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Blood wasn't spilled between Jack and Carly this week, but if emotions could be measured in buckets, they would have had one enormous mess to clean up. Things got ugly, Scoopers, as Carly called Jack self-righteous and a hypocrite, accused him of not loving Parker like his own son, and then threw Jack's accidental killing of his own brother in his face. Not to be outdone by Carly's verbal warfare, Jack retorted by calling her a liar, a criminal, and a poor example for their children. And how was your week?

I've watched a lot of verbal fights on daytime television. In fact, tune in on any given day on General Hospital to watch endless screaming matches and nasty verbal beat-downs. But, rarely have I ever seen an argument with such an emotional punch as Jack and Carly had this week. Jack and Carly's fight has to go down as one of the all-time best scenes I've ever watched on ATWT, right up there with Margo's rape aftermath, Craig's grief scenes after Bryant's car accident, and Katie and Simon's fence goodbye. If Michael Park and Maura West don't win some kind of an award for that scene, there is no justice in daytime.

The crux of Jack and Carly's argument is the same issue that they have struggled with for years: she's no saint, and he's no sinner. And therein lies the problem. Carly has no problem playing fast and loose with the law and making morally challenged decisions when she's going after what she wants or trying to protect her family. Jack, on the other hand, is a straight shooter, or at least he likes to think he is. Jack struggles morally by trying to follow the law and do what's right, even when his own family could get hurt.

I think Carly and Jack have come to a crossroads, Scoopers. They finally have put into words the biggest problem in their relationship. "I don't always do the right thing because I'm not always a good person," Carly screamed. They are just fundamentally opposite when it comes to their moral codes. Carly doesn't feel like she was wrong, trying to protect Parker from a potential arrest over an accident, and Jack feels like once again she never makes the "right" choice. It's the same old stumbling block, time and time again. If these two can work this issue out, they could get their happily ever after. And I think they deserve it after all these years.

• For those of you who stopped watching the show before its end, I'm sorry for you. What a fantastic week you missed. The Craig/Margo/Lucinda/Tom scenes alone had me glued to the tube. Craig and Lucinda were sparring; Carly and Jack were conflicted; Meg, Katie, and Vienna were scheming; Luke, Noah, and Reid were on fire; and Faith made a move on Parker. There was drama, humor, and love. With a week like this, it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye to this show.

• I think Meg must have slipped Dr. Bob some of her Methadone. Never in my life would I have thought Bob would try to sell his beloved hospital. Crazy, right?

• I've officially given up on trying to correct the ATWT writers about Craig's role in Bryant's death. They are either too busy to look at old tapes or a show history book, or simply don't care that they repeatedly erroneously blame Craig for killing his son. Lucinda said it again this week. (Beating head against desk!) We should turn this travesty into a drinking game, Scoopers. Take a drink every time someone incorrectly blames Craig for Bryant's death. We'll all be toasted by 3 p.m.

• I'm furious with Katie this week. She is supposedly Henry's best friend, but she's falsifying Vienna's medical records to make him think that Vienna is carrying his baby. With friends like that... I'm not surprised that Katie is back to her scheming ways. Do people ever really change? It wasn't long ago she was faking a pregnancy of her own and Henry was helping her lie to Simon. But, Henry was in on the scheme. I am surprised that Katie doesn't care enough about Henry that it would bother her that he's going to spend the rest of his life with a woman who is trapping him into marriage with a fake baby. Tsk. Tsk.

• Even more shocking than Katie's betrayal of Henry, is Chris's decision to go along with Katie's scheme. Talk about out of character. Chris Hughes is willing to risk his medical career to pull off one of Katie's wacky schemes because he's so much in love with her? I don't think so. Let me know when the real Chris Hughes returns to the building. Maybe Craig has him bound and gagged in the hospital stairwell.

• I was laughing out loud when Craig tied up Lucinda this week and gagged her with a scarf. I know realistically that scene should have been traumatic, but these two played it with a hint of humor, and I couldn't help but chuckle. These characters have so much history, and the actors didn't miss a beat of it. Bravo! From Lucinda skulking around the police station trying to conceal her part in Gabriel's lies and Craig's arrest, to Craig going toe-to-toe with her, it was top-notch all the way.

• On a completely shallow note, is there anyone in daytime more gorgeous than Vienna? Wow, that woman is so flawless, it hurts to look at her.

• I was shocked and pleased to see Liberty taking up for Craig this week. She called out Gabriel for hating his father so vehemently, when Craig didn't even realize he had a son. Then, she told Gabriel that he was no better than his father because Gabriel stole Parker's money, too. Go Liberty! Gabriel and his attitude are working my last nerve. Craig, are you sure you want to be that kid's father?

• They must be making ice cubes in Hell. Jack, Lily, and Liberty all seem to be on Craig's side this time. Brrrrr.

• Faith finally made her move on Parker. It's about time. She's been crushing on him for a couple years now, but he only has eyes for Liberty. Frankly, I'd like to see Parker start looking in another direction. He's been way too obsessed with Liberty for way too long. Have some fun with Faith, Parker. You deserve it after all the drama you've had.

• Please, please, please, writers, don't let Dr. Oliver choose Luke over his career. This is the antithesis of everything we've learned about Reid's character so far. He lives for his job. Wait, maybe that's why this is such a dilemma for him. He's never had feelings for someone so strongly. This is turning into quite a triangle. Well done, writers.

• I guess Memorial really is a top-notch hospital. Meg called down and ordered apple pie and ice cream. Next time I have to go in for something, I want to go there. I hear you can score some methadone pretty easily, too.

Best Lines of the Week:

(Tom tells Craig that he won't be making bail, because on top of attacking a guard, escaping from custody, and suspected arson, he attacked Lucinda.)
Craig: "But You're Tom Hughes. You're an extraordinary attorney. Tom, you can handle piddly charges like that with your hands behind your back."
Tom: "Craig, you threatened to kill her."
Craig: "Well, who hasn't?"

(Emily tries to convince Paul that Meg is drugging herself and setting Emily up to take the fall.)
Emily: "Meg is just enough of an idiot savant to come up with a scheme like this and actually get away with it."

(Lily walks in on Lucinda threatening Craig in jail.)
Lucinda: "He has driven me to this. I came here with an olive branch and, on top of everything else, he's threatened me again."
Lily: "Oh, I bet your olive branch had plenty of thorns attached to it."

Reader Spotlight:

  • I hope by the end Jack is with Carly, Molly is with Holden, and Emily is in the arms of Paul with the baby as they should be." ---Sonia

  • Counting down the weeks until ATWT is officially over. I am heartbroken to have found out officially that Martha Byrne will not be returning to ATWT. If anyone was to "ride off into the sunset" it should have been Lily and Holden, and it should have been the original Lily and Holden. I want to cry my eyes out that my favorite soap is ending and the storylines that it will be ending with are ludicrous at best. Is there any hope that we will have a memorable send off for Helen/Nancy? I do not know if I could handle the end of the show not paying respect to the original cast member. ---Bee

    That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.

    Jennifer Biller

  • Jennifer Biller
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