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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the interview room at the Oakdale police station, Audrey Coleman jabbed a hypodermic syringe into the back of James's neck, and almost immediately, he went into spasms. He clutched his head and slipped out of his wheelchair to the floor. As soon as she was sure James was on his way out, Audrey counted to five and then began her histrionics. She ran from the room screaming and crying, and she grabbed Henry and shoved him back into the room.

As Henry tried to revive his father, Audrey surreptitiously slipped the syringe into her son's jacket pocket. Henry screamed for help, and several officers ran in. One could not get a pulse and yelled to the others to call the EMTs. Henry grabbed Audrey's arm and refused to let her go until she told him the truth. The EMTs took James out on a gurney, and one told Henry that the patient was in cardiac arrest, and it didn't look good. Audrey sneaked out with the gurney before Henry could stop her, so he called Vienna and told her the news.

Audrey went back to the Lakeview, where Barbara was waiting in the lobby. Audrey spotted her in time to go back into tragic mode, and she treated Barbara to a full charade of tears and nose-blowing. When Barbara approached, Audrey cried how awful it had been to witness "Jimmy's demise." The distraught woman sobbed her way to the elevator before a suspicious Barbara ran after her. The elevator door closed before Barbara could get there, and Audrey got away.

When Audrey went into her hotel room, a bound and gagged Mr. Hanson greeted her. She promptly began to untie him, all the while reminding him of their $250,000 deal for his silence. Hanson was just free and taking his first wobbly steps when Barbara pounded on the door, calling for Audrey. Audrey ignored her, but Barbara found a maid who was willing to open the door for her, so she saw the shaky lawyer making his way across the room. As he made his feeble getaway, Barbara declared to Audrey, "What an interesting way you have to mourn the dead."

Audrey remarked that she and James had an "open relationship," so she had not betrayed him. Barbara had recognized Hanson as James's attorney, and she figured out that whatever had gone on had to do with the inheritance money. She put it together that Audrey had bound and gagged the lawyer so that James could not rewrite his will and leave his money to Paul. Audrey claimed to be in mourning, and ordered Barbara to "get the hell out." Barbara threatened Audrey that she wouldn't let her get away with her scheme.

At Carly's house, Craig and Rosanna talked about Liberty's pregnancy. He was worried about how the problem would resolve itself, since Janet knew the truth. Rosanna humbly apologized to Craig for her previous behavior. She said she realized that she had put him in an impossible position, and she lauded him for keeping his promise of silence to Liberty. Rosanna asked if Parker knew about the baby yet, but Craig assured her that Parker was not the baby's father. That stunned Rosanna, who had assumed that the only reason that Craig was involved was Parker.

Craig asked Rosanna if she would consider rehiring Teri, but she said that she was sure that Jack and Janet would have serious reservations about Teri when everything settled down. Then Craig mentioned Metro, over which Jack and Janet had no control. He put Rosanna on the spot about Teri's continuing as the chef there, and she hedged her answer. Finally Rosanna agreed that Teri could take the job at Metro, and she promised not to say anything to Carly about what had happened. The two seemed back on an even keel, although Rosanna smilingly refused to use the word "normal" when referring to themselves. They agreed that they were "good."

In the clinic, Liberty awaited the start of her abortion. Janet burst through the door and muscled her way into the first procedure room, yelling for her daughter. She found Liberty already on an operating table, and she demanded that the doctor get the girl off the table immediately. She ordered everyone else out, but the doctor protested. Janet shouted louder than anyone else, and Liberty agreed to speak to her mother. The room cleared except for the two of them, and Janet cried that she did not understand why her daughter was there.

Liberty said that she could not go to school as "the pregnant one," and she wanted to have an abortion because she was "not ready to be a mom." She begged Janet to let her take care of her problem right away, but Janet said they would go home and talk with Jack and Parker about other options and figure out a solution. Liberty broke the news that Parker was not the baby's father, who, she explained, was "just a guy from school" who wanted nothing to do with Liberty or the baby. Liberty again refused to leave, but Janet said they needed to go home and discuss the solutions.

Janet, Teri, and Liberty returned to the farm, and Liberty kept telling her mother how sorry she was. Janet reassured her daughter how much she loved her and suggested that Liberty go upstairs and have a bath. Liberty left the room, and Janet immediately unleashed her fury on Teri. Teri defended herself by telling her sister that Liberty would never have gone to Janet for help, so that left only Aunt Teri. Janet was furious that Teri had forced Liberty to agree to an abortion, but Teri said the choice had been entirely Liberty's. To Janet, abortion was never an option, but Teri thanked God that it was, indeed, a choice available to women.

The two sisters argued until Teri bluntly asked Janet if she was going to make Liberty deliver the baby. Janet claimed that Liberty was just a child herself, but Teri cited that as the primary argument that Liberty had used for not having the baby. Janet reminded Teri that they were Catholics, and she had no use for Teri's argument that abortion was not a sin. Neither woman would budge from her position, and finally Janet took Teri's arguments personally and accused her sister of taking away her ability to protect her child. She ended the discussion by ordering Teri to "get the hell out."

Parker walked in at that point and asked to see Liberty. Janet told him it was not a good time, but Liberty entered the kitchen and said she wanted to talk with him. The two walked outside, and Parker assured her that she did not have to tell him anything she didn't want to. Liberty said that she did, however, and she confided that she was pregnant. Parker remained silent for a long while, and then he correctly guessed that the baby was Tony's. Liberty agreed, and she told her friend that she had been to Chicago twice to have an abortion, but that it had not happened. Parker could find no words, so he just hugged her gently.

Inside the farm house, Janet told her sister that she "didn't get it." She explained that she and Liberty were a family, and Teri had never been responsible for anyone other than herself. Teri mentioned that the two of them were connected as sisters; however Janet said that she felt different. She announced that she had lost Teri as a sister.

Paul and Emily made love, despite Emily's protests that she had a newspaper to run. Paul said that he would not let her go until she had agreed to his marriage proposal. Emily said that they were happy the way things were, so she saw no need for change. She and Paul were beginning to get dressed when Barbara walked in on them. Barbara said that she had run into Audrey Coleman at the Lakeview, and the woman had said that James Stenbeck had died. Barbara was sure that Audrey had somehow prevented Paul's father from signing his new will. Paul said again that he did not care about the money, but Barbara asked him to take some initiative and to go to the hospital and find out the truth. Paul and Emily left together.

At Memorial, Henry told Vienna that technically, no one was dead yet. The doctors then exited James's room and told Henry that his father was gone. Henry asked them to clarify if that meant "'gone' as in 'escaped,' or 'gone' as in 'dead.'" The doctor found that a bit bizarre, but he answered that he meant that James was no longer among the living. He went on to say that it appeared as if Mr. Stenbeck had suffered a fatal heart attack. The doctors left, and Henry and Vienna pondered his situation.

Henry began to perspire heavily, so he reached into his jacket pocket for a tissue, but he came out with an empty hypodermic syringe. He took one look and whispered to Vienna that he thought he was holding "the murder weapon." He rationalized that his mother had slipped it into his pocket during the medical emergency at the police station. Vienna snatched the syringe and dashed away, telling Henry that she would meet him back at the Lakeview.

Paul and Emily walked in, and Paul asked his brother if it was true that James was dead. Henry said that it was, and mentioned that the locusts would be appearing soon. Paul went into his father's room to see for himself, while Emily stared at Henry, who claimed that she was creeping him out. They talked about who was next in line for the Stenbeck fortune, and Emily asked how Henry had managed to pull it off.

Paul talked with James and asked if it was their "final goodbye." He said his father was the one who was dead, but it was Paul who would be resting in peace that night. He reminisced that he would never hear James's taunting and torturing him again. Paul left the room, and Henry tried to hug him in a brotherly fashion, but Paul was having none of it. Henry asked if they were cool about the "who gets what" business, and a grinning Paul said he hoped that Henry got it all. Henry went into James's room and said his goodbyes and thanked James for the money.

Vienna went to Audrey's room at the Lakeview and accused her of killing James. Vienna produced the syringe and threatened to go to the police to turn it in. Audrey cautioned Vienna not to do that because the cops would question her, and Audrey would be forced to say that Henry made her end his father's life. Vienna could not believe that Audrey would frame her own son, but she also realized that Audrey wanted her to work on Henry to give his mama the money. Audrey promised that she would leave town as soon as she had the cash in hand. Vienna stormed out, but Audrey found that she had another visitor.

Barbara Ryan stood outside Audrey's door and said she knew that the woman was responsible for what had happened to James. Barbara said that they would let the autopsy she had just ordered speak for itself, and she threatened that Audrey would not get away with murder. Barbara left an angry Audrey, who began scheming for a solution to the newest twist.

Henry met Vienna in the Lakeview bar, and she told him that his own mother had set him up. Henry, martini in hand, said it looked as if he would be accepting the Stenbeck fortune after all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the hills of Kentucky, Maeve hushed Holden so that Eb would not hear him. She said that she could not cut Holden loose yet, but she had smuggled some food for him. As she was handing Holden the food, Eb burst in and scattered it. He struck Maeve and knocked her to the floor, as he further threatened his weeping wife. Eb went outside, and Holden asked Maeve to move closer so he could see if she was hurt. He told her that he had absolutely no idea where Skaggs had hidden his money, but Maeve did not know what to believe.

Holden said that if money was the issue, then he could get her some. He asked for Maeve's help and promised her and Eb all they needed. He said he would write a letter authorizing his bank to allow Maeve to make a withdrawal. He explained that it was as good as a check, and all Maeve had to do was find a branch of Holden's bank. Maeve said that Eb would not like the idea, so Holden changed the plan. He suggested that the woman withdraw the money and hide it, and then give Holden the directions, and he could lead Eb to the site.

Holden was sure that Eb would believe that the money was Skaggs's treasure. Maeve thought there was a chance that would work, but she was worried what would happen to her after Eb got the money. Holden offered her money of her own from his account and suggested that she hide it for herself, but Maeve said she would not take a penny from Holden. She admitted that she did not want to live with Eb any longer, so Holden gave her his word that he would help her get out of her situation.

Holden wrote the letter to the bank and told Maeve to give it to a manager. Maeve said that she trusted Holden, and she hoped that he trusted her, as well. They discussed the plan further and decided that she would take the money and bury it, as a start. Maeve thanked Holden for putting hope back into her life, and she gave him a quick kiss. They heard Eb returning, so Maeve made a fast exit.

Lily found Damian by her front door moving a potted tree around the patio. He explained that it was a custom of his family to plant a tree in memory of a lost loved one, and he thought Lily and her children might like to do that for Holden. Lily was hesitant and reminded Damian that just a day earlier, he had declared his undying love for her. Damian apologized for hurting Lily's sensibilities, but he claimed that his feelings were valid. Lily said that as long as Damian felt that way about her, their being together was awkward.

Luke joined his mother and Damian, and his birth father told him about the tree tradition. The boy was enthusiastic about doing it, and he felt it might help the girls, and particularly young Ethan, face the reality of Holden's loss. Lily said she thought it was too soon to have another ceremony, and they all went into the house. Luke said the tree-planting could be very informal and would concentrate on something living for a change. Lily finally agreed, so Luke left to find Noah, and Lily suggested that Damian invite Meg, as well.

Damian showed up at the farm and asked to speak with Meg. He claimed that he had not broken up with her; he had only suggested that they take a break and spend some time apart. Damian said that Lily's family was going to plant a tree in Holden's memory, and he invited Meg to be there. Meg accepted, but she wanted to go on her own. When Damian offered to take her, Meg asked if Lily had turned him down. She yelled at him, and he turned to go, but Meg stopped him. When she learned that Damian had bought the tree, she asked what he had meant when she had suggested that the two of them go together.

They talked some more, and Meg said that she was willing to try again at their relationship if Damian was. They agreed, so Meg got Eliza ready and realized that the baby was running a fever. She suspected that a latent ear infection was flaring up again, but she wanted to have a doctor check the baby before she went to the tree-planting ceremony. She promised to meet Damian there at the park, and she gave him a kiss.

Luke and Noah walked on the path at the park, and Luke explained about the memorial tree. Noah was pleased that since he had missed Holden's funeral, he could still honor a man whom he very much admired. Mason was pedaling down the path towards them, but he lost control of his bike and crashed into a fence railing. He screamed with pain when he tried to get up, so the boys helped him. Luke suggested that Noah take Mason to Memorial, because Mason needed Noah more than Luke did. Noah agreed and promised to meet up with Luke and his family later.

At Memorial, Noah helped Mason remove his shirt, and Mason told his student to go meet up with Luke in the park for the tree ceremony. Noah said that he would wait until a doctor arrived, but one soon did. Noah took off, but he promised to check back on Mason soon.

Luke went home, and he and Lily were ready to leave for the park, but Faith refused to attend because the idea had been Damian's. That made no sense to Luke, so he sent Lily on ahead with the smaller children and said he would talk with his sister. Faith appeared and told her brother that Damian had no right to be involved in Holden's ceremony; after all, Damian was not family. Luke reminded Faith that Damian was his father and had definitely changed for the better. Faith said that Damian only wanted..., but then her words trailed off. Luke told his sister that he needed her support and help, and she relented.

At Fairwinds, Paul received a call and told Emily that he had to go to the hospital to sign some papers and claim his father's body. He was actually eager to do it, and he explained to Emily that he "wanted to make sure the bastard was really dead." Emily offered to go with him, so they left together. At the hospital, Paul signed the paperwork, and a doctor said they would be sending James's body to the funeral home soon. Paul was overjoyed, and he began nuzzling Emily's neck, as Meg and Eliza walked up. Paul said hello, and Meg instantly realized that her ex-husband had recovered his memory.

Paul asked to hold the baby, as Emily watched him closely. Eliza slept contentedly in her father's arms, and a nurse approached and told Meg that her appointment had been delayed. Meg was unhappy because she wanted to get to the park, so Paul offered to stay with the baby and go with her to the appointment. Emily backed him up, so Meg ran off, promising to be back as soon as she could. Paul took Eliza in to see the doctor, and Meg had been correct that the baby needed antibiotics for her ear infection. Paul called Meg and left a message saying that he would take the baby home and Meg could let him know when she wanted the baby home.

In the park, Faith, Natalie, Ethan, Luke, and Lily gathered around the tree. They had found a good spot and had prepared a hole. They took turns putting soil around the roots, and Luke helped Ethan do his share. They circled the tree and held hands, and Lily spoke to Holden about how the tree would grow and how they would hold family picnics under it in his honor. Suddenly, Damian appeared, much to Faith's annoyance, and Lily asked why Meg was not with him. Damian said that he was afraid that Meg could not make it because of Eliza's appointment.

Luke asked Damian to join them, and when Faith protested, Luke said that Damian was there for him. Damian held Lily's hand and said some nice remarks about the whole family. Damian picked up Ethan, who had begun to cry because he had finally realized that his daddy was never returning home. Damian told the boy it was perfectly all right if he felt like crying.

Noah ran up, and Luke hugged him. Lily began talking to Holden again, followed by Luke. Natalie said something, but when it was Faith's turn, the girl said that her daddy already knew how she felt, even if her mother did not. Faith ran off, and it began to rain as they finished up the tree ceremony. They had already left when a soaked Meg arrived in a downpour.

Noah returned to Memorial and found Mason waiting. Mason said the doctor had said that he had a bad sprain and that he might have to call on Noah for some menial tasks in the next few days. Luke joined them, which did not seem to please Mason. The boys offered him a ride home, but Mason had already called a cab. The boys left, and Mason looked pensive.

At Fairwinds, Paul watched his daughter sleep in her infant seat. Emily watched Paul, and his devotion to his baby moved her. Paul apologized for ignoring Emily, but he said it felt very right to be around Eliza again. He told Emily that if spending time with the baby was a problem for her, he was more than willing to discuss it. Emily, however, said that she totally understood an attachment to one's child. In fact, she admitted, it appeared that Paul was getting closer to "sealing the marriage deal."

At home, Damian held a sleeping Ethan on the couch, and Lily tried to figure out why Faith was treating her like Public Enemy # 1. She had no idea why her daughter was so unhappy with her. Damian suggested that Faith just needed time, but Lily suspected the problem was deeper. Lily went to help Natalie find a DVD, and she left Damian holding Ethan. A soggy Meg walked in and said that she had run into Paul at the hospital and that he had regained his memory. He was also interested in spending time with Eliza again .

Meg said that she needed to go get her daughter, and she asked Damian to join her. Damian said that he could not because he still had to help Lily with the kids. He did suggest that they meet later at the farm after she had picked up her daughter.

Meg walked outside and got a call from Paul asking if he could keep their daughter a bit longer. Meg agreed, and then she looked in the window and saw Damian and Lily comforting Ethan, who was still in Damian's arms.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tom told Casey that he had loved Adam and had sadly accepted his death; however, Adam had survived, stolen another person's identity, and arrived in town under false pretenses. Adam's most grievous error, though, was that he had forced his mother to cover it up. Tom said that if the crimes had involved only Adam, he would have no qualms about turning his son over to the police. Since Casey and Margo were on the hook for aiding and abetting a criminal, the situation was more serious.

At the hospital, Adam told Alison that he was sorry for lying to her about who he was. Alison quickly reminded him that he had also lied to almost his entire family. Adam said he was only trying to live a good life, but Alison asked him whose. She was confused as to whether he was planning on being Riley Morgan or Adam Munson. She said Adam's apology was bogus, and the only thing that had changed about him was his face. She called him as messed up and dishonest as he had always been.

Adam's "excuse" was that every time he had talked about stepping up and facing the music, Margo had begged him not to. Adam could not break his mother's heart again. Alison didn't buy his story and told him it was not too late for him to be just plain Adam again. Adam left, and Casey found Alison alone in a hospital room, thinking. He said he had heard his mother crying in her room all night, but she had gone to work early.

Casey also said that his father was torn up about the thought of sending the three members of his immediate family to jail. The boy was worried that his folks' marriage could not withstand the strain, mainly because his mother felt that Adam had already atoned for his crimes by suffering in Afghanistan. Alison said that Adam had paid her a visit to apologize, but she had told him to forget it.

Adam went to the police station and told Margo that he could not have her lying for him anymore, but his mother said that was her choice. Adam was willing to pay whatever penalty was required for him to resume a normal life after he had paid his debt. He said it was the only way he could live with himself, and he vowed that he would turn himself in. Margo thought that Tom could figure out a solution, and she begged Adam not to destroy her "mother's miracle."

Margo also reminded Adam that she and Casey would also face jail time if Adam turned himself in to the authorities. Adam said that the one way to avoid that was for his mother to lie one last time for him. He argued that if his mother and Casey pretended that they did not know that Riley Morgan was Adam, they would be in the clear. Adam was hopeful that Tom and Casey would also see it as the best possible solution. Margo called for an officer to arrest her son, Adam Munson, for several outstanding federal warrants, and the stunned policeman took Adam away. Margo spoke to Hal's picture on the wall and asked him what had happened to their wonderful son.

Casey and Alison adjourned their discussion to Java, and Margo found them there. She included Alison in the conversation when she learned that the girl knew the truth about Adam. Margo told them that Adam had presented himself at the police station and turned himself in. She also revealed that her son was going to claim that no one knew the truth about his true identity, so they were off the hook.

Tom met with Adam at the station, and the young man said that he needed to own up and pay for his mistakes. He asked his father to overlook the fact that Margo and Casey knew who he was, and he asked for Tom's help with that. Tom said he had no answer for Adam at the moment, and he walked out. He went home and discussed the situation with Margo, who had just returned from Java. Tom was concerned about the status of their marriage, and Margo said that she had hoped her husband would just be happy that their son was still alive. She apologized for her mistakes and said she knew that her son was going away again. They hugged before Margo returned to work.

Barbara showed up at the police station and hassled Margo for James's death on her watch. Margo finally agreed to look into whether foul play had taken place in Stenbeck's most recent demise. The two of them drove to the funeral home, and Margo explained to the funeral director that James's body had been released to him before the medical examiner had performed an autopsy. She requested that the director send the remains to the coroner's office immediately, but the man told her that it was too late; Mr. Stenbeck had been embalmed earlier that day. He also said that the special speedy embalming had been at the request of the decedent's son, Paul Ryan. Barbara turned and stomped out.

At Fairwinds, Paul discussed details with a caterer for a reception following James's funeral service. He eschewed the "dignified, discreet service" recommended by the caterer for an "over-the-top, happy food and fireworks" celebration. Emily walked in, and Paul told her of his plans. They enjoyed some champagne, as Barbara stormed in. She began yelling accusations at her son and asked him what he had been thinking when he had ordered his father's embalming right away. She announced that Paul had just ruined any chance he had of getting his father's money.

Paul said that he had called the funeral home and ordered a "box for dead dad and a hole to put him in." Barbara explained that if her son had not been so hasty, the medical examiner would have done a postmortem that would have shown that Audrey had killed James, most likely with Henry's help. That would have resulted in Paul's getting James's entire inheritance. Paul tried again to explain that he wanted neither the Stenbeck name nor the Stenbeck fortune. He was prepared to enjoy every moment of James's send-off.

Barbara said that Audrey Coleman could no longer think of James's death as her own personal cash box, because Barbara was going to put up a fight. Emily lifted her champagne flute in a toast to "James Stenbeck, the gift that keeps on giving."

Henry got dressed for his father's funeral and worried that a black armband might be over-the-top. Vienna reminded him that he had promised to give all the inheritance to his mother, but Henry quibbled about the meaning of "all." Vienna said Henry had to make the choice again: the money and his mother or Vienna and true love the way it used to be. Henry chose Vienna.

In the lobby, Audrey Coleman met with Mr. Hanson, James's former attorney. He gave her a hard time about his kidnapping, but he was willing to keep the deal he had struck with her. Hanson questioned whether Henry would actually follow through with the cash payout, but Audrey guaranteed it. She went up to Henry's room and called through the door that it was time to go to the funeral. Henry let his mother in, and she announced that they should go in a group, so as to present a united front to the Ryan contingent at the reading of James's will.

Audrey whined that it was so sad to lose her "Jimmy," just when she had gotten him back. Henry suggested that she not waste her crocodile tears on them. He knew that Audrey had not "lost" James; she had "dispatched" him and tried to pin it on Henry. Audrey said that Paul was paying for the funeral, the gravesite, and a reception afterwards at Fairwinds. They left for the funeral home.

At the funeral home, Audrey introduced herself to the director as "the widow Stenbeck," at least in her heart. Henry went immediately to the open casket and poked his father. Vienna asked what he was doing, and Henry replied that it was not as if James hadn't risen from the dead before. They sat down as Barbara, Paul, and Emily arrived. Paul approached the casket to "make sure the old guy was really dead." All three stood beside James, and Barbara took out a long hat pin and plunged it into his chest. When there was no reaction, Emily removed a mirror from her purse and held it in front of the corpse's mouth and nose. She announced that he was not breathing.

The director sent them to their seats and asked if anyone wanted to share a memory of Mr. Stenbeck. When no one responded., Paul shouted, "Guess not! Let's put the old guy in the ground." Audrey got up and began some hysterical crying beside the coffin, while Henry rolled his eyes. After hearing Audrey scream "Jimmy! Jimmy!" one too many times, Barbara got up and approached, shoving Audrey aside. Barbara yelled, "You killed him!" as Audrey warned her " not to touch the merchandise." Paul egged the women on with his tasteless comments.

Audrey mentioned "Jimmy's prowess in bed," and a mortified Henry asked if they were to be spared nothing. His mother retorted with a crack about Henry's role-playing costumes, and that shut him up. She urged her son to say a proper goodbye to his father by giving him a kiss. Barbara had reached her limit, and she pushed Audrey away and took Audrey's place by the casket. Audrey asked if Barbara really wanted a fight, and Barbara replied, "Bring it, bitch." The two women went at each other, grabbing and punching. Audrey backed Barbara up to the casket and pushed her backwards on top of James.

Henry and Paul jumped in and separated the women. They tried to figure out what to do next, so Emily suggested they drive a stake into James's heart, just to be sure. Everyone left except Audrey, who immediately called someone and said, "It's show time!"

At Faiwinds, everyone drank to the latest demise of James Stenbeck and the end of his reign of terror. They discussed many of the man's misdeeds and wicked schemes, including when a teenaged Paul had shot his father, who was strangling Emily. Vienna was shocked that Paul had actually shot James, but Paul explained that in his family, that " was like bonding." Audrey was not there, and they questioned her whereabouts. Just then, she walked in with Hanson, the attorney, in tow. She announced that it was time to read James's last will and testament, and Hanson began.

James's few words said that he left his entire estate to his illegitimate son, Henry Coleman. Barbara jumped up and said that the will would not hold up in court, but Paul told Henry that he was welcome to the money. He wished Henry luck. Henry grabbed Vienna and they made a fast exit, with Audrey trailing behind. Barbara declared that James had twice cheated Paul out of his inheritance, but Paul did not care. Barbara had a response ready, but Emily interrupted her by asking her to "play nice," or they would make sure she had to sit next to Audrey at the wedding. Barbara stormed out, as Paul reacted to Emily's word "wedding."

Paul and Emily finished the champagne, and Paul slyly asked if she was considering a wedding in the near future. Emily said yes, because Paul had turned his back on James and everything he stood for, including his money. She said that she trusted Paul, and agreed to marry him. Emily hoped that they could make a better job of it the second time around. She declared the Stenbeck curse over and done with, and they embraced.

Audrey caught up with her son at the Lakeview as he and Vienna headed for their room. She said they had unsettled business, but Henry reminded her that they did not have the money yet. He said that the lawyer had read a will, not an ATM. Audrey offered to fetch paper and pen so that Henry could give her a sworn statement that he was granting her the whole amount of the estate, free and clear. Henry said no; the money was his and the terms would be his. He promised to give his mother enough money to pay off Hanson and to settle her debt with Ray Zuma. They would see about the rest.

Vienna complained that Henry had said that he would give the whole amount to Audrey, but Henry said he was having second thoughts. Audrey was prepared for a fight, and she stated that, but Henry countered with the thought that he just might have kept the murder weapon. Audrey made some more threats before she took off, and Vienna again reminded Henry that he had chosen her over the money. She said they had to get rid of it, or it could ruin their lives.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 14, and pick up where Thursday, September 10's shows concluded.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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