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It was lovely not knowing you
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There were a lot of surprising character twists over the past week or so. Let's start at the top with random hook-upees Zach and Liza.

There were a lot of surprising character twists over the past week or so. Let's start at the top with random hook-upees Zach and Liza. Of course, we weren't supposed to know that the mystery redhead was actually Liza Colby, but we did because Soap Central revealed it a bunch of weeks back. And if you missed our announcement, ABC blew it for you with their endless promos touting Jamie Luner's addition to the cast.

It was very uncharacteristic of Zach to "bang out" some random chick on a blackjack table. Sorry for the crudeness of that statement, but there wasn't really anything mannerly about the encounter. It didn't seem to matter to some viewers, though, as a funny email that I received indicated. One of my readers, Lynn, wrote in because she wanted to "find out the name and location of the casino where the anonymous sexual encounter took place [because] my friends and I would like to take a road trip and see if Zach is still the dealer!"

After the deed -- and Liza -- was done, Zach and the mystery woman parted ways, with Zach remarking," It was lovely not knowing you." Oh, Zach, you know it's only a matter of time before you find out who she is and you get to "know" each other all over again! And my setside spies tell me that Zach will be seeing a lot of Liza in the near future, and it's not how you might think.

There was yet another great line for Zach last week. When he ran into Kendall at the hospital, Zach still had remnants of his encounter on him. Kendall assumed that that marks on Zach's neck were blood - but it turned out to be lipstick. "That must be lipstick from the woman I just had sex with," Zach fired off coldly.

Kendall, of course, assumed the lipstick was from the only woman Zach could possibly sleep with - Reese - and tracked her down to confront her. Say what you will about Reese, but she certainly set Kendall straight last week. This marks the second person to tell Kendall that she is throwing her happiness away. Erica washed her hands of Kendall's messy love life the previous week and now Reese told Kendall that she is "pathetic" and that she "blames everyone but herself." She even went as far as to tell Kendall that she "got off easy" because Zach more than likely had only had a one-night stand with this other woman, unlike the affair of the heart that Kendall was having with Ryan. Was it just me or did it finally look like Kendall got it after she was unceremoniously tossed out of Reese's room?

It was even more over-the-top for me when Kendall did her stuck-in-high-school routine by pretending to get a lovey-dovey call from Ryan after she assumed that Zach was having a phone chat with his new "girlfriend." These two really need to call in Dr. Phil or Oprah -- hell, even Suze Orman -- to clear the air and stop acting like fools. I think Suze would tell them that they cannot afford to screw this up any more than they already have.

Am I the only one that thought Annie's red hooker wig made her look like Julia Roberts in some of her "working girl" scenes in Pretty Woman? I've completely lost interest in the Annie storyline. Whereas I was loving Annie when she was having her breakdown, now I just don't care. Okay, she saw her best friend killed and she had a horrible brother. Blah, blah, blah. If Annie wants to fly away to see Big Ben, I say have at it.

She almost didn't make her getaway, though, because Annie Oakley (as known as Ryan Lavery) burst into her hotel room and held her and Aidan at gunpoint. As Ryan held that gun, I couldn't help but picture him saying, "If you won't allow me to yell all the time, I'm gonna have to shoot somebody."

Natalia's I Wanna Be A Soap Star Cop scene would have been a throwaway - and I am not entirely sure that it wasn't - had it not been for the amusing ending to the scene. Randi puckered her lips and told her half-sister-in-law that she was preparing to having an Internet date with Frankie. "You'd be surprised what you can do with a webcam," Randi purred. Natalia, meanwhile, choked on her drink over the "TMI" moment. It would have been more powerful had someone who was opposed to Natalia becoming a cop had been involved. That person could have taken her service revolver from Natalia during the scuffle and held her to head to remind her that this cop thing is not a game. Wanting to be a cop to be like your daddy might be noble, but Natalia doesn't seem to fully realize that there is a lot of danger involved in being a police officer.

The idea of Scott Chandler hitting on Randi Morgan didn't work for me at all.

Call me a sap, but I've already changed my opinion about Jamie Luner's Liza. It took just one scene for me to warm to her. While Adam and Colby were inside Chandler Mansion bonding over the cop of hot chocolate that Adam had just made for his daughter, Liza stood outside in the cold, looking in through the window. She must have realized she was on the outside in more than just the literal sense. It does beg to be asked, though: Why didn't Colby tell Adam right away that she'd heard from Liza?

Krystal has a secret. It's a secret so horrible, she doesn't want anyone to know. Have you figured it out yet? It's obvious to me that this Marissa the Masseuse is her daughter. I'm assuming that Marissa is Babe's twin and for whatever reason Krystal fears that David will find out. Maybe Krystal decided that she could only raise one of the two girls and she gave one away. Is it really that horrible for someone to give a child up for adoption? Of course not. So why is Krystal carrying (Hmmm...that's a cute pun) on like she's killed someone?

There is a murder mystery brewing for May Sweeps. Unfortunately, I know what happens. I say that for two reasons. The first is that, as a soap fan, I love to be surprised. Now, there's no chance that I will be surprised. The second reason is that you are not gonna be happy. I may set up a special mailbox just for the mail that comes in from this storyline. I will have more bits and pieces as the whodunit approaches, but for now I am honoring a request from ABC to keep all of you guessing. So... gentleman (and ladies), start your guessin's!


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