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Sure, Holden's truck crashed down a ravine last week, and subsequently exploded into a fireball, but it takes a lot to kill a Snyder. Just ask Holden or Jack, who've both danced with death before and always came out on top.

Don't buy your sympathy cards for the Snyder family just yet. Sure, Holden's truck crashed down a ravine, before exploding into a fireball, but it takes a lot to kill a Snyder. Just ask Holden or Jack, who've both danced with death before and always came out on top.

I'm sure everyone in Oakdale will think that Holden has met his maker. But, we know better, don't we Scoopers? Holden just happened to switch clothes, wallet, and wedding ring with the hijacker, right before the accident. You know what that means. When the police identify the charred body by the ring, wallet, etc., it's really going to be the escaped convict's remains. My guess is that Holden bailed out of the truck, seconds before it was crushed like an empty soda can. Here's hoping he doesn't wake up injured with amnesia, though. We've been through that stale plot line time and time again. It's a good time for Holden to disappear briefly, considering his wife was kissing her ex last week. Holden's "death" will give Damian a reason to not push aside his feelings for Lily, and perhaps it will give Lily time to reflect on how much she truly does love Holden. Hello love triangle! (Or maybe I should say rectangle, considering Meg is involved with Damian.) It could take a while for Holden to get back to Oakdale. Considering how deep that ravine was, it could take him weeks to climb to the top. It will probably be just enough time for Lily to realize she still has an itch for Damian. But let's look on the bright side of this tragedy: at least Holden can get a new truck.

• --So Henry is a Stenbeck. Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Thank you, writers for this glorious twist. Paul and Henry as brothers? A girl could only dream of the one-liners those two will be batting back and forth. I can hardly wait until next week.

• --Apparently Paul gets his nine lives from his father. I saw James take that plunge from the lighthouse last year, and I swear we saw his dead body. Yet, once again, he lived to torment Paul another day. I know it's not reality that this guy keeps popping up alive, but it sure makes for some great drama. James is a brilliant villain, and things are always more interesting when he's in town.

• --This is a truly superficial comment, but I can't help it; I notice the small things. Margo's new hair style makes her look like Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch in the early years. Margo is gorgeous and can pull off any hair style, but I miss her fun, flippy 'do.

• --If Lily is a millionaire, why was Holden driving a truck that looked like Henry Ford himself designed it? I get that Holden is a farm boy, but he really needs to update his equipment. (Remember when he was using a hatchet instead of a motorized week wacker last year?) Farmers drive nice trucks these days, Holden! At least the farmers I know do.

• --I can't believe Tom hasn't taken out a restraining order on Riley yet or at least tried to beat him senseless. Sooner or later someone is going to have to spill the beans that Riley is Adam, so that Tom will understand why the guy keeps hanging around his family.

• --Poor Dr. Bob. Is he going senile? First he almost accidentally killed Riley and then Kim. I'm torn about this tale. It would mean some fantastic storyline for Bob, but at the same time it would break my heart. Once a character goes down that path, there is no recovering, is there? I'm not ready to say goodbye to one of the pillars of Oakdale yet. Here's hoping that James somehow put a microchip in poor Bob's head, too, thus causing his confusion.

• --So did Paul really have amnesia and seeing James jolted his memory, or was he faking it all along and just acting cold to Emily now to get her away from his homicidal father? I'm more confused than Dr. Bob. At least Paul finally had the good sense to tell Emily that investing in a newspaper right now was a bad business decision. I had a hard time buying that even amnesia Paul would be that careless with his cash.

• --Here's a head scratcher. Why does Metro need a chef when there are never any customers at the place, and Metro doesn't serve dinner? They barely serve drinks from what I've seen. Teri, trust me on this: you need to get a job at the Lakeview. That's where it's happening.

• --Barbara had one of the best lines of the week. Upon seeing James, she barely batted an eyelash and quipped, "Why don't you ever die?" Priceless.

• --Remember when we first met Janet, and she pushed her way into a guest spot on Oakdale Now, full of confidence? Where did that lady go? Whiny, self-doubting Janet is a downer. I get that she's jealous of her sister, but I'd like to see again the gal who went toe to toe with Carly and didn't break a sweat.

• --I can't blame Casey for wanting Adam to stay away from Ali. Adam did try to rape Gwen, and Casey is being cautious.

• --Poor Ali. Going up against the legendary Dr. Bob Hughes in the truth-telling department is a lose-lose. No one is going to take the word of an academically challenged new nurse and former drug user over an esteemed doctor like Bob. Ali, I hear Metro may be hiring waitresses.

• --Holden Snyder, please tell me how you managed to turn on the radio at the exact time a news bulletin about an escaped convict was broadcast? I can't even get a live traffic report when I need one.

• --I cannot say enough about how great it is to have Faith back on screen. She's still struggling with her crazy family issues, and she looks great doing it.

•--I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take Damian serious in his commitment to Meg, when he was kissing Lily last week. It's clear that if Lily still wanted him, he'd drop Meg like a hot potato. On second thought, maybe Meg and Damian are perfect for one another. One seems as wishy-washy as the next.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry's mother gives him devastating news.)
Audrey: "I had a DNA test done at the hospital, and it came back 99 percent positive that you are James Stenbeck's son."
Henry: "I am 110 percent positive that you are out of your mind."

(Henry tells Katie that his mother is making him miserable.)
Henry: "I told you letting my mom back into my life would be like playing catch with an unexploded hand grenade."

(Teri asks Craig why he let everyone believe that it was him and not Brad who got Teri to turn down the job at WOAK.)
Craig: "Well, Brad has so little going for him, I thought I'd throw him a crumb."

Reader Spotlight:
Thanks to all of you who wrote this week. I'd like to remind you to please make sure that your e-mail filter will let me respond to you. I had several e-mails returned to me, when I tried to reply!)

(From Two Scoops reader Andy.)
Thank you for being positive about the show. I am so sick and tired of everyone bitching about how bad ATWT is these days. Yes, it has been bad for years now. However, over the past three weeks, the show has started turning itself around. It's funny again. There are some great one-liners (speaking of, how could you leave this one out: Katie: "Henry, your Mom is a Doll!": Henry: "Yeah, the way CHUCKIE is a doll!"). We're returning to veteran characters (Bob, Lisa, Kim, Lucinda, Tom, Margo,) as well as creating new characters who have ties to beloved characters (Audrey, Hunter, Riley/Adam). This show is turning around. Also, it is in danger of being cancelled. People talking and blogging all over the web about how bad it is won't help it to get renewed. It's time for fans of ATWT to support it and talk it up, not shove it into the ground!

(From Two Scoops reader Gail.) "I have always loved Roger Howarth, but now I love Paul Ryan too! It's a clever twist on an amnesia storyline."

(From Two Scoops reader Juanita.) While I'm glad to see that Margo and Kim are being featured in current storylines, I think the writers could "re-discover" Jade and give us a break from Meg. The actress or the character gets far too much screen time.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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