Dusty gets closer to Bonnie

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Dusty gets closer to Bonnie
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Dusty sometimes refuses to take no for an answer, but he seems to be seeing Bonnie in a different light these days. Hopefully, he'll finally let Meg go, and abandon the bad guy routine; it was starting to get old and redundant.

It continues - the crimes continue to happen without any legal justice; the stories are told so that we figure them out immediately therefore leaving no mystery to them at all: Henry in drag and no one recognizes him, Riley is hiding the fact that he is probably Adam and Dusty will become involved with Bonnie in short order.

Carly's Drinking Problem
Carly is continuing to drink on a regular basis and she has her teenage son in addition to her boyfriend covering for her. Something real bad is going to happen to make her realize that she cannot continue on this path of destruction. She is having blackouts and not remembering that she hit Craig. While I enjoy watching Carly on her current path of destruction, Maura West can make it all work and show how Carly is struggling to fight this addiction.

Will her addiction and whatever happens to send Maura off on maternity leave cause Jack to run to her rescue? When Carly was talking to Rosanna and told her that Jack's marriage to Janet has caused her more pain than she can admit; is reconciliation between Jack and Carly on the horizon or have they had their time together? I have to think about what Jack and Carly again as a couple would mean now. Is Carly better suited for Craig? They do make an interesting couple and I like them together making these two flawed characters a match worth watching. Are Jack and Janet the couple to root for - is this the woman that Jack belongs with?

There is much more story here and it will have to wait until Maura comes back from maternity leave. This is one of the stories that I can't wait to see what happens here as long as Craig and Carly are involved.

Meg and Her Men
Meg is getting closer to Damian while she still has two other men: Paul and Dusty still wanting to be with her. Meg is different with Damian but I just have to wonder if he will become boring like Paul and Dusty if he gets involved with her. Well, it does look like Lily is not too happy about Meg and Damian's connection giving this story another layer of conflict.

Paul still wants Meg and how will it be before he comes up with one of his schemes to try to get her back. Let's hope that he has finally learned a lesson and will show some growth to become a real father to Eliza, finding another woman to get involved with other than Rosanna and showing a milder version of Paul Ryan.

There is also Dusty who sometimes refuses to accept no for an answer. However, it seems that he is seeing Bonnie in a different light. I hope he lets Meg go finally and we see him with Bonnie; abandoning the bad guy running around town punching folks in the face all the time - it was starting to get so old and redundant.

Could all of these folks be moving on to other more fascinating stories away from the characters that made us run for the fast forward button?

Margo and her Replacement Son
Margo is really leaning on this Riley guy and all my instincts tell me that he is really Adam posing as Riley. It just seems too good to be true that Riley shows up and is everything that Margo needs as a replacement for her dead son. Riley is really trying so hard to be that son she is missing. Casey has his doubts and believes Riley is hiding something while Tom just wants Margo to be fine again.

Based on all the things that Adam did the last time that he was in town; could he do something like this to his mother? It appears to be cruel to make a mother think her child was dead and become attached to a replacement when the replacement is really her son. We all know that we will find out shortly what is really going on with Riley.

Henry Coleman as Tootsie
This is not the first time that Henry has dressed up like a woman -- is he going too far with his jealousy of Brad and Vienna. Why is it that no one recognized that Henry and Geneva were one and the same, especially Kim or Vienna or Katie? I think this is another case of the writers making fun of the intelligence of its audience. This is a bit over the top and not really that funny. Hasn't one seen drag done right in movies like Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire? These comedic attempts are falling short when compared to the dramatic work done by these actors when Vienna lost the baby.

One of my first thoughts when watching Kim's reaction was how dare they dumb down the character of Kim so much that she becomes a cartoonish version of the strong woman we have watched for years. I am somewhat appalled by this latest stunt by the writers and producers.

What do you think of Geneva? Drop me a line and let me know. Meanwhile, let's see what some readers have to say about what's happening in Oakdale:

Kristy said, "After being bored to tears with the writing lately, I was moved to tears when Parker sat on the floor in front of Carly sleeping (or should I say passed out) on the couch. That is the 'family' stuff this show was originally made of. We've lost it with these latest writers. Please wake up."

Justin said, "ATWT IS SO RIDICULOUS NOW. The craziness started with TPTB putting Dylan Bruce on recurring status. I started watching in late 2007 and it was so much better. Kill off Dusty, and keep him dead."

Another Kristy said, "It is becoming harder to enjoy the show when the women are being written as they are in the last few years. Whiny, man-hungry, baby-crazy and pushovers for whatever man they've "landed". It's not just bad writing; it's insulting. Emily is a career woman and just recently was going at it with Lucinda over some business changes but now it's all about the egg-hunt. With less than a year left to "prove" this soap has value it would seem like TPTB haven't learn a thing in the past few years as to why so many fans have given up ATWT. When soaps are "updated" to "revive it" it doesn't make sense to box women into roles that have them needing a man or baby to be happy."

Finally, I was watching the scene with Faith and Parker, Faith looks so much more grown up right now and does it look like there is a chance that they could revisit these two. Faith acts as if she still has some feelings for Parker so to watch these two as teenagers finding out what it would be like to find young love without obsession could be worth watching. It has potential, doesn't it?

Jennifer Biller is off this week and will return next week for two weeks in a row.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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