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Someone grab the champagne, and let's celebrate! It looks like Henry is finally getting the attention that he deserves, after all these years.

Someone grab the champagne, Scoopers. I feel like celebrating. It looks like my Henry is finally getting the attention he deserves, after all these years. First we saw some amazing scenes of him mourning the loss of his baby, and now he's in a dress, fooling Kim, Brad, and the rest of Oakdale Now's audience into thinking he's Geneva Swift, a lady of high moral character and great amusement. Henry's motives are usually questionable when he dons his girdle. This time, it looks like jealousy spurred his return to size 12 pumps. Trying to get Vienna to not be so sexy in her TV segments with Brad inspired Henry this time, and I thank the writers for tapping into Henry's fear and jealousy.

I respectfully disagree with my fellow Two Scoops writer Reggie who isn't fond of this storyline, according to his last column. I love this plot twist the way Henry loves a good martini. First, it taps into Henry's history of dressing up as a woman and second, I think "Geneva" and Brad make a much more exciting duo than Brad and Vienna or Brad and Katie. Another perk is that Katie is on to Henry's sham, and once again, their longtime friendship is on display. Plus, Kim is involved in this storyline, as is Brad, who always has fantastic chemistry with Henry. And finally, along with Carly's alcohol addiction, it's the most entertaining part of the show these days.

It looks like Henry is pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire - (Google it if you haven't seen the film) - and that Geneva Swift may prove more popular than either Katie or Brad in the world of television. Of course, once Kim and the rest of the world find out that Geneva is a man, Henry will probably have to go back to slinging hash at the diner. (Yeah, I don't want to think about that either.) The good news is that it looks like there may be more stories on tap for Henry, according to the latest casting news. I won't spoil you, but suffice it to say, it looks like Henry won't be backburnered again anytime soon. Thank you, show honchos, for finally realizing what fans and Emmy voters have known all along: Trent Dawson can do comedy or drama and deserves to be in the spotlight. Whether or not he should be wearing lipstick while he's doing it, well, that's an issue I'm sure fans will enjoy debating.

• Hello, Faith! Wow, what a change puberty has made in this adorable tween. I barely recognized her with her highlighted hair and makeup. I wonder how long before Parker notices that she's all grown up and gorgeous? Maybe she's just what he needs to get his mind off of Liberty.

• Apparently, Carly's kids don't eat cold cereal, or they would have found her vodka stash behind the cereal boxes in the cupboard at some time during the past month.

• Welcome back, Larry! I don't trust a guy who walks down the hall carrying a cooler of Emily's frozen eggs, but hey, he sure has spiced things up. I'm not sure what motives he has for wanting to have another baby with Emily, (she's not exactly the Mommy type) but I can't wait to find out.

• Thank you, writers, for splitting up Casey and Ali. I need a Red Bull just to watch scenes between those two, a situation I don't understand, since Casey was once a highlight on my screen. I think the issue is Ali. She just hasn't clicked with any of her romantic leads. Many years ago, the troublemaker with a heart of gold was one of my favorites. Now, since her transition to good girl, she's downright boring. Maybe this storyline with her father in town will once again boost my interest in this character. Here's hoping.

• I've said it before, but it warrants repeating. Meg is man's Kryptonite. She seems to suck the life out of every man within her vicinity. This week she turned cutthroat corporate tycoon Damian into a "yes Meg" man, and he marched away from his WorldWide coup, costing him hordes of cash, just so Meg wouldn't be mad. Meg has superpowers, I'm telling you. She always reduces strong, powerful men to shadows of themselves, in a matter of days. I'm begging, please keep her away from my Henry.

• Speaking of Meg, I know this is extreme, but maybe it's time this character left Oakdale. The writing for Meg has been so inconsistent, flip flopping between men and between fainting spells and proclaiming her toughness, that she's become unbelievable and unwatchable for me. She's been painted as a weak, emotional mess, whose self-worth seems to be tied to whatever powerful man she's sleeping with. Even more perplexing, the character she has the most romantic chemistry with in Oakdale is her brother Holden.

• Are you enjoying Bonnie and Dusty's flirting? I'm apathetic, and I don't know why. I should be thrilled that Bonnie is getting some screen time and that Dusty isn't trying to save a woman for once. But, they just aren't clicking yet for me. I feel like we've seen this already with Dusty and Lucy, Rose, Emily, etc.

• Janet is gorgeous, but I'm not loving the red hair. Sorry.

• Speaking of hair, Dusty needs to ease up on the amount of product he's using. His hair looked so greasy this week; it looked like he'd been working the fryer at Al's Diner.

• I'm not so sure poor Henry is so far off base with his jealousy of Vienna and Brad. Did you see the way Vienna was looking at Brad on tape during their date segment? If she wasn't acting, then Katie and Henry both have something to worry about. As for her tango costume being too racy, um, I've seen Vienna wear more revealing blouses to Al's diner!

• From next week's previews, it appears that Riley is the presumed-dead Adam. Well, at least I can forgive the show for Adam's sham of a funeral that didn't include Bob and Kim. I guess we have to assume Adam has had plastic surgery and somehow disguised his voice. Um, OK. I guess if it gets Margo and Tom back on screen doing the kind of work we saw this week, then I'll go with it, no matter how ridiculous it is.

• Poor Margo. She started out the week looking for antidepressants to get her through her grief and ended up taking a bullet from Col. Mayer. I have no doubt Margo will pull through. Whether or not her siblings Craig or Katie will get to know about the shooting, well that's anyone's guess.

• Writers please take note. When families go through major life changes, it's common for them to at least have a conversation with one another or offer support. I'm pretty sure Margo doesn't know Katie is pregnant and on bed rest. I'm not sure Katie knows about Adam's "death" or that either Margo or Katie knows that Craig is getting married. The three of them haven't spoken in weeks. What a shame.

• Parker gets points this week for offering to give his trust fund back to Rosanna. The way Parker has been acting lately, he could use some points! Maybe Rosanna will be the stabilizing force in his life to get him back on track to being a teenager and less of a stalker.

• Perhaps Casey has a future as a cop after all. He got information from the military on Riley in a matter of days, including a picture. I would think that information would be top secret, but not for Casey. Margo should be proud.

• If Katie is supposed to be on bed rest, what was she doing at the hospital hanging out with Vienna? Did I miss something?

• ATWT, please spend some cash and hire some extras. Larry and Emily's opera outing looked ridiculous with no one else around. br>
• Once again, I tip my hat to Craig. It seems he actually loves Carly and is trying to help her by getting Rosanna to move in with her. This storyline has major potential. How long before Rosanna and Craig remember how much they loved one another? Scoopers, I'm betting it won't take long, and we'll be looking at a full-blown love triangle.

• The show is hinting that Hunter is Larry's son with all of these "Tristan" opera hints. If so, then why would they have him kissing his sister Alison? Ewww. Please make it stop.

• Jack gets points this week, too. He was refreshingly mature when he found out about Carly's marriage to Craig. That kind of news normally would send him stomping out, slamming doors and knocking back a beer at the bar. Well, done, Gman.

• Thanks so much to Reggie for filing in for me while I was away on vacation. I attended a beach wedding at Tybee Island (Congrats Bekah and Michael!) and decided to stay for a few days of R&R. It was so hot, even the fish were sweating. Anyway, I'll be writing the column again next week, so I'll see you then.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Carly gets Henry to fix her broken pipe and is shocked at the result.)
Carly: "You look wet."
Henry: "Really? Well, water does that."

(Henry dressed as Geneva knocks on Katie's door with an emergency.)
Henry: "I have to be at the studio like right now, and I can not get my breasts straight."
Katie: "That has to be the weirdest thing any man has ever said to me.... I really think you need to rethink things."
Henry: "I knew it. This dress makes me look hippy, doesn't it?"

(Kim asks Geneva, aka Henry dressed in drag, to do a pole-dancing segment for Oakdale Now.)
Geneva/Henry: "I'm here to do commentary, not be some sexual gymnast. "
Brad: "Don't worry. No one is ever going to think that."

(Brad is upset that Geneva got the best of him on the air.)
Brad: "This was a disaster. She made me look like an idiot."
Henry: "Oh, you've got that covered all by yourself."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Annette.)
I like the character of Carly with the denial of alcoholism and how easy it is to fool yourself. I identified with her character. It has been very helpful.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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