Pardon me while I talk to my imaginary friend - who's really real

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Pardon me while I talk to my imaginary friend - who's really real
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The new Scott Chandler, played by Adam Mayfield, arrived in Pine Valley last week. Aside from his initial scene where he popped JR in the jaw, I'm not all that interested in the character. At least not yet.

The new Scott Chandler, played by Adam Mayfield, arrived in Pine Valley last week. Aside from his initial scene where he popped JR in the jaw, I'm not all that interested in the character. At least not yet. He started a production company that made medical filmzzzzzz. Sorry. I nodded off. The only thing that could be intriguing is David's sudden interest in Scott Chandler. What is this new idea that Scott is hatching and how is David going to make life miserable for him?

So Annie's imaginary friend once was a real person. Who knew? I was a bit disappointed by the twist. I had thought that Tori was going to turn out to be Annie. Maybe Tori was kidnapped by Patrick Curry Lavery and passed off as Annie. If she had been abused, it would certainly make sense why she's a little cuckoo today. But no. A character that died last year killed Tori. There's no pay off. Richie has moved to Genoa City where he's sharing scenes with Bianca's ex-girlfriend, Maggie. There would be no point to un-kill Richie, so the twist of having had Richie kill Annie's best friend doesn't really do anything for me. I did like how sneaky lil Annie pickpocketed Aidan's cell phone and phone Emma. Emma's "Ma-meee!" chirp was also adorable, which says a lot since I usually don't like child actors! If Annie does break out, I really hope she makes a stop at my door. I think she'd be great for giggles -- and I could have her do my bidding. She's already killed someone, what's a little harmless evil-doing?!

Kendall and Zach's tenuous reunion remains... well, tenuous. I spoke to a "Zendall" fan last week who told me that she hates what the writers are doing to her favorite character. I don't consider myself a fanatic for the Kendall and Zach coupling, but I like seeing them together. Both Kendall and Zach have sought love for so long, that I think both are terrified that it will be taken away from them at any moment - so they cut and run. Kendall had a loving, adoptive family, but she felt unloved by the woman who'd given her up for adoption. Zach had Alexander Cambias, Sr., who seemed more interested in grooming the next mogul than being a loving dad. Oh, these two and their star-crossed lover storyline. I love it!

Meanwhile, as first reported exclusively by Soap Central last month, Alexander Cambias is coming back. He's reportedly writing a tell-all book about how he was the Satin Slayer. It's a bit bizarre to me, but I guess it's being used to drive story. Quite frankly, I could do without Alex - he's never getting out of jail, so why bring him back? File this one under the Richie Novak comments from a few paragraphs above.)

I say it every chance I get -- I love to hear from soap fans. Whether it be in the form of email feedback from readers of this column or callers-in during my weekly Internet radio show every Monday night -- interacting with other fans brings me so much happiness.

Last week was a good week for fan feedback -- so thank you. Many of you feel as I do about Adam's mystery condition: it is the early onset of Alzheimer's. If this really is where the writers are going, there are some fantastic story options that could be on tap. What if Stuart has to take care of his brother? Suddenly, the role of caretaker would be flip-flopped. I think it would be unfair to have the storyline unravel too quickly. Don't take away all of Adam's moment of lucidity, because there is still more story for Adam beyond giving him a medical condition that millions of families have to confront.

I am still very interested in seeing what Adam does next. It is so easy to take David Canary for granted. He's been background filler for so long, that when he gets a decent storyline you just have to sit back on your couch and wonder, "Where did this man come from and how did he get so good!?" And now Stuart is back in the mix, too? Double your pleasure, double your fun -- David Canary is good whether playing two roles or one!

When I had asked which Pine Valley resident could try to fill the void left by the deaths of Mona, Phoebe, and Myrtle, there was one answer that seemed to resonate with nearly every reader: Ruth Martin. Ruth, Ruth, Ruth! I felt horribly for completely forgetting about her, but how sad is it that one of the original characters could so easily slip my mind. When is the last time we really saw Ruth? I am not counting the little mini-appearances she puts in every now and again, like when the ghost of Aggie traipsed all over town. I mean a real storyline. I think we might have to go all the way back to the 1990s when Joe Martin suffered a heart attack. There's no reason why Ruth can't be doing something. One reader wrote in to offer another candidate: Erica Kane. At first it seems completely off the wall to think that Erica could ever be the Pine Valley matron. This is the woman who couldn't even refer to Ian as her "grandson." Maybe, just maybe, though, Erica could transition herself to that point. She's had moments when she's shown wisdom and maturity, and giving Erica something more to do than chasing men could give the character a new dimension.

Speaking of Erica, one of the highlights on the week for me was the return of the Erica Kane that I know and love. As campy as the roadside scene with Ryan may have been, that oil spraying all over Erica was priceless. At that she needed was for a bear to come by so she could stare it down again. Ryan looked completely at a loss for word - which doesn't happen all that much. All he could do was let Erica continue her rant, which inevitably included the line, "I am Erica Kane!" She prefaced the proclamation with, "Do you really think that I want to be so engulfed in my children's lives? Let me get back to what I really care about -- myself!"

If Erica and Ryan end up as a romantic item -- which seemed to be foreshadowed a bit last week -- I may book at room at Oak Haven. Now, to paraphrase Erica, I need to get back to doing what I really care about: making this web site the best that it can be.


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