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I hope Susan Stewart can get her money back for the wedding flowers and anything else she's about to purchase for Alison's wedding. You know things aren't going to end well, when the bride-to-be is dreaming about another man, especially one who looks like Mick Dante.

I'm confused about why Alison is suddenly so fixated on Mick. Is Mick controlling Alison's mind, just like he is Emily's mind? I suppose that's the best explanation for Alison's strange behavior. I'd like to blame Alison's actions on some of Mick's "magic herbs," but I'm not so sure we can do that. Alison has a shaky track record at best when it comes to men.

Here's what I don't want to see happen: a wedding between Alison and Casey. I've never been a fan of this couple, but now that she's daydreaming about another man, I'm absolutely against it. This show has a history of treating marriage with a lack of reverence. Couples rush in and out matrimony so quickly, it often makes my head spin. So call me crazy, but I would actually like a couple to be truly in love for the next wedding I watch in Oakdale. And here's a quick note for Casey: I told you giving Alison your grandmother's ring was a bad idea. Get that precious rock back and save it for your future bride, hopefully one you meet after you declare a major, graduate from college, and have a job.

• Meg, the World Wrestling Federation called. They saw your beat down of Damian and want you for next season. Please bring your needle, stilettos, nursing outfit, and that crazy look in your eye.

• Dr. Reid Oliver needs to find his own surgeon to remove that enormous chip from his shoulder. Talk about a misanthrope, with zero likeability. I thought Mason was one of the nastiest characters to ever hit town, but Reid wins, scalpels down.

• I'm sure I'm going to get plenty of hate mail for this observation, but here goes. Noah and Maddie seem to have more chemistry than Luke and Noah. Yes, I know that Noah is gay. So, that makes it all the more strange. But, my observation is not pointless. Luke and Noah just don't click. I'm not a hater. I'm simply saying I'd like to see Noah or Luke get a new love interest. (Not Maddie, obviously, but another guy.) Luke and Noah seem to have outgrown one another lately.

• The line to smack Katie starts here. Yes, again. As a mother, I was stunned that she let a guy, claiming to be a doctor in a coffee shop, examine her child and only two minutes later invited him to move in with her. On behalf of parents everywhere, I want to publicly admonish Katie. This guy could be a homicidal maniac for all she knows. Who does something like that? I really thought Katie would have learned something about impulsiveness, after her last hasty action ended with the death of her husband. I'm guessing this was a silly plot device to drive my poor Henry over the edge. If so, well done, writers. But, I wish, as viewers, we would get to see Katie be more mature onscreen. It's about time, don't you think?

• I'm doing the happy dance that Craig and Carly are back in business together. Monte Carlo lives! And hopefully, so will this friendship. Craig got Carly to put down the beer, and she got him to admit that he can't stop caring about her. Craig and Carly always make me smile, so if they aren't going to get romantic, I hope we at least get to see their friendship live on forever. The one-liners they toss at one another are usually among some of the show's best moments.

• Damian has lost it. The guy has always played fast and loose with the law, but he was never a malicious killer. He pulled a gun on Holden, manhandled Lily, and strangled Meg. (Yes, I know I've wanted to strangle her myself plenty of times.) I hate that Damian had to be turned into such a psycho in order for him to be pushed out of this plot. It gets Lily off the hook too easily for choosing to marry Damian so quickly. The story is much stronger, when one of the parties isn't a psycho, but someone who makes a bad decision for selfish reasons. (Molly, is a perfect example!)

• Go Dusty and go Liberty for calling Jack out on his behavior. Dusty told him to man up, and Liberty stated the obvious, that he only went back to Janet because of Liberty's leukemia. We all know Jack is a stand-up guy, so I know that Liberty is right. He doesn't love Janet anymore the way he once did. He'll do the right thing and stand by Janet, despite wanting his ex-wife back. I just wish Janet would realize that having Jack stay with her out of concern and pity does not a relationship make. Kick him to the curb, girl. Your prospects of someone who actually wants to be with you are looking pretty good these days, in the form of Dusty Donovan.

• Longtime readers know I love watching Jack and Craig spar. Their chemistry and one-liner insults make me giggle. But this week, I was stunned to see that Dusty and Craig are just as entertaining as sparring partners. Could these two enemies actually become friends? Please, make it happen.

• Jack's impression of Brad had me rolling. When he was imitating Brad, after drinking the hot sauce, he looked and sounded just like Austin Peck.

• We all know Oakdale justice is sketchy at best. So, I shouldn't have been too shocked that Dr. Bob just strolled into the courtroom, called the judge by his first name, and asked that Dr. Oliver be put in Bob's custody. I had no idea Dr. Bob had so much power. Dr. Oliver, you messed with the wrong guy.

• It's always a laugh riot when the Stewarts and Hugheses get together. And watching Alison and Casey trying to plan their wedding with Margo and Susan trading barbs was entertaining. I have to side with Susan on this one though. She should pay for the wedding. Margo and Tom were disrespectful to her.

• I think it's a pretty good sign that if you have to move in with your mom and dad after you get married that you probably aren't ready to get married. What newlyweds would want their parents in the same house? Casey and Alison get stranger by the day.

• Poor Henry. It's perfectly clear now that he still has feelings for Katie. Even Maddie called him on it this week. He's lonely. Katie is lonely. Maddie said that they would be perfect roommates. It's too bad Katie is oblivious. Once again, she is so inconsiderate of Henry's feelings. Why didn't it occur to ask her best friend, who lives in a hotel, to move in with her, instead of a complete stranger? I assume Katie's behavior was plot dictated to set up some type of conflict. So, bring it on, Henry. Show Bubbles how nuts she is for giving Dr. Oliver the extra room. I bet he won't be giving her foot massages.

• I'm not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that Paul has a key to "every room" at the Lakeview or that Mick can mind control Emily. Both are highly dangerous situations.

• I know it's unlikely that Mick is actually James Stenbeck, but I don't care. He and Barbara are delicious together. When he says, "OK, Barbara" with that sly little grin, my heart melts a little. Barbara is no stranger to younger men, so why not Mick?

• Kudos to the writers for that lovely Molly/Carly scene. Friendships are rare on soaps, so it was nice to see some gal pals just hanging out eating cookies. More please.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig saddles up to the bar and joins Dusty for a drink.)
Craig: "What do we drink to?"
Dusty: "I don't need a reason to drink."

(Margo tries to clean her house, as she prepares for Susan and Alison to arrive to plan the wedding.)
Margo: "I know the Stewart women. They see a speck of dust; it turns into a personal insult."
Tom: "Yeah, you know, since we're about to have a Stewart as a daughter-in-law, don't you think you should start referring to them as individuals, as opposed to a large organism?

Reader Spotlight:
The question I posed in my last column about Katie and Henry as a potential couple brought out some fiery responses. Take a peek below for that and more. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader, Monique.)
Hi Jennifer! No, you are SO not crazy to want to see Henry and Katie together. If she could really love him this time and not just treat him like "Mr. Right Now", that would be a beautiful ending to their longtime friendship. The only other woman I want to see him with more is Emmy (as in, his long-deserved Emmy Award!).

(From Two Scoops reader, Rebecca Jill.)
No! No! No! Katie and Henry need to remain just as they are -- best friends. Why can't people just be friends? This relationship is better than if they are a couple. It just makes sense. Vienna and Henry worked, and I love Katie with Simon the best with Brad being a best second. I watched "Another World," and it was always cringe inducing, if they ever had or hinted at anything more other than friends than the best friends duo of Cass and Felicia. It was always the same for Ryan and Frankie. To go to other shows, it was always best if Joey and Dawson were just best friends, and it was the same for Izzie and George on "Grey's Anatomy." Why writers ever decide to change up great dynamics of best friend duos when it's not called for, mainly because each friend always has a great counterpart for love, is beyond me. Especially with having Simon back in such a great capacity, I will not want to watch a Katie/Henry pairing in these last months. At this point in time, it just doesn't make sense to me whatsoever.

(From Two Scoops reader, MH.)
I couldn't agree with you more about wanting a Henry and Katie reunion! That's the only thing I want before the show ends: for Henry & Katie to finally be romantically (and respectfully) reunited for good. Henry has known Katie longer than any other man Katie has been paired with and, unlike the other men, has truly loved her unconditionally. It's only fair that Henry and Katie get a fair chance at surviving without any triangles getting in the way, considering the multiple chances all of her other relationships have had. Who cares if he doesn't have an accent, wear a tool belt, or act like a lovable doofus?! Forget about someone new! Henry has always loved and supported Katie. He has always been the one to pick up the pieces when her other relationships fell apart. He has always fought to give Katie everything she's ever wanted, even when it meant sacrificing his own happiness. Henry and Katie know each other better than anyone else (including themselves), have great romantic chemistry, passion, a decade-long history, and a solid friendship. I want Katie to finally wake up and realize that Henry's "The One". He's the man she wants to grow old with, the one she wants to help raise her child, and hopefully one day have a child of their own with. Katie needs someone who knows and loves the "true" Katie, would never desert her, supports her in whatever she does, and doesn't expect her to change. She needs someone to laugh and cry with, scheme with, and who understands all her insecurities and doubts. Henry is and always has been that person for her. Henry needs those same things and Katie has been there for him as well. As Katie said in their wedding vows, Henry and Katie are each other's true "soul mates."

(From Two Scoops reader, Susie.)
I'm a die-hard ATWT fan. I remember watching it from the time I was a little girl. Now, as a middle-aged mom, I don't want to see it go. One thing is certain. Bring Martha back as Lily, no matter what mountain must be moved, no matter what the cost. It has been excruciating to watch this replacement Lily (fake Lily, as many call her). I have seen other actors take over roles, with success. (How many Blakes were there on GL?) ATWT's Margo has had a couple actors too, but this just hasn't worked. Also, Holden and REAL Lily need to end the show together. Lastly, KUDOS to ATWT for having a dimensional gay relationship. Gays have been on TV, but usually to be comic relief. It's time to get everyone to accept them and that they are not to be stereotyped and laughed at. And to echo another poster, Nancy should end the show, but let's not forget Lisa. Also, I'd really like to see a tribute to all of the cast members over the years.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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