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Alan and Olivia have always been pretty powerful people, not always caring about anyone else's feelings, but it's always interesting to see how a person reacts to what life throws at them. Alan seems to have softened some, which is a welcomed change.

Living in Springfield seems to be a downer these days. Has anyone else noticed? While I've made no secret that I'm rooting for some happiness in town soon, Olivia and Alan's exchange about depression was another reminder that Springfield isn't a candidate for the "Happiest Place on Earth" - the Disney people are thankful ; )

I'm not saying that both Alan and Olivia don't have reason to be depressed. They are both grieving the sudden loss of Gus. And Olivia has the added issue that she is the recipient of Gus' heart and feelings of unworthiness. But both are dealing with their feelings in completely different ways - which is not unusual.

Alan and Olivia have always been pretty powerful people, not always caring about someone else's feelings. But it's always interesting to see how a person reacts to what life throws at them. Alan seems to have softened some - which is a welcomed change. With his family shrinking - either through death or simply abandoning him - Alan may finally see that he needs to embrace the family he does have left. Natalia's line this week along those lines was a perfect answer to Alan's woes.

But Olivia's sniveling is really beginning to get on my nerves. Yes, she is grieving, and has to recover from major surgery. But she has two daughters who are relying on her strength and support for many years to come. Ava seems to have learned her lessons from Mom well - she's not the shy, meek woman who came to Springfield a few years back. Now she's as manipulating as her Mama - it should be an "Animal Planet" episode. The cub has learned how to get what she wants - at any cost - and the mother stands back proudly watching.

Except that Ava's plans aren't going just as she thought. Bill still pins for Lizzie - another relationship that bit the dust this week. But will she be able to pass of her baby as a Lewis? And how will Remy's growing attraction to her (if it's real as well) change her plans? I suppose that Ava will leave Springfield for a time when Michelle Ray Smith gives birth in real life. But how things will progress when she returns is anyone's guess.

Harley's funk over the death of Gus is added to her money woes. But even before Gus died, her life has hardly been smooth. The disastrous relationship with Cyrus that seems to go on and on has been full of folly. Giving the blackmailer $100K for Cyrus was beyond ridiculous, and totally out of character. But fans who have fears that this will continue shouldn't be shocked to read the casting spoilers that Beth Ehlers has taken a month break to interview with other shows while her negotiations with GL reportedly continue. The casting news of the past few months, along with some of the out-of-left-field stories (including one we'll see unfold this week that I'll address next week) make me wonder if the show will continue for long.

While I don't often read message boards, I see that many of you are fearing the same thing about the show's fate. I hope that we are merely going through the same bit of melancholy as the characters in Springfield. And once summer arrives we'll have some positive stories to focus on.

But this week is Mother's Day - a day that many of you spend with your own Mother's or those important to you. It reminded me of the episode of GL a few years back - still on my Tivo, that featured several Mother's who had died on-screen (Reva's mom, Sarah, - Coop's Mom, Jenna - and Harley and Frank's mom Nadine). This year, I think that the show will focus only on Lizzie and Reva - except for the mad dash for gifts from your favorite characters (I have to admit that my own gift hasn't arrived as yet...). We'll have to see if Lizzie does in fact see Sarah this week. I haven't heard any word that Emmy winner (and nominee again) Tom Pelphrey would return but if I do I'll be sure to let you know.

No matter what your plans, I hope you all have an enjoyable day! Happy Mother's Day to all!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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