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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 24, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucinda arrived at Lily's house, and Ethan greeted her. The boy had slipped away from his babysitter, who was watching him while Lily was sobbing in her bed. Luke ran in and was glad to see Ethan, whom he was pursuing, and his grandmother. Ethan asked them when his daddy was coming home, and it was hard for the adults to answer him. Luke told Lucinda that Lily had taken to her bed and would not talk to anyone. Lucinda ordered Luke out of the house to get away from all the gloom for a bit, and she promised to look after Lily. Luke hugged his grandmother and left the house.

At the farm, Damian expressed sympathy to Emma and gave her a bouquet of flowers. Emma asked him to leave, but Meg, who had also entered, said that her mother had no right to treat Damian that way. Emma apologized for seeming rude, but she rationalized that Damian had done nothing but cause Holden trouble when he was alive, and she did not want Damian in her house. Damian apologized to Emma, who got tearful and declared that he had made Holden's life miserable.

Emma broke down and excused herself. Meg asked Damian to stay, and she said she couldn't get through their family crisis without him. Meg arranged the flowers and worried that her mother was holding in her grief without dealing with it. She said she needed a break and asked Damian to go for a walk with her.

Janet went to the police station and wanted to know why Jack had left home so early. She also delivered the news that Holden's body had arrived at the local funeral home. The funeral director had called Lily, but no one had answered, so they had called Jack as the next of kin. Janet said that she had not told Emma yet, but Jack felt that all the decisions about Holden had to be from Lily. He decided to tell Lily in person, and Janet promised to wait for him at the station until he returned.

Mason dashed into Java, full of excitement. He told Noah that he had a friend in Los Angeles who was an agent, and Mason had sent him a copy of Noah's script. The agent had liked it so much that he had sent it to actor Jude Law. Mason said that Noah had a meeting with Jude Law in L.A. in the morning, but it took a while for Noah to realize that his mentor was serious. Noah could not believe he "had a date with the Law." Mason said that Noah had better go home and pack for the meeting.

Noah stopped Mason, however, and said that he could not possibly go out of town because of Holden's death. He could not leave Luke alone at that time, but Mason advised Noah not to pass up the opportunity to have a big star in his corner. Luke walked in, and Noah tried to hustle Mason out, but his mentor continued to demand that Noah give the meeting more thought and to talk to Luke about it. Mason's point was that if it was something that was going to change Noah's life, he needed to talk about it with his life partner.

Mason went out, and Luke immediately wanted to know what the professor had meant. Noah avoided Luke's question by asking about how Luke was doing, but his boyfriend was not dissuaded and said he needed to hear about it. Noah finally admitted that Jude Law liked his script and wanted a meeting in L.A., but the timing was off. Luke was thrilled for Noah and told him that he had to go. Noah protested that Luke had been there for him when he was going through hell with his father, and Noah was not about to bail on Luke when he had a crisis.

Luke said that he really wanted Noah to go, and he talked about how terrible he would feel if he were to be the cause of Noah's giving up his dream. Noah needed to go to California, meet Jude Law, and "knock his socks off." Noah finally agreed to make the trip.

Lily lay in bed, as Lucinda knocked and then walked in. Lucinda lay on the bed with her daughter and told her to do whatever made her feel better. They hugged, and Lily cried for her husband. Lily kept dwelling on the time they had spent apart, she with Dusty, and Holden with Carly, but Lucinda tried to stress the positive side of their relationship. Jack arrived, and Lucinda let him in. Jack spoke about the message from the funeral director, so Lucinda went back to Lily and told her. Lily cried that she did not want a service; she only wanted her husband back.

Lily broke down, as Lucinda reminded her that other people loved Holden, especially their children, and they would want a chance to say goodbye. Lily agreed that Emma could have a service if she wished, but not to count on Lily, because she would not attend. Lily was adamant that she had nothing else to say. If someone else wanted to make decisions, she would let them. Lily crawled back under the covers.

A discouraged Lucinda drove to the farm and met Meg and Damian as they were starting their walk. She said that Lily only wanted to lie in bed and "sob her heart out." She was worried about who should make the decisions about a funeral, and she hinted that Emma might want to do it. Meg said her mother was among the walking wounded and was probably not capable of dealing with it. Damian said that only Lily should do it, and he wanted to talk to her, but Lucinda said no.

Damian argued that Lily had been counting on him lately, and finally Lucinda agreed that he could attempt to talk with her. Meg asked to accompany him, but Damian wanted to go alone. He left for Lily's house, and Lucinda went in to speak with Emma. She told Emma that Holden's remains were at the funeral home in Oakdale, but Emma could not cope with that; she was busy making strawberry pies, Holden's favorite. She and Lucinda shared some good memories of Holden, and Lucinda said that no man could have made her daughter happier.

Damian went into Lily's bedroom, but she told him that he didn't belong there. Damian tried to talk with her about Holden, but Lily ordered him to leave. Damian said that she would have to get up and throw him out, and Lily broke down again. Damian held her, and Meg observed from the door. Damian talked about what Holden would expect from her at such a time, but Lily said that she didn't know how she could manage it. Damian said that she could lean on him.

Lily got dressed and Damian helped her out to the living room. Meg pretended to be just arriving, so Damian asked her to take Ethan to the farm while he accompanied Lily to the funeral home. Lily agreed and thanked Meg for her help.

Jack returned to the police station and told Janet that he had not seen Lily, but he had spoken with Lucinda, who had promised to relay the message. While he was gone, Jack received a fax from the Kentucky State Police. It was photos of Holden's accident scene, which Jack had requested. Jack was uneasy about the trajectory of his cousin's truck, and he felt something was "off" about the accident. He showed Janet the skid marks that showed how Holden had headed straight for a tree and then veered into the ravine.

Janet suggested that perhaps Holden had fallen asleep, but Jack said that was unlikely. There was no one more responsible about driving that Holden, and things just did not add up. Jack wanted to go to Kentucky and see the scene for himself.

Still at the farm, Lucinda was very relieved to hear from Meg that Lily and Damian were headed for the funeral home. She left, and even Emma complimented Meg on Damian's getting Lily rocked off center. Emma apologized to Meg for how she had treated Damian.

Damian held Lily's hand as they entered the funeral home. The director escorted them into a room where Holden's casket lay, and Lily asked Damian to leave her. He respected her wishes and walked out. He returned to the farm and told Meg what had happened. She said that Emma had apologized for her rude words to him, and they hugged.

At the funeral home, Lily talked to Holden and said that she didn't feel that he was "in the box." The Holden she knew was in her heart and her soul. She laid her head on the casket and sobbed.

Somewhere, in an undisclosed location, a restless Holden slept on an old cot.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Casey ambushed Alison at the hospital and wanted to know why she was avoiding him. Alison said that she wanted to stay out of the line of fire, since everyone had decided that she was a "bad guy." Casey said that his father would not be badgering her anymore because Casey had spoken to Tom. Alison was thrilled that Casey might be on her side. Her boyfriend said that he knew Alison would never make a mistake that would harm a patient.

The two of them began kidding around and laughing, as Riley looked through the window. Casey was still having trouble "wrapping his head "around what was happening to his grandfather, Dr. Bob. Alison did not want to be in the middle of a Hughes family argument again. Casey left, and Riley made himself known to Alison. He said he had heard some of her conversation with Casey, and Riley asked Alison to take a break with him.

At Tom and Margo's, Tom explained to Kim and his father that he and Margo both had the day off and were delighted to spend it with them. Kim was recovering well from her heart episode, and she was grateful to Bob for taking such good care of her. Tom asked his dad why he had reinstated Alison Stewart at the hospital, and Kim was surprised to hear that. She questioned Bob, as well, but he said that he could not in good conscience suspend a staff member unless he was absolutely sure of misconduct.

Tom spoke about "Alison's incompetence" just as Casey walked in the door. Casey immediately defended Alison, and he and his father argued. The subject disturbed Kim greatly, and she excused herself to "freshen up." Casey went directly to his grandfather and asked him bluntly if something was wrong with him. Tom called out Casey because of the question, but Casey maintained that Alison did not lie. Margo went off on the Stewart women in general, and Bob attempted to intervene.

Kim returned and asked to go home. Bob took a good look at her and decided to take her back to the hospital to be checked out. Kim agreed to go, but she gave strict orders to her family that they not follow her there. Casey said that he was sorry he had disturbed Kim, and so did Bob. After the senior Hugheses left, Tom and Margo both lit into Casey again.

At the Oakdale police station, Henry and Audrey visited James in the interview room. Audrey fussed over James, but Henry got right down to business and asked if there was someone he could call to help. James wrote down the name of his lawyer and handed it to Henry. The Colemans left to summon legal counsel for Stenbeck. They arranged to meet the lawyer at the Lakeview, and while they waited for his arrival, Henry talked to Vienna on the phone and tried to calm her down.

The attorney, named Lloyd Hanson, arrived, and he seemed to already know Henry. Henry assumed that was because of his novel, The Man from Oakdale, but Hanson said he knew the name because Henry would be inheriting the entire Stenbeck fortune. Audrey became speechless and short of breath, so Henry made her sit down. The lawyer asked why the police were detaining James, but both Colemans suggested that he go to the police station and speak to the man himself.

Hanson left, while Audrey allowed herself to get overexcited about the money. Henry called it "blood money," and he was afraid that it would be no fun if he could not share it with Vienna. Audrey promised that Vienna would get on board, but "first things first."

Vienna appeared in a foul mood and sulked about Henry's selling out for money. She questioned Henry as to who he really was. She called him foolish because there were always strings attached to favors from a Stenbeck, and she issued an ultimatum. Henry had to choose Vienna or the money.

Audrey stood up and defended her son, the gambler and the risktaker. She asked how Vienna could deny Henry "the ultimate jackpot of all jackpots." Vienna voiced her fears that if Henry took the millions, he would become a Stenbeck. Audrey offered up a solution: Henry should give the money to her! Henry got nasty, and started treating his mother like a Stenbeck would, according to Vienna. Vienna tried to leave, but Henry caught her and said he wanted her over anybody or anything. They began kissing, but Audrey interrupted and again offered to take the money off Henry's hands.

At Fairwinds, Paul was mulling over a remark that James had made when the police had arrested him. Emily asked him about it, and Paul told her that his father had said that he was proud of Paul for turning him in. He was suspicious that James wanted something, so Emily suggested that Paul go ask him. Paul refused, because with James, it was all about games and manipulation. Emily continued to urge him to confront his father, and she warned Paul never to allow James back into his head.

Paul took Emily's advice and went to the jail. She followed behind and joined him. They saw James alone in the interview room, and Emily offered to go in with him, but Paul declined. Emily said she would be waiting for him at Fairwinds then, and she walked out. Paul went into the room, and James said that he had been expecting Paul. Paul accused his father of never being a real parent to him, and James asked why it was so important to Paul what he thought. They argued, and Paul told James that all his life he had felt like a target rather than a son.

James claimed that he only wanted to mold Paul into a man worthy of taking over the Stenbeck dynasty. He further said that Paul needed to stop fighting who he was in order to claim his birthright. Paul, in a poignant speech, told his father that all he wanted was to raise his child better than James had raised him. James promised Paul his fortune if only he would take back his Stenbeck name. Paul refused both his father's name and his money, and he walked out.

Alison and Riley went to Java, and she told him how torn Casey was between her and his family. Riley hoped that Bob would tell Casey the truth, but neither of them thought that would happen. Alison said that because Riley had seen Bob disoriented, he was the only one she could confide in. Riley praised Alison's caring nature, and Casey walked in and saw them huddled together in conversation. He wanted to know what he wasn't getting, since his grandfather wouldn't talk to him and his parents thought he was "a jerk."

Riley and Casey began to argue until Alison intervened. Casey said that Kim was headed back to the hospital, and Alison felt horrible that she had caused another Hughes family blowup by advising Casey to talk to his grandfather. Alison said she was causing too much strife for Casey, and perhaps he shouldn't even talk to her anymore. Casey immediately blamed Riley for that, so Riley stepped away and let the two of them talk privately.

Alison explained that she and Riley were just friends, and Casey begged to be the friend to whom she talked like that. Alison began to cry, and she ran out. Riley tried to tell Casey that Alison only cared for him, but Casey was not listening.

Bob readmitted Kim to the hospital and sat by her bedside. Kim asked if he should be doing something to find out why she was not feeling well again. Bob told her that he had called in another physician, a Dr. Buell, to take over her case. His reason was that he was too close to Kim, too emotionally involved. Kim was surprised, because Bob had always treated her before. He said he was only following protocol, and physicians rarely treated their own family members. Kim was not convinced, but Dr. Buell arrived and ordered some tests. Kim had an order of her own; she asked Bob to fetch her some ice cream from the cafeteria, and he left on the errand.

Margo and Tom stopped in, despite Kim's orders of solitude. She told them that Bob was not treating her, and they thought that was unusual. Kim was also puzzled why it was taking Bob so long to return from the cafeteria with her ice cream.

Meanwhile, a confused Dr. Bob wandered around Old Town carrying a dripping ice cream cone. He appeared dazed, and he sat on a bench as the ice cream melted onto his shoes. Alison went by quickly, but she spotted Bob sitting on the bench. She stopped and spoke with him, but he did not answer. He stood up and immediately collapsed to the sidewalk. Alison called for help and bent to help him.

Paul went home and fixed drinks for him and Emily. He said that he knew he would only be free of James when his father was dead. Paul recounted that his happiest times were when he didn't even remember his father, and he was with Emily. He asked Emily to move back in with him, and they could have whatever kind of life they wanted.

James met with his lawyer in jail, and said to change his will. James said he wanted to leave everything to his son, Paul. He confided to Mr. Hanson that if Paul thought he was done with his father after James died, he was sorely mistaken.

Paul and Emily began to kiss on the couch, but Paul heard his father's cynical laughter. He asked Emily if she heard anything, but she did not. She began removing Paul's shirt, but the laughing continued in Paul's head.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberty walked down the stairs at the farm with a small paper bag in her hand. She set it on a chair at Emma's kitchen table, as someone knocked on the door. It was her Aunt Teri, who was dropping off food for after Holden's funeral. Teri noticed that Liberty was really down, but she incorrectly guessed that it was because of Holden's death. Liberty denied that, so Teri invited her niece to tell her what else was bothering her, and she poured them each a glass of lemonade.

Liberty told Teri that she had been on her way out when Teri arrived, and her aunt was welcome to stay, but Liberty had to go. The girl grabbed her purse and went out the door. Teri went to sit down and found the paper bag that Liberty had forgotten. She opened it and found something that prompted a strong reaction of surprise from her.

She replaced the bag on the chair as Liberty burst back in, grabbed the bag, and ran out. Teri said to herself, "Oh, my God."

A gloomy Parker went into the living room at Carly's house and spoke with Rosanna and Craig. They told him they were about to schedule another photo shoot for him, and Craig suggested the next day. Rosanna reminded him, however, that it would be the day of Holden's service, which Craig had not known. Craig left to go to Metro, and Rosanna sat with her nephew, who continued to be sad about Holden's death.

Still at Java, Casey pushed his brother to tell him the truth about what was going on with Riley and Alison. Casey's phone rang, but he was focused on what Riley might tell him, and he let it ring. Riley reminded Casey that the call could be about Kim in the hospital, so Casey answered. The caller was Alison, who said she was in Old Town by the bookstore and that something had happened to Dr. Hughes. She urged Casey to get there fast, and said she had already called the paramedics.

Bob lay on the pavement while Alison talked encouragingly. Riley and Casey arrived, along with the paramedics who transferred Bob to a gurney. They put him in the ambulance, and Casey chose to ride with him. Alison tearfully blamed herself for not telling someone about Bob's earlier symptoms in spite of her promise to him. Riley told her not to blame herself, but she did.

In the hospital, Kim complained to Tom and Margo about how long it was taking Bob to bring her some ice cream. Margo suggested that Tom call his dad, but Bob did not pick up. Kim was obviously worried, so she asked Tom to go look for his father, but Tom made a joke of it and did not take it seriously. Casey opened the door and asked to borrow his parents, so Tom and Margo stepped into the hall. Casey broke the news that Bob had just been taken to the hospital after passing out in Old Town. As soon as Casey added the detail that Alison Stewart had found him, both Tom and Margo made disparaging remarks about her.

Riley and Alison ran up, and Tom yelled at her, "What the hell did you do to my father?" Alison explained that Dr. Hughes had been having "episodes" of blackouts and forgetfulness, and she had tried to tell the family earlier, but they had not wanted to listen. Tom accused Alison of blaming her "feeble mistakes" on his father, and he further scolded her for not making Bob seek medical attention. Alison explained that she had talked with Bob and had heard him make an appointment with the neurologist, Dr. Prendergast. Riley stepped up and said that Alison had never made the mistake in his care or in Kim's; that had been Dr. Hughes's error. He also said that Bob had made Alison promise not to tell anyone. "Except you," added a jealous Casey.

Tom could not understand why Alison had allied herself with Riley and had gone to him for advice and counsel. The neurologist walked by, and Tom stopped him and asked about his father. Dr. Prendergast said that he had just been called to consult on an MRI for Bob, but Tom asked if the doctor had not previously examined Bob. The doctor said that Bob had made an appointment for an exam, but he had canceled it.

Margo continued to berate Alison for not keeping a closer watch on Bob, but again Riley jumped in and made Margo back off. Tom told Riley not to speak to his wife like that, and suddenly Kim burst out of her room demanding to know where her husband was. She was sure something was wrong. Margo got Kim back in her room and promised to tell her news when she had any. Dr. Prendergast returned and told Tom that the MRI had shown a small mass on Bob's brain that required surgery. Tom threw in a parting barb at Alison. He said if anything bad happened to his dad, he would never forgive her.

Liberty sat on a bench in the park and called Tony, the young man with whom she had sex on the day of the school picnic. She left a message saying that they had to talk. Next she called Parker and asked him to meet her there. Parker agreed, so he told Rosanna that he would be back shortly. Tony never returned the call, but Parker showed up and asked what was in the bag. Liberty picked the sack up protectively and just sat there, saying nothing. Parker asked what was wrong, but Liberty looked even sadder and said she had made too many mistakes already in her life. She began to cry, and she ran off.

At Metro, Craig went over the plans for the kitchen remodel with Teri, but she was extremely distracted. Craig questioned her about that, and Teri said she had a lot on her mind. Craig pushed her by promising that whatever it was, he could "fix it." Terri finally swore him to secrecy and then blurted out that she thought Liberty was pregnant. Craig's first question was if Parker was the father, but Teri had no way of knowing. Craig assumed the father was Parker, and he commented that Carly would kill him for not keeping a better eye on the boy.

Craig dashed out of the club and went back to Carly's house. Rosanna said that Parker was not at home, so Craig spun one of his yarns about an emergency photo shoot that very afternoon and how important it was for him to locate Parker right away. Rosanna said that Parker had gone to visit with Liberty in the park. Craig ran out immediately.

Parker caught up with Liberty in the park, and the two of them walked and talked. Liberty reiterated that she had been really messing up lately, but Parker assumed she was referring to her failed summer internship. Parker suggested that Liberty use her good brain and go to college or find a challenging job. He urged her to confide in him, and Liberty was just about to when she spotted Craig hoofing down the path towards them. Liberty ran off, and that upset Parker. He asked Craig what he wanted, but he said that he had important business with Liberty first, and he took off after the girl. Parker returned shortly, saying that he could not find her. Craig began asking questions about Liberty, and he was greatly relieved when he heard Parker say that he had put girls on the back burner for a while.

Alison found out that Bob was returning from the MRI, but he was not yet conscious. Margo told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from all of them, but Casey protested. Margo said that she did not want anyone as careless as Alison around the people she loved. Alison was hurt, so she backed off. Across the hall, Riley shook his head at his mother's actions.

Tom went into his father's room and sat by the bed. He said that he was very angry at Bob for not being the smart one in the family for once. He begged Bob to return to them.

In Kim's room, Margo broke the news that Bob was also hospitalized, and Kim agonized about how she had not been willing to listen to Alison and how badly she had treated the girl. Like an outraged mother bear, Kim got right in Margo's face and demanded to see her husband. Margo went out to tell the doctor what Kim had said, but Riley waylaid her and pulled her aside. He warned her that they had to talk.

Riley and Margo escaped to Java, where Margo accused Alison of being responsible if Bob died. Riley said that Alison had not given Bob the brain tumor, and he begged her to "give Alison a pass" just the way she had done for him. Margo reminded him that Alison was not the first Stewart woman to hurt their family with lies, so Riley retorted that Margo was certainly in a position to know all about lying. Tom approached Riley from behind and heard his comment. Tom bristled and reprimanded Riley for his language to Margo.

Margo said that they were just arguing about Alison's role in keeping Bob's secret, but Tom was irritated that Riley had the audacity to give an opinion on such an intimate and personal family matter. Tom questioned why Riley even cared so much for them, and an emotional Riley walked out without answering. Margo told Tom that she was going home to get food for Kim, since hospital meals were not so tasty, and her puzzled husband said he was headed back to the hospital.

Parker went home and Rosanna told him that Jack had called to say that there was a gathering at the farm that night with some out-of-town family. Jack further said that it was totally up to Parker whether he wanted to attend, but Parker wanted to go and support his cousin and friend, Faith. Rosanna asked how the photo shoot had gone, but Parker had no idea what she was talking about. Rosanna mentioned that Craig had gone looking for him at the park, but Parker said that Craig had shown up, but he had only wanted to talk about Liberty.

Craig returned to Metro and gave Teri the good news that Parker was not the father of Liberty's baby. Teri said that was good news for Craig, but it didn't much change Liberty's situation. Craig suggested that she talk to Janet about it, but Teri said an adamant "no." She knew that her sister would go ballistic after what Janet had gone through when she was a teen. Craig promised that they would figure out a solution together. He suggested that Teri get Liberty to confide in her, and then Craig was willing to hook her up with the best person to help her. Teri called Craig "the best person." Rosanna called Craigand casually asked how the photo shoot had gone with Parker, and Craig slipped in another of his smooth lies.

Casey found Alison on the roof at their special spot, and he apologized for how his family had treated her. They hugged and then were surprised to see Tom walking across the roof towards them. He asked Casey if he knew why Margo and Riley were lying to him. Tom gave particulars, but Casey was evasive in his answers. Tom finally gave up and realized that Casey perhaps did not know, or if he did, he was not telling, so he left. Alison looked at Casey carefully and said that he knew something. She used Bob's situation as an example of what happened when a kept secret should have been exposed.

Tony met Liberty in the park, expecting more games, but Liberty set him straight by telling him that she was pregnant. Tony complained that they had only "done it once," but Liberty said that was sometimes all it took. Tony refused to believe that the baby was his, and he ran off. Parker called on Liberty's phone, but she was too upset to talk with him. Then he sent a text, and through her tears, Liberty read that Parker hoped she was okay and that she should call him if she needed him.

Margo dashed home from Java and found Riley waiting for her. She chewed out her son for befriending Alison Stewart and risking his freedom by having such a personal conversation in a public place like Java. Riley got emotional and shouted that he was tired of calling his mother by her first name and not being able to worry about his grandparents who were both in the hospital. Riley was also worried that Casey's jealousy over Alison might lead him to spill the beans, but Margo assured him that would not happen. Riley promised to be more careful, and Margo asked him not to put more pressure on Tom.

Kim sneaked into Bob's room and gave him a kiss. She sat by his bed and talked about their "his" and "hers" hospital rooms. She spoke to him poignantly and promised to sneak back in the middle of the night for "a cuddle."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was the day of Holden's funeral, and Emma played with Eliza because the baby was a good distraction. She talked with Meg about Holden as a child, while outside, her son, Seth, the writer from New York, arrived and greeted Brad, Jack, and Janet. Emma got emotional when she saw her eldest son, and she hustled him into the house. Parker and Liberty stood on the porch and watched Seth greet Meg and meet Eliza. Emma cried about losing Holden, and then she discussed the driving arrangements to the church.

Everyone had a car assignment except Meg, who said that Damian was picking her up. Seth was very surprised and not particularly pleased to hear that Meg and Lily's ex-husband were a couple. He made a few cracks that Meg did not appreciate.

At Lily's, Damian arrived to pick up the family in his limo, but Lucinda said that she believed that he and Meg should go to the church by themselves and let Lily bring her children with her. Damian said that he was not trying to interfere in any way, and he would be on his way to pick up Meg. He was about to leave when Lucinda announced that she was going to get Lily started towards the car, so Damian stalled in order to see Lily. Just then, Natalie ran in to tell Lucinda that Ethan was going to get his clothes dirty in the yard.

Lucinda dashed out to rescue Ethan and told Damian to see himself out. Instead, Damian went to peek in Lily's bedroom, where Lily was looking at her wedding room and hearing Holden's voice. Damian approached and announced that Lily's children needed her, and it was time to go to the church. Lily stood up but said she couldn't move, so Damian told her to lean on him. He led Lily to the living room, where she asked to go in Damian's car instead of Lucinda's. Damian said that was no problem; he would call Meg and tell her to ride with someone in her family.

While Damian was making his call, Lucinda questioned Lily about the message Lily was sending to her children by riding to Holden's funeral in her ex-husband's car. Lily was too numb to think rationally, and when Damian returned, she got into his car.

In Kentucky, Holden murmured Lily's name as he awoke from a fitful sleep. He found a blonde woman sitting by his cot, so he sat up slowly and asked who she was. The woman answered, "Maeve." She said that she had found Holden in a ravine next to a burning truck and had taken him home. Holden tried to get up, but pain in his ribs put him back on the bed. Maeve said that her husband, Eb, would be back soon.

Holden asked how long he had been there, and the woman answered, "Days." Maeve warned Holden not to try to get up, and she promised that he would be fine after some of her special soup. Holden asked if anyone had called his family, but Maeve said they had no phone, and besides, they had no idea who Holden was. Holden realized that he had no wallet and no cell phone, plus his wedding ring was missing.

Maeve suggested that Holden just sit back and relax, and everything would be fine. She fed him, and Holden was grateful, but he was desperate to contact Lily. Eb returned to the cabin and told Holden that his wife "never knew how to mind her own damn business." He wanted to know where Holden was from, so Holden said that he raised horses in Illinois. Suddenly, he remembered that Skaggs, the escaped convict, had been with him in the truck, so he mentioned it. Both Maeve and Eb reacted to that news, as Holden related how Skaggs had hijacked Holden and his truck and had grabbed the wheel and caused the accident. Holden was exhausted from all the talking, and he dozed off. Eb said to Maeve that they "had to get rid" of Holden, and he took a pistol out of a desk drawer.

At the church at Luther's Corners, Luke and Faith put together a board of family pictures, and Holden's son, Aaron, walked in. He told Luke that his mother, Julie, was having more medical tests, and that his step-father, Caleb, felt he needed to stay with her rather than attend his brother's funeral. Aaron asked about Holden's accident, and Luke said that they really didn't know much. There was speculation that their father had fallen asleep, but no one knew for sure.

At the farm, Janet asked Meg when Damian was arriving, and Meg was concerned that he was late. Meg answered her phone and was disappointed to learn that Damian was going to take Lily to the church instead of her.

Emma greeted Aaron with a big hug and told him how much he reminded her of a young Holden. She asked Meg to sit with her at the church, but it was obvious that Meg wanted to sit with Damian. Faith put the finishing touches on the photo board, as Parker talked to her. He said his favorite picture was the one of Lily and Holden together, but his cousin Faith replied, "It's a lie!" Luke approached and asked the teens to take their seats, but Faith declared that she would sit where she chose. Luke told her to save whatever problem she had for later.

Damian escorted Lily to the first pew, and the children followed. Liberty asked Parker what was eating Faith, but he did not know. A police officer appeared and motioned for Jack. The cop handed Jack a small plastic bag that contained Holden's wedding ring. Jack delivered it to Lily, who began to cry.

The minister began the service, and Jack spoke first, calling Holden a "decent and honorable man." Aaron spoke next and recounted how Holden had taught him how to be a man. Emma took the pulpit and referred to Holden as "the son that every mother should have." She also praised Lily as "the love of his life." Faith suddenly jumped up and ran out of the church, with Lily close behind. The girl ran to the photo board and ripped the picture of her parents together right down the middle, separating them into two pieces. Lily asked what Faith was doing, but her daughter gave a disrespectful reply.

Lily asked why Faith was so angry with her, but the teen yelled that she didn't want to talk to her mother. Faith ran off, as Luke and Parker joined Lily. Lily had no idea what the problem was, so Parker offered to go after his cousin. Damian took Lily and Luke back inside, and that further irked Meg. The minister prayed for Holden's soul, and the service concluded.

Parker found Faith at home, but she wanted to be alone. He asked why she was so angry, and Faith said that "all that garbage" about her parents' "perfect marriage" was all a lie because Lily had cheated on her father. Faith said that she had seen Lily kissing Damian in their living room, and Parker said that the girl needed to tell her mother that. Faith refused, so Parker suggested that he take her to the farm with the family, and that Faith should act as if everything was cool.

Lucinda was worried about Faith after the service, but Lily had no clue why the girl was so upset. Luke said that he had tried to find out, but his sister had shut him out. Damian went inside and gave his condolences to Emma, who excused herself so that he could talk to Meg alone. The two of them made plans to meet at the farm, and then a sulky Meg watched Damian take Lily to his car. Something in the bushes caught Meg's eye, and she retrieved the two halves of the photo of Lily and Holden that Faith had ripped in two.

Damian poured Lily a glass of wine at the farm and was just handing it to her when Meg came in and took the wine for herself. She also pulled Damian away to meet someone, leaving Lily alone and bewildered.

In Kentucky, Maeve told her husband that Skaggs had hijacked their visitor's truck, but Eb was not sure that Skaggs and the strangers had not been "jailhouse buddies." He was worried that Skaggs had "cut them out of the deal," and the two men had been making off with their share. He waved the gun, frightening Maeve, who suggested that the stranger might know where the money was.

Parker took Faith to the farm, but she refused to answer any of Luke's questions about her behavior. Luke took her inside, as Parker managed to avoid answering any of Liberty's questions. Liberty said goodbye to Parker and said that she needed to take a walk. He offered to go with her, but she wanted to be alone. Faith asked her mother if she could go home by herself, and Lily agreed. Faith walked out, followed by her Aunt Meg. Meg asked the girl if she could help, but Faith refused. Meg showed Faith the ruined photo and asked why she had done it. The girl told Meg to figure it out for herself, and she took off.

The Snyders drank a toast to Holden, and then Meg spoke privately with Damian and told him that she wished she knew what the conflict was between Lily and Faith. Lily wanted to go outside and be alone, but Damian tried to follow her. Lucinda intervened and told Damian to let her daughter say her goodbyes as she wished. Lily walked to the pond and talked to Holden, telling him that she needed him to be there for their children. She said that she knew he would return to her, and she kissed her wedding ring.

On his cot in Kentucky, Holden dreamed that he heard Lily telling him that she needed him and believed that he would return. He tried to move, but discovered that he was no longer free; he was chained to the bed.

Friday, August 28, 2009

In a cabin in Kentucky, Maeve and Eb continued to keep Holden prisoner. Holden tried to get out of the chains that were tied to his legs, but he couldn't. When Maeve approached, Holden grabbed her and threatened her, but Eb walked in and stopped Holden. Eb demanded to know where Holden and Skaggs had hidden the stolen money that Eb and Skaggs were supposed to split, but Holden protested that he knew nothing about any stolen loot, and that he had never met Skaggs before Skaggs hijacked his truck. Eb didn't believe him, but Maeve seemed to think Holden might be telling the truth.

Eb threatened to shoot Holden, but Maeve convinced him that if he killed Holden, he would never find out where the money was. Eb left, and Holden again tried to persuade Maeve to let him go. Maeve told Holden the only way they could free him would be if he told them where to look for the money.

Maeve asked Holden who "Lily" was, because Holden had been calling that name in his sleep. Holden answered that Lily was his wife, and he begged Maeve to at least find a way to get a message to Lily, so that Lily would know he was alive. Maeve said she didn't even know what Holden's name was, so he told her. Maeve said she would see what she could do about getting a message to Lily.

At the farm, Teri and Janet visited in the kitchen until Liberty walked into the room. Janet could see that Liberty wasn't feeling well, and Janet told Teri that Liberty had been complaining of a stomach bug for the past couple of days. Liberty insisted she was fine, but Janet told Liberty that she should see a doctor, because school would be starting soon. Liberty didn't want to, but Janet insisted, saying she would take off from work and take Liberty to the doctor at the hospital. Teri jumped in and offered to take Liberty instead, so that Janet wouldn't have to miss work. Janet agreed, but she asked Teri to call her as soon as the doctor had seen Liberty.

Janet went upstairs, and Liberty told her aunt that she really didn't need to see a doctor. Teri told Liberty that she was pretty sure she did need a doctor, although perhaps not the kind Janet thought she needed. Teri then told Liberty that she'd seen the pregnancy test in the brown bag that Liberty had taken with her the day before, and Liberty admitted that she was pregnant. Teri told Liberty that she had to see a doctor, to confirm the pregnancy and discuss her options, and Liberty reluctantly agreed.

Rosanna and Craig met at the Lakeview to review financial information about the bottled water campaign. Rosanna kept pressing Craig for details about the supposed photo shoot that Craig had arranged for Parker the other day, and Craig continued to act as though there had actually been a photo shoot. Rosanna became frustrated when she couldn't get Craig to admit that he'd lied about the photo shoot, and Craig decided it was time for him to leave. He walked away from the table and called Teri, who was still at the farm. Craig told Teri that he thought they had a problem with Rosanna, but Teri told him that she didn't have time to talk, because she was on her way to a doctor's appointment.

At the hospital, the doctor did confirm that Liberty was pregnant, and Teri went in to talk to her niece about her situation. Liberty was distraught, but said the doctor had gone over all of her options and had told her to take her time in making a decision about the pregnancy. Liberty told Teri that she thought she already knew what she wanted to do, because she didn't think she could carry a baby to term and then give it up for adoption, and she wasn't ready to be a mother yet. Liberty worried that having a baby at her age would prevent her from going to college and having the kind of life she'd dreamed of having.

Teri pointed out that there were many young women who had babies and still went to college and had a career, but Liberty said her own mother hadn't been able to manage that. Teri told Liberty that Janet would support her decision if she chose to have the baby, and that Janet wouldn't throw Liberty out of the house the way Janet and Teri's parents had done to Janet when she had gotten pregnant with Liberty. Liberty knew that, but she said she couldn't bear to see the disappointment on her mom's face and to know that her mom would somehow blame herself for having set a bad example for Liberty. Liberty made Teri promise not to tell anyone about her predicament, and Teri promised.

Teri left the room and ran into Craig in the hallway. Craig asked why Teri was there, wondering if she had a medical problem, but Teri told him that she was there with Liberty. Liberty walked out of the examination room and overheard Craig remarking to Teri about Liberty's pregnancy. Liberty looked at her aunt and said that she'd thought she could trust Teri not to tell anyone, but she had obviously been wrong. Teri tried to explain, and Craig told Liberty that he had forced Teri to tell him. Craig told Liberty that he'd been concerned that the baby might be Parker's, but Liberty said since that wasn't the case, it was no longer any of Craig's business.

Craig disagreed and reminded Liberty that he had often been the only person on Liberty and Parker's side. He told Liberty that he wouldn't let her down this time, either. Craig asked if Liberty was considering having an abortion. Liberty said that hearing Craig say the word out loud made it even more real for her, and Teri agreed that it was very real, which was why Liberty needed to be positive about what she wanted to do. Liberty didn't know where to go for the procedure, though, because she didn't want her mother or anyone else who knew her to find out about it. Craig said that in that case, he would find a clinic somewhere nearby, like Chicago. Liberty wondered how she would explain to her mother that she had to go to Chicago, but Craig said that he would handle that.

Rosanna stopped by the diner to talk to Janet. She asked Janet how the Snyder clan was doing in the aftermath of Holden's funeral, and Janet told her they were doing as well as could be expected. Rosanna then told Janet that she was worried about Teri and Craig. Janet assured Rosanna that Teri knew all about Craig and his deceiving charms, and Janet was certain there was nothing for Rosanna to worry about. Rosanna thought that Teri and Craig were trying to hide something from her, and she asked if Janet knew where Teri was, because Rosanna thought that Craig had gone to meet her somewhere.

Janet informed Rosanna that Teri had taken Liberty to the doctor for her. A moment later, Liberty and Teri walked into the diner. Teri told Janet that Liberty had a minor stomach bug and would be fine. Teri then asked Rosanna if she could take a couple of days off to go to Chicago, and Rosanna asked who she'd be going with. Liberty answered that Teri was going to take her to Chicago to look at Loyola and Northwestern. Rosanna agreed to Teri's request, and then Rosanna left.

Janet, however, said that she wanted to be the one to take Liberty to look at colleges, but she couldn't leave that weekend because of what was going on with Jack and his family. Teri said that was why she had offered to take Liberty. Liberty then lied and said she had to make the trip that weekend because her friend Mackenzie and Mackenzie's family were also going. Janet liked that idea, but she didn't like the idea of Liberty leaving town when she was apparently still recovering from an illness, and she told her daughter that her final answer was no.

After leaving the diner, Rosanna ran into Craig. He informed her that he was getting ready to leave town for a few days. Rosanna asked where he was going, and Craig replied that he had to go to New York for a business meeting. Rosanna told him that she had just learned that Teri and Liberty were also leaving town that weekend, although they were going to Chicago, and she told Craig that she thought that was highly coincidental. Craig looked astonished and asked Rosanna if she was implying that Liberty was acting as some kind of cover story for him and Teri to leave town together. Rosanna asked if that was what was happening, but Craig told her he would be in New York while apparently Liberty and Teri would be in Chicago.

Craig followed Rosanna back to Carly's house and walked in to ask her why she was so suspicious. Rosanna told Craig that she knew that he'd been lying about Parker's most recent photo shoot, and she wanted to know why. Craig told Rosanna she was leaping to the wrong conclusions, and he asked her to give him the benefit of the doubt. Rosanna said she couldn't do that, and she demanded that Craig tell her the whole truth.

At home, Faith saw that Lily was dressed up, and she asked where her mom was going. Lily told Faith that she had decided to try to work for a little while, to focus on something other than her grief. Faith became very disrespectful, accusing Lily of moving on with her life and not caring how the rest of the family felt in the wake of Holden's death. Lily asked Faith to tell her what was bothering her so much, but Faith didn't answer and instead ran off for the farm.

At the farm, Damian visited with Meg. Meg told Damian that she needed his comfort, and she asked if he could take her away from the farm and make love to her. Damian agreed, but said he had a few things to check on at work first. He gave Meg the key to his hotel room and told her to meet him there later. As Damian left, he received a call from Lily. Lily had gotten to the foundation office and had found a mountain of paperwork awaiting her. She told Damian that she was overwhelmed, and she asked if he could help her with it.

Damian went to the office and found Lily sitting at her desk, with a pile of papers strewn across the floor. Lily had knocked them down in a fit of emotion just before Damian had entered the room. When Damian tried to help her pick them up, Lily yelled at him to leave her alone, telling him she didn't need his help. Damian pointed out that Lily had just called him and asked for his help, but she said that had been a mistake, and she should be able to handle things by herself. Damian held Lily and told her she didn't need to try to handle anything by herself, because he was there for her. Damian then told Lily that it was too soon for her to try to get back to work, but that he would be there for her when she was ready.

Faith went to the farm, where Meg gave her a hug and assured her that things would get better eventually. Faith asked where Meg was going, because Meg was dressed up. Meg said she was going to meet Damian. Meg's cell phone rang, and it was Damian. He told her that he had some foundation work to do, and he would be later than he'd originally thought. Meg asked whether Damian still wanted her to wait for him, and he said yes, so she told him she would see him later.

After Meg hung up, she told Faith about Damian's need to work at the foundation. Faith asked if that was where Damian had said he would be, because that was where her mother had gone, too.

Meg went to Damian's room and drank wine while waiting for him. When he finally arrived, he embraced her, and she asked how Lily was doing. Damian wondered how Meg knew that he had been working with Lily, and Meg replied, "Working? Is that what you call it?" Damian could see that Meg thought he had been doing something else with Lily, and he tried to explain about Lily needing help with the foundation and then falling apart when he had arrived to help her.

Meg told him that she understood why Damian had stayed to help Lily compose herself, but Damian wasn't sure if Meg was being truthful or sarcastic. Meg answered that she did understand, and the real problem was that she was being petty, and resenting her brother's widow for spending so much time with Damian. Meg told Damian that she needed support, too, and Damian said he understood that. Damian apologized for not having been around for Meg, and he assured Meg that she was the most important woman in his life and that she had no reason to be jealous. Meg told Damian that was good enough for her.

Lily went home, where Faith asked if she had found Damian too distracting to get any work done. Lily asked what Damian had to do with anything, and Faith told her that Damian had put off his date with Meg in order to go meet Lily at the foundation. Lily said she and Damian had a lot of work to do to get a foundation scholarship ready before the school year began. Faith asked if they were naming the scholarship after anyone. Lily said they hadn't thought of that yet, and she wondered if Faith was suggesting that they name it after Holden. Faith said yes, and Lily thought it was a great idea. Faith wondered why her mother hadn't thought of it herself.

Faith then said they shouldn't forget about her dad just because he was gone, and Lily became incensed, telling Faith not to dare accuse her of forgetting about Holden. She grabbed Faith and said that Faith had to tell her why she was so furious with Lily. Faith told her mom to let her go, and Lily did, apologizing for having gotten so upset. Lily told Faith that she understood that Faith was struggling to deal with her emotions. Faith asked Lily what she was feeling, wondering whether her mother felt any guilt. Lily looked confused and said she had nothing to feel guilty about.

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