The truth hasn't sunk in

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The truth hasn't sunk in
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It's so odd that the show has been cancelled, right when all of these great stories are finally coming together. Both Remy and Christina, and Dinah and Shayne, have finally found love. The Spaulding family has geared up for a good fight.

As we gather this week for Easter and Passover celebrations with our families, the reality that GL has been cancelled really hasn't set in with me. The news has been out there for 11 days now, but somehow I can't wrap my head around the news that CBS will stop airing the show on September 18th.

I am very happy to see that so many of you have taken to heart to fight to save the show. I've seen so many E-Mails and message board posts about fans working together to find a way to Keep the Light Shining! Many of you want to know where to write/call to save GL. Click here to check out last week's column for all the addresses you'll need.

Please take some time each day to drop a line to as many of these folks as you can. And reach out to the cast and crew at GL. While we are possibly losing our show, they are losing their jobs - in a tough economic time. Let them know what the show has meant to you and that you are fighting to save the show for them, and for all of us who love the Light!

This week we've seen the set up for a pretty interesting and action packed week. It's so odd that the show is cancelled now, when these great stories are finally coming together. Both Remy and Christina and Dinah and Shayne finally find love - something the show has been missing. The Spaulding family is geared up for a good fight with Alan and Phillip both trying to reclaim the throne. And Natalia and Olivia are giving fans a storyline that has heated up the message boards - with a wedding this week that may or may not end in "I do."

As an admitted news junkie, it's nice to see regular life in Springfield, too. Mallet and Jeffrey - both first time dad's (but both already dad's in real life) bond over their inept feelings on fatherhood. It's nice to see a small moment of characters not in "story" mode, but reaching out to characters in other stories to bond over the little bundles of joy they recently received. These are the small moments that really bind me to GL - the moments that you don't think of right away with big blockbuster stories, but that remind us that we should take time to appreciate all of the little ways GL is actually like extended members of our families.

While it's great to see happiness in Springfield, we have to admit that Shayne's future has some storm clouds on it. How he can so foolishly give Edmund ammunition to go after him is beyond me - but it sets up some interesting story ahead. Edmund is dangerous enough without being poked. Now that he knows that Shayne is the one who didn't properly clear the minefield where Lara died he will surely take revenge any way he can. This week will surely set up Edmund's exit from Springfield in a big way - so stay tuned!

This week also brings about a trip down the aisle - GL's second of the year. But will this wedding actually end with an "I Do"? Natalia and Olivia have been dancing around their feelings for so long. Poor Frank has no idea about his intended's affections for his ex-girlfriend. As the wedding fast approaches, and everyone in Springfield seems to have their own feelings on the matter, will Natalia marry Frank?

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...

Together We Can...Keep the Light Shining!

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