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This week, both of our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts on the end of As the World Turns. Below, you'll find Reggie's column. When you're done reading, click here to read Jennifer's column.

I can't believe it's really over -- our days in Oakdale are done. They wrapped things up nicely for almost everyone. It's just so incredibly sad to see an institution like As the World Turns go away.

I am sure Irna Phillips, Ted Corday, Bill Bell, and Douglas Marland are looking down shaking their heads at what became of their show that once had been number one. It became a weak contender in the last few years under the current head writer and executive producer.

The Final Week

I have cried quite a bit watching these last episodes -- they reminded me of what this show used to be all the time. Many of the characters got their happy ending while it showed that life goes on. I fantasized while watching the final episode that something miraculous happened and the show would continue on Monday. On Monday, there would be some major event in Oakdale that would dramatically change the lives of everyone in town.

Was I happy with the outcome for everyone? No, I felt that Lisa, the vixen of Oakdale for many years was completely overlooked. Why? Lisa had to watch her almost husband John Dixon romance Lucinda as they happily paraded around her hotel. I think Lisa deserved being there when Casey and Alison left or when Tom and Margo decide to swap homes with Katie or even be with Bob as he said "Goodnight." Why not give her a new love interest or bring back one of her ex-husbands like Grant Colman or have her son, Scott, contact her to assist him with some personal crisis? Give this still vital woman and major star of the show something -- it was not fair in my opinion.

Holden and Lily -- It was understandable for them not to jump back into a marriage again right now. Without Martha Byrne, their ending missed something as Jon Hensley showed his true acting prowess in these last few days. It just did not have the right amount of dramatic connection without Martha.

Luke and Noah -- the door was left open for them to revisit their relationship once Luke feels ready after grieving Reid. I am still bothered that Reid was killed and Chris and Katie have a happy ending with Reid's heart. With all that Luke has gone through, why wasn't he given his romantic happy ending? With the story written as it was, Van Hansis has his Emmy reel for next year ready.

Jack and Carly -- I am happy they were remarried and pregnant again, and Jack is not the father of Janet's baby. Parker decides to become a cop like his two dads.

Janet and Dusty -- Dusty finally becomes a father of his own biological child. Thank goodness John showed up, or how would Dusty have known?

John Dixon -- what a difference one character makes; he has done so much since he came into town. It shows what a vital character he was and how terribly he was missed. He helped Chris, Lucinda, Lily, and Dusty, and made amends with Margo. To know he will be acting chief of staff, I think it will be difficult for Chris to get that job now unless John wants to retire too.

The story felt rushed this week in order to get it all in -- some of that time spent on Barbara's kidnapping and that mobster stuff could have been cut. Time should have been spent to evenly distribute story so it would not feel a hurried goodbye this week.

I had the pleasure of talking about the show on Soap Central Live last Friday, the same day that ATWT broadcast its final episode. It felt good talking to Dan and my co-columnist, Jennifer Biller, about the last show and sharing some memories. Dan surprised us by playing an old theme song -- I almost lost it. It did ease the pain a bit of this sad occasion. If you'd like to listen to the show, click here.

Finally, I am going to miss this show very much. It gave me an escape for many years as I watched the twists and turns in Oakdale. When it was done well, it was the show to watch. I will always wonder why no one took control and remove those responsible for the poor writing and ill-conceived stories. I am going to miss writing this column too -- it has been a joy to be able to share my honest thoughts and feelings about Oakdale. I have enjoyed the emails that praised and those that disagreed with me -- I was able to get different viewpoints. The readers and fans of ATWT are the losers here; so many told me their stories of their initiation to Oakdale and how much they loved going there on a daily basis. Thank you so very much, this has been an experience I will always remember.

[Editor's Note: Both Reggie and Jennifer will be back later this year for our Year In Review columns.]

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

This week, both of our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts on the end of As the World Turns. Below, you'll find Reggie's column. When you're done reading, click here to read Jennifer's column.

Reggie Jackson
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