It's gonna be a long spring

by Dawn
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We see Bo and Nora together randomly every couple of weeks, but it looks like they have turned into the happy, background couple that we only see at special events.

I've found it difficult to be too interested in the show lately. None of the current stories are really holding my attention. When this happens, I tend to think about what is missing from the show. The main thing that isn't on this show is my favorite couple, and I have to wonder why.

As a diehard fan of Bo and Nora, I was thrilled when they finally reunited. I wasn't thrilled that they got back together while Matthew was seething in another room, but I was still happy that they finally admitted what their fans knew all along. They are meant to be together.

Now, however, it's almost like it never happened. We see Bo and Nora together randomly every couple of weeks, but it looks they have turned into the happy, background couple that we only see at special events. I would like to think that Bo and Nora weren't reunited after a decade apart just to be forgotten.

I know that some believe that a happy couple is the same thing as a boring couple. Sometimes, that is definitely true. However, Bo and Nora are the exception to the rule, in my opinion. While we've gotten to see them beam in each other's presence, they haven't had much to do this year. Bo and Nora shouldn't be treated as part of a story or non-story. They ARE a story all on their own.

While I don't expect them to be the same exact couple they were in the 90s, I believe that they can still be a fun couple that never fails to entertain. I hope the writers are going to feature them on a regular basis soon. I didn't wait for a reunion for 10 years to see them for 5 minutes every 2 weeks. It seems like much of the show is being dedicated to teen angst these days, and that doesn't need to happen when the show has a powerhouse duo like Bo and Nora!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's move on to the aforementioned teen angst. I am not sure what the goal of Langston and Ford's relationship is in the writers' eyes, but so far, it's just frustrating. I understood Langston's explanation that she is only 18 years old and can't commit to one person for the rest of her life. That is a self-aware and even mature observation to make. However, as Starr pointed out, she is cheating on Markko, and that isn't right. It doesn't matter if Markko is "smothering" or worshiping her too much, she doesn't have the right to play games with him. Things have been strained between them for weeks, and while Markko might not know what is happening, he knows something is wrong. Langston needs to be honest with him and tell him the truth. However, since she appears to get a thrill out of sneaking around, it seems unlikely that she will do so.

The main issue I have with this story is that Ford is completely unappealing. He comes off as a creepy, arrogant jerk, but Langston seems to love that about him. I wonder if this story would have worked better if Ford had been written as a nice guy who just happened to catch Langston's eye. I think it might have been better. All I know is it's hard to watch Langston pine for Ford when we all know he isn't serious about her. I hope this story ends soon because it's hard to watch. Teen angst has never been my favorite part of a soap opera, but this particular instance of teen angst is unbearable!

Speaking of teen angst, I can barely watch Jessica continue to act like a teenager and insert herself into Cristian's life. I am glad she is starting to give Brody a chance, but when she's around Cristian, I just want to change the channel. I hope that Cristian remains focused on the concept that Jessica really isn't herself these days, and doesn't do anything he will regret. As I said before, he is with Layla, an adult who knows how old she is and who is mature. Why would Cristian risk that for Jessica in her current state? It wouldn't make sense.

The one entertaining part of this story is watching Jessica learn about everything that has happened since high school. She couldn't conceptualize being married to Cristian's brother or Natalie being married to Cristian. It sounds crazy when it's explained all at one time, and I don't blame Jessica for being overwhelmed!

Natalie held her own as Jessica baited and berated her for "stealing" Cristian. However, I am sure that even she was happy when Marty arrived and interrupted their confrontation. Of course, Natalie just had to be talking about Marty's pregnancy when Marty arrived, but what else is new? Maybe Natalie should just stop talking about the pregnancy so often since she keeps getting caught!

Before we leave the topic of teen angst, we saw the introduction of Langston's musical last week with auditions at Llanview High. I am not looking forward to this musical. I enjoy musicals in general, but I don't see how doing one on the show makes a good story! I also don't see how Cole and Starr's story translates into a musical, but I guess I will find out in the months ahead.

While Dani and Destiny were both good singers, I didn't see a need to use precious airtime for auditions. I understand that this continues to develop the triangle between the two girls and Matthew, but I think they are all too young to be in a triangle. I think Dani and Destiny should be best friends and forget about Matthew completely, at least for now!

One of the few highlights last week was Rex and Gigi's conversation about marriage. I was amazed to see Rex take a mature stance and turn down Gigi's proposal. While Gigi is ready and willing to sweep everything that happened under the rug, Rex knows that they can't do that. He knows that they have to figure out their trust issues and how to be together in spite of everything that has happened before they even think about marriage. I would much rather watch this Rex everyday than the one that was ready to bully Schuyler over Sierra Rose's custody.

As for Schuyler, I wish he would have let Téa call Bo about Sierra's kidnapping. I really wanted him to realize that trying to handle Allison and Mitch on his own would never work. However, it seems like no one in Llanview will ever realize that doing that is a BAD idea!

I wish Téa had told Bo about Sierra at the police station when Schuyler wasn't there to stop her. I love seeing Téa be the ruthless lawyer she is known to be, and watching her cave to Schuyler's pleas was awful! I hope she speaks up before Schuyler gets Mitch out of prison. Nothing good can come from Mitch's release, and it's obvious that his being free won't bring Sierra back to Schuyler.

While Schuyler was following Allison's demands, Allison held Roxy, Natalie, Sierra, and Kyle hostage. Allison is still the same, goal-oriented psycho that she has always been. It's amazing how she can say just about anything in a cold, collected voice that can give anyone chills!

Now that Roxy knows Allison's secret, we have to wait to find out ourselves. It looks like Schuyler will end up being Roxy's son. I hope this doesn't mean that Rex isn't her son. I have always enjoyed Rex's relationship with Roxy, so I don't want to see their biological connection taken away. Also, since Schuyler is leaving the show, it seems like a pointless development. We wouldn't get to see Roxy and Schuyler get to know each other as mother and son. I wish that we could be finished with the baby switches associated with Mitch.

I also wish that people would stop visiting Mitch in prison expecting him to give straight answers. I don't know why Kelly thought that Mitch would be helpful with the investigation into her mother's death. He responded to her inquiries as expected, with cryptic, taunting answers and questions that did little to help her. She'd have better luck with the guy who keeps calling her and hanging up than by confronting Mitch!

As for Todd and Kelly's new working relationship, I don't get the point of it. As I said I before, I don't want to seem be linked romantically. It wouldn't make sense given their history. Their banter about good reporting didn't do anything for me. I hope that the writers have something better in store for Kelly than this current story with Todd. So far, her return has been lackluster. I am sure the powers that be didn't bring Kelly back just to have her argue with Todd about how to run his newspaper.

I enjoyed Blair and Eli's date last week. Nothing gets Blair more focused than the thought of Téa stealing her man. She took swift action when she found Téa in Eli's room and decided she wanted more from Eli than the no-strings-attached relationship they've had up until this point. I liked that she told Eli about her tumultuous childhood and reached out to him emotionally for the first time. I don't know if Blair and Eli will find undying love, but so far, I like their relationship. Anything that keeps Blair's attention off of Todd works for me!

As for John and Marty, it's difficult not to feel bad for Marty these days. She is happy to be having John's baby, while John looks like he's been given a death sentence. He also can't seem to stay away from Natalie, which only makes matters worse. Now that it looks like Marty will miscarry, I am sure it won't be long before John loses interest in her completely.

I think breaking up with John will ultimately be great for Marty. She hasn't had his full attention in months. It's just hard to watch the two of them trudge along and pretend like they are happy, while Natalie is conveniently around to observe. I don't want John and Natalie to reunite, but it looks like it will happen soon. I'd rather watch Jared return from the dead than to see Natalie and John get together again!

We saw the last of Rachel (at least for now) last week, as she left for Chicago to help her ex-boyfriend. I didn't expect Rachel to get a big send off, but I would have appreciated at least a quick scene with Nora and Matthew! I still don't understand why Rachel had to be written off, but I hope she returns again soon! Daphnee Duplaix did a great job with the role, and I am happy that she was a part of the show, even if it was for a brief time!

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