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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on GL
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Olivia encountered Matt while she jogged in the park. He was depressed about Vanessa's engagement to Billy, but assured Olivia that he'd get over it. After he left, Natalia called Olivia to invite her out for ice cream and maternity clothes shopping. "It's what friends do, right? Shop and eat?" Natalia asked. Olivia reluctantly agreed to go, but grinned when the called ended.

As Olivia stretched, Josh strolled up, shamelessly staring at her physique. "Friends don't usually look at my ass like that," she commented. Josh replied that they were close friends. Olivia said it was hard to be friends with Natalia. Josh stated that at times, the friendship boundaries blurred between Reva and him. Olivia reasoned that shopping with Natalia shouldn't be complicated. Josh thanked Olivia for the image of Natalia and her in a changing room.

At the mini-mart later, Natalia helped Matt choose ice cream over tequila. Matt said he was "wallowing in self-pity," because he'd screwed up with Vanessa. He hadn't known that he'd wanted Vanessa back until it was too late. Natalia urged him not to give up on what he believed in. Matt replied that, at the time, he only believed in ice cream.

Matt went to work, where he invited Josh for a drink. Matt said he intended to sulk over Vanessa's engagement. Josh stated that he'd be happy to lament with Matt. Josh knew how Matt felt after watching Reva remarry several times.

At the Beacon, Olivia chickened out on shopping with Natalia. Olivia called Matt, and invited him to dinner at Towers. After the call, Matt said he was dumping Josh , because Matt had a hot date. Josh replied that Matt owed him a drunken night.

Natalia arrived at Olivia's to find Olivia in a black cocktail dress. Olivia explained that she had last-minute dinner plans, and couldn't go shopping. Olivia admitted that it was just too hard to hang out with Natalia as friends, and Olivia left Natalia standing in the hallway.

At Towers, Natalia approached Matt and Olivia's table just as the two were reviewing the wine selection. Natalia apologized for interrupting, but said that Olivia and she needed to talk. Matt left, and Olivia stated that Natalia couldn't just interrupt Olivia's plans. Natalia retorted that Olivia had made plans with Natalia first.

Olivia persisted that she couldn't be casual friends with Natalia. Natalia reasoned that they weren't meant for a casual friendship. "We need to be together, and you can't fool me by going on dates with other people," Natalia asserted. Natalia understood that she'd hurt Olivia, but Natalia insisted that she'd rebuild the trust between them.

Matt returned to Josh's office, and explained that Natalia had interrupted his dinner with Olivia. Matt said he might be crazy, but he sensed that those two were more than friends. Josh assured Matt that he wasn't crazy. "Olivia and Natalia? Now that's something to think about," a surprised Matt replied.

At Company, Buzz anxiously awaited Daisy to relieve him so he could go on his hot date with Lillian. When Daisy and James arrived, James told Lillian that he had to date Daisy at the restaurant, so that Lillian and Buzz could see each other. Buzz said it was fine as long as James bused tables.

Before Buzz could sweep Lillian away, Billy and Vanessa entered, and announced their engagement. The couple ordered cakes to give to their friends to celebrate their engagement. Buzz gave them the only cake he had, and groaned when Lillian volunteered to make more.

Buzz rushed James and Daisy through the caking baking, and Daisy teased that Buzz was in a hurry to go to Lillian. James asked what Buzz's intentions were toward James's grandmother. They were interrupted before Buzz answered. As they frosted cakes later, Buzz smeared frosting on Lillian's neck, and kissed it off.

After baking, Lillian said she couldn't believe that James had asked for Buzz's intentions toward her. Buzz kissed the nape of her neck, saying that his intentions should be obvious. Lillian set tables, and wondered what they'd do that evening. Buzz said dinner and dancing. She turned to see that Buzz had set up a romantic dinner table. He took her into his arms to dance, and Lillian commented that he should go to Australia more often. Buzz said he'd take Lillian with him.

Billy sneaked a called to Josh to warn him to act surprised when Vanessa and he gave Josh the engagement news. When Billy and Vanessa took a cake to Josh, they announced they'd marry September 14th. Vanessa thanked Josh for the talk the other day, and they left.

At Bill's house, Bill wondered what Christina and Lizzie had been trying to do with the wood they'd cut. Lizzie said she'd been working hard, and Bill decided that she deserved dinner and a movie. Lizzie preferred to check in on Reva instead.

At Cross Creek, Reva packed pictures. She told Colin that she wouldn't put every picture of Jeffrey away, because that would be just as weird. She said she couldn't admit to Jonathan that he'd been right; Jeffrey would want Colin and her back in the real world. Reva took Colin to the car, but then talked herself out of actually going anywhere.

Reva removed the last of Jeffrey's pictures, but said she wasn't ready for company yet. When she saw Bill and Lizzie in the driveway, she rushed outside to greet them. Reva said she'd invite them in, but Colin had just fallen asleep. She promised to do dinner sometime, and returned inside. "Something's not right," Lizzie said, as she and Bill walked to their car.

Bill and Lizzie visited Josh at the office to tell him that Reva seemed "kind of freaky." Josh joked, "We're talking about Reva. How could you possibly tell that?" Josh admitted that Reva had been troubled when she'd showed up at his job site. He said the only thing they could do was be there in case Reva reached out to them.

Reva realized that she had to venture out, or people would keep checking on her. She decided to garden, reasoning that she was getting out one step at a time. Vanessa and Billy arrived, and Reva said she hadn't expected them. Billy replied that family could just drop by.

They gave Reva a cake, and Billy asked if they could eat it inside. Reva invited them in, and they announced their engagement. Vanessa said they'd love to have Reva at the wedding, if Reva felt up to it. Reva replied that she wouldn't miss it.

After the couple left, Reva built up the courage to take Colin out. "It's now or never," she said, heading out the door. Reva went to the mini-mart for wine, and ran into Josh. She assured him that she was doing fine, and said that Billy and Vanessa had big news. Josh commented that love won out sometimes. Reva awkwardly agreed, and invited Josh to accompany her to Bill and Lizzie's house for a toast to Billy and Vanessa. Josh declined, but sent his regards.

At Bill and Lizzie's, Bill said the newlyweds should have their first fight, and some makeup sex. James and Daisy arrived with a cake. Billy and Vanessa strode up, and announced their engagement. Bill said he was surprised, and Lizzie replied that Bill had known his father's intentions. Bill murmured that Lizzie was ruining the moment. "First fight, right?" she reasoned.

While they ate cake on the porch, Bill volunteered Lizzie and his wedding planning services. "Are you insane?" Lizzie asked, reminding him that they hadn't even gotten the date right on their own wedding invitations. Vanessa replied that she had a wedding planner. Reva approached with Colin, and shyly joined the celebration.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At the mansion, Alex admired Alan's ability to get James to go to the office each morning. Alan replied that James and he played Frisbee each day, and eventually wound up at the office. Alan said James-liked to spend time with his grandfather, and Alan liked James. Alan felt that James accepted Alan for himself, but said that Alex understood Alan best of all.

After playing with James, Alan said that early morning Frisbee exhilarated him. "So it's not a waste of time?" James asked. Alan said that wasting time together helped them become better acquainted. James wondered if Alan had ever gone to sock hops or played hula-hoop. Alan said he'd been too busy learning the family business. James promised to get Alan a hula-hoop.

At Towers later, Billy sat beside Alan, expecting Alan's congratulations. "Let me guess. You won a pie eating contest at the state fair," Alan said. Billy announced his engagement to Vanessa. Alan replied that some people never learned. Billy recalled that Alan had lured Reva to town to break up Vanessa and Billy, but it hadn't worked. Billy offered to send Alan a wedding invitation. Alan said he was sure he'd be busy on whatever date it would be. Billy promised to send one anyway, because he wanted to celebrate with everyone.

At Company, Phillip told Lillian and Ed that he'd spent time with all of his loved ones, except James. Phillip was ready to say goodbye while he still had the chance.

After Phillip left, Beth entered, and saw Ed leaving Lillian's table. Beth implored Lillian not to blow her relationship with Buzz for another fling with Ed. "I am insane about Buzz!" Lillian proclaimed. Lillian said she was working with Ed, not cheating with him.

At the mansion later, Lillian told Alan that Phillip was ready to divulge his condition. Alan rasped that it was about time. Lillian didn't buy Alan's cavalier act, and insisted that he be strong when the family turned to him in the crisis. Alan said that he loved Phillip. Lillian hugged Alan, and said she knew that he did; he just had a funny way of showing it.

Lillian sat on the patio, and saw a Frisbee whiz past her. James approached, and she asked who'd taught him the game. James recalled that a childhood friend had. She asked if Phillip had taught him a sport, and James quipped that Phillip had only taught him to disappear. Lillian encouraged James to spend time with Phillip. "Maybe," James muttered.

At Cedars later, Lillian begged Ed to help Phillip. Ed insisted that the bone marrow transplant was too risky. He didn't think there was anything they could do for Phillip anymore.

Later, Phillip looked for James in the parlor. Alex said that Alan and James had gone to play Frisbee earlier. Phillip wished he'd gotten there in time to join them. Phillip realized that he had time to play pinochle with his favorite aunt. Alex warned that she played down and dirty.

After the game, Alex encountered Bill and Lizzie at the mini-mart. Alex congratulated Bill on his parents' engagement, and speculated that all the summer romance meant babies in the spring. Bill didn't think his parents would have more kids, but he said Lizzie and he were trying.

When Alex sat down at Company, James entered, and joined her. Alex commented that she'd feel left out if she didn't learn to play Frisbee. James offered to teach her, but Alex joked that it would preclude her need for a handsome, young trainer. She noted that James had worked his magic with Alan, and she and James left to play a round of Frisbee.

James arrived home, and Phillip tried to make plans with him. James claimed that he was busy. Phillip didn't understand why James had time for Alan, but not for Phillip. As the conversation heated, Beth entered, and insisted that Phillip accept James's answer. James left, and Phillip uttered that he just wanted to spend time with his son.

Phillip packed his golf clubs, intent upon taking James to the driving range. Beth implored him to give it time, but Phillip said he didn't have time. "Everything has to happen on your timeline. You pull people in when you need them, and push them away when you don't," Beth stated. Phillip retorted that he'd been a lousy father, son, friend, and husband. Beth told him to stop making everything about him. Phillip replied that sometimes, it really was about him.

In the attic later, Alan asked why Phillip felt it was time to divulge his illness. Phillip said he'd tried to have a last moment with everyone first, but James refused. Alan wondered what had happened to Alan's moment. Phillip replied that Alan had told him to go away and die. "You always hear what you want to hear!" Alan bellowed. Phillip said that he'd tried practically his whole life to have a moment with Alan. "I don't have time. I'm out," Phillip realized, and left.

After a while, Phillip returned to talk to Alan more, but Alan had gone. James was there instead. James said he was doing nothing, and Phillip said they could do "nothing" together. Phillip suggested video games, but James replied, "Boring." Phillip suggested basketball, and James said he didn't want to do anything with Phillip. "Okay," Phillip said as James exited. Phillip grew angry, and decided, "Not okay!" He took off after James.

Phillip pursued James outside, where James took off in his car. Phillip chased the car through the mansion gates. Phillip collapsed on the ground, clenching his side.

At Cross Creek, Billy asked Reva to be the matron of honor at the wedding. Reva assumed that the bride and groom extended the invitation because Reva had been so sad. Billy reasoned that Reva had been there for the important events of his life, and Vanessa and he agreed that he should have his best friend by his side. "Then I'll be there with bells on," Reva replied.

At the Beacon, Reva found Vanessa in her room preparing for wedding fittings. Reva said she hadn't believed that Vanessa really wanted Reva in the wedding. Vanessa replied that she wouldn't have asked if she hadn't meant it. Reva tearfully said that no one would have thought that the girl sent to Springfield to break up Vanessa and Billy would stand up for them at their wedding. "I kind of like it," Vanessa responded, and playfully continued, "And anyway, you didn't then, and you're not going to now. So I say, would you like a drink?"

Lizzie strode into her yard to find Bill and Josh with blueprints. They were devising a prank to disrupt Vanessa and Billy's honeymoon. Josh said that it was an old tradition called "Chivalry," where people banged pots and pans below the honeymoon suite. Lizzie said that it was a horrible idea, and she took the blueprints from them. After Lizzie left, Josh and Bill decided to enlist Buzz's help, because he had tons of pots and pans.

When Beth called Lizzie to have lunch, Lizzie said she'd promised to try on dresses with Vanessa that day. Lizzie cooed that it was a child's dream to have her parents reunite, like Bill's would. Beth advised Lizzie to keep dreaming, because it wasn't in the cards for Beth and Phillip.

Bill and Josh found Billy by the gazebo, tossing horseshoes. Bill wondered if that were the whole bachelor party. Billy said that he didn't drink, and he was too old for strippers. Bill reasoned that Billy wasn't too old; however, Vanessa would kill Billy if he had strippers.

When Lizzie arrived at Vanessa's, a jittery Reva said she knew nothing about being a bridesmaid. "Step one," Lizzie said, handing Reva some champagne. Reva and Lizzie joked about surprising Vanessa by showing up to the wedding in matching dresses and dyed shoes.

Later, the ladies met up with Billy, Bill, and Josh at Towers. While toasting, Lizzie admitted that she'd been afraid of Vanessa. Everyone at the table jokingly seconded Lizzie's statement. Lizzie said she'd learned that she had nothing to fear from her mother-in-law. During Reva's toast, she said that everyone was where they should be.

Bill toasted to his parents' long-awaited reunion. Billy said that after two failures, he couldn't believe that Vanessa had given him another chance. "Third time's the charm," Vanessa said. Billy stated that they'd grow old together, and he'd never let her go.

Before dessert, Reva said she had to get back to Colin. As she left, Josh trailed behind her. He asked her to stay longer, because it was good for her to be out. "Well, I made it here. That was good," Reva replied. Josh agreed that it was very good, and Reva left on the elevator.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Jeffrey's picture that she loved Billy and Vanessa, but it was hard to be there. She mentioned that Billy's toast about growing old with Vanessa had gotten to Reva. She realized that sometimes she needed to talk to Jeffrey's picture to make herself feel better.

Josh called to check on Reva, and she said she was okay. She told him that he'd been right in saying that she had to pull herself together on her own, and she believed that she could do it. Josh replied that he knew she could, and Reva said goodbye.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jonathan met Jeffrey in a secret location. "How's Reva? How's Colin? Any sign of Edmund?" Jeffrey anxiously asked. Jonathan succinctly replied, "Whacked, cute, none." Jeffrey produced a note from Edmund, saying that the minute Reva learned that Jeffrey was still alive, Edmund would start killing the kids. "What a psychopath," Jonathan commented, and hoped that Jeffrey could keep Edmund at bay long enough for Jonathan to retrieve Sarah.

Later, Jonathan called Jeffrey as he drove in a car. Jeffrey spotted Edmund driving out in the open, and wondered why Edmund hadn't been more inventive. Jeffrey told Jonathan to pick up Sarah while Jeffrey had Edmund within his sights. As Jeffrey let Edmund chase him, Edmund commented to himself, "Who knew that hide and seek could be so fun?"

Jonathan picked Sarah up from a safe house, and said they had a long road trip ahead of them. Sarah asked where they were headed. "To see your mom," Jonathan replied.

Outside the mansion, Phillip struggled on the ground. From his cell phone, he called Lillian to help him. Lillian rushed to Phillip's side. He explained that he'd collapsed while chasing James. "I gotta tell them, don't I?" a worn-out Phillip asked. "I gotta tell them."

At Cedars later, Ed considered admitting Phillip to the hospital to make him comfortable while he awaited the end. Phillip refused the option. Lillian said she'd called Beth. Phillip wanted Beth to meet him in the park, so that he could tell her before telling the rest of the family.

At the mini-mart, Beth paid for Daisy's purchases. Beth thanked Daisy for being a friend to James, who really needed one. Daisy received a text message, and left to meet James. Daisy and James discussed the weirdness of their families, and Daisy called Company to take the day off. Before Daisy and James could make plans, James was called away for a family meeting.

Phillip met Beth at the park. Beth was still concerned about Phillip and James antagonizing each other. Beth prattled on about James until Phillip grasped her hands, and gravely said that he was sick. He explained that he had an infection that had compromised his immune system, and there was no cure for it. "I only have a few weeks, maybe less," he said.

Beth grew distraught, sobbing as Phillip explained that he'd kept it secret so that his last days wouldn't be about his sickness. Beth dissolved into tears. Phillip held her, saying that he loved her very much, and had wanted to spare her the agony. They clung to each other, crying.

Alan warned Alex not to throw the Frisbee in the parlor, but then they playfully tossed it to each other over Alan's desk. Alex said that James was rather likable, and Alan quipped that James didn't get it from Phillip. Alex retorted that it hadn't come from Alan, either. Alan said he understood James in a way that Phillip couldn't.

Alan saw Reva at the mini-mart later. Reva wondered why Alan's servants weren't running his errands, and Alan responded that he liked to escape to the mini-mart, because no one would think to look for him there, except his family, who could always track him down. Reva said that sometimes, family was all they had.

At Cedars later, Alex worried to Alan that something was terribly wrong. Alan called her a good sister, and led her into a room. Rick arrived, followed by Lizzie and Bill. Ed and Lillian took them to join Alan and Alex in the room. Phillip and Beth arrived, and Phillip said he didn't think he could get through it without her. Beth said she wanted to be with him every step of the way. James entered behind them. Beth wordlessly led him into the room.

Phillip braced himself, and joined his family in the room. Music played, and the camera peered into the room's window, catching each family member's reaction to what Phillip was saying. Inside the room, Ed explained that nothing more could be done for Phillip. James asked how long Phillip had known, and Phillip replied that it'd been a few months.

"I'm out of here," James huffed, and left. James trashed a magazine stand in the corridor, and then shut himself in Ed's office. He knocked files off the desk, and roared in anger. When he looked down, he saw Phillip's medical file on the floor. He sat down, and read it.

"Daddy," Lizzie whimpered, "I just got you back. I don't want to lose you." Phillip comforted his crying daughter. Alex caressed Alan's shoulder, sobbing that as his sister, she should know what to say to him, but she didn't.

Phillip asked that the family keep things as normal as possible. Rick told Phillip to just let them all take care of him. Phillip stated that he needed to talk to Olivia and Emma. Phillip doubted he could fly to see Zack, but hoped Harley would let him call Zack.

As the Spauldings left the hospital, Ed returned to his office. James entered behind him. "I see that you found a cure for my dad. Why do you want him to die?" James asked.

At Company, Josh explained to Buzz that everything was going well with the Lewis wedding. Buzz commented that the Coopers were great. Frank disagreed, citing that Mallet had just run off and a criminal had become a member of the family. Cyrus entered, and commented to Buzz that he was still getting used to being part of the family. Buzz stated that it was still weird, but he was glad that they'd found Cyrus.

Buzz discovered a depressed Lillian on the boardinghouse steps. She said she had something to tell him. Lillian suddenly sobbed, wailing, "Phillip's dying!" She explained that Phillip had a lung infection that was eating away at him, and Ed couldn't find a cure. Lillian cried that she felt sad and alone. Buzz told her that she'd never be alone.

Rick and Frank huddled at the laptop, looking at the online dating site. Frank revealed that he'd contacted one person. Blake approached to get something off a shelf, and Frank closed the laptop. She looked suspiciously at the men as she strolled off. Frank insisted to Rick that the dating site was just a distraction from his troubles. Blake took Frank a sandwich, and he worried about losing the restaurant. Blake suspected that good things would happen to the family.

Outside, Shayne and Marina discussed the steps they'd taken to move the custody hearing along. Shayne stated that family court had an opening to hear their case that afternoon. Marina recommended telling their families about Henry before court, and thought telling everyone at once would be best. Shayne decided that they'd have too many reactions to handle at once. He asked if he could tell his father first. "Tell me what?" Josh asked.

Marina and Shayne rose from the picnic table, and explained to Josh the details surrounding Henry's adoption, and Dinah's investigation into Henry's paternity. Shayne announced that he was Henry's father, which made Josh a grandfather. "Henry, welcome to the family!" an astounded Josh said, holding the boy in his arms.

Josh, Shayne, Marina, and Henry went to Cross Creek. Josh told Reva to sit down. Reva got scared, and Shayne said that he had good news. Shayne explained that Lara and he were Henry's biological parents. Reva hugged Shayne, happy that he was a daddy, but she wondered what it meant. Shayne said that Marina would always be Henry's mother. Reva felt that it was obvious that Marina and Henry belonged together.

After Marina and Shayne gave Reva all the details of their journey with Henry, they gathered the Coopers at the courthouse to render their news. Frank chuckled, saying, "Another family shocker. Here it comes. What? Are you going to tell us that Shayne is Henry's father?" Frank continued to laugh, until Marina replied, "Yeah, actually, he is."

Shayne said they'd get into the details later, but they'd discovered Henry's paternity after Dinah had investigated it. Shayne said that Marina would always be Henry's mother. Marina explained that the news had been the reason that Mallet had left. She said Mallet loved Henry, and wanted to give Henry an uncomplicated life with one mother and one father. Shayne felt that Mallet was a great man, and Shayne promised to be the best father that he could be to Henry.

As Josh held Colin, he commented that Reva needed a picture of Henry for the mantel . Reva couldn't believe that their little boy had a little boy. "This is your first grandchild! Congratulations!" Reva said. Josh said that it was nice to see their family getting on its feet again. They teased each other about being grandparents as they left for the courthouse.

The Coopers and the Lewises gathered in the courtroom for the custody hearing. When it was over, the judge advised them to go home and celebrate as a family.

Mallet met with his agency contact in Germany. He assured the contact that he had no ties binding him to the United States. The contact gave Mallet an assignment in Wietze. As Mallet left, he received a call from Frank, who said that Marina had explained the reasons that Mallet had left. Frank apologized for being hard on Mallet. Mallet forgave Frank, and asked him to call if the family needed anything.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

At Company, a bank official handed Buzz some paperwork, and said that the bank was calling Company's mortgages due in thirty days. The official said the restaurant was tanking, and the bank needed to foreclose before the Coopers declared bankruptcy.

Outside Company, Cyrus told Ashlee and Blake that they had to finish the book. Blake said that to get an advance on the book immediately, they'd have to send a polished manuscript to the publisher by six that evening. Ashlee felt there was no way to do that when the last chapter hadn't even been written. Cyrus said that they had to try to save the Coopers and Company.

At the Beacon, Blake and Ashlee figured that they had just under four hours to write thirty-five pages about what had happened in Australia. Cyrus said he'd dictate to Ashlee, who'd write it in Coop's style, and Blake would edit the pages.

Doris peeked into the hotel room, and asked what they were feverishly working on. When she heard it was a book about Jenna, she joked that Ashlee might write a book about Doris. Ashlee replied that she couldn't because she knew nothing about Doris. Cyrus, Blake, and Ashlee continued to work, and Doris awkwardly slipped away.

While the Coopers sat, moping at Company, Blake, Ashlee, and Cyrus worked on the book. They finished it at two minutes before six. Blake called the publisher to assure that it had been received, and she asked if she could have the book advance wired immediately. The publisher agreed, and after the call, Ashlee, Blake, and Cyrus screamed for joy.

The gleeful three entered Company, and Buzz wondered where they'd been. Cyrus and Ashlee proudly stated that they'd been busy. Blake added that they had good news. She said Coop had written a book. Buzz contemplated reading it, and getting it published once he found somewhere to live. Blake showed him a PDA, saying he could read it at any time.

Blake explained that Cyrus had set up a corporation in Buzz's name, and that corporation would receive the proceeds from Coop's book, the advance of which was being wired as they spoke. Blake claimed it was enough to pay both mortgages, finish the roof, and buy a stove. "Enough to send her to school?" Buzz said, pointing to Daisy. Blake agreed.

Ashlee said they'd succeeded because Blake had amazing talents, and Cyrus was "shady." Blake accredited Jenna's amazing story and Coop's impeccable writing. Buzz proposed a round of milkshakes with vermouth, or just vermouth if they preferred.

At Cedars, Ed explained to James that the bone marrow theory was risky and untested. James didn't care, if it could save Phillip. Meanwhile, Beth tried to convince Phillip to stay at Cedars overnight for observation, but Phillip said he'd rather die at home than in a hospital. Just then, James burst into the room, claiming that Ed had been holding back about a cure.

Ed entered, and said that James hadn't understood what he'd read. Ed explained that the experimental procedure involved massive bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions, and extreme amino suppression. Even if the untested procedure worked, Phillip and the donor each only had a 50% chance of survival. Ed stated that it was too risky for the hospital to allow it, and he didn't know what doctor would even do it.

Lizzie wondered if any of the family members could be a match. Phillip insisted that he wouldn't let anyone, especially not a family member, take such a risk. James and Lizzie demanded to be tested, but Phillip said, "I am your father, and I'm not going to allow it." Phillip hugged them, and stated that he had one more little girl to talk to.

In Olivia's office, Natalia invited Olivia to her first sonogram. Olivia refused, and asked why Natalia couldn't leave Olivia alone. Natalia responded that they were meant to be together. "It's not happening," Olivia insisted. Natalia reasoned that she didn't want Olivia to miss out on their family moments, because they'd only happen once. "Thanks, but no," Olivia replied.

Natalia went to Company to remind Frank about the sonogram, and said she'd invited Olivia. When Frank went outside later, he saw Olivia rummaging through her purse for her phone. She distractedly said that it wasn't her place to attend the sonogram. Frank replied that after all the shake-ups in his life, it was hard to tell what anyone's place was anymore. He told her not to over think things, and just do what she needed to do.

In the corridor at Cedars, Alan saw Natalia picking up her vitamins. He said that because Rafe was family, Natalia and he should know that Phillip was dying. Natalia asked about the family, and Alan said that they'd pull through. Natalia announced that Rafe had enlisted in the Army. Alan said Rafe was brave, and asked Natalia to have Rafe call before he left.

At the mini-mart later, Natalia told Doris that she was excited to raise a family with Olivia. Doris thought that Olivia and Natalia had broken up. Natalia responded that she wouldn't just let go of Olivia. "She's the love of my life," Natalia added.

At the park, Phillip stood with a sullen Olivia, who wondered how long Phillip had to live. "Not long," Phillip uttered. Just then, Emma rushed into her father's arms, and he asked her to take a walk. Olivia cried, watching them walk and talk. Phillip cried as Emma hugged him.

Emma was sad after Phillip had left, and Olivia wondered what Emma wanted to do. Emma asked if they could bake cookies with Natalia. Emma hoped that baking Phillip cookies would make him feel better. Olivia dialed Natalia's number. Later, Olivia dropped Emma off at the farmhouse. Natalia motioned for Olivia to enter. Olivia shook her head, and left. While baking cookies, Emma predicted that Natalia would have a girl.

Doris found Olivia strolling in the park, and said she was sorry about Phillip. Olivia worried about Emma growing up without a father. Doris lamented that Ashlee never knew her own mother. Doris wished she'd taken more risks in her life, and decided that it might be time to risk everything.

After Phillip left, James begged Rick to test him for a bone marrow match. Rick didn't want to do it, but James insisted, saying he needed to prove that he loved his father. Rick sighed, and had a nurse test James. Meanwhile, Lillian handed Ed some preliminary tests that he'd asked for. He opened the file to see that someone else was a match.

Rick found James outside to tell him that he was a match. James wondered what would happen next. "Nothing will happen next," Phillip said, approaching. "How dare you get tested?" Phillip stated. To Rick, he continued, "How dare you put my son's life at risk?" James insisted that it had been his idea, and father and son could beat the odds together. Phillip blew up, screaming that James never listened.

James strode off, and Phillip lit into Rick for testing James. Rick said he'd known all along that Phillip wouldn't agree to the procedure with James as a donor, but Phillip couldn't control how others felt. Rick said that James was trying to be a man by offering to put his life on the line for his father, but Phillip had dumped all over him. "Just let your son be your son, Phillip," Rick implored. Phillip calmed down, and wondered how Rick had become such a good father. Rick said that it was because he had a good father.

Daisy found James outside Company. She told him the good news about her family, but noticed that he was upset. James asked her to take a walk with him.

At the nurse's station, Lillian reminded Alan about his cardiology appointment. Alan said he'd just skip the test, but Lillian replied that he shouldn't. "My son just informed his family of his impending death," Alan stated. Lillian countered that he needed to keep his health up for his family, who needed him. "No one needs me anymore," Alan responded, and walked away.

Alan walked in the park, and wordlessly encountered Phillip on the bridge. When Alan returned to Cedars, Ed sat with him to say that they'd found a match. Alan was a potential bone marrow match, even though he wasn't biologically related to Phillip. The procedure was still a long shot, but Alan could possibly save Phillip's life. Ed handed Alan a file, and said he could use the office to think about it. Alan seemed stunned by the development.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ashlee gave Buzz a finished copy of Jenna's biography. Buzz pretended to ream her out by saying that the book was written without his approval, but then he thanked Ashlee. Ashlee said that she did it for Coop, since reading his notes made it seem as if he was with her the entire time.

Later, Doris arrived at Company, Buzz showed her the book that Ashlee had typed up and told Doris that she had done well, since she was Ashlee's mother and shaped Ashlee into the woman that she became. A depressed Doris brought up the fact that Ashlee claimed that she didn't know anything about Doris. Buzz told Doris that she could fix that, and suggested that she should do it before it was too late.

Blake handed Ashlee a check for her work on the book. Blake told an ecstatic Ashlee that she would be receiving a very tiny percentage of the royalties, as well. Doris called Ashlee and asked to meet her for lunch.

Ashlee met Doris in the parking lot near Doris' office for a quick bite. A very nervous Doris brought up the sex talk she tried to have with Ashlee when Ashlee was seven. As Ashlee assured her mother that the talk didn't scar her for life, Doris blurted out that she was a lesbian. Doris stated that she had always known she was one, and when she realized that she wanted more out of life, she visited a sperm bank to conceive Ashlee. Doris explained to a freaked-out Ashlee that she had wanted to tell Ashlee when Ashlee was seven and asked about her father, but Doris chickened out.

Ashlee got angry and accused Doris of lying to Ashlee her entire life. Tearful, she asked Doris why she did not trust her enough to share that information before. Doris told Ashlee that the world was a cruel place. Ashlee declared that she knew that and said that Doris was cruel. Ashlee told Doris that she was not ashamed or embarrassed by the revelation, but was angry that Doris did not love Ashlee enough to be honest.

Doris returned to Company and ordered a stiff drink. Doris told Buzz that she had a talk with Ashlee and screwed it up. She stated that she told Ashlee something really huge and Ashlee walked away from her. Buzz was sure that Ashlee would return. Buzz stated that, though kids had a problem learning that their parents were human, they still loved them.

Rafe spotted an upset Ashlee, who confided in him that Doris had just told her she was gay. Ashlee told Rafe that Doris had known she was gay forever, but had never told her. Ashlee stated that it upset her that Doris did not think she could handle it. Ashlee said that Doris had always been angry and, growing up, Ashlee had assumed that it was because Doris did not like her. Ashlee realized that Doris did not like herself.

Rafe reminded Ashlee that Doris did eventually tell Ashlee the truth. Ashlee stated that she was upset that Doris deprived herself of happiness because she was afraid of what Ashlee might think.

Olivia got the cookies ready for Emma to take to Phillip. Olivia warned Emma that the cookies were not going to make Phillip's illness go away. At that point, Natalia called and asked how everything was going. Olivia spoke about how hard it was to know that Emma would be losing Phillip when she had just gotten him back. Natalia offered to do anything she could to help Olivia. Olivia thanked her and wished Natalia good luck on her sonogram.

Olivia took Emma to see Phillip. After Emma gave Phillip the cookies, Olivia quietly warned him that Emma believed that the cookies would heal him. Phillip told Olivia that he would make it clear to Emma that he needed special medicine. Olivia spoke about how unfair it was that Phillip was dying. Olivia asked when he was checking into the hospital ,and Phillip replied that he was not going to the hospital. He did not want his family hanging around waiting for him to die.

Olivia went to Company for lunch and talked to Buzz. Their discussion turned to Frank, and Buzz mentioned that Frank felt that part of the reason why Marina's marriage broke up was that Frank set a poor example with his marriage to Eleni. After saying that all parents make mistakes, Olivia remarked that Frank had another shot at parenting. Buzz said that with Frank and Natalia as parents, the kid would be in great shape.

Blake saw Natalia at the convenience store and casually asked if Natalia knew the sex of her baby. Natalia did not, but said that she was going to find out. Natalia remarked that Olivia would probably love a girl, because Olivia was so good with Emma. Blake asked Natalia not to push Frank out of the baby's life. Natalia agreed that she would never do that.

Natalia saw Phillip at Cedars and mentioned that she knew about his condition from Olivia. Before Natalia walked off, Phillip offered her a piece of advice about Olivia. Phillip warned Natalia not to be fooled---Olivia did need her. Phillip told Natalia not to let Olivia push her away. Natalia made it clear that she wouldn't.

Phillip saw an upset Olivia crying in the park. When he asked her what was wrong, Olivia admitted that she was embarrassed to tell him, because her problems paled in comparison to what he was worried about. Phillip assured her that he was not worried about dying, because he'd had time to adjust to the idea. Olivia said that she was upset that Emma would lose her father just like Ava lost hers. Olivia commented that they had lost too many people. Phillip reminded Olivia that she had somebody--Natalia--and told her not to lose Natalia by pushing her away.

Frank sat with Natalia at Cedars. Natalia brought up Emma being sad about Phillip and remarked on how important family was. Natalia said that was part of the reason why she wanted Olivia in the baby's life---because she wanted the baby to have all of the family that it could. As Frank assured Natalia that their baby would have plenty of people around who loved it, Olivia walked in to support Natalia.

At Cedars, Alan asked Ed what he meant by Alan being a potential match for Phillip. Ed explained that Alan was an 86% match, which was not ideal, but still workable. However, Ed warned Alan that the risk to Alan was extremely high and he could lose his own life while trying to save his son's.

After Alan criticized Ed's "sales pitch, " Ed made it clear that he could not recommend the procedure, because it was too dangerous and because Phillip refused to have it done. Ed told Alan that, as a father, he sympathized with him. If Alan had the procedure, Phillip could still die. If Alan did nothing, Phillip would surely die.

Later, a shaken Alan walked in the park while reading Phillip's medical file. When the papers blew away, Rafe appeared and picked them up for Alan. Rafe informed his grandfather that he had enlisted in the Army. Alan commented that it was a brave thing for Rafe to do, and assured the boy that Alan would make sure that Natalia always had a good job. Alan told Rafe that Gus would be very proud.

Alan went to Company to speak to Buzz. Alan told Buzz about Phillip dying and the risky transplant that could save his life. Alan suddenly asked Buzz if he had enlisted in Vietnam or had been drafted. Buzz stated that he had enlisted. Alan confessed that he was drafted, but that his father bought him out of it and someone else was killed in his place. Alan said that he had felt like a coward ever since. Buzz stated that everyone was a coward.

When Alan said that Buzz was not a coward because he had signed up to go to Vietnam, Buzz declared that he only did that to run away from his wife and son. Buzz stated that he was not a man of honor. Alan admitted to Buzz that he was a donor match for Phillip and, when he found that out, he was as scared of dying as he was when he was eighteen. Alan told Buzz that he didn't think he could go through with the procedure. Buzz said that he knew that Alan would.

Alan returned to Cedars and asked Ed to explain the entire procedure to him, especially in regards to how it would affect Phillip. Ed told Alan that the few hours after surgery were the most risky. If Phillip survived that, he should make a full recovery in a few days. Ed cautioned that the procedure had never been done before--Alan would be the guinea pig. Alan told Ed that he wanted to do it. Later, when Alan told Phillip his decision, Phillip refused to allow it.

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