So long, Talia!

by Dawn
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Sometimes soap opera serial killers happen to the wrong people, and Talia is definitely one of them!

I've known that BethAnn Bonner was leaving One Life to Live for a while, but it was still difficult to watch her final scenes. She played a character that was different than most female characters on soap operas, and the way the actress portrayed her, made her a breath of fresh air in a soap world of predictable female characters. I liked how everyone was affected by Talia's death in ways both big and small, even if they didn't know her that well. I also found Cristian and Layla's conversation about Talia's death to be appropriate and fitting for the time. It was also the most genuine conversation they've ever had. After watching the two of them be forced into contrived situations so they could argue about who hates the other one more, it was nice to see them be written as real people. It looks Talia's death is bringing people together! I also liked that Antonio returned to say his heartfelt goodbye. Kamar de lose Reyes did a wonderful job of portraying Antonio's grief and guilty over leaving Talia behind. Talia and Antonio's relationship hasn't gotten that much attention since they were put together, but I still liked them. Honestly, I wish Talia could have been written out another way. She could have gone to help Antonio on his mission, for instance. However, Talia didn't have many connections in Llanview beyond Antonio and Layla. It seems like the less connected characters are at risk for being killed off because their leaving is perceived as having fewer repercussions. Yes, she was Carlo Hesser's daughter, but that development was revealed in the worst storyline ever, and it didn't have any effect on her character. Carlo disappeared soon after the farce in Mendorra ended. It would have been interesting if her father's identity had been revealed in Llanview while giving her the chance to really deal with it. After all, she was an upstanding police officer, and her father was the exact opposite. What a waste. I am sad to see BethAnn Bonner and Talia go. Sometimes soap opera serial killers happen to the wrong people, and Talia is definitely one of them!

I really want the serial killer to visit Stacy, though. I can't stand watching her play her innocent act in front of Rex, while she shoots evil smiles in Gigi's direction. I realize that soap operas would be boring without a few bad girls, vixens, or villains. These types of characters are needed to shake things up. However, Stacy has had the easiest time shaking things up in the history of soap operas. She manages to be in the perfect place at the perfect time to overhear conversations and/or manipulate people. It's been way too easy for her. She was even able to get Roxy to extract bone marrow from the mystery patient without breaking a sweat. With Gigi, all she has to do is bring up God, and Gigi keeps her secret. Regrettably, Gigi hasn't been the brightest bulb in the chandelier since this story began, but it's been way too easy for Stacy to make Gigi feel guilty about wanting to be with Rex. She seems to have a magic power over Roxy, simply because Roxy is afraid to tell the truth. It's hard to watch Shane look at Stacy like a super hero, when she used his life to blackmail Gigi, and she wasn't even the real bone marrow match. She needs to be stopped, and I don't care who stops her. I wish Roxy would tell Gigi the truth about the donor. She's already slipped up multiple times by implying that Stacy didn't really save Shane, so she might as well explain the whole story. This story has been going on for way too long, and since Rex and Gigi are still directing meaningful glances in each other's directions, the damage hasn't been completely done. I hope that Schuyler exposes Stacy's plot to Rex, as it looked like he was going to do on Friday. I have a feeling that this is another way to get the viewers' hopes up, but I think it would be great for Rex to figure everything out right after seeing the bag of blood. If everything would occur to him at the same time, this story could end, and Stacy would lose her "super powers." I am not sure if I can tolerate any other outcome at this point!

I also want Starr and Cole to figure out the truth about Hope for a few reasons. First, this is the laziest story being told on this show. The baby switch is an overdone plot device, and it inserted more drama where none was needed. Second, I am SO tired of hearing Cole and/or Starr talk about losing Hope or that their Hope is gone. The writers enjoy this play on words, and it's obvious that they chose to name the baby Hope so that they characters can have this "clever" conversation every single day. We all get it! Third, I am tired of hearing Natalie and Jared talk about their alleged guilt about hiding the truth. They don't seem guilty to me. They seem like two self-righteous people who think it's actually their decision if they should tell Jessica the truth. Spare me. This story wore out its welcome about 10 seconds after Bess switched the babies. Everyone knows what will eventually happen, and we all know Jessica and Starr are going to run into each other all over Llanview, so that Starr can look longingly at Jessica's baby and wish it were Hope. We've already seen that happen a couple of times already, and I know it will happen even more, since Cole and Starr have just begun to search for the truth about Hope's "death." There is nothing in this story that will create suspense or intrigue. I've seen this story many times before, and it always turns out the same way. It's time to move on from this story.

Speaking of stories that always turn out the same way, why do so many stories end up being about John McBain? I wasn't even surprised when it was revealed that his prints were on the bloody knife. It gives everyone in Llanview a reason to talk about him and apparently revere him too. It has to be nice being John, since no one thinks he's guilty of anything (except the mayor), and Bo and Nora don't even want to prosecute him. I don't think he's the serial killer either, but it amazes me how quickly people blow off the evidence and were ready to help John. If Todd's prints had been on that knife, he would be convicted and on death row by now! Difference in people, I guess. Now that John the fugitive is on a mission to find the real killer, I wonder how hard Bo and the LPD will work to find him. As much as I don't like the love fest that everyone (except Todd) seems to be holding for John in Llanview, I hope he does find the killer so this story can be wrapped up too. I have a theory about who the real killer is, and while I won't say the person's name, I will say that I am beginning to think that the KAD connection is a red herring. Anyone who read the newspaper in Llanview would know about what happened in the frat house, and it would be an easy way to distract the police. Since I will take what I can get at this point to end this story, I will say "John to the rescue!" That was difficult for me; it really was!

The best thing that happened last week was the return of R.J.! It has been way too long since we've seen him. He and Téa still have a spark, and R.J. and Todd still have all kinds of mean quips for one another. Some things never change! I loved their scenes, and I hope R.J. sticks around for a while. I can't wait for him to visit Nora and help her with her current ordeal. Nora and R.J. have always had shared such a great bond, and Nora needs all of the non-Buchanan friends she can get right now. Also, wouldn't it be great if R.J. went to visit Lindsay in prison? Since he wrote the letter that ultimately sent her to prison, I am sure they would have an interesting conversation! I also want to see R.J. and Hank interact, along with Rachel. Bringing the Gannon family back to Llanview was a brilliant idea. They are such an interesting family and have so many connections to people in Llanview. I just hope they aren't forgotten!

Rachel appears to be the main member of the Gannon to get a story, as she was assigned to be Cole's drug counselor. Sure, that is a contrived development that is meant to create drama between Nora and Rachel, but I kind of like it. Conflict of interest is never an issue in Llanview, even though it should be, so I try not to let it bother me. Rachel seems more level-headed than anyone in Llanview to deal with Cole, so it might be a good thing. She held her own when Nora accused her of being unethical, and she got Nora to eventually back down. Rachel isn't on the verge of lashing out at Cole in the way that Nora seems to be, so she might be one of the few people that could put her feelings aside to help him. I hope she can help Cole because I am tired of seeing him wander around Llanview looking for unattended bottles of pills. I realize addictions are VERY hard to break, but it seems like Cole doesn't have any supervision, even though this was his sentence for the accident! Maybe Rachel can get Cole to take his drug treatment program seriously, even if no one else at the center does.

Finally, I was sad to see Dorian and David decide to end their marriage. I know it wasn't a real marriage, and Dorian only married David to get the Buchanan money, but I have always liked them together. David's visits are always too short, and this one was not an exception! David left Dorian to start something with Ray, but since A Martinez is leaving, it all seems pointless now. There are very few instances when I feel bad for Dorian, but this is one of them. She just lost David, and she is going to lose Ray too, even though she doesn't know it yet. Whatever happens with Dorian, I hope David returns to Llanview soon. We need his humor!

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