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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the Cooper house, Marina showed Shayne the decorations for Henry's first birthday party. As she retrieved tape from a drawer, she stumbled upon Mallet's old badge, and saddened.

Overseas, Mallet received orders to report to a one-man station located near the Austrian border. He went outside, and called home to wish Henry a happy birthday. Shayne answered, and put Marina on the phone. Mallet asked to talk to Henry, and Marina told Henry that his "friend" was on the phone. After talking to Henry, Mallet said that Marina was a good mother. Marina hung up the phone, and ran upstairs crying. "Hello?" Mallet said to the disconnected line.

On the way to his location, Mallet pulled over for a stranded motorist. When he offered his help, he saw that it was Dinah. The two laughed, wondering how they both wound up there.

Mallet explained that he'd left Marina, and was working with the agency. Mallet recalled that Dinah had called herself a screw-up, but he felt that her actions had led everyone full circle, to where they needed to be. He recounted that Dinah had led Shayne home, healed him, and reunited him with his son. Dinah had freed Mallet, which had led to Marina becoming Henry's mother. Dinah wondered about Mallet, and he said he was where he was supposed to be, too.

Mallet fixed Dinah's car. Dinah didn't know where she was headed next. She said that unlike Mallet, she had no idea where she was supposed to be. Mallet was sure she'd figure it out. They hugged, and Mallet walked off. He suddenly turned, and called Dinah's name.

When Josh arrived at Cross Creek, anxious to show Reva the birthday present he'd bought for Henry. Reva saw the wooden rocking horse, and said that she'd bought the same thing. Reva asked Josh to return his toy to the store, but Josh insisted upon gifting his first grandchild the rocking horse. Reva offered to return hers for something else, if they agreed to say that both gifts were from both of them.

At the Cooper house, Josh told Shayne about the gift issue. Shayne advised Josh to get Henry a baseball mitt. They played with Henry on the floor, and Josh commented that Shayne wouldn't have known about Henry if it hadn't been for Dinah. Shayne said that Henry was the best thing he'd ever done, and Josh replied that he knew the feeling.

Frank arrived at the Cooper house, and noted that Marina had gone overboard with the baseball motif. Frank thanked Shayne for stepping up with Henry. Frank said he was about to have a baby, too, and would be entering a nontraditional family.

Reva and Josh met back up outside Cross Creek. Reva showed Josh a baseball outfit she'd bought for Henry. Josh said it would be from her. Reva insisted that the outfit and the horse would be from both Josh and Reva. Josh went to open her trunk, and she warned him not to. He flipped it up, and Reva shrieked as her blue helium balloons floated into the sky.

At Company, Buzz let it slip to Lillian that Alan was a match for Phillip's transplant. When Lillian replied that she hadn't known, Buzz said to forget that he'd mentioned it. Lillian wandered over to Daisy to ask how James was handling the news about Phillip. Daisy replied that James wasn't reacting well. Lillian said that Daisy was a good friend, and Lillian was sure that Daisy would try to help James in any way that she could.

Outside Cedars, Alan announced that he could save Phillip's life, but Phillip didn't want any grand gestures as proof that Alan was a good father. Alan stated that Phillip would be the first in line to save his own children. Alan thought it meant something that he was a match for Phillip, even though they weren't blood-related. Phillip left, insisting that it was his time to die.

At Lizzie and Bill's house, Lizzie doubted that they should attend Henry's party, because she was worried about Phillip. "Go to the party," Phillip insisted as he entered the house. Phillip said he'd work on the house while they were gone.

Daisy arrived with food for the work crew and found Phillip working alone. She said she was sorry about his condition. She revealed that James was upset about it, too, but just didn't know how to show it. Phillip thanked Daisy for telling him that, and for being there for James.

At the park later, Lillian told Alan that he was brave to put Phillip's life above his own, even if Phillip wouldn't let him. After Lillian left, Alan saw Reva's blue balloons floating over the park. He smiled, and followed the balloons out of the park.

On the street, he encountered Lizzie and Bill, who wondered if he were okay. "I'm fine. I just have to keep walking, is all," Alan anxiously said. Bill assumed Alan was having another episode, and asked him if he knew where he was. Alan laughed, insisting that he was fine. Alan rushed off on the balloon trail, and Bill told Lizzie that they'd check on Alan after the party.

When Josh, Reva, Colin, and Lillian arrived outside the party, Frank asked if Lillian were really up to the event. Reva asked what Frank meant by that, and Lillian revealed the news about Phillip. An upset Reva said the party had to go on for Henry's sake.

As the party ensued, Buzz appeared in a clown costume to entertain the crowd. Daisy handed out treat boxes, and explained that the clown wanted everyone to wish on the chocolates inside them. Shayne wished that things would remain the same. Marina said that she hadn't known that things could be good again.

Frank and Cyrus made a truce over their chocolates. Josh told Reva that he didn't know what to wish for, because nothing he wanted could actually happen. Lizzie and Bill wished for Sarah's return, a finished house, and a new baby. Bill said they'd need to wish for more time alone to get the baby. Lizzie added that she really wanted Phillip to be okay.

Lillian told Buzz that she was glad to partake in the happy day he'd created. With sign language, Buzz asked what Lillian's wish was. She wished Phillip would live. Buzz hugged her.

Alan followed the balloons up the hill to Phillip's giant tombstone. Unbeknownst to Alan, Phillip sat behind it with a balloon in hand. "Phillip, I can't lose you now," Alan said to the headstone. "I know I haven't been the father that you deserved," Alan continued.

Alan admitted that he'd forced Phillip to be more like Alan, but once Phillip had become like Alan, Alan had feared Phillip's power. "Here you are, son, facing your own mortality, your own death, with open arms, embracing it. It's as if you've crossed over a threshold, and become the man that you were truly meant to be," Alan said.

Alan wanted to cross his own threshold by undergoing the procedure. Alan said that it would make him the man and the father he'd always wanted to be, but only Phillip could make it happen. "If you don't son, then I'll lose myself," Alan concluded.

Phillip rounded the headstone, and said he couldn't let Alan risk his life. Phillip stated that Alan had to take care of the family. Alan replied that he wouldn't be any good to the family if he lost himself. Phillip wondered how he could let his father die for him. "How can I not do everything in my power as a father to want to save my son?" Alan asked.

Alan begged Phillip to help Alan gain the courage to do the procedure, and become the father that he needed to be. Phillip conceded, and Alan hugged Phillip tightly.

After the men composed themselves, Alan noticed the balloon in Phillip's hand. "Son, can I have that balloon?" he asked. Phillip chuckled, and said he didn't think so. Alan replied that Phillip wasn't being grateful to the man who'd save his life. Phillip joked that Alan hadn't saved it yet, and the men put their arms around each other's shoulders.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In an unknown alley in Springfield, Edmund got out of a sedan. Jeffrey aimed a gun at Edmund, but a woman with a child blocked Jeffrey's shot. Jeffrey followed Edmund into a garage, and hid. Edmund instructed someone to check the surveillance tapes to ensure that Jeffrey hadn't gone to see Reva. Edmund boarded a freight elevator, and Jeffrey boldly fired several shots as the doors closed.

"Very good, Mr. O'Neill!" Edmund yelled out from the compartment. He smiled, excited about their stalking game. Jeffrey said he wasn't stalking Edmund; Jeffrey was hunting Edmund, and planned to kill him. Edmund remarked that he'd set up an elaborate surveillance system there in Springfield, and knew more about the township than he ever cared to know. "Say hello to Jonathan for me," Edmund said, and started the elevator.

As Josh worked, Sarah entered his office. Josh asked who she was, and she replied that she couldn't tell people her name. Josh wondered where her parents were. Jonathan popped into the room, and told Sarah to say hello to "Grandpa Joshua." Jonathan asked a surprised Josh if he thought it was safe for Sarah and Jonathan to relocate to Springfield.

Jonathan told Josh that Sarah needed more of a life than she'd had in seclusion from Alan. Sarah also needed her mother, but Jonathan worried that Alan was a threat. Josh said that Alan was always a wild-card, but he'd calmed down since Phillip's return. Josh promised that the family would do everything it could to give Sarah a safe, happy life in Springfield.

At Company, Blake and Frank looked at Natalia's sonogram. Frank worried about doing right by his little girl. Reva entered to say that she'd enjoyed Henry's party. She figured that incorporating the Lewises into the Cooper family might require an adjustment. Frank said he was happy to know that Henry had two great families to support him. Frank showed Reva the sonogram. He said he'd be a father and grandfather--and the most broke detective in Springfield.

At a table later, Blake noted that Reva was doing much better than Blake had done after Ross's death. Reva admitted to plastering the house with Jeffrey's pictures, and having a picnic with Jeffrey in her wedding dress. Blake said that she'd worn Ross's clothes every day for six months following his death. Blake was glad that Reva was getting on with life.

At Cross Creek later, Reva told Colin that she wasn't as crazy as everyone had thought. Josh knocked on the door, and said he had something for Reva. Josh, Jonathan, and Sarah entered. Reva gasped, hugging them. After Josh left, and Sarah went to play with toys, Jonathan announced that Sarah and he would reside in Springfield permanently.

Jeffrey called Jonathan, and Jonathan pretended to be talking to Audrey. Jeffrey said Edmund had eluded him. Jeffrey warned Jonathan that Edmund was having everyone watched.

Josh returned with Henry, and Jonathan was surprised that Shayne had a child. They decided to have a cousins party on a blanket on the floor. Josh commented that Colin was Sarah and Henry's uncle. Reva said it was too complicated, and the kids would figure it out later.

At the Beacon, Natalia handed Olivia a baby book, and suggested that Olivia, Frank, and she choose names for their baby girl. Olivia said she wanted to slowly ease back into things with Natalia. Natalia said Olivia always jumped in with both feet. Natalia cited that the last time Olivia had done that, they'd both found something they'd never had before.

As they discussed baby names, Natalia let Olivia feel the baby kick. Olivia said that she wanted Natalia back, but needed time to catch up to Natalia. Natalia asked Olivia not to take too long, because Natalia wanted the baby to know that Olivia was her mommy, too.

At the mini-mart later, Alex revealed to Olivia that Phillip was undergoing surgery. Olivia asked Alex to keep her abreast of matters. Alex gave Olivia an awkward hug, and left.

Olivia encountered Josh in the Beacon hallway. Olivia said that Emma was sad about Phillip, but Phillip's surgery gave Olivia hope. Josh announced that he'd become a proud grandpa upon learning that Henry was Shayne's son. Olivia mentioned Natalia's sonogram. Josh urged Olivia to reunite with Natalia, because there was no real reason for them to be apart.

At Company, Frank, Blake, and Natalia studied the baby name book. Natalia wanted to consider every name in the book alphabetically. Olivia arrived, and Frank asked if she were there to help. "Well, I can't let you name our baby without me," Olivia replied. Frank looked troubled.

Natalia and Olivia reached the "B" names, and Frank left to take a call. Natalia said she'd known that Olivia would come around. Olivia said she still needed time and space. "Screw time and space!" Natalia replied, and begged Olivia to move into the farmhouse that day. Olivia declined, but Natalia kept replying, "Say yes," until Olivia gave in. Frank returned to say that Chief Wolfe had resigned, and Frank was the new police chief.

Phillip and Alan lay side by side on gurneys at Cedars. Phillip said that Alan could back out. Alan replied that he was exactly where he wanted to be. Phillip didn't know how to thank Alan. Alan cut him off, saying that he knew how Phillip felt. "I love you, too, son," Alan added.

In the corridor, Rick told the Spauldings that Phillip was being prepped for surgery. Bill assumed an accident victim would donate the bone marrow to Phillip, but Rick said the donor had volunteered. Alex asked who'd volunteer for that, and Lillian said that it was Alan.

James asked if Phillip had agreed to let Alan do it. Rick said that Phillip hadn't wanted anyone to do it, but he'd relented to a persistent Alan. James demanded to see Phillip that instant.

In Phillip's room, James said that he was glad that Phillip had found a match, but wondered why it couldn't have been him. Phillip loved James for being willing, but insisted that it was a different situation with Alan. James and Phillip hugged.

After James left, Phillip asked for Bill. When Bill entered, Phillip asked Bill to take care of the family, if Alan and Phillip didn't make it. "Lizzie's family is my family, so..." Bill replied. Phillip knew that it was a lot to ask, but he felt that Bill could do it. Bill promised that he would, but said that Phillip had to make it through.

In Alan's room, Lizzie couldn't believe Alan was undergoing he procedure. Alan assured her that Ed had overdramatized the risks in the procedure. Lizzie told Alan that he was as brave as she'd always known he could be. She hugged him, promising to be there when he woke up.

James entered after Lizzie left. Alan told James that he hadn't jumped at the chance to be a donor, as James had done. James wondered if Alan were scared, and Alan admitted to being terrified. James said he'd miss Alan if the surgery went badly. Alan said that he and James had started a great relationship, and Alan would pull through. "Don't count me out, yet," Alan said.

In the corridor, Rick told the family that they were almost ready to begin the two-hour procedure. Alex left to visit Alan, and Lillian urged Beth to talk to Phillip.

When Alex entered Alan's room, Alan said he'd wondered where she was. Alex replied that she'd wanted the grandkids to get closure first. Alex stated that Alan and she loved each other, and he was a heroic father. Alan hoped the procedure saved Phillip.

Alan told Alex that he no longer wanted the grand funeral, which had been outlined in his will. He just wanted the family to gather quietly, and scatter his ashes. He asked her to tell the family that he'd loved them very much. They hugged, and she left.

Beth asked Phillip if he had time for one more visitor. She sullenly said she hoped the surgery worked. Phillip hoped it wouldn't kill Alan. "Nothing has so far," Beth joked. She felt that Phillip and Alan were unusually resilient.

Phillip said that he'd known he was dying when he'd kissed her at Lizzie's wedding; however, in that moment, he'd felt as if nothing could separate them. He said that if he made it through, he wanted to be with her. Just then, Rick entered to take Phillip to surgery. Beth requested another moment, but Rick insisted that it was time.

In the corridor, Beth resented that Lillian had kept Phillip's secret. Beth said that she'd spent weeks being angry, when she could have been caring for Phillip. Lillian explained that she'd been required to keep Phillip's confidence. Lillian had begged Phillip to tell Beth, but Phillip hadn't wanted to take Beth's life away from her. Beth uttered that she'd just wanted a chance to take care of him. They sobbed, and hugged.

Lizzie and James shared a sandwich. James was upset that Alan was going through an unnecessary procedure, when James was healthy enough to do it. Lizzie said that James only got to save one family member's life, and he'd already saved hers.

The Spaulding family huddled in the waiting area, and hugged as the procedure began.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

At Cross Creek, Reva called Lizzie to tell her about Jonathan and Sarah. Reva decided against it when Lizzie said she was at the hospital awaiting word on Alan and Phillip's surgeries. Reva and Josh played on the floor with Sarah, Colin, and Henry. Reva teased Josh, calling him, "G-daddy" and "Grampster." She said that Josh's title would define his relationship with Henry.

Jonathan visited Tammy's gravesite to say that he'd returned home for Sarah's sake. He asked Tammy to watch over them. He said he missed her, and then strolled away.

Jonathan encountered Olivia at the mini-mart. She was elated to see her nephew. Jonathan warned that he'd returned to cause trouble in "Auntie O's" sleepy little town. Olivia told him that she was moving in with her girlfriend. "Oh, oh," Jonathan salaciously responded. He promised to call her soon, and Olivia left.

The Spauldings tensely waited at Cedars while Phillip and Alan underwent surgery. Rick arrived to say that the procedure had been a success, and Alan and Phillip were in recovery.

Daisy found James outside Cedars, still brooding that he should have been the one to save Phillip, not Alan. James stated that Alan was an old man, and he could die. Daisy was glad James hadn't done it, because she didn't want him to die, either.

Later, James was still outside when he overheard Jonathan asking a nurse about Alan. James asked how Jonathan knew Alan. Jonathan didn't reveal his name, only saying that he was an old friend. James said that Alan had made it through surgery, and asked if Jonathan wanted Alan to know that Jonathan had stopped by. "Not really," Jonathan said, strolling off.

Jonathan met Reva, Josh, and the kids at Company to report that Phillip and Alan were fine. He suggested Reva, Sarah, and he visit Lizzie before she found out about his arrival from someone else. "You need some backup?" Reva joked, and left Henry and Colin with Josh.

"Promise me to never do that again, all right?" Alan groggily said. He asked Phillip, "Did you see the size of that needle?" Rick entered to say that the operation had gone smoothly, and Phillip should thank his father. Phillip remarked that they were tough to kill. Once alone, Phillip thanked Alan. "You're welcome," Alan replied with upturned lips.

The Spauldings continued to wait while Alan and Phillip recuperated in the recovery area. After a while, Rick told them that Alan and Phillip were doing well. Rick added that Alan was causing a stir, as usual. The patients wanted to see the family, and Rick asked, "Does anyone really want to see these guys?" The family laughed. Beth and Alex raised their hands.

Lizzie rushed in to hug her father, and said she knew he'd be okay. Phillip asked how everyone was, and Lizzie responded that Bill had been taking care of everyone. Lizzie was glad that Beth wouldn't have to be without Phillip. Lizzie hugged her father for a long time.

Later, Lizzie and Bill sat on their porch, discussing returning to Cedars that evening. They saw Reva pull up. Lizzie's eyes widened as she watched Jonathan and Sarah exit the car. "That's Sarah..." Lizzie uttered, rising to her feet. Lizzie met Jonathan and Sarah on the lawn. Lizzie grasped Sarah, and Jonathan introduced Lizzie as Sarah's mother.

Lizzie took Sarah for a walk, and Bill asked Jonathan how long he planned to stay, citing that Jonathan couldn't just show up and take off. Jonathan agreed, and hoped that everyone could devise an amicable plan. Bill shook Jonathan's hand, certain that they could.

Alex visited Alan to say that it was a good thing that he'd made it, because she'd planned to throw a huge funeral just to spite him. Alan thanked Alex for watching out for him, and she said that it was what big sisters did. Alex gave him a long kiss on the head.

Beth entered Phillip's room, and thanked God for their miracle. Phillip said that Ed had really come through. They laughed about Rick, who was taking all the credit. Beth said that Phillip was stuck with her. "Who are you again?" Phillip joked.

James visited Alan, and demonstrated some new "apps" that he'd put on Alan's phone. James asked how Alan was doing. "Better than the alternative," Alan quipped. James said he'd worried Alan wouldn't make it. Alan admitted that he'd been worried, too, but he was focused on recovering, so they could play Frisbee.

Billy found Buzz outside the Cooper house, and said he needed wedding vows. "I'm fresh out," Buzz replied, and said that he had boxes to transport. Billy offered to help Buzz with the boxes, if Buzz would come up with words to make Vanessa swoon.

Buzz reviewed Billy's draft, and remarked that it didn't even sound like Billy. Suddenly, Buzz grew serious, and told Billy that Alan and Phillip ought to be in surgery. Billy was surprised that Alan had stepped up.

Later, Lillian stopped by to announce the good news about Phillip and Alan. Billy said that Buzz was inside, conjuring up wedding vows. Lillian urged Billy to just speak from his heart. She said that they were all lucky to have each other. Frank and Billy toasted to their luck.

Doris tracked Olivia down at Company, frantic about not hearing from Ashlee since Doris had revealed her sexuality. Olivia reasoned that it had only been a day, and suggested that Doris give it more time. Doris anxiously left to await word from Ashlee at the office.

At the gazebo, Rafe and Ashlee joked about being in the "My Mom is Gay, and I Just Found out About It" club. Ashlee suggested that they set their moms up, but Rafe said Natalia loved Olivia. Daisy arrived, and assumed Rafe and Ashlee were kidding about their mothers being gay. "Oh, my mom, too," Daisy joked. Rafe and Ashlee insisted that they were serious.

Ashlee said that her mother's sexuality didn't matter, but Ashlee hated being lied to. Daisy wondered if Doris knew Ashlee's feelings, and Ashlee replied that she hadn't spoken to Doris since the initial conversation. Daisy convinced Ashlee to talk to Doris. After Ashlee left, Daisy glanced at Rafe. "Don't ask me," he said.

At Doris' office later, Doris apologized to Ashlee for being a bad mother. Ashlee didn't think Doris was a bad mother, but Ashlee felt that Doris had been angry with Ashlee for things that were really only about Doris. Ashlee was upset that Doris hadn't let Ashlee know who her mother really was. Ashlee had no problem with Doris' sexuality, and was willing to get to know Doris for who she was. "You're a great girl!" Doris cried, hugging Ashlee.

Back at Company, Natalia, Frank, and Blake reached the letter "D" in the baby name book. Olivia said she'd secured a moving truck, and Natalia announced that Emma and Olivia were moving back to the farmhouse. Olivia said that they had to tell Emma about it first.

At the farmhouse later, Natalia and Olivia told Emma that the farmhouse would be her home again. "When we move back in, Natalia and I are going to be together, because we love each other very much," Olivia explained, taking Natalia's hand. Olivia said that Natalia would be Emma's mommy, too. Emma shrugged, figuring Natalia was already a mother to her. Emma said that the new baby was her sister. Natalia and Olivia agreed with Emma, and Natalia let Emma listen to Natalia's belly.

The three went to the Beacon to pack. Frank and Rafe arrived to help. Blake peeked in, interested in taking any clothes Olivia no longer wanted. Blake grabbed an armfull of garments, and Frank and Rafe carried out boxes. Olivia said Natalia could still change her mind, but Natalia replied that she'd always known what she wanted. "No, you haven't," Olivia softly disagreed. Natalia grinned, and insisted, "I do now."

Olivia and Natalia received more help at the farmhouse from Daisy, Ashlee, and Doris. Olivia said that it looked like Doris had found her daughter. "She found me," Doris replied, adding that the truth was the best thing to happen to her.

On the porch later, Natalia offered to thank everyone for their help by making dinner. The crew picked teams to play softball while they awaited the meal. No one picked Natalia, and Rafe said she couldn't play. A pregnant Natalia reasoned that it was softball, not football. Josh strode up, saying he'd heard about the move. Rafe quickly announced that Josh was on his team.

When James arrived, the game was in full swing. He announced that Alan and Phillip had made it through their surgeries. Everyone was relieved. Natalia drafted James into the game, saying that she was worthless. "You did it. You made us a family," Olivia said to Natalia. Natalia replied, "We did it."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 14, and pick up where Thursday, September 10's shows concluded.

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