Growing up is hard to do

by Dawn
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It would be great if Starr could stop whining to everyone that she's an adult now. If you have to whine while telling people, then you really aren't what you say!

It would be great if Starr could stop whining to everyone that she's an adult now. I believe that if you have to tell people you are something, you aren't that thing at all. If you have to whine while telling people, then you really aren't what you say! Starr keeps proving my theory. Starr is acting like a teenage girl, which is okay, because she is one. I feel bad for Starr because she has been through a lot in the past year and even in the past month. Her family life is a mess, and Cole is hopped up on drugs. However, I wish she would stop trying to force herself into Schuyler's world proclaiming that she is an adult. He has been inappropriate himself, and I think he finally realized how he's been leading Starr to think that they will be together. He asked her to leave his room when she tried to go too far, and I am relieved for that. Personally, I don't see why Schuyler is such a big deal. I suppose that in Starr's eyes, he was nice to her when few others were there for her. He also was forbidden and had an interesting life, and Starr was attracted to him. It was just hard for me to watch Starr throw herself at someone who I have viewed as a bland character up until now. Now that Todd has explained to Schuyler how he feels about Schuyler's relationship with Starr in a most physical way, it will be interesting to see if Schuyler gives Starr the time of day. Todd can be a scary person when he wants, and I think reality sunk in after Todd slammed Schuyler against the door. I wish that Schuyler would realize once and for all that Starr is off limits and that he can do better and find a woman his own age!

I am not sure that Stacy is better, but she is his age (or around it). Something happened last week that surprised me. I liked Stacy. I didn't like her when she presented herself as Shane's donor, and I really didn't like her when she told Shane the news. It was even hard to forgive her for having such a corny fantasy about Rex. However, I did like her scenes with Schuyler. For some reason, Stacy and Schuyler make each other more interesting. Schuyler can tell what Stacy is scheming most of the time, and Stacy knows all about Schuyler's past with drugs. I am glad that somebody in Stacy's world has some common sense and is willing to tell her that her plan to win Rex is stupid and risky. She still initiated the next phase of her plan after discussing it with Schuyler, but he made her think, and on Friday, it seemed like she could get back together with Schuyler and forget about Rex. It would be interesting if Stacy were to give up on her plan because Schuyler is there for her. I like both characters more when they are together, and I wouldn't have to be frustrated everyday that I see Gigi push Rex away and Stacy present herself as an angel. I don't think a pairing of Schuyler and Stacy would make me want Stacy to stay on the show, but reuniting with him would be a better use of Stacy's time than chasing after Rex because he helped her in the school hallway a long time ago!

Gigi needs to stop letting Stacy call all of the shots. I am tired of seeing Gigi mope around the hospital, while Rex is glaring at her. She didn't need to break up with him, and it looks like she wants to tell him the truth whenever she looks at him. I wish she would. It's not too late for Gigi to tell Rex everything and to have him play along until Shane has received Stacy's bone marrow. Rex is already suspicious of the break up, and since Gigi wants to burst into tears any time that Rex is near, I don't think she can follow through with her plan. In my dream world, Rex would overhear Gigi telling Jessica the WHOLE story about Stacy and about why she broke up with Rex. Then, Rex could fix everything, and I wouldn't be subjected to the Stacy show on a daily basis. However, I think Gigi will tell Jessica just enough to make Rex even more suspicious than he is, but he won't overhear enough to make him realize what is really happening. I am glad that Gigi went to tell Jessica that nothing is happening between her and Brody, though. Gigi doesn't want to ruin Brody's life with her stupid idea, and it is good that she wants to set things straight for Brody! I just wish she would show Rex the same respect by telling him the truth. He can handle it!

Cole's drug program must be a special, as he gets to roam around Llanview without any concept of time or supervision. Maybe he did get a pass to have breakfast with Marty, but I don't think that included trolling around the cemetery and going to Todd's house. Cole surrounded himself with the things in his life that made him want to take drugs, so the outcome couldn't possibly be good. I am sure he never expected to get into a hostage situation, but maybe this will teach him to focus on his drug treatment program!

Zach is back in Llanview looking for money, specifically, Todd's money. He is angry for his prison sentence, especially since Todd was released early with a pardon. I can see why Zach has an axe to grind with Todd. Zach didn't get a break while he was in prison, and people probably forgot about him while he was there. Now he feels entitled to some of Todd's money because Todd has had the good life, and he talked Zach into raping Marty in that frat house. It's amazing that after all of these years, Zach won't accept responsibility. Todd must have felt the same way because he was abrupt and dismissive with Zach, even though Zach had a crazy expression on his face. I don't blame him for saying no to Zach's commands. Todd has paid for the rape in many different ways over the years, and I am sure he doesn't feel like he was truly pardoned! However, Zach refused to give up, and decided to hold Cole and Starr hostage. Zach was creepy when Starr walked in, and he said "Twinkle, twinkle, little Starr." It was obvious that Zach worked out his entire plan when he realized that Todd's daughter was right in front of him. This story might be worth it just to see Marty, John, and Todd try to work together to save Cole and Starr. Todd and John couldn't agree on who would be the better person to deal with the situation, and I am sure this tug of war will continue even now that Todd is in the room with Zach. Marty didn't know who to agree with, and she looked extremely uncomfortable! It will be interesting to see if Todd can get Zach to give up his hostages, especially after Zach taunted Todd with the idea that they were locked in a bedroom with a girl once again. Starr's facial expression said it all as the show ended. I hope Starr doesn't get hurt and that Todd saves her, because she really HAS been through enough for a lifetime!

Meanwhile, Bo and Nora brought Matthew home to a surprise party (including Renee!) planned by Clint. Matthew looked ready to burst into tears, and Clint didn't look much different. I can understand that Matthew doesn't want to be surrounded by people right now, and I also understand that Clint wanted to make Matthew feel welcome at home. That is a tough situation for both sides. Matthew doesn't know how to pick up his life where he left off, and Clint feels left out. I am sure the writers are doing everything possible to put distance between Clint and Nora, and so far, it's working. I have never been a huge fan of this pairing, mostly because the writers never fully committed to it. Nora and Clint were a couple in theory, but we didn't know anything about them for a long time. Now, it seems like Nora and Clint will break up, setting the stage for a Bo and Nora reunion. Bo and Nora are slowly growing closer because of what happened to Matthew. I have been a Bo and Nora fan for a long time, and while I would settle for them just being friends who are nice to each other, a reunion might work with the way this story is being written. I still think a reunion is a long way off, but I do enjoy seeing Bo and Nora comfort each other and be there for Matthew.

I am also thrilled that Hank and Rachel are back in Llanview to help Bo and Nora. I have always liked Hank and Nora's friendship, and I also liked Bo and Hank's friendship. He knows both of them better than most people do, and as he pointed out, they needed a non-Buchanan to help them. He showed up at just the right time, and I hope he sticks around for a long time. In my dream world, Hank would become D.A. again, and Nora would return to being a defense attorney, but I can't have everything! As for Rachel, I like the new actress portraying her. I feel like I see Rachel talking to Nora, even though this is the first time we have seen her as Rachel. She makes the character feel real and works well with Hillary B. Smith. I am interested to see what kind of story is ahead for Rachel, since she is a drug counselor and Llanview has issues with drugs. I think bringing Hank and Rachel back was a brilliant idea, and I can't wait to see what stories they are given while they are in Llanview!

Random Thoughts: Natalie and Jared need to get over themselves and tell Jessica the truth. Are we supposed to watch Chloe/Hope be baptized under Jessica's religion while we know who she really is? Give me a break! I want Ray to stay in Llanview. He is good for Dorian, and he is fun to watch. I can't see Dorian moving to Los Angeles, and I don't want David to give up his job as spokesman for Have-a-Seat!

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