canvas. Ricky Paull Goldin started this week on AMC. Since I haven't watched the show since the 80's I wasn't familiar with the stories, but it was great to see him again. I do wish him all the best.

With Spring heating up, let's hope for more flowers (and less weeds) in Springfield!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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