What type of evil is coming to Harmony?

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PS Two Scoops: What type of evil is coming to Harmony?
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It was not too long ago that Faith, Grace Bennett's sister, was chased by an evil force. She was not able to live peacefully without looking over her shoulders. She was constantly chased by an unknown being that growled in the night.

It was not too long ago that Faith, Grace Bennett's sister, was chased by an evil force. She was not able to live peacefully without looking over her shoulders. She was constantly chased by an unknown being that growled in the night. Fast forward to today, Harmony folks have had to deal with the likes of an evil elf. He cast spells on people, which resulted in some type of evil acts. Relationships were torn apart, and people found themselves doing things that they would not have normally done.

The most recent incident occurred when Kay's wedding dress caught fire. Head writer, James E. Reilly (JER), had never done the storyline between Miguel, Charity, and Kay justice. It was always one sided. Miguel was head over heels with Charity, but Kay got away with her evil plots. Charity never found out that Kay froze her in a block of ice. I wanted Charity to retaliate, but as always, with JER at the helm, nothing got resolved. Tabitha, the three hundred old evil witch, managed to chase Charity out of town, and that was the end of the story. JER tried to revive the story with Fox as an obstacle, but it failed miserably. Most people wanted Charity to return, but instead, an imposter played Charity to play up Fox's hand. It ended up backfiring, and the audience was left with a bad case of unresolved storyline. Everyone expected the real Charity because Kay was finally going to get her comeuppance.

Will Theresa Be Honest to Ethan, Ever?

Theresa had the perfect opportunity to tell Ethan the truth, and she blew it. She could have confided in Ethan, and while she was at it, blew Gwen out of the water. Instead, she came up with some hair brained scheme to seduce Ethan and then tell him the truth. I guess that was too much to ask for someone as dishonest as Theresa. Juanita's plan had always been to obliterate the entire family, so hiding out at this time is foolish. I get that Theresa doesn't know that Juanita has found the location of her family, but when she finds out, will she continue to hide?

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Have you ever heard this statement: "Like father, like daughter?" Pretty wasted no time in behaving like Alistair. If she doesn't get what she wants, she reaches out and takes it because she thinks that she is entitled to it. Pretty came to Harmony angry, and she will leave angry, if she ever gets to leave. At the rate she is going, she won't last that long in Harmony. Like Alistair, death is the answer to everything. Pretty slept with Luis because of magic, and all of a sudden, Luis is hers. Never mind that he is committed to someone else. Pretty tried every trick in the book to snare Luis, but it constantly fails. The funny thing about the situation is that Luis is not even in love with Pretty, and he told her so. Alistair's obsession with revenge, and Pretty's need to cling to a man that does not love her, will eventually be the all that ends all for Pretty. She is headed to the point of no return. Her latest crime was drugging the pilot of the Crane jet and wishing for it to crash with Luis and Fancy in it. Her jealousy for a man who does not love her, knows no bound. It's simply pathetic.

A Pregnant Man, His Father and Baby's Daddy

If you were male, could you imagine the look on your face after finding out that your son is also a woman and is pregnant with your child? Was that too much to swallow? Well, in Harmony, it's very real. Apparently, men can give birth now, but only in Harmony. Shush! Please don't tell anyone. It's our little secret.

Now that Vincent has caused Eve her job and Julian a normal life, what will be on his agenda next? I almost forgot that he just gave birth, or is he still giving birth? The last time I checked, there were complications. Poor, poor Julian...he cannot stop chugging on the booze. He pretty much took over Eve's bottle. What will Eve do now? Will they commiserate and share the same booze? Digesting that your son is also your grandson is a bit much to take much less looking at a reminder for the rest of your life. It's enough to revive a recovering alcoholic.

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