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Bob and Kim's anniversary
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Has it really been twenty-five years since Bob and Kim were married? Well, in soap years it seems so much longer, considering some of their trials and tribulations.

This week was the 54th Anniversary of ATWT and the show used this as an opportunity to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Bob and Kim. While I enjoyed Bob and Kim being showcased the last few days - the choices made by those in charge to invalidate their marriage was a bit on the corny side. It also hit me that this could be the last anniversary show; I say this because as the days move on, there is no news about a continuation of the show, and this truly saddens me.

Kim and Bob
Has it been 25 years since Bob and Kim were married? Well, in soap years it seems so much longer considering some of their trials and tribulations. Kim and Bob are the Nancy and Chris of the show now - so why throw in that the minister that married them was a criminal and their marriage is not valid? I like that they were center stage for the last three days; those three days showed that these two should have had more storylines lately besides the death and dying ones of late. I was mesmerized watching them argue about all the time Bob spends at the hospital at his age and how he refuses to relinquish the reins. The hospital has been his life since he became a doctor 50 years ago when he married Lisa. Wasn't that a great clip to see a young Bob and Lisa arguing about a similar issue - his time at the hospital and not enough time for her? Wow!

There were some really funny moments in these episodes that touched on history and how intertwined these characters are. Lisa's comment about who cares how many times they get married then Susan commented that she should know; another laugh out loud moment for me. Dr. Oliver was funny, too, with Chris about he knew Chris was a bastard, now there is proof - inappropriate as only Reid can be and right on time.

I also loved when Bob arrived alone and he said Kim was angry at him but never like this then looked at Susan - funny! I enjoyed how they interspersed the clips too. These were some fun moments: the rich history and the folks of Oakdale, led by Nancy Hughes whose conversation with her great-grandson Casey are the kinds of moments that have made Oakdale a place I have enjoyed visiting for many years.

Carly and Jack
Carly is doing her best to hold it all together with Janet and now Liberty under her roof. She is tempted to drink again and having the almost pregnant ex-wife of the man you want back is torturous for her. She is trying so hard because she wants Jack and is willing to put up with this chaos for now. Jack, on the other hand, thinks they are cursed and that they will never be able to get past all of these obstacles.

Carly is trying to stay strong and she has the support of her cousin, Molly. It is so nice to have Molly be there for her and be honest and forthright all the time. She would definitely be in the bottle again without that support.

Janet and Dusty
What's going to happen when Dusty comes to? Will he tell Janet the truth about her father? I like that Jack is keeping a close eye on Rocco and does not trust him either.

Poor Dusty, he was just about to get his woman in the house he bought for them. I believe the truth about Rocco is going to come out more sooner than later. However, if we know Dusty, he will just keep the truth to himself and have Rocco get out of Janet's life for good so she won't be hurt again.

It is great that Janet has Liberty by her side too. Okay, I must say this - the new Liberty is a breath of fresh air. I really like this actress as she has made this role her own in short order. I have not even thought about the previous actress at all.

Luke and Reid
Who sees a change in Luke these days after breaking up with Noah? He seems alive again and not as needy as he was when he was begging Noah to stay with him. Reid is challenging him in a way that he wasn't with Noah. I don't know if these two will end up in a relationship; I have noticed that Luke is not as annoying now that he is hanging around with this guy who is slowly but surely finding Oakdale to be not so bad of a place.

Who is Gabriel?
He shows up in town, follows Craig around then gets a job with Monte Carlo; who is this kid? This is a wild guess on my part: Craig had an affair with some woman when he lived in Montega and Gabriel is the product of that relationship. Add to the fact that Craig can't stand him, either, so he has to be his son, right?

Faith Snyder
How could a kid change so drastically? She went away to school less than six months ago because she asked to go. She comes home because she is at school smoking pot and cigarettes. What happened to her at that school? If that is the case at that school, what will JJ be like when he comes home?

Why couldn't she be like Lily was when she was that age - a little feisty? She is more like Lily is now, whiny and unable to control her emotions. She is a bit boring compared to Liberty and Parker and even the new kid in town, Gabriel. I do not like what they did to Faith; she still could have been a hell-raiser, though, without the chip on her shoulder to make her so unlikable.

Now, it's time to open up the mailbag and see what readers have to say:

  • Having watched ATWT since I was a teenager. I am very much hoping that John Dixon returns. He was such a vital part of the show and had so many connections to most of the characters that it would terrible injustice to end the show without seeing him. We are at the least owed an explanation as to why he left the hospital and what he's been doing. - Carolyn

  • I disagree with your reader who said that Henry and Barbara are not a good match. Colleen's scenes with Kim and Lisa about Henry were so wonderfully done - my heart ached for her. Then when Henry stepped back from Vienna to go to Barbara, I could hardly wait for their next scene. As you said, Vienna has been in and out of town so much lately, the relationship has lost its rooting value. I'm for Babs and Hank!!! -- Kathy

  • You asked what character we wanted back and I am asking for "Lily". Martha Byrne has said she'd return, if asked. What are THEY waiting for? We would care and root for Lily and Holden but Noelle Beck has never done a decent job with this core character, in my opinion. -- Jody

  • I am in love with Dr. Reid Oliver and have been since he first appeared on screen. I've been fast forwarding through most of ATWT for years now. I never really watched Nuke because they bored me to tears. I really never cared for them as a couple. I am so very excited about Luke and Reid. There is just so much to look forward to with them as a couple. They would and could never be boring. -- Lisa

  • said, "I love Reid Oliver - both the character and actor. What a great addition! His ability to "worm" his way into Oakdale is "worth the price of admission". I was a big fan of John Dixon and I am also a HOUSE fan, both on the same wave length as Reid. His chemistry with Luke is off the charts as he even manages to keep Luke's whining to a minimum. A good thing! -- Sheila

    Finally, I am looking forward to this week with the return of Julianne Moore as Frannie. This is fantastic for the show and the fans that remember her in this role. ATWT has such a vast history of characters and actors who have graced our screens and gotten to us as fans - let's hope it will be more of these visits before the final bow in September.

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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