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There are moments when I can't stop watching and then there are those that make me want to throw something into the television screen. I am tired of watching my last days in Oakdale with Janet and Liberty almost every day. We are approaching July, which leaves us less than three months - where is Lisa since her 50th anniversary?

Craig Is Free Again
Craig Montgomery can commit any crime and he will be set free. He is an arsonist -- not only is he free of all charges; he also gets $20 million dollars for his trouble. Does it pay to be bad? Tom Hughes is some kind of lawyer.

No sooner does he get out of jail than he lies to Carly about giving her half; this guy never changes. I am a bit sick of him of watching him do criminal acts without consequences. Hey, this is the fictional town of Oakdale, so I guess there is creative license to do things like this. Does he ever think of what kind of an example he is setting for Johnny? He continues to make no points with Gabriel.

I just hope that Lucinda and Dusty can put their heads together to get Mr. Montgomery where it hurts -- his wallet.

Janet and Liberty
With the show ending soon, why do we still have to watch the antics of the Ciccone women? Janet is still almost better than anyone in town in her head -- she won't give Dusty a chance, while looking down at Carly. She is still hovering over Liberty at every turn with her overprotective behavior. How many pregnancy scares has she had anyway?

Is Liberty the ingénue we love to watch in Oakdale these days? Is she anything like Lily Walsh was when she was a teen? Lily was interesting to watch -- maybe it's the stories that are being written for the character. It just seems she is being pushed down our throats. The other thing is that with the recast so late in the game -- should we care? Parker has Faith, who is chasing him like crazy, and all he wants is Liberty, who once again is choosing someone else.

I am having a hard time with Janet and Liberty taking up time that can be spent on the longer-term characters as we get closer to the end.

Carly and Jack
She and Jack will work things out; they have to before the end. The direction of these characters changed while she was working so hard to save Parker. Carly reverted back to scheming, thereby alienating Jack in the process. I just have to wonder how they are going to patch things up. I just hope that the show does not do one of those rush jobs at the end -- make them reconcile in the last two weeks of the show.

Now that she has this money, will she think that she does not need Jack? There is Craig in the background pulling the strings through Lily. I just thought this story was going in a different direction.

Paul and Meg and Emily
After all she did to exonerate herself from Damian, Meg is still not well. She tricked us, I guess, because she is crazier than ever now. I thought she wanted to be a good mother to her daughter, so why try to push Emily out of the picture. This story does not make any sense to me at all.

Is Paul so fooled by her that he gives her a gun for protection? I want to be surprised in a story, and it was skywritten that she was going to use that gun on Emily. Is this Emily's payback for when she shot Paul?

Luke and Reid
Reid Oliver has lost his arrogance with love. It is so funny to watch him go through the motions of trying to stay in control and to realize that he can't; he wants Luke, and he can't just cut those emotions off.

Luke, on the other hand, acts like Lily from time to time; when he is rebuffed by Reid, he tries to run back to Noah. Noah told him blatantly not to treat him as a second choice.

This is one of the two stories where the adults are acting like adults.

Katie and Chris
This is the other story: poor Katie is fighting not to have feelings for Chris, as she thinks she is betraying her love for Brad. We can see her struggle. I think Brad would want her to be happy. It would be nice if Brad could appear to her just to tell her that, so she can feel free to move on.

I like her with Chris, as he brings out the fun side of her personality like Brad did.

Finally, I am cheering for Maura West and Michael Park as victors in the Emmy competition, as they were both fantastic last year in their respective stories. Marnie as Alison was good, too, though she has some stiff competition; the same can be said for Julie Pinson and Jon Lindstrom, who is up against Michael Park. I sincerely hope the tribute for ATWT truly honors its 54-year contribution to daytime drama.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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