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Bill still can't remember that he didn't kidnap Lizzie. Last week, he made the mistake of picking up Lizzie's diary...again. Surely he remembered how well that worked out last time, and Lizzie's slap certainly reminded him of her anger at the betrayal.

Everyone has had this feeling at one time or another. You are somewhere and there is a topic that just isn't discussed - but it's right on the tip of your tongue. And it seems that the subject in the soap press is the dreaded "C" word (cancellation) rumors for GL.

After last week's column about the pressures GL is putting on Grant's return to GL, I wanted to keep things lighter. It's a new year, things are looking up in Springfield. I'm sitting 25 miles from DC two days before the Inauguration (and will be one of the millions there Tuesday at 4am) so the mood is light. No one needs more gloom and doom... until I read another report of impending doom in Springfield.

I would be remiss to not report that TVWeek has reported that there are rumors CBS has given GL until April to improve before making a decision about the show's fate. They are rumors, because CBS and P&G don't comment until everything is over. But I wanted to share the report with you, just in case.

Which means the show has two MONTHS to improve once Grant returns - which is the show's latest (and best, I think) attempt to lure back GL viewers. So I want to give my pitch, too. For all of those who write in and tell me they "used to watch" GL - do the current fans of GL a favor. Tivo the show. When you have a moment (which gets harder, I know, to find) check it out. Take a short visit to Springfield and see what is going on. There are so many familiar faces, the Lewis, Cooper, and Spaulding families are still in town. Just watch what you can - leave the show on as you do other things - you might actually find yourself wanting to watch again. And you'll be helping to save the show for those who still tune in regularly. To see a sneak peek at some of what will happen check out:

For those who are tuned in, things are really going to get going this week with the return of another fan favorite, David Andrew MacDonald (also known online as DAM) as Edmund Winslow. When they announced this return, I have to admit I was torn. I adore DAM, but most of his history is with Cassie - who is now living in Hawaii, and Richard, who died years ago. But Reva, Josh and Jeffrey have a past with the "Prince of Darkness" and it seems that Edmund has another tie to Springfield, which I won't spoil for you here. Edmund's emotions always seem to control his actions, and he returns to Springfield with a sense of loss - which could make him highly unpredictable, and great to watch!

Another emotional wreckage is in the ongoing saga of Lizzie and Bill, who still can't remember that he didn't kidnap Lizzie. While I feel for the character, and want him to remember his innocence, I cringed when he picked up Lizzie's diary - again. Surely he remembered how well it worked out last time - and Lizzie's slap certainly reminded him of her anger at the betrayal.

I know this story is simmering along until Phillip returns February 9th but it's driving fans crazy - how long can you keep them apart when they are one of the few romantic pairs in Springfield? URGH! Of course, if you are looking for a relationship that is totally hopeless and can't last - just look to Lizzie's mom and ex-fiancÚ, Coop.

GL has paired and broken up so many characters that now they've really had to delve into the ickiness of having relatives sharing lovers again. We've seen it before with Bill/Lizzie/Beth , Marina/Mallet/Harley, Marina/Harley/Cyrus, Jeffrey/Reva/Marah, and of course Reva/Josh/Billy/HB/Kyle - I could go on and on. But throwing a vindictive Alan into the mix dooms any relationship, and makes no sense. But since reports have John Driscoll (Coop) leaving GL soon, this gives the show a way to write him out.

Of course, this doomed romance will have to mean trouble for Buzz and the whole Cooper clan (Springfield's own version of the Hatfield's and McCoy's is Spaulding vs Cooper). Now that Alan owns the land Company is on, this sets them up for a big loss - which would make me sad. Company is such an integral part of Springfield, and is such a homey set. Hopefully something will happen to save Company - and GL itself - but it's all very up in the air.

The other big "story" of the week is Monday's kiss between Olivia and Natalia. It's been featured on the cover of SOW and I've had fans reach out to me asking if this pairing is in the works or it's a one- time deal. So far, I don't know - the show hasn't revealed too much. I expect to get more spoilers soon for stories this spring, and as soon as I hear something we'll be sure to post it to the site.

With all of this talk about changes and possible cancellation, I encourage each of you to drop a line to CBS and TPTB (the powers that be) to let them know what the show means to you. You can write to them at:
Guiding Light
c/o CBS
51 W. 52 St.
New York, NY 10019

This week brings great things - and a return of a fan favorite to Springfield. Please let the show know how much the show means to you - so we can keep the Light shining for many years to come!

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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