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Phillip turned James in, only to bribe a judge to free his son last week. He's only been back in town a short time, but it seems that his life has been turned upside-down. With Lizzie's wedding only weeks away, hopefully Phillip can find some measure of happiness.

Happy Father's Day to all of the GL Dads out there! Sure, while most of the fans who I meet are women, I know there are many of you, like Charles in Florida and Ron in Toronto who are faithful viewers of GL as well. I hope all the Dads out there have a great day! While my Dad isn't with me anymore, I certainly will be thinking of him, more than ever on his big day!

The Dad's in Springfield certainly have their work cut out for them this week. Phillip turned James in, only to bribe a judge to free his son this past week. He's only been back in town a short time, but it seems that his life has been turned upside down in that short time. With Lizzie's wedding only weeks away (yikes!) hopefully Phillip and his family can find some measure of happiness.

Speaking of high drama, Josh has had his share of family strife recently. Marah is overseas, but Shayne is back home - and he's keeping a secret from his son. Will he tell Shayne that Dinah isn't at her media conference, but in Bosnia with Jeffrey? Josh has always been the strong, pretty silent type of guy - with the drama swirling around him. But this week he gets the chance to find some happiness with a visit from his unknown grandson, Henry (so hard to think of Robert Newman as a granddad - although he'll be 51 next Saturday). Now if only GL can bring Marah home before September to join her brothers (Jonathan will be in Springfield soon - can't wait!!!)....

For the Cooper men, it's going to be a happy day - for baby Henry has brought so much happiness. But then there is the memory of Coop, who was taken too soon. Buzz has been pretty much MIA of late - but I'm sure he and Frank will spend the day at Mallet and Marina's.

But will Mallet be able to enjoy his first Father's Day? He's burning the candle at both ends, and ticking off most of Springfield (although some of them deserve it) with his murder investigation. The question looms: is Edmund really dead? And if not, can Mallet find the answers he needs before Reva or Jeffrey (or anyone else who is innocent) does any jail time?

Speaking of Jeffrey, his first Father's Day with Colin (and he missed most of the one's with Ava, who he didn't meet until a few year's ago) is on the run. Will he and Dinah be able to lure the Dark Prince out of his hiding place? My money is on the former Fed and the former con (Jeffrey and Dinah). And will the ever-impulsive Reva be tempted to run off to find him? My vote is, OF COURSE! Reva is the queen of "What the Hell" (LOVE that Jeffrey used that as his password).

But I have a bone to pick with Mrs. O'Neil. You go to all of that (possible legal) trouble to break into Jeffrey's office. Why would you leave the laptop there (or at least logged on). Yes, it gives Mallet clues, but I hope no one is that clue-LESS to do such a thing in real life.

I have to admit it was the drama of the Otalia story that had me captivated this week. You could see from the spoilers that Rafe was going to blow his stack at the thought of his mom with Olivia. And while that might be upsetting - hopefully he and Natalia can sit down and have a talk about her relationship when Rafe isn't so hotheaded. But knowing Rafe, and his hair-trigger temper, that could be awhile...

Kudos to Marina for blasting Natalia for her super selfish behavior regarding poor sap Frank. I have to admit that I find her running to the man she left at the altar time and time again as totally self-serving. Yes, he was her friend before that fateful night together. But I've never met anyone whose heart heals that quickly to have his ex-fiancee' running back to him for everything so quickly after the cancelled wedding. Even the sweet, but dopey Frank. She'd better find another friend to help her with her problems, or learn to stand on her own two feet. (Note to GL: why don't you try to get Melina Kanakaredes to make a guest appearance as Eleni, the role she originated, before the show leaves CBS . She does, after all, work for the network).

A brief programming note: I am going on vacation starting this Thursday and won't return until July 8th. I will do all I can to get what spoilers I can together before I leave (there is little Internet access where I am going - Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks in Wyoming and Montana). I'm also working on at least one column that will reference the three shows I can watch this coming week and one for the 4th of July/Bauer Bar-be-que. But I want to take this time to wish all of you a Happy 4th of July. And Happy 23rd Anniversary to my husband Jack on the 28th and who turns 52 on July 3rd. He's been faithfully watching the show with me and putting up with my marathon GL watching sessions for a quarter of a century now - even before we were married. I couldn't do it without his support and encouragement - he knows just how much this wonderful show means to me.

Each year, I print the official recipe for Bauer Burgers. Since this is very well the last year I can do this, I will include it here (and the next columns as well). Make mine medium - without the mushrooms - and I hope you can enjoy them this Fourth.

Bauer Burgers

1. Get 2 lbs of ground sirloin, then mix in some garlic, pepper, salt and 3 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce.

2. Make an even number of thin hamburger patties. (Be sure to make them very thin.)

3. Chop up some onion and put it on top of the first patty. Then put a slice of American or mozzarella cheese on top. Grill some mushrooms and put them on top of the cheese. Cover the whole thing with another patty.

4. Using a fork press down the edges of the patties so they are sealed

5. Barbecue the double patties over a low flame until done. It takes more time to cook due to the thickness of the patties.

Hope you enjoy your burgers!!

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...


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