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Once again, Damian and his family name are messing things up for Luke, Lily, and Holden. That Grimaldi money sure is bad luck. Remember the last time that the Grimaldi family was squabbling?

Confession: I'm a sucker for a familiar face on soaps. Damian Grimaldi put a smile on my face when he waltzed back into town to see "Luciano" and it hasn't left. He's been one of the few bright spots in a very dull week on As the World Turns. Damian has punched up the excitement level, so I started thinking, perhaps, more familiar faces could help boost ratings and get folks interested again.

After seeing the latest rating statistics, I'm more concerned than ever that some real change needs to happen, or we won't have this show a year from now. So, I started thinking about what, or should I say who, I'd like to see: Chris Hughes (Dylan Bruce,) Sierra Esteban, Cass Winthrop, Simon Frasier, John Dixon, and Maddie Coleman (the original) are just a few. In real life, people pop into town for visits all the time, so why not on daytime, as long as current characters aren't changed to fit a plot? Primetime shows do "stunt casting" all the time to bolster ratings. It worked wonders when Britney Spears visited How I Met Your Mother. And I think it could work on daytime, if the right faces are brought in, and it makes sense to a storyline.

Don't get me wrong; I don't want to see Britney Spears in Oakdale. I don't want a celebrity just for the sake of celebrity. I want to see some of our old favorites from the Oakdale archives. The issue, however, is how to incorporate the alumni without pushing out the current cast. There are already plenty of folks in town not being used who should be: Margo, Holden, Henry, Lucinda and Emily to name a few. I wouldn't want the alumni to push those characters aside further. But, at this point, Oakdale needs to have a fresh overhaul, and this could be a place to start. What do you say, Scoopers, would you mind a visit from Dr. Chris, or Dr. Dixon, or sexy Aussie Simon, even if it were short term?

--Parker Snyder, I feel for you in this trying time, but destroying Aunt Emma's kitchen is sort of like a kid destroying Santa's workshop. Emma's kitchen is sacred. Have you no shame?

--So it looks like my Henry actually may embrace fatherhood. He seems to be coming around slowly. I have no idea where this storyline is headed, but if it means Henry gets a dramatic tale that has him confronting his and his family's demons, I'm all for it. All that gambling and martini drinking has to be for a reason.

--Please, writers. I'm begging. Stop putting Casey in scenes with Alison. They are beyond boring. Compared to them, watching "Mr. Pants," who rarely says a word, seems like an action adventure.

--Please writers. I'm begging. Please stop giving Meg and Paul so much screen time. I don't care how good Meg looks in lingerie; she's still a snooze in this storyline.

--Someone call the Oakdale PD. Emily, Bonnie and Derek all are missing. I haven't seen them in weeks.

--So once again, Damian and his family name are messing things up for Luke and Lily and Holden. That Grimaldi money sure is bad luck. I remember the last time the Grimaldi family was squabbling. Luke was hiding out in a tower with Holden, and Simon, Katie, Lucinda and Henry were in on the rescue. (Ah, the good old days!) I miss those action adventure storylines that had punch. ATWT always did them well.

--Thank you writers for giving us some meaty Holden scenes this week. I had forgotten how much I enjoy him. Say what you will about his dalliance with Carly last year, but that was some good Holden television. I've missed him.

--So Henry pulled the "fool" card at the psychic reading. No surprise there. Henry's always the life of the party. It will be interesting to see how his relationship with Katie will hold up though, when she finds out he's been "fooling" her about the paternity of Vienna's baby.

--Emma and Lucinda were both on this week. Can I get a woo-hoo? No worries. I celebrated enough for all of us.

--Thanks to everyone who sent e-mail about my last column on how to save ATWT. There were so many that I don't think I got to reply to everyone. But, I did read them ALL. It seems you guys are as concerned as I am and you don't want your show to go off the air. Even when it's in a slump, it seems you'd still rather watch As the World Turns than a lame talk show about dysfunctional people.

--Finally, Brad had a scene with Liberty about her marriage to Parker. It's about time! I'd like to see more of Brad and Liberty's relationship. Their scene this week was sweet.

--Oh, Jack. One of these days you're going to get tired of preaching at Carly. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting sick of Jack dictating Carly's life. Sure, she needs to get some help, but telling her she can't be with Craig or in the vodka business is not his call. Carly needs to come to that decision on her own.

--I'm so confused about Lucy and this smuggling operation. This week they found guns in the shipment that she supposedly knew nothing about. Is someone double-crossing her? Is this her plot to bring down Craig? I have no idea. The only thing I know for sure is that if Jack wants to solve the smuggling case, all he has to do is stake out the docks. People are stealing, stabbing and shipping guns in broad daylight. Even Johnny could nab the bad guys they're making it so easy.

--OK, I've changed my mind. Craig is not father material. To leave a kid alone in a busy restaurant is beyond irresponsible. Yes, he was trying to help Parker, but that was no way to do it. Johnny is too little to be left alone.

--Speaking of Johnny, am I the only one concerned about this kid's diet? He seems to live on a constant supply of cookies, brownies, candy, ice cream sundaes, chocolate cake, burgers and fries, and macaroni and cheese. The adults in his life are constantly plying him with unhealthy food to preoccupy him. If they don't stop, he's going to be overweight by his next birthday. Then, Dusty will have another reason to sue Craig for custody of his "son."

Best Lines of the Week:
There wasn't much to choose from this week. Sorry, Scoopers.

(Parker walks in on Jack and Carly talking quietly.)
Parker: What's with you two? Shouldn't you be yelling and fighting?

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Nicole.)
Just read your column and was shocked to learn my favorite program, As The World Turns may be the next soap opera to be terminated. I thought your comments about what we viewers want was so right on. I've been a fan since before color television. Today I watch the show from my computer. I remember many of the seasoned actors when they were young and just starting their careers. I feel "we've" come a long way and have a long way to go. I'm obviously from the baby-boomer generation and long for storylines with those tried and true characters of the Snyders, Hughes, etc. With all the information available on the internet about the characters and storyline anyone can become a fan. It is the most relaxing part of my day. I think people want a little something in their lives that they can depend upon; something they can count on; something that entertains them; something they look forward to; something to enjoy for a lifetime. That something for me is "As The World Turns." Am I alone?

(From Two Scoops reader Elizabeth.)
Your commentary of As the World Turns dated April 13 is dead on. Thank you for saying it. The cast of ATWT is amazing; so much talent but it seems under utilized versus past years. The veterans are the best, having Damian and James periodically pop in is fun, and I miss the old storylines such as the ones you mentioned in the column. Plus the mysteries that happen on the show and need solving are always interesting, which is what I always thought set ATWT apart from other soaps. I have been watching ATWT since I was in high school(early 80's), and I could go on all day as to why I love the show, but you summed it up so well in your article. The cast can't be beat, but the writing needs to be reviewed. The writing also doesn't seem to allow the entire cast to be more involved with each other in the various stories(everyone has been designated into a small group and you don't see much interaction between groups).The storylines start out well and I think "ok, now it seems like they are getting back to the way they used to write/develop a plot" and then it ends weird, or is too short on details or is just mysteriously dropped. The reason I watch this show is because it is different from anything else on TV, whether primetime or cable channels, and because it is not a reality show. So for one hour a day I can get caught up in some warm fuzzy, crazy, sad, funny or off-the-wall story that let's me unwind before getting back to my daily responibilities. This is no different then when we go see or rent a movie: to unwind and be carried into different surroundings.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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