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March 29, 2010 columns
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Faith Snyder came home with more than a new face. The recast is just the first of many changes Faith is sporting these days. She's angrier than usual. She's popping pills, hiding pot in Parker's room, and shoplifting at Fashions. Hello rebellious teen storyline! It's been awhile. Is there a boarding school for brats? If so, Faith would have no problem meeting the requirements for that school.

It's startling to see sweet-little Faith high on drugs and mad at the world. But, who can blame her? This kid has been through more turmoil than most people four times her age. Divorce, death, addiction: Faith has suffered it all with both parents. Faith is the perfect candidate for a troubled teen storyline. She truly does have the background and history to make it believable.

Kudos to the writers for introducing cyber bullying into the equation. Faith's classmates writing cruel messages on her Facebook wall, unfortunately, mimics real life. I feel sorry for Faith having to endure such bullying, but at the same time, she verbally abuses her mother on a daily basis. This storyline has rich layers, from Faith's body issues and resenting her beautiful mother, to Faith's quandary of not fitting in at school. With Parker in the mix to remind Faith that she is a pampered princess, compared to most girls, including cancer-stricken Liberty, this tale can't lose. I was sad to see the part of Faith recast, but I have to congratulate Valentina de Angelis on hitting the ground running. She's playing the spoiled rich girl, with a chip on her shoulder, to perfection. I have no doubt that Faith will find her way back, though. She has plenty of people who love her. Just give Emma a few minutes with her. Emma seems the most normal of the Snyder clan.

• I have a permanent grin on my face from watching the show this week. If you have to go down, this is the way to do it. Congratulations, As the World Turns, for turning out five quality shows that not once made me reach for the fast-forward button. It was top-notch, Monday to Friday. Between Henry, Barbara, Carly, Craig, Jack, Janet, Reid, Faith, Molly, Liberty, and Dusty, I couldn't look away. It was so nice to get a break from the Meg, Damian, and Alison show. Bravo!

• I would love to know how the good citizens of Oakdale can get doctors to make house calls. I thought that practice went out with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

• Who could be toying with Craig Montgomery? The mind boggles with possibilities. Is it Lucy, Sierra, Lucinda, Rosanna, or perhaps Carly? What if Carly knows that Craig is using Parker's money and is giving Craig just enough rope to hang himself? That would be a brilliant twist, but probably not likely. However, Carly did seem awfully calm when Craig showed her that threatening letter. Even better would be an old enemy from Craig's past turning up, like say, Betsy. The best part is watching Craig trying to figure out who is harassing him. He has made so many enemies that his paranoia is working overtime. At one point, he even thought that Barbara was the person moving things around his desk. Now that would be a delicious twist, if Barbara was the one behind the shenanigans. This is clever storytelling for a character that must be tough to write for lately, since his romances have all gone south.

• Dusty Donovan, don't die! Finally, Dusty seems to have found happiness, and what does he get in return? A bullet. Janet's family has brought nothing but trouble to Oakdale. Dusty tried to be a nice guy and get Janet's father back in her life. If Dusty had known Daddy Dear was connected, Dusty probably would have steered clear of the whole mess. Maybe Chris or the brilliant Dr. Oliver will perform some kind of miracle and save Dusty. My fingers are crossed. For the first time in months, it seems Dusty has purpose in a storyline. And I think Janet deserves some happiness, too. Sorry, haters, I love Janet and Dusty.

• Colleen Zenk-Pinter, is there nothing you can't do? Her acting comes across so effortless that sometimes I forget I'm watching a person playing a character. From her sexy romps with Henry to her hilarious take on a senior citizen, she gave us everything this week. But the best was a poignant moment where she stood outside the window of Al's watching Henry kiss Vienna. Watching a woman, as beautiful as Barbara, grapple with aging and her feelings of inadequacy next to a younger woman, broke my heart. Confidence is a trait Barbara has always portrayed easily. Seeing her lose some of it because she's competing for a younger man stings a little. This woman is stunning and, for once, deserves to get her man and find happiness. It seems that the show is leaning toward Henry being her guy. I always thought that he and Katie would end up together, so I'm still torn about a Henry/Barbara pairing, but I have to admit, they do seem perfectly matched.

• Let me preface this with saying that I love Molly and her sexy wardrobe, but I almost screamed, "No!" when Faith basically said she wanted Molly to take her shopping because she liked the way Molly dressed. Molly's taste is not appropriate for a teenaged girl. Molly's shirts are sometimes so low-cut that nothing is left to the imagination. It looks great on Molly, but I don't think it should be the look Faith emulates.

• Henry's sexual antics have always been zany. But this week, it was like I was watching an episode of Two and a Half Men. The jokes about his inability to, um, perform were funny, but a little risqué for daytime TV. I'm not a prude. I'm just saying that I'm shocked that some of those made it to air.

• Alison sure has come a long way. It wasn't long ago she was failing out of nursing school and being threatened by the chief of staff and DA for her nursing choices. This week, she was promoted to head nurse. I fear Bob's decision is going to end in a lawsuit, when the other nurses catch wind of this. Alison, I hear there is a stairwell that's popular for hiding at the hospital.

• New Chris is a familiar face to Guiding Light fans. I didn't watch him on that show, but he seems to be fitting in nicely with the Hughes family. And for once, he actually looks like he could be the offspring of Kim and Bob. What I don't get, though, is that if he's headed for a reunion with Alison, why old Chris, Dylan Bruce, was not offered his old part, or if he was, why he didn't take it? He and Alison had off-the-charts chemistry, and I liked his version of Chris.

• We haven't seen much of New Liberty, but so far, the recast works for me. It's tough to see if she has chemistry with Parker, considering she's secluded behind that tent in the hospital. But I'm optimistic. Of all the recasts we've seen this month, I think this one is the most startling. Liberty has had so much screen time the past year, that it will be harder to adjust to a new Liberty more than the others. I'm anxious to see how it all works out.

• Lily is in my doghouse this week. It's no wonder that Faith is so troubled. Lily acted like a jealous teenager herself, when she demanded that Faith not spend time with Molly. Who is in high school here, Lily, you or Faith?

• Did my ears deceive me or did Jack Snyder actually use the term "macked out" when referring to kissing Carly? Who knew Jack was so down with the cool talk these days?

• That must be some great sex that Henry and Barbara are having. Did you see how rumpled she looked afterward? Her eyeliner and lipstick were smeared. Her hair was a mess. Go Barbara! I'm used to seeing her with every hair in place. Nice touch.

• Reid and Luke fans, I saw some sparks this week. Luke seemed to be acting more mature than he has in months. That's a good thing, or I will never in a million years buy this potential romance. I'd like to see Noah in the mix, too, though. I think he and Reid played well together.

• In closing, the Dankies results are up. Be sure to check out the winners for ATWT. I think your choices were spot on. And don't forget to vote for your favorites in the "All Soaps" round. I watch a lot of soaps, and I believe that Maura West, Colleen Zenk-Pinter, and Trent Dawson should top their respective categories for lead actress, outstanding supporting actress, and outstanding supporting actor. They continually make this soap must-see for me.

Best Lines of the Week:

(Craig realizes that Barbara came on to him to make Henry jealous, and Craig fears she wants to do it again.)
Craig: "You used me as an emotional cattle prod so you could get at Henry Coleman. "
Barbara: "You're out of your mind."
Craig: "Yes, but I still don't want a second date."

(Bob is at Al's having breakfast and invites the always busy Reid to join him.)
Bob: "You're allowed to sit down and have breakfast."
Reid: "Yeah, maybe when I'm 600 years old like you."
Bob: "I'm a little younger than I look."

(Reid uncharacteristically sits down and makes small talk with Luke, prompting Luke to question his motives.)
Reid: "I'm just being friendly."
Luke: "You don't do friendly."

Reader Spotlight:

I wish (that a network somewhere) would turn ATWT into a primetime show. I think Carly and Jack, Vienna and Henry, and Henry and Barbara could heat up any nighttime slot and gain many viewers. I also think it could start a whole new trend of primetime heat. Then I would be able to keep my only real addiction.
- Linda

Hi Jennifer. I too like the story that has developed about Jack, Carly, Janet and Dusty. But I find it interesting that no one says anything about Janet not being supportive of her husband when Jack shot Brad. She was not there for him at all. If anything, she blamed him, as did Liberty. No wonder the guy took to the road to try to come to terms with what he did. And, of course, it makes sense that Carly would follow him as she has always supported Jack no matter what. So, I guess, we can lay the blame at Janet's feet. Love your columns.
- Sandra

I guess I am the only person who watches this show to say this but, I don't care about Jack and Carly getting back together. After what seems like the hundredth time they've expressed their eternal love to each other only to broke up I really couldn't care less. If the show weren't cancelled they would be broken up again in 6 months. I do like that Janet has a man that is really in to her and not another women. I just hate that Craig doesn't have a storyline anymore. By the way, where is Johnny?
- Yolanda

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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