One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on OLTL

Rachel was forced to admit her sordid past as she testified on Matthew's behalf. Rachel and Greg kissed, but Rachel didn't want to hurt Shaun, even though she'd decided to break up with him. Sergei and his men kidnapped Starr and Hope, and Shaun was shot in the process. He professed his love for Rachel. The mayor was arrested. Stacy discovered she was pregnant. Ross spied on Téa. Gigi had a hard time believing Stacy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its daytime lineup. This scheduling change was planned and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All's Mayor in Love and War

Nora and Téa languished in jail. Nora accused Téa of spending too much time with Todd; according to Nora, Téa was as disgusting as Todd. Nora's bone of contention was the way that Téa had treated Rachel on the witness stand. She resented that Téa had brought up Rachel's drug abuse, the prostitution, and Georgie Phillips' murder. Téa defended her actions; she insisted that she had done what was necessary to win the case for her client.

Nora scoffed when Téa insisted that Rachel was her friend. Nora was curious how many times Téa had called to catch up with her friend since Rachel had moved back to Llanview. Téa's lack of response proved Nora's point. Nora accused Téa of not having any ethics or of understanding what it was like to be a mother. Nora explained that when she looked at her children, she remembered them as infants, when she had vowed to protect them with everything that she had.

Téa revealed that she understood how Nora felt. Nora found it curious that Téa, who was childless, could empathize with a mother's deep devotion to her child. Téa seemed to catch herself and then quickly clarified that she could imagine how it felt. Téa insisted that she was sincerely sorry for hurting Rachel. Nora suggested that Téa apologize to Rachel, not her.

Outside, Greg and Rachel argued. The further away she tried to push Greg, the more he dug in his heels. When Rachel demanded that Greg leave her alone, Greg pulled Rachel in for a passionate kiss. Rachel pulled away for a moment, but then resumed kissing Greg with the same intensity that he had kissed her. As soon as the kiss ended, Rachel was assailed by regret. She tried to walk away, but Greg followed her.

Greg admitted that he had suspected that Rachel's life had been difficult, but he had not realized just how hard things had been for her until he had heard her on the witness stand. Rachel was clearly ashamed by some of the things that she had done, but Greg insisted that she was much more than her past. Rachel didn't want to discuss it. She insisted that they needed to forget the kiss that they had shared.

Greg disagreed; he wanted to start over, so that they could explore their feelings. Rachel reminded Greg of Shaun. She refused to hurt Shaun more than she had. Greg argued that they couldn't help that they were attracted to each other. Rachel insisted that Shaun deserved better. She realized that she had led Shaun on, even though she had known that they didn't have a future together. Despite Rachel's resolve to end things with Shaun, she refused to consider starting a relationship with Greg. Rachel didn't think that it would be fair to Shaun.

Marty was surprised when she found Cole and Brody in John's office. Brody explained that he was working undercover to protect Cole. Cole was forced to reveal the truth when Marty questioned why Cole and Brody were hiding in John's office. Marty was stunned when Cole told her about the attempt on his life and the mayor's involvement. Marty's first instinct was to flee town with Cole until the danger had passed. Cole refused to leave until he was assured that Starr was safe.

John and Fish were surprised to find Mayor Lowell's campaign headquarters nearly deserted. A volunteer informed them that the mayor had gone to the Palace Hotel for a political debate, which Viki had arranged.

At the Palace Hotel, David tried to capitalize on his friendship with Viki by featuring her in his reality show. Viki wasn't interested in David's proposition especially when he made it clear that he would endorse the winner of the debate, not necessarily Viki.

When Stanley Lowell arrived, Dorian announced that she was confident that he would prevail in the debate. As everyone sat down, Dorian turned to David to confide that she would always love David. David was eager for Dorian to repeat her declaration of love to his camera crew, but Dorian refused to cooperate. Meanwhile, Stanley offered Viki a concession if she lost the election; he promised to hire Viki as a secretary. Viki smiled as she informed Stanley that if he lost the election, she would respect the wishes of their constituents by making certain that Stanley stayed out of the political arena.

Mayor Lowell won the coin toss, so he addressed the crowd first. Stanley promised that, after he was re-elected, his first order of business would be to clean up the police department. Stanley intended to start by firing Bo as the police commissioner. David took exception to his father being on the mayor's chopping block. Stanley ignored David to focus his attack on Viki.

Stanley reminded everyone that Viki had suffered from dissociative identity disorder and that her alter personalities had committed a slew of crimes. Dorian added that Viki's brother was also a criminal. Viki focused on the mayor rather than on defending herself. She reminded the crowd that the mayor had hired Lee Ramsey and then he had fired John McBain, a highly decorated police officer.

As if conjured by Viki, John and Fish arrived at the debate. The crowd noticed John's presence immediately. People whispered as they speculated about why John was at the debate. Stanley used the opportunity to go on a tirade about John. John simply smiled at the mayor until Stanley ran out of steam. With a look of pure satisfaction, John announced that the mayor was under arrest.

As the crowd gasped in astonishment, Stanley professed his innocence. Stanley claimed that he was being falsely accused. John turned to Fish to instruct him to play the recording. Moments later, the mayor's voice boomed over the speaker system as he ordered the murder of Cole Thornheart in the event that there was a possibility that Cole could "rat" Stanley out to the police.

Stanley warned John that no one would testify against him. Stanley smugly concluded that Cole was probably "seeing the light" as they spoke. After Stanley was carted away, John called to check on Cole. Cole admitted that he was worried about Starr because he had not been able to reach her. John decided that he would stop by La Boulaie to check on Starr and Hope.

After John left, Viki's family gathered around her. They realized that her victory was nearly a fait accompli because of the mayor's arrest. Meanwhile, Dorian did her best to downplay the mayor's latest scandal.

Starr and Todd were surprised when Sergei strolled through the patio door as if he had a right to be in their home. Before either could react, Sergei pulled out a gun and then ordered Starr and Todd to get on their knees. Moments later, two of Sergei's goons entered through the front door. Starr and Todd were ushered to the foyer while one of Sergei's men went upstairs to fetch Hope. Todd pleaded with Sergei to release Starr. When his attempts failed, Todd resorted to bribery.

Sergei didn't have any interest in Todd's fortune; he made it clear that he intended to leave with Starr and Hope. Todd was desperate to save his daughter, but all he accomplished was angering Sergei. As Sergei aimed his gun at Todd, a shot rang out. Shaun had shot one of Sergei's goons. Todd sprang into action. As he briefly tussled with Sergei, Shaun joined the fray. Within moments Sergei was unconscious while Todd had suffered a minor wound.

Starr begged Shaun to save Hope. She explained that one of Sergei's men had gone to look for the baby. Shaun ordered Todd and Starr to leave the house and then to call the police. Before he disappeared upstairs, Shaun promised to rescue Hope.

Starr searched Sergei's pocket for a phone, so that she could call the police. Once she had retrieved it, Todd noticed that the gunman that Shaun had shot was missing. Before Starr could react, Sergei reached up and grabbed her. Todd tried to pry his daughter away from the madman, but failed. Todd was struck over the head. As Todd struggled to rise to his feet, Sergei reached for a heavy vase and then bashed Todd over the head.

Upstairs, Shaun crept toward Hope's bedroom where a gunman prepared to pick up the crying baby. Shaun stepped into the room, gun drawn. Shaun managed to knock the man unconscious before Hope was harmed. As Shaun prepared to pick the baby up, the other wounded gunman appeared in the doorway. Shaun was shot in the shoulder and then dropped to the ground, unmoving.

The other goon slowly regained consciousness and then picked up Hope. As the men returned to Sergei, Starr tried to help her father. Todd was covered in blood and unresponsive. Sergei pulled Starr away from her father. Starr cooperated because one of the gunmen held Hope. As the group neared the front door, Shaun appeared at the bottom of the stairs with his gun. Shaun tried to stand his ground, but the blood loss had made him sway on his feet.

Sergei took advantage of Shaun's injury; he pulled out his gun and then shot Shaun in the neck. Shaun crumpled to the ground.

Some time later, John and Fish arrived at La Boulaie. Shaun lay in a pool of his own blood; nearby, Todd remained unconscious from his injuries.

At an undisclosed warehouse, Sergei had Starr tied to a chair while one of his henchmen held Hope. When Starr's cell phone rang, Sergei noted that it was Cole. Sergei decided that it was time to talk.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Between Shaun and the Dark of Night

At the police station, Nora picked up her belongings, delighted to be released from jail. Matthew and Destiny arrived, and Matthew apologized to his mother for Téa's cross-examination of Rachel. Nora told Matthew she didn't blame him. Matthew asked if she'd heard from Rachel, and Nora replied that Rachel had left her a message and seemed better.

After the kids left, Nora called Clint and promised to be home soon, only to eat her words as Bo and the squad dragged in the protesting Mayor Lowell. Nora was shocked to see Lowell in cuffs, and Bo explained that he'd been caught on tape ordering a hit on Cole. Marty and Cole walked in, relieved to hear of Lowell's arrest. Marty thought it was all over, but Cole still had one question: Where was Starr?

In a darkened warehouse, Starr pleaded with Sergei and his men to let her and Hope go, warning him that her family was powerful and well-connected. Sergei was unimpressed, and told her that no one would find them. As Cole called Starr's phone again, Sergei ignored the ringing. He asked Starr if she'd helped Cole spy on him, if they'd mocked him behind his back. As Sergei's anger grew, Hope became hysterical, crying loudly. Starr begged Sergei to let her hold and comfort her daughter, and Sergei finally agreed. He told Starr that she and her little girl were his ticket out of Llanview. Examining her phone, he ogled a picture of Blair, and then told his hostage it was time for her to do as he said if she wanted to live.

At La Boulaie, John and Fish rushed onto the crime scene. As Fish secured the perimeter, John struggled to resuscitate Shaun, who still had a pulse. Hearing a noise, Fish checked the closet and found Todd, bound, gagged, and beaten. Todd recounted the attack, and slammed John for involving Cole and Starr in his sting operation. He told John the mayor would have his badge.

John explained that Lowell had been the center of the drug ring. Mortified, Todd blamed himself for exposing the family to danger by going to Lowell, but John said it wasn't his fault, and that the mayor had already known about Cole. After the EMTs arrived to take Shaun to the hospital, John tried to convince Todd to accompany them. Todd refused, insisting that Sergei had told him to stay and wait to hear about Starr.

At Todd's house, Téa unpacked her things and happily reclaimed her necklace with her new engagement ring on it. She marveled at the "divorce papers" Ross had sent her, and spoke aloud about how her freedom had been worth the money she'd had to give up to get Ross Rayburn out of her life.

On an international flight back to Llanview, Blair and Ross sat in awkward silence, whiling away the hours. Ross attempted to break the ice and make conversation, urging Blair to get to know him. Blair wasn't interested; she insisted they stick to business, and the details of her strategy to nail Téa. She warned him that when they returned to Llanview, he'd have to stay out of sight for several days. She promised Ross suitable "harmless" entertainment in the meantime, but the carefree Ross scoffed that there was no kind of fun that was harmless. Ross was taken with Blair's aggressiveness, and called her a hell of a woman. Blair pointedly told him that hers was normal behavior for the Cramer women.

Back at Todd's, Rachel arrived, running smack into Téa. Téa hoped to mend fences, but Rachel called Téa a self-serving bitch, and said she was only there to see Shaun. Téa said he was out and suggested Rachel wait in the living room. Unable to think of an alternative, Rachel resigned herself to Téa's company. The former roommates quickly began to argue about their fracas in court, with Rachel tearing into Téa for humiliating her in front of everyone. Téa reminded Rachel that she'd made herself vulnerable by standing up and challenging Greg's testimony, making it about herself for no apparent reason, and asked her why she'd done it.

Rachel quickly replied that there was nothing between her and Greg, but Téa had never said there was. Rachel told Téa that her personal relationships were none of Téa's business, and that they hadn't been friends for a long time. Yet she vented, admitting that she'd needed her confrontation with Téa in court to shake her up, and make her face some truths. The only problem was that she'd wrecked her relationship with Shaun in the process. Rachel acknowledged that she wasn't into Shaun the way he was into her, and had played it safe with a man who wouldn't challenge her or test her boundaries. She wanted to find Shaun so she could be straight with him about their future, or lack thereof.

Téa decided to call Todd to get Shaun's whereabouts. At La Boulaie, Todd answered, expecting Starr. After Todd explained the kidnapping and Shaun's injuries, Téa passed the news on to Rachel, and the ladies rushed out into the night.

At the Buchanan mansion, Destiny escorted Matthew home. Matthew couldn't stop worrying about Rachel and her whereabouts, but Destiny told him not to fret. She suspected Rachel was preparing for her big date with Shaun. Destiny told Matthew that Shaun was a stand-up guy, her rock, who was always there for her. She said that both her brothers were good men, but very different. Destiny felt that Shaun and Rachel were the real deal, because they'd started as friends and become more. "That's how it always happens," Destiny mused.

At Llanview Hospital, Greg was working the night shift with Dr. Vivian Wright. Vivian asked Greg how his day in court had gone, and Greg told her about Rachel's meltdown on the stand. Hearing the emotion in Greg's voice, Vivian told him she'd been right about his feelings for Ms. Gannon. Greg flashed back to his kiss with Rachel, but told Vivian that it wasn't like that, and that Rachel was committed to Shaun. Pleased to have the competition out of the way, Vivian suggested they go out on another date.

Just then, the EMTs rushed in with Shaun on a gurney. Horrified, Greg rushed over, attempting to help, only to be turned away. Watching helplessly as the doctors prepped Shaun for surgery, Greg spoke up when they asked for next of kin. Rachel arrived, looking on as Greg tried once more to assist with Shaun's care, only to be pried away, screaming and crying, with Vivian comforting him. "Shaun!" Rachel cried, staring at the wounded bodyguard as Greg turned to see her.

Overcome, Rachel rushed into the corridor, calling Matthew. Matthew was pleased to hear from his sister, but Rachel interrupted his apologies and immediately asked if Destiny was with him. After Rachel told Matthew the bad news, Matthew hung up, his face falling as he turned to Destiny. "What's wrong?" Destiny asked as Matthew took her hand.

At the hospital, the surgical team wheeled Shaun off to the operating room as Greg begged them to save his brother. Sharing a tearful gaze with Rachel, Greg quickly ran after Shaun. Rachel was left alone in the hallway, sobbing.

At La Boulaie, Todd struggled to reassemble the house's landline connection, hoping to hear from Sergei. Téa arrived, shocked to see Todd's condition, and immediately began to play Florence Nightingale, bandaging his wounds and calling the pharmacist. Téa couldn't believe that Mayor Lowell was behind the drug ring, or that Cole had become an undercover operative. Téa told Todd he had to call Blair and tell her about the kidnapping. Todd said Blair was away on business, but Téa urged him to try anyway.

At the Llanview Police Station , Nora was thrilled to have Lowell behind bars. Lowell didn't seem worried, and gloated that he'd never do time. As news of the abduction at La Boulaie broke, Cole went wild, attempting to rush the mayor, but Bo pulled him back . Bo and Nora hammered Lowell, demanding he give up Sergei's location. Lowell played dumb until Fish and John arrived, playing the tape of Sergei and Lowell discussing Starr and Hope's whereabouts before the kidnapping. Though he was caught red-handed, Lowell insisted he didn't know where Sergei took the girls.

After Nora led Lowell away, John, Bo, and Cole struggled to figure out where Sergei could've taken his hostages. Just then, Starr called Cole's phone. Starr told Cole that she and Hope were all right, prompting Sergei to commandeer the call. Sergei asked to speak to Bo, who told him that Lowell was in custody and they needed to egotiate.

Sergei said there would be no negotiation, only cooperation, as he had hostages. He demanded a million dollars and a jet at Llanview Airfield. While Fish used a GPS tracker to follow the signal, Bo attempted to keep Sergei on the line, but Sergei had timed his call, and hung up before the computer could trace his location. Luckily, Fish's technical wizardry used another layer of detection, and the police were able to pinpoint the location and visual on Sergei's warehouse hideout. Cole wanted to pay Sergei's ransom, but John told him that Sergei had no intention of freeing the girls.

On the plane, Ross awoke to find Blair asleep on his shoulder. He enjoyed the moment until Blair woke up, immediately pulling away from him. Ross was anxious for their flight to land so he could set foot in the United States once more. Blair couldn't wait for them to get home and put their plan into motion, and promised that Téa would never know what hit her.

At La Boulaie, Todd left another angry voicemail for Blair, ordering her to call him back immediately. Téa plied Todd with coffee and TLC, hoping to calm him down, but Todd grew emotional as he told her how powerless he felt to help his daughter and granddaughter. He wanted to rush off and find Sergei himself, but Téa stopped him, reminding Todd that all they could do was wait. As she told him about her day in court, Todd noticed Téa's engagement ring was no longer on her finger. Téa revealed her necklace, and promptly slipped the ring back onto her hand. Comforted by Téa's presence, Todd asked if she'd stay with him. Curling up next to Todd, Téa promised him that she was with him forever.

At the warehouse, Starr and Hope sat tied up and helpless as Sergei and his thugs strategized. The other men suspected trickery by the cops, but Sergei was confident that the LPD would cooperate.

At the police station, Bo and John laid out blueprints for the warehouse block that Fish's tracker had pinpointed. Fish reminded them that Sergei and his men could be in one of several warehouses, and they didn't have time to search them all. Cole wanted to accompany the police strike team, but Marty asked him to let the cops do their job. John promised Cole that he would bring Starr and Hope home safe. "How?" Cole asked. John had no answer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First There Is a Baby, Then There Is No Baby, Then There Is...

At La Boulaie, Téa comforted Todd without much success, as he agonized over the kidnapping of Starr and Hope. He mentioned how futile his attempts to reach Blair had been, and said he had only been able to leave her messages. Téa talked him out of heading to the police station and convinced him to stay home and wait for a call from Sergei instead. Unbeknownst to the couple, Blair and Ross had just arrived from the airport and were outside of the house. Ross was unhappy to learn that Blair wanted him to stay hidden in the cabana. He reminded her of the deal they had-- that Blair would drop all charges against him in exchange for his return to the United States.

Blair informed him that she had a new deal and that she would not drop those charges until Ross did what she had taken him to Llanview to do, which was to expose Téa. She knew that Todd would be crazed to learn that Téa had been hiding her marriage to Ross. Blair wondered if Ross would prefer jail over the cabana. Sighing, Ross agreed to remain out of sight, but he demanded to be fed first. Blair retorted that her first plan of action was to check on her kids.

Stepping into the house, a sarcastic Blair wanted to know why Téa was there. When a bruised Todd limped down the stairs, he announced that he had bad news for his former wife. and had been trying to reach her. Blair stuck to her story of being on a business trip and having a phone that needed recharging. Filling her in on the results of Cole's so-called community service, Todd blamed John for all that had happened. Téa felt strongly that everything would work out. Blair blamed Todd, but Téa quickly stood up for her man, pointing out that he was both beaten and shot.

Todd pointed out that drug dealers were used to getting their way and that this time, the lawbreakers included the mayor. A suddenly forgiving Blair put her arms around her former husband to comfort him. Having a need to hear the latest at the police station, Blair asked Todd to accompany her. In turn, he requested that Téa stay behind in case Sergei called. Ross, hiding behind the bushes, looked into the study and saw some fruit on the table. Heading through the open doors, he noisily removed several pieces of the fruit.

At the police station, Marty did her best to reassure Cole that Starr and Hope would be safe, as he continued to blame himself for the girls' kidnapping. When Asher was led into the station in handcuffs, Cole attacked him immediately, grabbing Asher's shirt close to his throat. He demanded to know where Starr and Hope were. Asher told him they should work together and remain quiet. As Cole became louder and more violent, nearby officers rushed over to separate the boys.

John put Brody back on the case, confident that Brody's training as a Navy SEAL would be of great use. As they worked on a plan, not knowing the layout of the warehouse, Sergei called. He threatened to kill his hostages if his plane was not ready, and he was annoyed when Bo informed him that it was being prepped. Sergei noted that the clock was ticking. He also mentioned obtaining food for the baby, which confused Bo and John. They wondered how someone could have been out and back into the warehouse without being seen.

Brody left, and John pulled Asher into hiss office and questioned the boy . Asher claimed he didn't know anything about the kidnapping or the area where the drug dealers were hiding out. When Fish noted that Asher had been picked up in that very area as he was heading to the warehouses, Asher retorted that he had just been hanging out there. John advised him that Lowell was in prison and would not be able to help him like he did previously. Asher pressed his lips together firmly, stating that he would not comment any further without a lawyer.

Summoning Brody back into the office, John and Bo made sure the blinds in the office were closed. As John noted that Brody's testimony would put Asher away, Brody grabbed Asher's shirt, lifted him out of his seat and growled at the boy that Starr and her baby had been taken. John calmed Brody down and sent him out of the office. He suggested that Brody didn't like Asher very much. Asher was sufficiently shaken to agree to divulge when he knew.

Shaun's parents waited for word on their son at the hospital, as Rachel praised Shaun for being a hero and told them what she knew of his shooting. They admitted to always being proud of Greg, but never realizing how proud they were of Shaun, too. Destiny appreciated Matthew waiting with her, and he assured her that he wanted to return the favor. Greg received updates on his brother's condition and asked to have more tests run. The doctor in charge suggested that they wait on the tests, as Shaun had an uphill battle to endure first.

Greg entered Shaun's room and spoke to his unconscious brother. Suddenly, Shaun awoke, but his primary concern was for Starr and Hope, not himself. Out in the waiting area, Rachel learned that Shaun had told his parents all about her, and they seemed thrilled. When Greg announced that Shaun was awake, Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Destiny headed for his room. Rachel graciously maintained that the family members should go first. Destiny praised Shaun as a hero and vowed to be nicer to him in the future. Greg remained with Rachel. She told him that she had been on her way to break up with Shaun at the time of the shooting. He admitted to telling his friend, Vivian, that Shaun didn't understand Rachel.

Rachel finally went into Shaun's room. He apologized for missing their date, and she began to cry. He promised to get better for her soon and vowed they would have the date they had missed. Greg informed his family that Shaun had been shot in the chest and neck, but that his condition was stable and his recovery was promising. Matthew learned that Destiny had told her parents all about him.

Rex and Gigi were annoyed that Stacy had attempted to cancel out of another doctor's appointment, which caused Gigi to be suspicious. She was certain that her sister was stalling and she was starting to believe that Stacy wasn't really pregnant. Rex reminded her that he had been with Stacy every step of the way during her blood test. He vowed that he would get Stacy to the doctor. Gigi suspected that Stacy was merely afraid of having the paternity test.

Frantically, Stacy informed Kim that Rex was forcing her to go to the doctor. Kim calmly handed her a home pregnancy test for early results, suggesting that she use it immediately. Stacy might very well be carrying Fish's baby, she reminded her best friend. Once the test was taken, an anxious Stacy waited for the outcome.

Disappointed when the test did not reveal a pregnancy, Stacy sadly admitted that she had lost Rex and would never get him back. Just then, Gigi and Rex arrived, with Rex bursting through the door. As Kim pushed him out, Rex sarcastically advised Kim that the place was his. Kim informed him that Stacy wasn't dressed, and she kept him by the door as she and Gigi traded insults. Informing the couple that she'd let them know when Stacy was ready, Kim headed back inside. Gigi felt sure that the other women were up to something.

As Rex and Gigi waited for Stacy, Rex thanked Gigi for accompanying him to the doctor. Inside, Kim urged Stacy to "think outside the box." She suggested that when the doctor advised Stacy that the baby had been lost, Stacy should act surprised. Rex would probably comfort her. Gigi, tired of waiting, entered the loft. She spied Kim throwing something away. Stacy informed her sister that she was not welcome to attend the doctor's appointment with them, but she wanted Kim to go along instead, or she would make a stop for cigarettes and alcohol. Rex was furious, but Gigi assured him that she was fine.

Cole admitted to his mom that he was sorry he had worked undercover. Todd arrived at the same time and overheard Cole. He snarled that he was sorry that Cole had done it, also. Cooperating with the authorities, Asher pointed out different aspects of the warehouse. He revealed that there was a secret trap door in the basement, which led to the river. He explained that it was how drugs were delivered. He swore he didn't know about the kidnapping. Ordering Asher to a cell, John planned the police attack. Brody volunteered to handle it alone, advising John that he would notify John when Starr and Hope were safe.

Sergei called again, and Bo advised him that the plane was almost ready. Sergei refused to allow Bo to speak with Starr as the police commissioner requested. Bo asked that one hostage, the baby, be released. Sergei declined, and refused to let Bo stall any longer. Bo assured him they had the plane and were obtaining the money. An annoyed Sergei was heard saying "Give me the baby." Suddenly, there was a gunshot.

Once everyone left for the doctor, Gigi let herself back into Rex's loft. She headed straight for the trashcan and pulled out the box from the home pregnancy test.

As Greg scrutinized Shaun's x-rays, he was confident that everything was looking good. Suddenly, he gasped. There was a bullet fragment next to the brain stem, which could prove dangerous if it ever moved.

Hearing noise in the study, Téa entered and looked around. Seeing nothing but the wide open doors, she walked outside and called out. As Ross remained hidden behind the bushes, an uneasy Téa twisted her engagement ring. She appeared confused but turned and went back inside, closing the doors behind her. "You'll see me soon enough," Ross uttered.

Todd, Marty, and Blair argued over who should be blamed for the predicament they found themselves in. Marty insisted that John be allowed to do his job.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vlad the Impaler

At Llanview Hospital, Greg examined his brother's x-rays and conferred with Shaun's surgeon. Upon determining that a bullet fragment was lodged near Shaun's brain stem, both men agreed than if the fragment moved one millimeter near Shaun's brain stem, Shaun might die instantly. The doctors concurred that only a qualified neurosurgeon could perform the necessary surgery.

Inside Shaun's hospital room, as Shaun's parents fawned over Rachel, Shaun gazed up at her and exclaimed, "I got a reason to get moving!" As Shaun's parents continued to refer to her as Shaun's girlfriend, an uncomfortable Rachel bolted from the room.

Out in the hall, Rachel listened as Greg informed her of the dire situation facing Shaun. Greg explained that any sudden movement could cause the bullet fragment to cut Shaun's brain stem and kill him. Greg was adamant that he was the only doctor on staff who could successfully perform the surgery that Shaun needed. When Rachel questioned if Greg was capable of being objective, Greg related that he had successfully performed the required surgery several times.

Greg returned to Shaun's hospital room and informed Shaun, Destiny, and their parents of Shaun's condition. Assuring his family that he was capable of performing the surgery, Greg stated that the decision was up to Shaun. Apologizing for the separation that existed between him and his family over the years, Greg expressed his desire to save his brother's life. As the family awaited Shaun's decision, Shaun's surgeon entered the room and related that the hospital administrators had agreed to allow Greg to perform his brother's surgery if Shaun signed a waiver relieving the hospital of any liability. Observing Rachel through his hospital window, Shaun reached for the form and sighed, "I can't live my life like a time bomb!"

Before heading off to surgery, Shaun proclaimed his love for Rachel and promised to dazzle her on their date. As Shaun was wheeled away, Rachel and Greg exchanged knowing looks.

Inside Stacy's examination room at the clinic, Stacy grew anxious as Rex and Kim argued. While Rex demanded to remain in the room during Stacy's examination, Kim complained that Rex's presence would cause Stacy and her baby unnecessary stress. After Stacy persuaded Rex to leave the room, Kim advised Stacy that unless they came up with a plan, Rex would discover that she wasn't pregnant.

While waiting for the doctor, Stacy feared the doctor would discover that she had suffered a miscarriage. As Stacy sulked over the negative results that she had received from her home pregnancy test, Kim promised to help her friend through the crisis. Stacy asked her friend to distract Rex while the doctor examined her. Moments later, Stacy was stunned when the doctor examined her and announced that Stacy was approximately one week pregnant. Shocked, Stacy thought back to her rendezvous with Fish that had taken place the previous week.

As Kim and Rex argued relentlessly out in the hall, the doctor informed Kim that Stacy had asked to speak privately with Kim. Inside the examination room, Kim congratulated her friend upon learning the good news. Thrilled to learn of her pregnancy, Stacy exclaimed, "Fish did the trick!" Upon hearing Kim's squeal of delight, Rex approached the door. When Kim reminded Stacy that it was necessary to keep Rex in the dark, Rex entered the room and questioned what was going on. The girls immediately made up an excuse and attempted to prevent Rex from speaking with the doctor. Ignoring their desperate attempts, a suspicious Rex asked the doctor to answer a few questions.

At Rodi's, a nervous Schuyler approached Gigi. Schuyler admitted that Gigi's words of wisdom had convinced him to remain in Llanview. When Schuyler questioned how Rex would handle the news, Gigi explained that Rex was preoccupied with Stacy's pregnancy. Gigi credited Rex for doing the right thing, but she was convinced that Stacy was hiding something. Displaying the empty home pregnancy test box that she had discovered in Stacy's wastebasket, Gigi wondered why a pregnant woman would be in possession of such an item. As Gigi continued to relate her suspicions concerning Stacy, Schuyler had a flashback of the night that Stacy attempted to seduce him.

At the police station, Marty, Cole, Blair, and Todd waited to receive word concerning Starr and Hope. Fearing for Starr and Hope's safety, Blair pleaded with Todd not to interfere in the police investigation.

Inside Bo's office, Bo and John realized that Sergei meant business when he fired a shot over the phone and threatened to kill Starr and Hope. After firing a warning shot, Sergei allowed Starr to tell John and Bo that she and Hope hadn't been harmed. Instructing John and Bo to provide him with cash and a fueled plane, Sergei threatened to kill Starr and Hope unless his demands were met. As Bo and John attempted to stall for time, Sergei made it clear that he expected results and abruptly ended the call. Afterward, Bo advised his men that they needed to move fast.

At the warehouse, Sergei's co-conspirators complained about caring for an infant. When his soldiers suggested that they kill the girls, Sergei reminded his men that Starr and Hope were related to very important people. Convinced that his hostages were his only key to survival, Sergei announced, "We'll take them with us and later sell them back to their rich daddy or whoever pays the most!"

Back at the station, Bo and John prepared a plan of attack. After advising a team of officers to set up a perimeter around the warehouse, Bo briefed Brody on how to enter the building and rescue Starr and Hope. As Bo and John exited Bo's office, Todd confronted them and demanded to be involved in the rescue. Fed up with Todd's antics, John handcuffed him to a desk and set off to save Starr and Hope. Demanding to provide the ransom money, Todd yelled after John, "You know, I'm gonna kill you!"

Moments later, Bo, John, Fish, Brody, and the entire Llanview Police department descended upon the hostage site. While Bo and John gave orders to their men, Brody managed to gain entry to the warehouse through the trap door that Asher had informed the police of. Over his radio, Brody told his superiors that he had gained entry and alerted them that Starr and Hope were being held hostage by four Russians.

The Russians grew nervous when they observed the large police presence around the building and the sharpshooters on the roof. One of Sergei's henchmen demanded that they take the girls and flee before the police gained entry. Reminding his soldier that their third ally was downstairs checking the garage for a breach in security, Sergei informed him that they would flee through the trap door once their partner returned. Meanwhile, Brody attacked Sergei's soldier, rendering him unconscious.

At that moment, Sergei phoned the missing soldier. Brody advised Bo and John that Sergei was attempting to locate his missing counterpart. Bo and John feared that Sergei would realize a breach had occurred if Sergei didn't hear from the missing soldier within thirty seconds. Determined to save Starr, Hope, and Brody, John disarmed and began walking toward the building. Bo tried to stop John, to no avail. Approaching the building, John called out to Sergei, "I'm coming in!" Bo feared that John had given the kidnappers another target. Sergei instructed his henchman to locate the missing soldier.

Observing John through the window, Sergei exited the room to speak with John downstairs. Meanwhile, Brody entered the room and took down the soldier that was guarding Starr and Hope. As the wounded henchman lay unconscious, Brody rescued Starr and Hope, and the trio fled the main room. Downstairs, Brody and Starr listened quietly as Sergei spoke to John through the half-opened loading dock door. As John attempted to distract Sergei with promises of a getaway, Brody and Starr waited for the opportunity to escape.

Finally, as John managed to convince Sergei to allow him entry, Sergei received a call from his only remaining soldier, who informed him that the police had entered and attacked one of their men. Immediately, Sergei locked the door and ran upstairs to evaluate the situation. At that moment, Brody and Starr fled from their hiding place and made a dash for the basement. Hearing the commotion, Sergei fired a shot at them, but Brody managed to lead Starr and Hope to the trap door that led to the river.

An unarmed John entered through the garage door, but was unable to gain entry to the main building due to the locked door. Realizing that his officers were in serious trouble, Bo raced into the building through the same garage door and assisted John by shooting the lock off the dock door. Bo provided John with a loaded weapon, and the two men entered the main building and searched for Starr, Hope, Brody, and the Russians.

Downstairs, in the basement, Brody safely guided Starr and her baby down the trap door. Helping Starr on the raft that awaited her, Brody instructed Starr to paddle to safety. Afterward, Brody headed back upstairs to help John and Bo battle the Russians. Upon encountering Sergei's last remaining soldier, Brody tackled the soldier and forced him to drop his gun. As Brody and the Russian struggled over the weapon, John searched for Brody. In the shadows, Sergei lurked unnoticed.

Observing the struggle between Brody and the Russian, John drew his weapon. At that moment Sergei appeared and placed a gun in John's back and declared, "I will kill the little girls while you watch. Then I will kill you!" In the next room, the Russian soldier stabbed Brody in the chest with a sharp metal object. Brody gasped in pain.

Paddling frantically, Starr looked down at her little girl and assured the child that they would be safe soon.

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