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It was really about time that Luke and Noah hit the sheets. There has been a lot of talk about whether this event would ever happen, but there wasn't any fanfare to set it up; this was just a natural progression of the story.

This was a week when things in Oakdale were happening pretty fast and with some unexpected developments: Luke and Noah took their relationship to the next level; Carly seems to have gotten her spark back now that she is spending more time with Craig and Katie has surprised me with her standing by her brother. I am also enjoying this new Jade as she holds her own against Lucinda.

Luke and Noah
It is really about time that these two hit the sheets. There has been a lot of talk about whether this event would ever happen - no fanfare or big advertising promos to set it up; this was just a natural progression of the story. It could have easily been missed. I wonder what happened to make the folks backstage decide to treat this couple like every other couple in Oakdale.

I don't know that I like the way it ended with them eating ice cream. So with Brian and Maddie gone, what is their next obstacle? Luke needs to get back to school. I certainly hope that this was not just an isolated incident; however, this is the beginning of them having a real adult relationship. This is truly an opportunity for the writers to write them as a couple that has issues and dealing with them without the constant breaking up and reconciling like Paul and Meg.

Carly and Craig
With Carly marry Craig? Probably, yes and it would be one of the most interesting marriages to hit Oakdale in a long time. Carly is different with Craig in that she does not have to constantly prove herself like she does with Jack. I like her so much more with Craig; so to see them together, I know this will be an exciting marriage to watch evolve.

Jack will not be happy at all with this news. Well, Jack married Janet so he should just allow Carly make her own decisions. I am going to enjoy the fireworks if this happens. I also think that Holden may have a problem as well with Carly being with Craig. The idea makes me smile at the interesting story developments that can happen as a result of a union between Carly and Craig.

Parker and Liberty
I am not ready to watch these two again - they are not interesting to watch; they seem too young to be constantly kissing and talking about sex. There is really not much depth to this relationship. Liberty does seem too old for Parker as Parker with all he has been through is really too young for this. Maybe if there were other kids their age to balance out the story, this might be worth watching more.

Dusty Donovan
What is wrong with him? Why can't he just give a little with Craig? Craig is Johnny's biological father and should be given some rights here. Craig is the one trying this time and Dusty is being combative and resistant - being such a vigilante. He is not Johnny's biological parent and that could work against him in the short run.

The other thing that Dusty is doing is being the protector of Meg. So if he happens to lose Johnny then she can be a substitute father for Eliza. He is running to her rescue every time she calls. Let's take bets that Dusty decides to be with Meg now that she is no longer with Paul.

He seems to have Josie to be his right hand. She is right there for him whenever he needs someone to babysit Johnny or whatever tasks he can find for her to do. While on the subject of Josie, not that she is not being the ghost of Jennifer, what is her real purpose in Oakdale? She is being such a busybody - she is either with Dusty or Paul. Does anyone else think she will hook up with Paul now that Meg is divorcing him?

Fun Fact: Meg's divorce papers listed her name as Meg Ryan Snyder instead of Meg Snyder Ryan. Obviously, Tom did not proof the papers before giving them to his client.

Katie Shows Her Family Ties
I am a bit surprised at Katie that she is sticking by Craig at the expense of her marriage. She told Craig that Johnny was in town and sick. She just refused to blow his alibi for the car bombing. Craig is not really doing anything bad this time around. He wants to be a father to his son and because of previous plots/schemes, everyone suspects him of dirty dealing. Not to say that he is not, he seems to be trying to do more of the right thing this time.

Jade and Derek
It takes him getting shot for her to decide she wants to find out if they are related. It would good for her to have a parent and for Derek to have some family of his own in Oakdale. It seems that Derek and Bonnie are moving along well as a couple.

I hope that Jade does get involved with Casey, they make a cute couple. Alison is acting strangely instead of speaking up and admitting that she wants them to be a couple. What is making this particular story work is that the Jade thing came out of nowhere and Alison needs to make a decision before she loses Casey. Let's just hope that Casey and Jade do not decide to get married and he sleeps with Alison the night before the wedding.

Personally speaking, with the three recasts showing up at the same time, the Jade recast is the better of the three. I guess that is why she is only one left. The actress is holding her own acting against Elizabeth Hubbard - she is doing a good job.

Finally, I hope that Lucinda does get another chance at love. This thing with Brian was too forced on both their parts - her illness and his sexuality. Lucinda needs to have love too - maybe John Dixon can return but only with Larry Bryggman playing the role.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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