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Keeping up the fight to save the Light!
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Alan's ongoing jealousy over Phillip's return is the catalyst for much of their story. Their complex relationship is definitely a high point of the show. Even when the characters are at each other's throats, it is always well worth the watch!

In the "after cancellation" world of Guiding Light, we are reminded, once again, of why the show has lasted so long with so many faithful viewers. This week's shows were filled with the gripping stories, strong characters, and can't miss moments.

It reminds me that the fans are so vested in saving the show, and I encourage you to keep up the (positive) fight to save the show. Sources state that P&G (who owns the show) is shopping the show to Lifetime and I encourage all of you to show your support in this endeavor. We have to act fast to save the show, so please take a moment or two each day to drop a line and promote/support the Light.

Please take some time each day to drop a line to as many of these folks as you can. And reach out to the cast and crew at GL. While we are possibly losing our show, they are losing their jobs - in a tough economic time. Let them know what the show has meant to you and that you are fighting to save the show for them, and for all of us who love the Light!

I know that so many of you have written and posted about the cancellation and are doing everything possible to save the show. There are lots of stories about the show out there and we're trying to make sense of it all and find out where the show can go from here. I encourage all of you to keep writing and calling, posting on message boards and asking your friends to do the same. Click here for all the addresses you'll need.

Onscreen, this past week was full of memorable moments, starting with the Prince of Darkness, Edmund. You knew when he returned to Springfield that something big would happen. But with one quick storyline twist, he's forever linked to Reva and Josh through the relationship that Shayne and Lara built. Once Edmund learned that Shayne had a hand in Lara's death, you knew that even the new-and-improved Edmund (at least in his own mind) would go back to his evil ways. In fact, you were hoping that was the case.

When Reva appeared at the doorway of Cross Creek, in her weakened state, you knew Edmund was going to lose this round in his war with Reva. Reva protected her baby cub Colin like any new Mom would, and the Prince of Darkness lost the round in the epic struggle against the Lewis family.

And David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund) certainly didn't disappoint! Now that Edmund has been found out, what will happen next? I won't spoil you here - but this story isn't over yet!!

Otlalia fans are happy that the Frank/Natalia wedding didn't go on as planned. The scenes were dragged out and you really had to wonder where it was heading - but in the end fans were rewarded with the outcome. I'm glad to see that so many strong scenes with Crystal Chappell (Olivia) and Jessica Leccia (Natalia). Even though I'm sure the shooting schedule had to be hard on Leccia, who is 7 months pregnant, she was a gem. The scenes were so strong, even the scenes with the guests (like the adorable one with Buzz and Emma playing "Go Fish") remind us of all the little things we love about GL.

Alan's ongoing jealousy over Phillip's return is the catalyst for much of their story. As a long time fan, I have to admit that this complex relationship is definitely a high point for my GL viewing time. Ron Raines (Alan) and Grant Aleksander (Phillip) have such great chemistry that even when the characters are at each other's throats it is always well worth the watch!

This week we have some more explosive stories just waiting to be told. As we left Friday, Phillip was being led away to Ravenwood, and Marina and Mallet are fighting to keep baby Henry. Dinah and Shayne and Bill and Lizzie leave Springfield to their own stories, with some surprises there! It looks like another week of great drama in and out of Springfield!

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...

Together We Can...Keep the Light Shining!

. . .

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