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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, August 31, 2009

At the Oakdale jail, James Stenbeck hurried his lawyer, Mr. Hanson, to write changes in his will that would make Paul his sole heir. As Hanson was leaving, Stenbeck said that he wanted to see his son immediately.

Paul helped Emily move back into Fairwinds--until they got sidetracked by smooching . Paul also answered the phone and learned that his father wanted a meeting with him right away. Paul reasoned that James had seen the first issue of Emily's newspaper and was very angry at the expos é article she had written about him. Paul was eager for a chance to "spit in his face." Emily went along to watch the sparks fly.

Vienna told Henry that she was very proud of him for turning his back on James. Audrey showed up and demanded that Henry accompany her to visit his father. She said it was a life or death matter, since her old boyfriend, Ray, who was really a loan shark, had threatened to kill her if James did not make good on his promise to pay $50,000 to Ray. Ray's time ultimatum was only 48 hours, so Audrey wanted Henry to beg his father for an advance on his inheritance. Vienna sided with Audrey, who then suggested that they "go hit up the dying guy for a loan."

At the farm, Parker told his dad that Emma was upstairs, resting. Parker said he was hanging around the farm in hopes of running into Liberty. Jack was uneasy that Parker might be thinking too much about Liberty again, so he asked the boy about it. Parker claimed that he thought of his ex-wife strictly as a friend, so his father was relieved. Jack offered to give him a ride to Old Town and Parker accepted.

At the diner, Liberty continued to attempt to talk her mother out of accompanying her and her friend, Mac, on a Chicago area college tour, but Janet was not about to change her mind. Her argument was that mothers liked to do those events with their children, and besides, Liberty was still not feeling well. Teri, who was in on the ruse, spoke up in defense of her niece's position, but Janet did not appreciate Teri's interference. Janet got involved helping customers, so Liberty and Teri talked privately.

Liberty was panicked that Janet would find out that they were really going to an abortion clinic, but she wanted the procedure over and done with that day. Janet rejoined Teri, who hinted that Liberty was telling her things that she wouldn't tell her own mother. When Janet pinned her sister down, Teri blamed the teen's funk on Holden's death and the general gloom that had settled around the family. Teri was able to convince Janet to let Liberty go with just her to Chicago.

Craig argued with Rosanna about his planned trip to New York. He asserted that he was not having a secret tryst with Teri Ciccone, and he was sick of Rosanna's accusations. Rosanna attempted to throw him out, but Craig claimed that he had always been faithful to Carly, and Rosanna's suspicions were all in her head. He reiterated that he really was going to New York alone, and he walked out.

An officer wheeled James into the interview room, but James was surprised to find Henry and Audrey there, not Paul. Henry, strongly prompted by his mother, asked his father for an advance on his inheritance. Audrey attempted to wheedle the money from James with flattery, but Stenbeck responded by saying, "Easy there, hot pants, I'm not dead yet!" James ended the fun and games by announcing that he had named Paul as the sole Stenbeck heir. In fact, he said, as soon as Mr. Hanson arrived, James would be signing the final draft that would make it official.

Audrey sweet-talked her lover, but James was full of pride in Paul's maturity in turning his own father in to the police. He also praised Audrey on being "a hell of a woman," but he pointed to Henry and called him "an indiscretion." Audrey was furious, so Stenbeck threw her a bone by offering Henry the use of the Stenbeck name. Henry hustled his mother out before she exploded. Paul and Emily were arriving at the station, and Audrey called Paul "a sneaky little money-grabber," before Henry could get her out the door.

Liberty, Teri, and Craig arrived at the clinic, and Liberty was stunned to learn that she could not have the procedure that day. The earliest the doctor could see her was the next day, so the girl began to get cold feet. Craig said he could arrange for an overnight stay in Chicago, so Liberty agreed to take the appointment the next day. She was terrified of what her mother would say if she found out what was happening, so she asked her Aunt Teri to call Janet and make excuses.

Jack dropped in on Janet in the diner and asked her why she really had not gone on the college tour with her daughter. Janet said that, because of the loss of Holden, the Snyders needed her to be there for them, particularly Jack and Emma at the farm. Rosanna walked in, and Jack complimented her on doing a good job with Parker and Sage. Rosanna was pleased with his comments, but she apologized for stirring up the rumor that Teri and Craig were having a romance. Just then, Janet looked out the window and spotted Liberty's friend, Mac, who was supposed to be on the college tour with Liberty.

Janet went out and confronted the girl, who told her that she and her family would be looking at colleges later in the fall. Janet realized that Liberty had lied to her, and she was upset. She went back inside and grabbed her phone, but she had to leave her daughter a message. Jack offered to call some of his buddies on the Chicago police force and have them keep an eye out for Liberty and Teri. Janet next called Teri and said that she had just seen the girl who was supposed to be on the college trip, along with her family. Rosanna thought it odd that Teri had not answered her phone, either, and Janet told Jack that he was taking her to the Windy City.

While Janet made arrangements to be gone from work, Jack asked Rosanna about Craig's whereabouts. Rosanna said that he was in New York on business. Janet was ready to leave when her phone rang, and it was Liberty. She said that she was not in Chicago since Mac had canceled, and she was on her way home. Janet asked for Teri, but Liberty said that she was by herself and that she would explain everything when she got home. Liberty hung up on a furious Janet.

Craig got them two rooms in a nice hotel, and Teri and Liberty went to theirs. Craig knocked on the door and invited the girls to go on a tour of several of the fancy restaurant kitchens in the city to get some ideas for Metro. Teri was excited to go, but Liberty was tired and chose to stay in the room. After Craig and Teri left, Liberty checked her phone and heard her mother's angry message in which she told the girl that she and Jack were heading to Chicago to find her.

Back in her room in the Lakeview, Audrey paced the floor as Henry told her it was all over. Audrey figured that they just had to make sure that Stenbeck never signed the final draft of his will. She got a brainstorm and called James's attorney, Mr. Hanson. She asked for an immediate meeting with him on a life and death legal matter. Hanson agreed, just as someone knocked on Audrey's door. Audrey, fearful that it was loan shark, Ray, hid, while Henry answered. It was Vienna, who wanted to know what was going on. Audrey sent them down to get a table for lunch, while she "freshened up."

Audrey poured whiskey into a tumbler and added several pills from a vial in her purse. Then she poured a second one for herself and waited for Hanson. He arrived soon, but was reluctant to take a drink while he was working. Audrey persuaded the stuffy lawyer to break his rule just once, because her problem was so outrageous that she needed courage to tell him herself, and she could not drink alone. Hanson took a sip, at Audrey's urging, and then another, until he staggered to the couch.

In the lounge, Henry and Vienna waited for Audrey, and fended off an obnoxious waiter. Finally, Henry decided to go and fetch his mother, so he went upstairs. He knocked on Audrey's door, and when she opened it, Henry spotted Mr. Hanson, passed out on the couch. Audrey asked for help in hiding him, so Henry and Audrey began dragging him out the door when Vienna arrived. Audrey made up a wild story about how Hanson was an old boyfriend who couldn't hold his liquor, and a gullible Vienna bought it. Vienna went back to her room to order Henry's lunch request: a cheeseburger and a pitcher of martinis.

Henry and Audrey dragged Hanson down to the boiler room of the hotel, and tied him to some pipes. Audrey took out a clean pair of panties from her purse to use as a gag, but Henry was the only one who gagged. They opened the lawyer's briefcase and found the final copy of James Stenbeck's will, waiting for his signature.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul was upset from seeing his father, and he mixed a strong drink. He wished his inheritance would go to someone else, because he felt it was cursed. Paul asked Emily if his father's money was the turn-on for her, but Emily most sincerely said that she most loved helping Paul become a better man. Paul then shocked her by proposing marriage.

Teri and Craig returned to the hotel but could not find Liberty in her room. They assumed she had gone for a walk and began laying out takeout food from many famous restaurants. Teri went into the bathroom to wash her hands, and she found a note from her niece. Liberty had hopped a bus back to Oakdale. A knock on the door renewed their hope that perhaps Liberty had returned, but when Craig answered it, he found Rosanna standing there, looking from Craig to Teri, and saying, "So, you're in New York?"

Jack and Janet were hugging in Emma's kitchen when Liberty walked in. She explained that she had totally misunderstood her friend Mac, and as a result, she had not gone to Chicago, either. She claimed to have spent the time by herself, thinking about Holden. When Janet asked about Teresa, Liberty waffled a bit and could not think of an explanation as to where she was. Janet raised her voice and yelled at her daughter, asking where she had been, but Liberty couldn't think of what to say. Suddenly, Parker walked in and said, "She was with me."

James was waiting in the interview room and protested being wheeled back to his cell. He said that he was expecting his attorney, but the officer took him away anyway. "Lawyers!" mumbled James. "You can't trust 'em, and you can't kill 'em."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paul tried to get Emily to give him an answer to his proposal, but, instead, she asked him why he wanted to marry her. Paul said that his life had a definite dividing line: the point at which he lost his memory and became a different person. He attributed the nicer person to Emily's influence, even after he regained his memory. Paul sank to his knees and repeated his proposal, but Emily whispered, "I can't." She said that she was very afraid that marriage would "mess up things." Barbara walked in unannounced, so Emily left.

Paul told his curious mother that he had good news and bad. Barbara asked for the good news first, so Paul said that he had gone to see his father and had learned that he was the sole heir to the Stenbeck fortune. Barbara was relieved, and she said that she looked forward to their lives without James. She also cautioned Paul to be more careful with his money and not to "give everything away to that slut, Emily Stewart."

Paul used that perfect segue to inform his mother that he had just asked Emily to marry him. Barbara shouted that Paul could not marry a woman who had shot him in the back. She ranted how Emily was only after the inheritance, but Paul refused to believe that. Barbara asked her son how he would like living with having to change his PIN number hourly, but Paul said for her to relax because Emily had not accepted yet.

In the hotel in Chicago, Rosanna confronted Craig and Teri and hurled all sorts of accusations. She said that she would wait patiently for whatever crazy explanation they might invent. Craig said that he and Teri had gone on a restaurant kitchen spree in Chicago, and he pointed to the food laid out in the hotel room, and the matching menus. Rosanna did not buy that story, and intimated that some sort of a tryst was taking place. Teri became irritated and reminded Rosanna that she was Teri's boss, not her mother, nor her priest.

Rosanna continued to argue loudly with Craig, until he admitted that they had lied to her, but it was for a good cause. He explained that there was a legitimate reason for their actions, but unfortunately it was not his secret to tell. Rosanna was not satisfied, and she accused them both of sneaking around behind Carly's back. Suddenly Rosanna spotted the literature from the abortion clinic on a table, and she was stunned. Teri grabbed the pamphlet from Rosanna, declaring that it was "personal." Rosanna immediately jumped to the conclusion that Teri was pregnant, and Craig was the father.

Craig tried to tell Rosanna that she had no clue what was really going on, but Rosanna went ballistic, fired Teri on the spot, and told Craig that she never wanted to see him again. A very upset Rosanna stormed out of the room.

At the Snyder farm, Parker provided Liberty with an alibi for the day, and Liberty took it from there by embellishing the story by saying that they had driven with some other kids to the lake "just to hang out." She said she had lied to Janet because she thought her mother would disapprove. Janet yelled at her daughter, while Jack used sarcasm on Parker, and he took his son outside to have a "chat-chat." Janet declared that she was not done with Liberty, but Liberty explained that she was going through some hard times thinking about college. She hugged her mother and told her how much she loved her.

Outside, Jack talked with Parker, who again said that he and Liberty were just casual friends. He also confided that Liberty would not share with him what was bothering her. He apologized to his father and offered to do the same with Janet. He did that as Jack and Janet left to go back to the diner. Liberty found Parker outside and thanked him for saving her life. Parker asked her again to tell him what was going on with her, but Liberty said that she could not.

Parker was worried about Liberty's problems and he again suggested that she share them with him. Liberty's phone rang, and she asked Parker to excuse himself because her call was "private." Parker left, as the girl took the call from her Aunt Teri. Teri was about to face Janet in the diner, and she wanted to know what Liberty had already told her mother.

Emily went to the Intruder office and spoke with Hunter. He was very pleased to report how well their first issue had sold, both in hard copy and online. He attributed the success to the scandalous Stenbeck story. Emily listened, but she was very distracted, so Hunter asked her why. Emily blurted out that Paul had proposed to her, and Hunter asked if she was referring to "Maniac Paul." Emily said that Hunter didn't even know Paul, but Hunter said he knew enough. He accused his mother of being in denial, but Emily said she had faith that Paul had changed.

Craig burst into Carly's house and confronted Rosanna. He said that he needed to make something very clear to her, even if he had to tie her into a chair to make her listen. Craig said that Teri was not pregnant, nor was he the father of the baby she was not carrying! Rosanna reminded Craig that she knew that his "righteous indignation was always in proportion to the size of his lie." Therefore, she concluded that this one was a "whopper." Craig scolded Rosanna for being so bitter that she assumed that everyone always lied.

Craig said that he refused to let Rosanna ruin Teri's reputation, but that sent her off on another tirade. Rosannae was convinced that Teri was pregnant with Craig's baby, but at that point, Craig had enough. He yelled that Rosanna was obsessed with the thought of everyone else's having hot, steamy sex because she " wasn't getting any." Rosanna hauled off and smacked Craig across the face. Craig called her jealous of his relationship with Carly, and he grabbed her and got directly in her face. Rosanna said he made her sick, but Craig said that was not what he saw in her eyes. At that very tense moment, Parker walked in, and Craig made a fast exit.

Rosanna retreated to the kitchen, and Parker followed her. He asked what had been going on when he arrived, so Rosanna said that Craig was upset because she had caught him in a bad lie. She began to ramble that it had to do with the "mystery shoot" with Parker that never happened, and then she said that Craig and Teri were in Chicago in a hotel when Craig was supposed to be in New York. Rosanna realized she shouldn't go into details with Parker, so she finished by saying that she had fired Teri and warned the boy to stay away from Craig.

Liberty met with Teri at Java and explained how Parker had bailed her out. She said that Teri was off the hook, as well, as soon as she apologized to Janet. Teri offered to set up an appointment at the clinic in Chicago if Liberty wanted to go through with her plan, but the girl did not respond. Teri went to the diner and took a verbal beating from Janet, but they made up as soon as Janet calmed down.

Hunter went to Fairwinds and found Paul reading the new Intruder. Hunter said that he wanted Paul to stay away from Emily, but Paul questioned his love for his mother, since Hunter had only known of Emily's existence for a few short months. Hunter compared Paul to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and he assured Paul that Paul would be answering to him in the future.

Barbara paid Emily a visit at her office and referred to her and Paul as "two damaged people drawn to each other." Barbara also threw down the inheritance card and recounted the many cycles, some of which involved bullets, that Emily and Paul had gone through in their history. Then Barbara played her trump and reminded Emily that Paul would never get over his feelings for Meg. She asked if Emily was willing to always take second place in Paul's heart.

Emily went home to Fairwinds and learned that Hunter had been there issuing warnings. Emily matched that with her visit from Barbara. The two discussed marriage, but Emily said that she did not want their marriage to be about anything but love. She promised that as soon as they reached that level in their relationship, she would accept Paul's proposal.

Jack and Janet discussed whether it was possible that Parker and Liberty were having sex again. Janet suggested that they needed some backup in the form of Brad. Janet remarked that thankfully she had gotten her daughter on birth control.

Parker called Liberty to find out if she was all right. He again offered to be there for her should she need to talk.

Teri went to Metro, and Craig was there. She told him that Parker had "saved Liberty's butt," so Teri was not in trouble, either. Craig was worried that Rosanna would spread rumors about Teri to Carly, and he admitted that Carly was not the most secure person in the world. Teri said that she loved Metro, but she thought it best if she moved on before Carly returned. Craig said that they would figure out how to help Liberty first, and then they would work on keeping Teri at Metro. Teri got up and hugged Craig, calling him "the greatest man" she had ever known.

Rosanna called the rehab center and asked to see Carly as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Henry joined his mother in her room and claimed that he had not slept a wink. Audrey said that she had slept like a log, so Henry asked if she had forgotten that they had James's lawyer bound and gagged in the boiler room. Audrey preferred to think of Mr. Hanson as being in "protective custody," because the words "felonious kidnapping" had a nasty ring to them. She reminded her son that they only had to keep the lawyer captive until Henry's "dear, sweet daddy" croaked.

Henry said that James had no visible expiration date, so there was no telling how long they would have to keep the lawyer sequestered. Audrey offered to kill James, and she laughed at how uncomfortable that made Henry. She was only kidding, but Henry was seriously disturbed that they might both end up in prison. Outside the door, Vienna listened to their raised voices, as Audrey packed a bag with breakfast goodies for their captive. Vienna dashed away just as the two emerged from the room.

Vienna hustled to Katie's house and made sure that Brad was not there. Vienna told her best friend that she had overheard Henry telling Audrey that they could be arrested for kidnapping. Vienna had no idea who the victim was, but she was horrified that the thought of James's millions had so corrupted her Henry.

Katie tried to tell Vienna, in a nice way, that perhaps she had "an inflated sense of Henry's moral fiber," because everyone knew that Henry adored money. Vienna agonized that Henry would never trust her again because she had tipped off the police about where to find James. She begged Katie to talk to Henry, so they went to the Lakeview. They were surprised when Audrey and Henry exited the elevator, so Vienna grabbed Audrey to take her shopping, and Katie took Henry by the arm and escorted him to a table in the lounge.

Tom arrived at his father's hospital room and found Kim faithfully sitting by her husband's bed. Bob had not regained consciousness, but the doctors had said that it could take a while. Kim said that the neurosurgeon had removed the entire tumor, and they were waiting to see if Bob had suffered any brain damage. Tom blamed Alison again for not pointing out Bob's symptoms, but Kim said the girl had gone to all of the family, and no one would listen to her. Kim asked Tom to let go of his feelings for Alison, but Tom said that he could not.

Tom did admit, however, that he and Margo were at loggerheads over Riley, who just didn't seem inclined to leave them alone. Kim understood that Adam's death had hit Margo very hard, but Tom said that it was difficult for him, as well, and having Riley around was a constant reminder that Adam had died. A tearful Kim urged Tom to go home and say some things to his wife before it was too late. She looked at Bob and reminded Tom how precious life was.

Tom left, and Kim continued talking to Bob. She told him it was time to wake up, and she began to cry. She stood up to go outside and get herself under control, when Bob said, "Don't go. I need you, too." Kim began to laugh with relief when he continued with, "This place bores me silly."

In Java, Riley spoke with Alison, who was blaming herself for honoring Bob's wishes by not telling someone in authority that Dr. Hughes was endangering patients' lives. They also talked about how obvious it was that Tom could not stand Riley. Alison knew that Casey was keeping some sort of important secret from his dad, and she asked Riley if he knew what it was. Riley evaded the question, but Alison continued that she had a feeling that something huge was about to happen.

Riley admitted that there was something going on with the family, but he assured Alison that it had nothing to do with her. Alison thought about that and then replied that she loved Casey, so whatever concerned him also involved her. Riley warned the girl to back off, or she would soon be "collateral damage." Alison asked Riley to tell her the secret, but still he refused.

Casey found Margo scurrying around the kitchen on her way to work. She said that she wanted to stop by the hospital first, but Casey said that Tom had grilled him about Riley at the hospital the day before. It was killing Casey to have to lie to his dad, and he said that it was not fair to him or to Tom. Finally, Casey gave him mother an ultimatum: either she would tell Tom that Riley was really Adam, or Casey would. Margo said that it was not a good time to push Tom because of Bob's illness, but Casey was worried that his dad might suffer another heart attack.

Casey stated that the longer they continued the lie, the worse it would be when the truth emerged. Tom walked in on the serious conversation, and he asked if anyone was going to tell him what was going on. He said that he felt like an outsider in his own home, and he wanted it to stop. Tom looked at Margo and said that he felt as if something had come between them, and he was also afraid that Casey no longer trusted him. Casey complained that he was in the lousy position of having to choose between his two parents.

Margo was upset, and she asked Casey to give her some privacy with Tom. She promised that she would tell the truth, all of it, so Casey walked out. Margo told Tom that, first of all, there was no blame attached to Casey. Everything had been her idea. She continued that there had always been a connection between her and Riley, but not the one that Tom had suspected. Finally, Margo said, "Riley is my son. Riley is Adam."

Tom laughed, but Margo quickly explained that the bomb in Afghanistan had blown off most of Adam's face, but Riley was really Adam. The real Riley Morgan had died in the bomb blast, while Adam suffered through dozens of painful surgeries to restore his face. When Adam realized that he looked so different, he felt as if he had been given a second chance. He took advantage of a new start and declared Adam Munson dead and claimed to be Riley Morgan.

Tom was confused how stealing a war hero's identity and lying to his family was any kind of change from the kind of man Adam had been originally. To him, it was his son's usual behavior. Margo shouted that their son had made amends for his former life, but Tom could not see it. Margo couldn't understand why Tom did not see what she did, and she had not realized that Tom would be so angry. Tom was furious that Margo had put Casey in such a terrible position, and he snarled at his wife that "Casey did his time." He was also hurt that Margo had felt that she could not trust Tom with the family secret.

Tom answered his phone, and the caller was Kim, telling him that Bob was awake and talking. Tom prepared to leave immediately for the hospital, but he told Margo that he wanted to go alone. His parting words to her were "I can't bear to look at you right now."

Casey went to Java and told Riley that Margo was telling Tom the truth that very moment. Riley blamed Casey, who was relieved that they no longer had to live a lie. Alison was confused and asked what was going on. Riley spoke up that his name was not really Riley Morgan. When he told the girl that he was Adam, Alison's comment was that he was "so not what you were." She talked about his many transgressions, including the attempted rape of Gwen Munson, and Adam agreed that he had been a "low-life coward." He explained about his facial surgeries, and Alison was freaked out by the revelation that a good friend was really a despicable person. She hastily left, and Casey followed.

At Fashions, Audrey's mind was not on dresses. She turned back all the dresses that Vienna had wanted her to try on, and she spotted the key to the dressing rooms on the counter. She grabbed a dress and urged Vienna to try it on, and when Vienna went into the dressing room, Audrey locked the door, put the key in her purse, and walked out. Vienna tried to open the door and began shouting for Audrey.

Meanwhile, Katie chatted with Henry in the lounge. She told him that Vienna felt that the Stenbeck money had turned him into a different person. Henry said that he planned to sign over all the money to his mother, but Vienna was still worried. Katie saw no problem if Henry kept his word, and she left the lounge. Henry scooped up rolls from the table and stuffed them into a napkin. He walked through the lobby where Katie was hiding, and she followed him through the door to the boiler room.

Henry was shocked to find no lawyer trussed up in the boiler room. He spoke out loud that he and his mother were "toast," just as Katie popped out from behind the furnace and agreed with him. Henry explained why he and Audrey had snatched James's lawyer, but Katie thought they were crazy. Henry said that he had warned Katie what would happen if he let his mother invade his life again. Katie hurried him out of the boiler room, as Henry got more and more wound up.

A steaming mad Vienna met them in the lobby and asked if they had seen Audrey. She told them about the dressing room incident, and Katie pressured Henry to admit that he was in big trouble. Vienna listened to the tale of the kidnapping, and Henry's phone rang. It was Audrey, who asked if Henry was alone. When he said that he was with Katie and Vienna, Audrey ordered him to "ditch the broad squad" and get up to her room. Vienna wanted to go and give Audrey a piece of her mind, but Henry refused to let her. He was determined to stand up to his mother.

Henry pounded on Audrey's door, and she quickly pulled him into the room. Henry hysterically described his fate in the "big house" if he had to share a cell with his mother. He said that he would take the drawstring out of his polyester pants and hang himself. Audrey motioned him over to a laundry basket, which contained a very alive, but angry, gagged, and bound, lawyer. Audrey said the plan was to keep Hanson alive until James died. The only hitch was that nature might not run its course "in a timely fashion." The bottom line was that Henry was going to have to kill his father.

Margo rushed into Java and was thankful that she had found Adam before Tom did. She said they needed to "fix it" before something terrible happened. Adam was relieved that he no longer had to lie about who he was, but he knew that his father would report his return to the authorities. Margo said they had to change Tom's mind, but Adam said that he needed to live up to what was expected of him, or else there was no point in his return. Margo begged her son to make his father understand.

Alison and Casey went to the roof of Memorial, and she felt used and betrayed by Adam. She had really liked Riley, and had shared a lot of her thoughts with him. She and Casey hugged and talked about keeping secrets. Alison realized what Adam had been talking about when he mentioned "collateral damage."

Adam went to the hospital to see how his grandfather was doing. He ran into Tom in the hall outside Bob's room. Tom was bitter and unfriendly, and he criticized Adam for knowing before the rest of the family that his grandfather was sick, but doing nothing about it. His words expressed how little he believed that Adam had changed , and he said that he was going to have his son arrested and thrown into prison. He said the word "son" with a great deal of sarcasm. Margo walked up and overheard that last comment. She reminded her husband that she knew of Adam's identity and had broken the law by not telling, and that Casey would have years tacked on to his parole.

Margo stepped back and asked Tom if he was going to send his whole family to prison. Adam said that he was willing to face any consequences he had to, but he didn't want Margo and Casey to suffer. Margo was determined not to lose her boys, and she begged Tom to reconsider. Tom said he could not even recognize his wife any more. He went into Bob's room, as Adam told Margo that he never should have returned.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

While she made sandwiches, Meg talked with Damian on the phone and invited him to join her at the pond for a picnic. Damian accepted, and as he prepared to leave, Luke walked into the Grimaldi Shipping office. Luke said that Noah's flight from Los Angeles was due to arrive in a couple of hours, and he was tired of looking at the clock. Luke also talked about when he could resume working with Damian, and his father said that he could start back immediately. Damian said that he was going to change his clothes and meet Meg for a picnic lunch. As he put on a casual shirt, Luke became gloomy and explained that Damian had put on a shirt identical to one of Holden's.

In Old Town, Noah and Mason had already arrived after catching an earlier flight. Mason wanted to have coffee with Noah, but Noah was worried that he should let Luke know that he had returned. They talked about Noah's meeting with actor Jude Law, and how the actor has liked Noah's screenplay but had passed on buying it. Mason encouraged his protégé to keep up the fine writing. Mason had another idea about casting, and he persuaded Noah to get a coffee with him from Java.

The two young men sat on a bench in Old Town and discussed the amazing time they had in L.A., including an awesome party. They said their goodbyes and awkwardly hugged each other, just as Luke appeared and called out Noah's name. Noah was full of enthusiasm about his trip, but Luke asked why he was back so early. Noah explained, and Luke was disappointed because he had wanted to use a Grimaldi limo to pick up his boyfriend at the airport.

Luke asked if Jude Law had bought the script, and Noah told him no, and then he launched into details about the wild Hollywood Hills party scene. Mason took off, and Luke and Noah finally hugged. Noah sensed that Luke was not happy, so he quizzed him about what was bothering him. Luke said that he was upset that Noah had not called to tell him about his change of plans. They squabbled some, and then they decided to go somewhere "private."

At home, Lily wrapped herself in one of Holden's shirts, and Natalie joined her. Lily explained that she was sorting through Holden's clothes to fill a box for Emma's church, which gave regular clothing donations to the disadvantaged. Natalie chose to keep a sweater that had been her father's, as Lily comforted the little girl.

In Kentucky, Holden slept fitfully and dreamed of Lily. In his dream, he and Lily were alone in the house, and she invited him to go upstairs and make love. Holden tried to rise from his chair, but he could not move. He looked down at his legs and found leg irons on his ankles, and he was chained to the chair. He called loudly for Lily and woke himself, only to find that he really was wearing leg irons. He hollered for Maeve, who came running, and Holden asked if "the deal" was still on the table.

Holden said that he was willing to tell them where Skaggs had hidden his money if Maeve would notify Lily that he was still alive. Maeve was very unhappy that Holden had "lied" to them previously, as he tried to convince the woman how all that money could change her life. Holden told her she was a good person, and good people did the right things. Maeve said that the only way Holden's wife would find out that he was all right was if he led her and Eb to the money. She called Eb, who asked Holden to draw a map, but Holden said it would be impossible to follow; he had to take them there himself.

Holden played it by ear, and led his captors into the woods. They walked for a while, and then Holden pointed to a spot and claimed that was where Skaggs had buried the money. Eb handed a shovel to Holden and told him to start digging. Holden began, but he was very weak, and Maeve eventually gave him a cup of water. Holden was struggling with his physical condition, so Maeve told her husband that the exertion was too much for Holden. Holden dug a bit deeper and then claimed to have hit something.

Eb jumped up to look in the hole, and Holden brought down the shovel on the man's back and head, knocking him unconscious. Maeve leapt up and pointed the revolver at Holden. Eb woke up with blood all over his head, as Holden begged Maeve to put down the gun. Eb got up and told his wife to give him the weapon, and Holden pleaded with her to let him help her get on the road to a better life. Maeve slowly handed the gun to Eb, who pistol-whipped Holden with it. Eb kicked him several times, as well, and then threatened Maeve with the gun. He ordered his wife to help Holden back to their cabin.

Meg finished packing the picnic basket, and she spoke with Emma. Meg invited her mother to join her and Damian, but Emma declined and volunteered to keep Eliza.

Lily started walking to Emma's house carrying a box of Holden's clothes. She stopped by the Snyder pond for a few minutes to gather her thoughts. She saw a man approaching in the distance, but she could only see his shirt well. The shirt looked familiar, and she jumped to her feet and called out, "Holden!" She was stunned to see that the man was Damian, wearing the same blue shirt Holden had owned, and suddenly she felt dizzy. She began to faint, and Damian reached for her and laid her gently on the grass. Lily was not out for long, and the first thing she did was ask about Damian's shirt.

Meg approached and mentioned that she did not know that Lily would be joining their picnic. Lily explained what had happened and excused herself. Damian was reluctant to let her go on by herself, but Lily was determined to continue to Emma's. After Lily left, Damian explained that his shirt had caused some confusion for Lily, and it had greatly upset her. Meg got very defensive and unpleasant about how Lily was always around when the two of them wanted to be together. She accused Damian of setting up the whole scenario, but Damian tired to tell her that she had no reason to be jealous.

Meg said some harsh things about Damian and suggested that he was trying to resume relations with the grieving widow. Damian claimed that he had no interest in recapturing the past, but only wanted to help Lily through a very tough time. He claimed that he would not be sleeping with Meg if he still cared for Lily, but Meg still made all sorts of crazy accusations. Damian called her "way too confused," and he said that he felt they needed to take a break so that Meg could spend more time with her family. Meg decided that Damian was breaking up with her, and she stomped off with her picnic basket.

Lily took the clothing box to Emma's, and Emma walked in and remembered Holden's blue shirt, as Lily broke down in tears. Emma suggested that she keep the clothes at the farm until Lily was ready to get rid of them. The women hugged and shared some coffee, and Emma gave her daughter-in-law some healthy advice on how to approach widowhood. She urged Lily to hang on to whatever reminded her of Holden for as long as she needed to.

Lily went back home, and Meg arrived and asked what Holden's clothes were doing in the kitchen. When Emma explained, Meg remarked that "Lily didn't waste much time." Emma scolded her daughter for a comment that was "unfair," and Meg told her mother that she and Damian had broken up. Emma said that she thought Meg should call Damian and speak to him, but Meg was too proud to take the first step.

Luke took Noah to the park, which was not exactly Noah's idea of "private." Luke said that he felt like a walk, so they strolled the path by the lake. Noah attempted to get Luke to talk about what was bothering him, so Luke mentioned Holden's death. Noah said that Luke's dad had meant a lot to him, too, but Luke snapped back with "Not enough to go to the funeral." Noah reminded his boyfriend that Luke had been the one to insist that Noah go to L.A., and he said the comment was unfair. Luke made some other biting remarks, and Noah realized that Luke was unhappy that Noah had such a good time with Mason.

Noah laughed at Luke's jealousy and said that he was in love with Luke, no one else. They hugged, and Luke told his boyfriend about Holden's funeral. Mason pedaled by fast on his bicycle and shouted, "Get a room!" at the boys. Noah laughed, but Luke did not. Mason returned, and Noah told Luke that his mentor had some great rewrite ideas for his script, and best yet, they would cast it over the Internet. Mason took off again, and Noah claimed that the "Green Eyed Monster" was hovering over Luke again. Luke denied that, but he questioned if Mason had any other students besides Noah.

The boys lay on the grass, and Luke said that, because of his extraordinary " extra-sensual" powers, he knew what Noah was thinking. He said he was positive that Noah wanted to take him home and be alone with him, and Noah grinned, and they walked arm-in-arm down the path.

Eb and Maeve put Holden back on his cot, and Eb refastened the leg chains. He said that Holden had to pay for lying to them, so there would be no more food for Holden until he told them where the money really was. Holden shouted that he didn't know where it was, but Eb said to shut up. Maeve cried that they couldn't let Holden starve, but Eb said they were playing by his rules.

Damian went to Lily's and said that he wanted to make sure she was all right. Lily tried to send him back to Meg's picnic, but Damian said that they had fought about Lily. Lily told him to go and tell Meg the truth, but he said that he could not. Lily thought that Damian's reluctance had to do with his pride, but her ex told her that was not an issue. Lily said that he needed to reassure Meg that whatever he and Lily had before was long over. Damian said that he could not say that, because it was not the truth. He confessed that his feelings for her were even stronger than they had been before. Lily immediately ordered Damian out of her house.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Craig went to Carly's. Rosanna was not happy to see him and said she didn't want him there anymore. Craig said he needed to see Parker about Midday Sun. Rosanna said she thought Craig was too busy canoodling with his "Oakdale Lolita" to get any work done. Parker arrived downstairs, and Craig said that the ad agency wanted them all to attend a meeting to discuss some new ideas. Parker said that he didn't want to go, because he had heard them fighting, and he didn't want any part of it.

Craig told Parker that they had to put aside their differences to do a good job for Midday Sun and Carly. Parker said it didn't appear as though Rosanna and Craig were going to be able to do that, and he didn't want to be in the middle of it. Craig said Parker didn't need to be in the middle, unless someone had already put him there.

Rosanna pointed out that Craig had used Parker as a cover once already, when Craig had told Rosanna about the mythical photo shoot that Parker knew nothing about. Parker said that it didn't matter, anyway, because he had promised Liberty that he would accompany her to a college fair at school. Parker walked out.

Craig asked Rosanna, "Is there anyone you aren't trying to turn against me?" Craig then asked Rosanna if she had told Parker her "paranoid fantasy" about him and Teri. Rosanna said that she had, although not in detail. Craig was upset, because he was engaged to Carly, and Rosanna said she would be sure that Carly heard every detail.

Craig pointed out that Carly's recovery wouldn't be helped by Rosanna's baseless accusations, and he reiterated that he wasn't sleeping with Teri, Teri wasn't pregnant, and that was the way they both wanted to keep it. When Rosanna said that she didn't believe Craig, Craig told her that she needed to move beyond the past. Rosanna agreed with Craig, but said the best way for her to do that was to get rid of him.

At the farm, Janet found Liberty in the kitchen and reminded her that there was a college fair at school. Liberty said she didn't think she was ready for something like that. Janet wondered what Liberty meant, since Liberty had practically begged her to let her to go Chicago with Mackenzie to check out colleges. Liberty said it was a lot to think about, and Janet hugged her and told her she'd do fine.

Teri arrived, suitcase in hand, and asked Janet if there was any room for her at the farm, because Rosanna had fired her. Janet was shocked and asked why, but Teri said she didn't really know. Liberty left for school. Teri then told Janet that she thought Rosanna had fired her because the kids were back in school and busy with their lives, so Rosanna didn't need her as much.

Janet pointed out that Teri still had a job at Metro, and Teri said that she thought Craig would be able to help her keep that job. Janet asked if Teri believed Craig. Teri said yes, and she reminded her sister that they had agreed not to fight about Craig. Janet then said that if Teri wasn't working, they could spend more time getting to know each other again. Teri told Janet that she thought Janet had done a great job with Liberty. Janet remarked that she and Liberty were very close and had always shared everything.

Liberty went to Java. Parker walked in and saw her; he asked if she was ready to leave, and Liberty asked what he meant. Parker reminded her that they were supposed to go to the college fair at school together, but Liberty wasn't enthusiastic.

Tony walked in with some friends, talking about getting into a good fraternity at college; when he spotted Liberty, his expression changed, and he told his friends they should go somewhere else, because the coffee wasn't good at Java. Tony and the other guys left, and Parker asked Liberty if she was ready to leave. Liberty told Parker to leave without her, and said she would meet him there later. Parker told Liberty that he couldn't help her if she didn't talk to him, but he got up and left.

Liberty called Teri and said that she had gotten another appointment at the clinic for that afternoon. Liberty asked if Teri could still accompany her, and Teri said of course. Liberty told Teri where she was, and they hung up. Teri told Janet that she had to leave to see about a possible job interview. Teri told her sister that she loved her, and she walked out.

Teri found Liberty at Java and asked if she was sure she wanted to have the abortion. Liberty said she wanted to be able to think about college, not about a baby. Teri then called Craig and told him about Liberty's new appointment. Craig said he would meet them, and he hung up and told Rosanna that he had to leave. Rosanna asked what was so urgent, but Craig told her it was personal.

Craig met Teri and Liberty in Old Town. He asked Liberty if she was sure about what she was doing, and Liberty said yes, then asked if they could just leave. As they left, Parker appeared, watching them. Parker sat down on a bench, and Janet walked by. Janet asked Parker why he wasn't at the college fair with Liberty, and he lied, saying that he'd been there, but Liberty was looking at more colleges, and he hadn't wanted to wait for her to finish.

Janet didn't believe him and got him to admit that he wasn't sure Liberty had ever gone to the college fair. Parker told Janet that something was bugging Liberty, but he didn't know what it was. He then confessed that he had covered for Liberty a few days before when he had said that Liberty had been with him. He then told Janet that he'd seen Liberty leave with Craig and Teri, but they hadn't seen him, and he didn't know where they were going.

Janet went to Carly's house and asked Rosanna if she knew where Liberty, Teri, and Craig had gone. Rosanna said she didn't, but Janet got Rosanna to admit that she suspected something. Rosanna told Janet that the day Janet had thought that Liberty had gone to Chicago to look at colleges, Rosanna had found Teri and Craig together in a hotel room. Janet asked why they would have taken Liberty with them, and Rosanna suggested that it was for cover. Janet found that unlikely, but Rosanna told her that she thought that Teri was pregnant.

Rosanna also told Janet about the abortion clinic literature she had seen at the hotel. Janet was convinced that her sister would never have an abortion, because of the way they'd been raised. Janet wondered whether Craig might be forcing Teri to have an abortion, because he didn't want Carly to find out he'd gotten Janet's sister pregnant. Janet asked Rosanna which hotel she'd seen Craig and Teri at in Chicago.

At the health clinic, the nurse told Liberty that they were ready for her. Teri asked how long it would take, and the nurse said that Liberty would be ready to leave in a couple of hours. Teri again asked Liberty if she was having any second thoughts, but Liberty insisted she couldn't have a baby at her age. Liberty then asked Craig and Teri if they could wait for her elsewhere.

Craig and Teri went back to the hotel where they had stayed before, to wait until it was time to pick up Liberty. Teri told Craig that she thought he'd been pretty amazing dealing with Liberty. Craig said that when a person had messed up as many lives as he had, it felt good to help someone solve their problems.

There was a knock on the door, and Craig answered it. Janet and Rosanna came in, and Janet rushed to hug her sister, telling Teri that she knew the whole story and was going to help her. When Teri asked what Janet meant, Janet said that she knew that Teri had been sleeping with Craig and was pregnant.

Teri told Janet and Rosanna that Janet was wrong. She said she wasn't pregnant, and that she had never slept with Craig. Janet asked why there had been a brochure from an abortion clinic, and then it dawned on her, and she began yelling for Liberty. Craig told Janet, "She's not here."

Janet demanded that either Craig or Teri tell her where Liberty was. Teri said she couldn't, so Rosanna told Craig to tell Janet. Craig informed Janet of the clinic's location, and Janet stormed out of the hotel room. Meanwhile, at the clinic, the doctor prepared an injection for Liberty and told her to keep taking deep breaths.

Katie met Vienna in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel. Vienna told Katie that Henry hadn't been arrested yet, and that Henry thought that meant that James's lawyer, Mr. Hansen, had decided not to talk, perhaps because James had asked him to keep quiet about the kidnapping.

Henry went to Audrey's room, where Hansen was still tied up, with duct tape across his mouth. Henry and Audrey heard the lawyer's cell phone ringing. Henry found it in the man's jacket pocket and saw that it was James calling. Henry listened to the message James had left about needing to sign the revised will in order to leave all the money to Paul.

Audrey asked Henry if he was ready to do what needed to be done. Henry said he might be a Stenbeck, but he wasn't a killer. Audrey thought that he could be, and she said that by not killing James, Henry would be killing both himself and her, because James would kill them both if he found out what they'd done.

Henry wanted to know what his mother thought the lawyer would do if Henry killed James, but Audrey said the lawyer would keep his mouth shut for $250,000. Henry wondered how Audrey thought they could get that kind of money, and Audrey said it was obvious that they would get the money after they killed James. Henry asked why Audrey thought she could trust the lawyer; she pulled the duct tape off of his mouth, and he said that for $250,000, they could kill his own father. Henry, however, told his mother that if she wanted James dead, she would have to kill him herself, and he left.

Henry went downstairs, where he found Vienna waiting for him. Henry told Vienna that he had been talking to Audrey. He assured Vienna that he had told Audrey that he didn't want anything more to do with her or her plans, but he also told Vienna that Audrey had the lawyer bound and gagged in her room.

Vienna was shocked, but told Henry that he had to tell the police. Henry said he couldn't do that, because Audrey would somehow get away with it and blame him for the whole thing. Vienna said the police would find out the truth when Audrey set the lawyer free, but Henry told Vienna that Audrey had bribed the man. Henry said the only thing they could do was leave the country.

Vienna asked Henry if they had to leave right away, and he said yes. She then asked if there was time for them to make one more happy memory in Oakdale, and seeing what Vienna had in mind, Henry agreed that there was time for that.

Audrey went to Oakdale Memorial Hospital and began looking through a drawer in an unlocked drug cart. Katie walked by and called out to Audrey. Audrey turned and complimented Katie on the beautiful glow she had, and Katie thanked her. Katie then asked what Audrey had been looking for, and Audrey lied and said she had a stomachache and was trying to find an antacid. Katie suggested that Audrey ask a nurse or go to the pharmacy, and Audrey said she would try the pharmacy.

Katie left, and Audrey went back to the drug cart. This time, she withdrew a syringe and a vial of medicine before walking away. Later, Katie walked by the drug cart and overheard two nurses talking about a missing vial of potassium chloride.

Katie went to the Lakeview and knocked on Henry and Vienna's door. When they let her in, she told them what she'd seen at the hospital. Henry realized that meant that Audrey was going to kill James. Vienna and Katie wanted Henry to call the police to alert them about a potential murder, but Henry said that Audrey would be doing a "public service" if she killed James Stenbeck. Katie and told Henry that she couldn't believe he would do something as despicable as allow a murder to occur. Vienna reminded Henry that Audrey would probably find a way to blame him for the murder, too. Henry agreed, but said that there were other considerations. Vienna asked whether he meant the money, and Henry said yes.

Audrey went to the police station to see James. She told him that she had a treat for him, since the food at the police station was probably getting pretty old. She took out a dark chocolate cupcake and placed it before him, but James said he wanted Audrey to take the first bite. Audrey acted hurt that James didn't trust her, and she said she would never do anything to hurt him.

James asked if his changing the will might prompt Audrey to want to hurt him, but Audrey swore she didn't care about James's money. To prove it, Audrey took the first bite out of the cupcake. James was pleased by Audrey's actions. Audrey sat on his lap and cuddled with him and said that she would make his last hours pleasant. When Audrey promised that it wouldn't hurt one bit, James looked concerned and asked what she meant, as Audrey raised the syringe to plunge it into the back of his neck.


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