The twins hold Noah hostage

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The twins hold Noah hostage
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At times, Luke appears to be a strong person on his own, but then there are times when he is portrayed as a weakling who can't function unless Noah is at his side.

I just read that Jean Passanante, the show's head writer, said she will play the show's strengths for the upcoming May Sweeps period; if that entails: the merry-go-round of Parker and Liberty and Paul and Meg as the highlights of the show - then we have a problem. We do see other couples like Casey and Alison who are not exactly the most interesting either. I have to admit that I still worry about the fate of this show if those in charge continue to showcase certain characters and this brisk storytelling pattern.

Parker and Liberty
These two were too young to get married in the first place and their story should have been centered on them being teenagers; I still find it doesn't work with no other teenagers around and just them interacting with adults. Part of the problem with these two is that they have no friends; how much more interesting would it be if they were to branch them off to show what it's to be real teenagers like Starr and Cole on OLTL or Noah on The Young and the Restless - a more realistic view of teenage life.

However, as a result of these two having major story, the adults: Carly, Jack, Craig and Janet are so involved with them that this is their story as well. Parker is a train wreck because of the fact that he has had no real discipline by his parents, they allow this kid to do or say whatever he wants without any real consequences. He has also had some major losses in his life with the deaths of his father, Hal and his sister, Jennifer.

I like that we can see Liberty struggle about this marriage was probably a huge mistake. I also like that Janet is true to her character and that Liberty is the most important thing in her life and she never wavers from that at all.

Meg and Paul - The Saga Continues
Who really cares at this point? Watching Paul have custody of their child is absolutely ludicrous to think he is the most responsible parent. Paul is doing the same things that his father did to his mother for many years. It shows that Paul Ryan is definitely Paul Stenbeck for sure.

Meg is moving back to the Paul's place once again and now she is trying to act like she wants to be with him again. The question is: who is sicker, Paul or Meg? They are both damaged souls and this story is just the same thing again and again now he we have an innocent child, Eliza part of the chaos.

With all of this going on, there is Lucy and Dusty on the edge with this smuggling deal that Lucy is involved in and Dusty trying to be the hero to Lucy and Meg both. Poor Dusty, what does he want or who does he want? Meg because she might need him the most or Lucy as she is involved in some shady dealings and he needs to be involved in all of it - just to be a part of something in a life that is full of money and little on substance. How many times can this man be beaten up and still have all of his teeth?

Alison, Casey and Jade
Who is better for Casey: Alison or Jade? Well, Casey seems to think that Alison is the better choice, probably because she is a Stewart and that is what Hughes men go for. I think that Jade is much more fun and would be a better choice for him. Jade brings out less of the drama for him. Hey, the writers are trying to create a triangle here that is failing pretty badly. Here's what I mean: as soon as Alison saw that Casey was having a moment with Jade, she backed off instead of acting like she is the one he wants and showed that to Jade. These story points are some of the things that turn viewers off as these characters are not acting like adults but idiotic children.

Luke and the Grimaldi Saga
It's good to have Damian back but it seems that when he returns, it's just more of the same and it has to do with Luke's inheritance. Why couldn't he just come back to try and make amends with his son? It always appears he is up to no good.

Now we also have those menacing twins kidnapping Noah for some bizarre reason and Luke running around not sure what to do unless he has Noah. It looks like at times that Luke is a strong person on his own but then he is portrayed as this weakling that he can't function unless Noah is at his side. Luke is running around screaming at Damian all the time.

Then Lily is getting involved with Damian and this is not working for me with the new Lily. I like the actress very much however there is something missing here. I wish that somehow Lucinda was involved for Lily and Luke to talk to as this would give this story more substance. This coming off like a Grimaldi rehash story. Another thought, why isn't Lisa a part of this story?

Henry, Vienna, Katie and Brad
This is another story that is causing some fast-forwarding as well. Vienna is pregnant with Henry's child and she is trying to pass this off to Brad and Katie as their baby. We all see where this is going to go very wrong. Henry is becoming more and more invested in becoming a father to this child and he is not going to let Vienna give this child to Brad and Katie when it's born.

On the other hand, the four of them living together and theses sitcom moments of Brad rubbing some concoction on Vienna's chest then to have Katie walk in is just plain silly. We all know that Brad and Katie are a solid couple and that Henry and Vienna are a solid couple - would something like this cause a problem for them? Katie runs off in a jealous huff and Henry gets upset as well, for what? It did not ring true for any of these characters. There is much more that can be done with all of these characters that can play to their strengths.

Some readers have voiced their opinions on how they feel about the state of ATWT now that Guiding Light has been cancelled. Here is what folks are saying:

Lucie said, "In light of the news about Guiding Light being cancelled, I'm very fearful for ATWT!!!!! I've been watching both shows since I was a kid and stayed home from school when I was sick. I think ATWT has what it takes to hold it's own in the soap world! Just a hint to the writers... sometimes it wouldn't hurt to actually give the fans what they want... especially in such difficult times."

Sheila said, "I am very upset over the storylines on ATWT. Do not like the Brad, Katie, Henry, Vienna hoopla. Cannot stand to see how Paul works everything to his advantage. Meg is gutless - why doesn't she stand up to Paul and quit depending on someone else to solve her problems. She needs to get a backbone. Do not like the Luke/Noah fiasco -send them out of Oakdale. They waste much more talented actors with all these teenyboppers. Send Parker to reform school and Liberty off to study somewhere, anywhere!!! This is not the ATWT I always loved. Am afraid it will go by the wayside just like Guiding Light if the writers don't wise up and create some worthwhile interesting stories!!! Someone - anyone - PLEASE HELP ATWT!!!!!!"

Rainna said, "I agree with you. We need to bring back old storylines like the death spa. That is still so memorable, and it sounds lame, but it was so good. The show used to be so exciting to watch, and now I watch it out of loyalty."

Vivien said, "I don't want to see any serial leave the air as it seems to me a dying more to disappear from our culture. But good story telling IS an art, and the writers of daytime often don't know how to keep it fresh. Introducing new characters doesn't cut it! I am still enamored of Young & Restless, which, after a painful period of awful writing, continues to astound me with its mix of old and new. ATWT writers should study this show carefully if they want to stay around. I do often miss my hour with the people of Oakdale, but not enough to return."

Finally, I certainly hope in the coming weeks we hear some good news about what is going to happen to help ATWT return to the show that we have loved for many years. We do not want to see it leave the airwaves next year. It can be fixed and if something is done immediately, it has time to reap the benefits of resurgence.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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