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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on GL
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Monday, September 14, 2009

During a phone call with Vanessa, Reva promised to make sure Billy got to the country club on time for the wedding, and that he'd be clean after his fishing trip. After the call, Reva insisted that Jonathan attend the wedding to show Sarah that they were no longer in hiding.

Ed decided to release Alan from the hospital, but warned him to take it easy, since his body was still regenerating bone marrow. Alex stated that Alan should just relax, and be thankful that Phillip had made it. Alan replied that it was the best gift he'd ever received. Ed said that Alan had done a fine thing in saving his son, but Alan concluded that Phillip had saved Alan.

Later, Jonathan lurked outside Alan's hospital room. Olivia and Natalia strode into the room with Emma, who had a homemade "get well" card for Alan. Jonathan listened in as Emma explained that the whole family was attending Billy and Vanessa's wedding. Alan assumed that meant that Olivia and Natalia were together, and wondered if Emma liked her new family. Emma said she had the best two mommies and daddy in the world. Alan agreed that she did.

Alan hugged Emma, and sent her to get a lollipop from the nurses' station. When she left, Alan stated that Emma was happy, which was all that mattered. Olivia and Natalia thanked Alan, and left. Alex said it was a lovely thing that Alan had done. Alan said that Natalia and Olivia had the kind of happiness he'd used to run away from. Alan vowed not to run anymore, because everything could be taken away in just a few moments.

Jonathan entered Alan's room after Alex left. Jonathan seemed hostile, but Alan said he wasn't the same man that Jonathan had fled from. Jonathan stated that Sarah needed her mother, but that didn't mean that Jonathan trusted Alan. Alan swore that he was a different man. Jonathan replied that he hoped so, and left.

Reva found the Lewis men fishing on a rocky slope. She offered them some food, but Billy said that it was tradition that they ate what they caught. Dylan responded that he'd caught a boot and some underwear. Reva hollered that there were no fish in that stream, and they weren't in Tulsa. Billy felt a pull on his line, and announced that he'd gotten the catch of the day twice.

At Company, Blake saw Buzz and Lillian kiss, and she wandered to the computer to instant message her online friend that love was in bloom for everyone, but her. At the Cooper house, Frank messaged back that he felt the same way. Frank asked her to accompany him to "a thing." Blake typed back that she already had plans. They both sighed, saying, "Figures."

Blake and Lillian squealed when Nola and Bridget entered Company. Nola joked that the boarding house had been in better condition when she'd run it. After chatting about Peter, Bridget said they were there to help Matt deal with Vanessa's nuptials. Buzz hurried everyone to depart for the wedding. Bridget and Nola took one last look around the place before leaving.

As Phillip complimented Beth in the mansion parlor, Emma rushed in to hug him. Natalia and Olivia strolled in, standing close together, holding hands. Phillip said that Emma's cookies had worked. After Olivia and Natalia left with Emma, Beth noted that the two women seemed close. Phillip said that they were very close.

James asked Daisy to be his date for Billy's wedding. James went home to change into a suit, and then told his parents that he had a date. After James left, Beth said, "He has a date." Phillip extended his arm, asking, "Do I?" Beth took his arm, and they exited.

When James arrived at the Cooper house, Daisy announced that she had a date. Marina told a worried Frank to calm down, because the kids hung out together all the time. Frank insisted a date was different, and asked what time James would have Daisy home. Daisy quipped that she was over 18. "What time?" Frank repeated. Daisy said she'd call him.

Emma, Natalia, and Olivia stopped at Frank's house to ask Rafe to join them at the wedding. Rafe told them that he was already going with Ashlee. Natalia hugged him, and said she was proud of him. "One step at a time," Rafe said.

Maureen, Mindy, and Lizzie helped Vanessa prepare for the wedding. Lizzie dangled a garter, joking with that it was Vanessa's "something blue." Later, the ladies arrived at the country club in a white limo, just in time to see the Lewis men pull up in an old pickup truck. Billy hopped off the truck, and kissed Vanessa. Everyone cheered as they entered the building.

Mindy talked to Billy by the lake later. She said she was proud of him, and they hugged. Inside, the guests mingled. Doris introduced Ashlee and Rafe to Doris' girlfriend, Jemanda Weeks. Ashlee thanked Doris for letting Ashlee get to know Doris, and they hugged.

On a deck by the lake, Lizzie told Bill that she loved having Sarah back, but she worried that Jonathan would change his mind. Bill promised that he wouldn't let that happen. On the other side of the deck, Remy joked that Christina and he should divorce and remarry after Vanessa and Billy's ceremony. Christina said they'd just renew their vows when they got home.

Reva found Josh and Shayne down by the like, and said they smelled like fish. The men explained that they'd cleaned Billy's catch. Reva warned them to wash their hands before they touched anything else. She shrieked when they tried to touch her.

Inside later, Josh and Reva congratulated Olivia and Natalia on their expected daughter. Natalia and Olivia wandered off, and Reva commented that Olivia needed a friend like Natalia. Josh replied that Olivia and Natalia were a couple. Reva thought it was great, because life was too short. "Since she couldn't have you, she went for the next best thing," Reva quipped.

Vanessa told Nola and Bridget that she was glad that they were there. Nola joked that she'd called ahead to make sure they weren't wearing the same dresses. Nola gave Vanessa a relic, saying that it was from one of Quentin's digs. Bridget hugged Dylan, glad to see him.

Buzz watched Lillian standing on the deck overlooking the water. He approached her, and said, "Now I'm sure. Come here. Watch this." Buzz eased himself down on one knee. The wedding guests gathered on the upper deck, cheering. Buzz said he didn't want to waste another second of his life. He asked Lillian to do him the honor of being his wife. She tearfully agreed to marry him. "Now will you help me get up?" Buzz asked.

Everyone cheered as they kissed. "Today! Get married today!" Billy yelled from the upper balcony. Vanessa continued, "You're going to get married right here, right now, with us!" Billy reasoned that their friends and family were gathered, and no one would look that good again. "Two for the price of one. Let's do it," Buzz decided. Lillian kissed him, and said there was one thing she had to do in the short time before the ceremony.

James and Daisy thought it was great that their grandparents were marrying. Daisy didn't want to hear about their honeymoons. James figured everyone was watching Daisy and him, because they were on a date. He said they should give them something to see, and he kissed her.

In the cemetery later, Lillian visited Maureen's grave. Lillian apologized for the mistakes she'd made that had led to Maureen's death. Lillian said that the guilt had finally lifted, and she wanted to move on with Buzz. Lillian had wanted Maureen to know, in hopes that Maureen would understand. Lillian kissed some roses, and placed them on Maureen's headstone.

Before the weddings, Lizzie gave Lillian her bridesmaid bouquet. Lillian tearfully said she'd never been a bride before. Beth commented that no one deserved it more than Lillian.

Later, Phillip walked Lillian down the aisle to Buzz, who said Lillian had never looked more beautiful. Bill walked Vanessa down the aisle, wishing that Dinah were with them. Alex, Alan, and Jonathan slipped into the back aisles just as Father Ray commenced the ceremony.

Lillian told Buzz that she thanked God for him, and they deserved love and happiness "now and forever." Buzz said that he'd given up after loving and losing so much. He felt that he didn't deserve to have a brilliant light like Lillian as his wife.

Vanessa told Billy that her father had written a letter to her before he'd died. Henry had written about a sense of belonging. He'd said that after traveling the world and seeing its glories, nothing made him happier than returning home. Vanessa proclaimed that Billy was her only home, and that time, they'd get it right. Billy said that he couldn't believe they were even there, after the hell they'd been through. He swore they'd get it right, because he'd be a good boy.

The brides and grooms took their vows in unison. Father Ray pronounced them husbands and wives. The couples kissed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the reception for the double wedding, Lizzie assured Jonathan that Alan had changed. Jonathan sarcastically shrugged, revealing that he'd paid Alan a hospital visit. Lizzie asked how long Jonathan and Sarah would be in town. After Jonathan's noncommittal response, she wondered if she'd see Sarah that evening. Jonathan replied that Lizzie could see her daughter.

Jonathan met Mel in the parking lot to pick up Sarah. Mel handed Jonathan some paperwork, and said there was no looking back if he signed the papers . Jonathan replied that he wanted to do what was best for his little girl.

Jonathan returned to the reception with Sarah, and told everyone that Sarah and he were staying in town. Jonathan handed Bill and Lizzie joint custody papers, saying that Sarah was Lizzie's daughter, too. Jonathan asked that everyone help keep Sarah safe. The guests agreed, and Lizzie escorted Sarah to the dance floor.

After Sarah danced with Bill, Jonathan, and Lizzie, Jonathan thought it was time to introduce Sarah to the Spauldings. The four of them found the Spauldings talking together on the deck. Jonathan said that moving back to town wasn't easy. He warned Alan not to make him regret it. Phillip introduced himself as Sarah's grandfather, but Beth couldn't call herself a grandmother. Alan apologized to Sarah for making her feel unsafe before, but promised that she was safe from then on. "Here's your family, sweetheart," Alan said.

Cyrus found Mel admiring the water. He thought that she'd done a great thing for Jonathan, Lizzie, and Sarah. Mel shrugged, saying she was doing what lawyers had to do. Cyrus replied that he was about to do what he had to do, too. He kissed her.

Matt tried to slip out of the reception, but Vanessa implored him to stay. As Matt danced with Maureen, Nola, and Bridget, Vanessa greeted her friends, Justin and Cecilia.

The two pairs of newlyweds thanked everyone for attending their wedding. Buzz and Billy challenged each other to prove who kissed his wife the best. The guests cheered as the couples smooched. Afterward, Buzz danced with Alex, and Lillian told Alan that he was brave for helping Phillip. Alan felt he'd done what any parent would have.

Near the pier, Frank told Blake that he was happy for his father; however, Frank felt that love had passed him by. Blake encouraged him to never give up, and he admitted that he'd invited someone to the wedding. When Frank said that the person had a prior engagement, Blake reasoned that the response really meant, "Ask me again."

Josh congratulated Billy on snagging the woman of his dreams. Billy thought everyone was where they were supposed to be. "Except me," Josh said. He reasoned that he always took care of other people. Since everyone seemed to be doing well, Josh really had nothing to do. Josh said he was considering leaving town for a while to find something that he could call his own. The brothers said they'd miss each other, but Josh promised that he'd be back.

Olivia and a pregnant Natalia strolled along the lakeshore, holding hands. They encountered Josh, who said they looked happy. Josh thanked Olivia for being his friend. Olivia wondered why he was being so serious. Josh announced that he was leaving town soon, and he asked Natalia to take care of his friend.

Later, Josh sat with Shayne, who said he was having a lot of fun being a father. Josh said that he would leave for Venezuela to restart their offices there. Shayne thought he should go instead, but Josh said he needed the trip. Shayne replied that he understood that feeling.

Shayne and Marina incessantly checked in with the babysitter. Shayne noted that he'd been so busy parenting that he hadn't had the urge to drink or pick a fight at a wedding. Marina and Shayne said they missed Henry, and decided to sneak away to check on him.

Josh cut in on Dylan and Reva's dance. Josh said that it felt good to know that Jonathan and Shayne would be around to protect Reva. Josh felt that everyone would okay, and that was why it was time for him to move back to Venezuela for a while. Reva stopped dancing, and sadly said that he should do it, if that was what he needed.

Josh and Frank called everyone's attention to give speeches from the best men. Josh said that he admired Billy, and Frank told Buzz that Coop was smiling down on them.

Phillip found James and Daisy alone on a pier to coax them back to the party. James still didn't understand why he couldn't have helped Phillip. Phillip replied that James had his whole life ahead of him. James strode off, murmuring that he'd wanted to help his father.

Alan found James standing alone. James commended Alan for helping Phillip. Alan said that parents were supposed to save their children. Later, James and Daisy sneaked food from the reception, and ate on a blanket by a car. James said that Alan was a cool guy, and felt that Phillip owed Alan big time. Daisy reasoned that Alan had only done what he was supposed to do.

Later, Alan encountered Rafe, who said that he'd be leaving for the military later that day. Alan called Rafe braver than Alan, who'd feared the draft. Alan was proud to see a Spaulding serve their country.

Alan strolled over to Reva. She mentioned that Rick had handled the surgery, and Alan replied that Rick had really come through for them. Reva kissed his cheek. They toasted to Sarah, and the grandkids they'd share in the future.

Billy approached them, and announced to the guests that Alan had become an unlikely hero when he'd stepped in to help Phillip. Billy said that Alan made them believe in miracles again. Billy called a toast to Alan, the hero. Alan modestly smiled, and raised a glass.

Beth encountered Phillip sitting alone, thinking of how lucky he was to be alive. Beth said that Phillip had professed his love to her before the operation. "Was that you? I thought it was Rick?" Phillip joked. Beth said she wouldn't hold him to what he'd said. Phillip replied that he loved her, and he always would. Beth replied that she loved him, too, and walked away.

Later, at the end of the pier, Alan and Phillip discussed how wonderful Sarah was. Phillip thanked Alan for the second chance, but Phillip didn't know if he deserved it. Alan said that he'd only done what a parent should do. Alan asked Phillip not to overanalyze his second chance at life, but to live it to its fullest. Phillip promised that he would, and they walked down the pier with their arms around each other's shoulders.

As night fell, Alan congratulated Buzz on his nuptials. Buzz said that Alan must have felt like the king of the world after saving Phillip. "I always feel like the king of the world," Alan joked. Alan figured Buzz would have done the same thing, but Buzz wasn't sure. Alan said he couldn't have done it without Buzz's help and support. Buzz said that Alan always had that love for Phillip inside him; Alan had just needed something to help it surface.

Alan said that he truly valued his relationship with Buzz. Alan stated that Buzz being happy for him meant more than Buzz could ever know. Buzz figured that he'd probably made more mistakes than Alan, but their families loved them. Buzz thought they were lucky men.

Buzz invited Alan back to the reception to dance with the ladies. "You made love to all of them. Now dance with them," Buzz reasoned. Alan said he'd be in momentarily. "Hey," Buzz said, turning back, "You did it." Alan nodded resolutely, saying, "I did it."

Phillip found Beth picking shells in the sand. She said she'd thought about painting again. "Don't think about it. Just do it," Phillip replied. He seemed to be thinking about something, and then he stuttered. Beth asked if he were okay. Phillip replied that he would be. Beth said she didn't follow. "Don't follow. Just be here with me. Be here with me for the rest of my life, and let me be with you," Phillip said.

Phillip knew that Beth had no reason to believe him after all the complications of the past, but he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. "Marry me and I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. I promise I will," he said. He kept trying to convince her, but she silenced him, saying, "Yes! I'll spend the rest of my life letting you make me happy!" They kissed, and laughed. Beth was anxious to tell their kids, but Phillip wanted to talk to Alan first.

Phillip found Alan sitting on a bench, staring at the water. Phillip said that he hadn't understood what Alan had meant about overanalyzing things until Phillip had seen Beth collecting shells on the beach. Phillip stated that Alan was right; it was time to live in the moment, and appreciate everything for what it was. Phillip didn't want to waste any more time. He just wanted to be with Alan, Beth, and the family.

Phillip tapped a silent Alan on the shoulder. When Alan didn't respond, Phillip shook him. Phillip knelt before Alan on the bench, and checked his pulse. Alan remained strangely still. Phillip sobbed, and cried into Alan's lap.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A crying Phillip sat beside Alan on the bench overlooking the lake. He held Alan's hand, and stared at the water. In the country club parking lot, Beth said that Phillip was talking to Alan about something. The Spauldings left the reception, assuming they'd see Alan and Phillip later.

As the wedding reception wound down, Rick received a call from Phillip. Rick grimly told Phillip that he'd be right there. Rick ran to the bench, and halted upon seeing a deathly still Alan sitting on the bench. Rick checked Alan's pulse, and told Phillip that he was sorry.

Rick called an ambulance to carry Alan away. Phillip felt as if he should have gone with Alan. Phillip asked Rick to arrange things at the hospital while Phillip talked to the family. The two friends hugged, and Phillip strode down to the pier to stare at the water alone.

In the mansion parlor, Alex prattled to Beth about Alan having decaffeinated coffee when he returned home. Phillip entered, and sat down with the ladies. He somberly explained that Alan wouldn't be returning home. "We lost him, Aunt Alex. He's gone," Phillip uttered.

Phillip explained how peaceful Alan had been on the bench by the lake, but Alan was definitely gone. "Well, where is he?" Alex insisted. Phillip shook his head, and Alex's voice cracked, as she said, "No. No, no, no, no..." Phillip hugged her, and said it would be okay.

Phillip consoled Beth next, and said that the rest of the family didn't know yet. Beth wondered how she'd tell Peyton the news about her father. Beth went upstairs, where she pulled Peyton into her lap, and said, "Sweetheart, mommy has to tell you something."

Phillip left to find Lizzie and James. Alex attempted to make phone calls. She dialed a number, but threw the phone on the couch. She picked up Alan's picture, and stared restlessly around the room. Later, she gave Hilda and Bruno instructions about handling calls from the press, friends, family, and business associates. Alex told them that Alan had loved them in his own way. Hilda replied that they'd loved Alan, too.

At Bill and Lizzie's house, the couple sat on the porch with Sarah, discussing what games they'd play. Phillip arrived as they played tag, and he asked Lizzie to take a walk with him. Music played as the two walked beneath a tree. Phillip spoke to Lizzie, and she suddenly clasped her hand to her face. Phillip pulled her into his arms.

Natalia and Olivia packed goody bags for Rafe at the farmhouse. They included wallet-sized family photos in them. Meanwhile, Rafe packed at Frank's house, and Frank fussed over Rafe and his medications. Rafe insisted that his diet was under control. They hugged, and Rafe thanked Frank for everything he'd done for Rafe's family. Frank said that Rafe had become a good man, and Frank escorted Rafe out.

After Daisy and James made love on their blanket, Daisy said that she needed to go to Company for Rafe's send-off party. James decided to attend, because Rafe was his cousin.

At Rafe's party, Rafe asked if Buzz and Lillian were going on a honeymoon. Blake quipped that they were always on a honeymoon. Company's phone rang, and Lillian answered. She gasped, handed the phone to Olivia, and rushed out of the restaurant. Olivia took the news from Alex just as James and Daisy entered. "Alan died," Olivia stated, hanging up the phone.

James strode out of the restaurant. Daisy wanted to follow, but her family advised her to let James have a little time with his family before she saw him again. Ashlee, Frank, and Blake couldn't believe it, because Alan had seemed fine. Olivia left to tell Emma what had happened. Rafe said that Alan had been proud that Rafe was the first Spaulding to serve their country. Rafe contemplated postponing his trip, but Buzz said that Alan would want Rafe to go on.

Frank said he never thought anything could bring down Alan, the "Wizard of Oz." Olivia returned with Emma, who uttered, "My granddad died." Rafe said Alan had been his grandfather, too. Rafe showed her two "magical" quarters. He gave her one, and asked her to look at it when she was sad, because it meant that Rafe was thinking of her. Emma said she'd miss Rafe. Buzz hugged Rafe, and said Alan would be with Rafe all the time, just like the quarter.

Buzz stayed with Emma, and the rest of them accompanied Rafe to the bus station for their final goodbyes. Rafe told Daisy that he'd always love her. He pulled his mother's hands from her sullen face, and asked Olivia to take care of Natalia for him. After a long, emotional hug with Natalia, Rafe boarded the bus. Olivia consoled Natalia as the bus pulled away.

Phillip returned to the mansion to find Beth in the garden. She said that Peyton hadn't really understood what she'd been told. Beth stated that half the time, she'd wished Alan was dead; the other half of the time, Alan had been protecting Beth from the world. She couldn't imagine life without Alan. Beth went for a walk, and James approached Phillip, crying. Phillip and James hugged each other for a long time.

Reva prodded Jonathan to allow Lizzie and Bill to have Sarah for the evening. Jonathan told Bill that he trusted Lizzie and Bill, but Jonathan worried about Alan. At Cross Creek, Jonathan stalked the kitchen, anxious about being away from Sarah. "Come here, my big, brave son!" Reva said, hugging him. She assured him that Sarah would be fine with her mother.

When the phone rang, Jonathan answered, and received the news about Alan. Jonathan told Reva that he needed to pick up Sarah. Lizzie and Bill had to go to the mansion, because Alan had died of a heart attack. Jonathan left, and Reva stared at her framed photos, commenting that there was just too much loss. She started taking the pictures off the mantel.

Jonathan arrived at Bill and Lizzie's house to find Sarah and Bill outside on the porch. Jonathan sent Sarah to pick flowers, and Bill said that Lizzie was in the house, because she hadn't wanted Sarah to see her crying. Lizzie joined them on the porch. She asked Jonathan to watch Sarah at the house, so that Lizzie could see Sarah upon returning from the mansion.

Later, Reva met Josh and Billy at Lizzie and Bill's house. Billy said Vanessa would be there shortly. Josh stated that he'd called the newlyweds because he felt that Bill and Lizzie needed support. "Alan Spaulding's gone. It's a big change for Lizzie," Josh said.

At the mansion, Rick explained to the Spauldings that Alan had died of a heart attack, but the doctors didn't know if the procedure had precipitated it. He offered to do a thorough autopsy, but Alex said it wasn't necessary, because everyone knew that Alan had had a bad heart. Alex said the family was grateful that they'd saved Phillip. Rick said he was sorry, but Lillian stated that no one blamed him.

Rick left, and Lizzie said they had to plan a funeral. Alex stated Alan's wish was to be cremated without any big ordeal. Alex said that Alan had wanted to be with the family, and for the family to know how much he loved them. Lillian hugged Alex.

When Lizzie and Bill returned home, they found the Lewises jumping rope, singing, "Strawberry shortcake, cream on top!" Lizzie smiled, and said Sarah and she would show them how it was really done. Billy and Josh spun the rope. It hit the ground. Lizzie held Sarah, and daintily stepped over the rope. Everyone laughed at their prissiness.

Daisy found James outside, and asked if he wanted to talk. He shook his head, took her hand, and led her away. Lillian returned to Company, sobbing that she was glad to have Buzz. Buzz hugged her, saying he was glad to have her, too.

Alex went to a hospital room at Cedars, where Alan lay, blanketed on a bed. She sobbed, touching the body. Back in the mansion garden, Phillip tearfully stated, "You did it. You saved me, Dad. You saved all of us."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bill took the box containing Alan's ashes to Phillip on the mansion patio. Phillip opened the box, and Bill commented that it was hard to believe a life as big as Alan's could fit in the box. Phillip entered the dining room to see Alex at the table with a coffee cup for Alan. Phillip said that she'd taken good care of her brother. He stated that it was time to go to the lake.

At the lake, Buzz told Lillian that the world seemed different without Alan. Bill and Lizzie arrived, followed by James and Beth. Beth said the funeral was unlike what she'd imagined that Alan would have wanted. James replied that they didn't know Alan as well as they'd thought. Phillip and Alex strode up the beach together, and Phillip said Alan loved Alex more than he'd loved anyone. "Not more than you, sweetheart," Alex replied, and they hugged.

Everyone gathered, and Beth nominated Buzz to speak. Buzz said that they couldn't imagine Springfield without Alan, who'd brought out the best and worst in all of them. He stated that Alan was a constant, and they could never say goodbye to him. Each of them had found a piece of themselves because of Alan, and they'd miss him. Everyone took a handful of Alan's ashes. One by one, they released the ashes into the wind.

Later, Phillip stared at the water alone when James approached with a Frisbee. James said he'd miss Alan. Phillip motioned to play Frisbee, and James obliged. After the game, Beth found Phillip on the shore. He said that he was sadder than he'd ever been in his life, but he was also at peace. Beth said that Alan had done what he'd wanted to do. "He always did. This time what he wanted to do was save me, save all of us. He wanted to be brave," Phillip said, and hugged her.

At the mansion, Lizzie and Bill checked on Alex. She said she'd be fine. Hilda announced that Alex had a guest. Fletcher entered. He'd heard about Alan on the news wire, and he'd thought that Alex needed a friend. Alex broke down, sobbing. Fletcher hugged her.

Daisy received a phone call from a Berkeley advisor, offering her a spot that had opened up in their freshmen class. Buzz listened in as the adviser said she had to be there on Monday. The advisor gave Daisy four hours to think about it, and respond. Buzz implored Daisy to go. Daisy said that she had to talk to James. "Well, then talk to James, and go!" Buzz insisted.

Daisy met James on the mansion patio to tell him about the offer from Berkeley. He asked her if she wanted it, and Daisy said it'd make her the first girl in her family to attend college. James told her to take it. "I'm rich. I'll come visit you," he offered, and they hugged.

Jeffrey called Jonathan to say that he'd found Edmund's headquarters. Jeffrey planned to jump on a roof, and take a shot at Edmund. Jonathan told Jeffrey to do it, and hurry home. After the call, Jeffrey climbed to the roof of a building, and watched a sedan pull into Edmund's adjacent headquarters.

Jeffrey poised to take a shot at Edmund, but one of Edmund's henchmen assaulted Jeffrey from behind. Jeffrey scrapped on the ground with the man, and knocked him out. Jeffrey glanced over the roof to see that his gun had fallen to the ground below.

On the adjacent building, Edmund laughed, believing that Jeffrey loved the game as much as Edmund did. Jeffrey said he'd love killing Edmund, and returning home. Edmund blew Jeffrey a kiss, and walked away.

At Company, Blake and Frank read the baby name book. Christina commented that Frank needed a lady in his life. Cyrus placed a pan of cookies he'd just baked on the table for them to sample. Blake suspected that Cyrus was baking for a special woman, and Christina advised Frank to take Cyrus' lead.

Later, Cyrus took Mel a container of cookies. She said she was going out with her parents. "For your birthday," he added. Mel was surprised that he'd known. Cyrus gave her the cookies. He said they were terrible, but he wanted to give her cookies, just as she'd given him some on his birthday. "Oh, and this," he added, kissing her. Mel and Cyrus retreated to her hotel room to make love.

Rick was surprised when he stepped outside the Bauer house to see Danny and Michelle pull up in a moving truck. Michelle ecstatically announced that they were moving back to Springfield. Danny said that he'd warned Michelle to call first. Rick welcomed them home.

Rick toted boxes into the house, and told Ed that everyone was moving back. Ed looked up from his paper, and replied that he wouldn't move back. Rick asked Ed for help, but Ed said he was reading. Rick quipped that he needed to start charging Ed rent.

Rick went to Company to order dinner for the Bauers. Frank hovered over the laptop, saying that he was about to ask someone on a date. Rick said the woman had turned Frank down a thousand times. Frank sent the instant message, replying that it'd only been once, and he liked her. In the kitchen, Blake replied to Frank's message, saying she'd love to meet him in the park. "You've gotta go home, and change your shirt, buddy," Rick decided.

Outside Holly's hotel room, Ed announced that he was headed on an open-ended world tour. "With you," he added. "Life is too short, Holly. Please say yes." Holly asked for fifteen minutes to pack. Ed said he'd be at the door, waiting to carry her bags.

At Cross Creek, Jonathan scanned the classifieds for a house. Reva wanted Sarah and him to live with her. "Are you stoned?" he asked, and said that he was too old to live with his mother.

At a construction site, Josh told Billy that Alan's death had taught Josh that life was too short. Josh had decided to go after what he wanted, just as Billy had done. Josh asked Billy to help kidnap Reva, so that Josh could marry the love of his life.

Billy seemed skeptical, and Josh said he should have done it before Reva's wedding, as Billy had told him to do. Billy said Josh was on his own, because Reva wouldn't go for it. Josh hopped into the old-fashioned truck, and drove off, calling Billy a chicken.

Josh found Reva having a picnic with Shayne, Jonathan, Marina, and the kids. Reva said that Shayne had left Josh an invitation to the picnic on his voicemail. She told Josh that he'd been right in saying that she needed to save herself. She said she was getting closer every day, and thanked him for knowing what she'd needed.

Josh returned to the construction site, and Billy chuckled, "Where's your girl?" Josh said that Billy had been right; Reva wasn't ready for what Josh wanted. Josh figured it just wasn't the right time, but he knew that he still had to find a life for himself. Billy reasoned that once Josh did that, Reva might want to go along with him for the ride.

Josh went to the Cooper house to see Shayne before the trip to Venezuela. Marina took pictures of Henry, Shayne, and Josh, and promised to send them to Josh. Shayne hugged Josh, who said that he was proud of Shayne. Shayne looked sad as Josh left.

At the construction site, Josh told Billy that he'd said his goodbyes. Josh planned to leave in a few hours, and make a stop in Tulsa along the way. Billy offered to help Josh pack.

Later, Reva ended a phone call with Cassie, and then excitedly told Jonathan that she'd found a place for him to live. Reva took Jonathan to the house that Cassie had bought for Jonathan and Tammy to live in. Jonathan grew teary as he wondered if Cassie really wanted him to live there. Reva replied that Cassie had thought Tammy would like it.

After they toured the house, Jonathan stood outside, asking Tammy if it were okay for Sarah and him to live there. "You would have loved to live here," he sobbed. Reva strolled up, jokingly asking whom he was talking to. "Tammy, and you have no right to say anything," he quipped. Jonathan agreed to move into the house. Reva and he cried, hugging each other.

Remy argued with the insurance company, because they had no legal record of his marriage. When he hung up the phone, Olivia asked him if he'd filed the license in court. Remy didn't recall doing that, and Olivia concluded that he wasn't really married.

At home, Remy explained to Christina that they'd forgotten to get a marriage license, which meant they weren't legally married. Christina didn't find it funny, and Remy promised that they'd get married. Christina flashed a positive pregnancy test at him, and warned him that they'd better get married. "We're pregnant," she announced, and Remy gasped. The couple rushed over to Company, asking if anyone had seen Mel.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The final Guiding Light episode opened with a montage of all the logos that the show has had over the years, and the announcer said, "This is the Guiding Light."

On the parlor overlook, Lizzie worried to Bill, because Fletcher had waltzed into the house to whisk Alexandria away on a trip. From below, Fletcher promised to keep Alex out of trouble. Alex entered, eager to throw caution to the wind after all that had happened. Beth and Phillip strolled in, and Phillip was astonished to see that Fletcher Reed had returned to town.

In the mansion driveway, Lizzie was upset to have to say another goodbye. Phillip and Beth promised that Lizzie wouldn't have to say it to them. Wheeling out Alex's bags, Fletcher and Bill talked about how much they missed Ben. Alex emerged from the house, and Phillip assured her that Alan would want her to go. "I'll be back for the damn wedding!" Alex chuckled. She winked, and waved goodbye as she entered the car.

In the dining room, Phillip said he was the oldest Spaulding living in the mansion. Beth gave Phillip a journal. She said that it was time that he write again, starting with his feelings about the things that had happened. Rick called to invite them to join everyone in the park.

After helping Josh pack, Billy was surprised to see Mindy. He thought she should have caught her plane by then, but Mindy replied that there would be no more planes. She wanted to stay in Springfield, if it were okay with her daddy. Billy gave her a big hug.

As Reva and Jonathan played with Sarah outside Jonathan's house, Josh called Reva, and asked her to meet him at Cross Creek. When Reva arrived, she joked that Josh looked good standing beside H.B.'s old-fashioned pickup truck. She wondered if he'd drive it to Venezuela. Josh said Venezuela was "a few plans ago."

Josh's new plan was to build a wing onto the H.B. Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma. Reva asked if there had been a plan between plans, and Josh replied, "My plan was to kidnap you, carry you in the back of this truck to the nearest justice of the peace, and marry you. I love you. Always have, always will." Reva gasped, and turned away.

Josh apologized for upsetting Reva. She said she loved him, and she always would, "But, uh..." she started. Josh cut off her, saying he understood that she wasn't ready. He wasn't either, which was why he was leaving town. He felt that every part of him was designed for her, so he was going away to prepare himself to be with her "always."

Josh asked her not to reply, but to just live her life. "A year from now, one year from this very day at 12 noon, I'm going to be at the light house. If life has gotten you to a place where you're ready to be with me, then you be there, too," Josh told her. He hopped into the truck, and said he'd see her in one year.

After Josh left, Billy arrived to check on Reva. He asked her what she planned to do about her date with Josh at the lighthouse. Reva was surprised Billy knew about Josh's plan. Billy repeated the question, and Reva answered, "I don't know."

While Daisy told her family that she'd leave for Berkeley in a few short hours, Doris announced to Ashlee that Doris had pulled some strings to get Ashlee also admitted to Berkeley. Doris ushered Ashlee out of the office to pack, so that she could leave with Daisy.

At the Cooper house, Ashlee announced to Daisy and James that Doris had gotten Ashlee into the writing program at Berkeley. She suggested that Daisy and she rent a house together in California, and the two ladies squealed in excitement.

With the baby name list complied, Olivia suggested that Frank, Natalia, and she leave to meet the baby room designer. Frank wondered how long it would take, and Buzz teased Frank about having a hot date. After the appointment with the designer, Frank received a call, and told Olivia and Natalia that Daisy was leaving for a college "on the other side of the country."

Olivia and Natalia held hands at a table, unable to believe how fortunate they'd been. Olivia suggested that they do something to signify Frank's importance in the baby's life. "You already have an idea," Natalia suspected. With a sly look, Olivia asked Natalia to follow her.

Remy and Christina frantically searched for Mel to sort out their marriage license issue. Christina yelled that they absolutely had to be married before she gave birth. Remy told her to relax, because she'd just found out that she was pregnant an hour earlier.

The couple rushed to Mel's room, and Mel answered the door draped in a sheet. Mel assumed they were there to wish her a happy birthday. When the couple noticed a naked Cyrus in the bed, Cyrus said that he was giving Mel her birthday present.

Later, the Cooper and Boudreaux families gathered outside the courthouse with Doris. Remy hastily explained that they needed to conduct an impromptu wedding. Buzz urged them to hurry, because Daisy and Ashlee would leave in a few minutes.

Doris zipped through the ceremony, and pronounced Christina and Remy husband and wife. She stopped them from kissing, saying, "We gotta get out of here." Everyone scurried off, and Remy kissed his wife.

As Ashlee, Daisy, and James packed the car for their long road trip, their family and friends ran down the street to meet them at the car. In a hail of hugs, kisses, and goodbyes, James told Daisy that he loved her. She said she loved him, too. Doris and Ashlee said they loved each other and hugged tightly. Ashlee honked the horn, interrupting Daisy and James's kiss.

After Ashlee and Daisy left, Frank and Blake slipped off to meet their dates. Frank and Blake arrived on the bridge at the same time. Frank tried to get rid of Blake, because he was expecting a date. "Are you F1357?" she asked. Frank replied, "B1465?" Blake extended her hand, and said it was nice to meet him. An amazed Frank replied that he'd really enjoyed talking to her online. He took her hand, and invited her to take a walk.

On their walk, Blake and Frank encountered Olivia and Natalia, who said they'd picked out a baby name to honor their baby's father: Francesca. Blake said it was perfect. Olivia noticed Blake and Frank holding hands. "We met online," Blake said, bashfully staring at Frank.

The Coopers and the Lewises spied on Frank, and figured out that Blake was the mystery woman. "I'll be damned. Let's go over there, and give them a hard time," Buzz decided. As Lillian and Buzz horned in on Blake and Frank's date, Marina told Shayne that she'd signed him up to be the assistant baseball coach at the high school.

Because Frank had a date, Maureen thought it was time that Matt had one, too. When Matt picked her up from drama rehearsals, Maureen introduced Matt to her teacher, Charlotte. Maureen decided that since Matt and Charlotte both liked to bike ride, they should ride together. Matt whispered to his daughter that she worked fast.

Back in the park, Beth and Phillip met Rick, Michelle, Danny, Hope, and Robby. Rick announced that the Santos family was back for good. He also announced that the Four Musketeers were reuniting. "Surprise!" Mindy yelled, rushing from behind a tree. She stated that she was returning to Springfield. Beth, Rick, Mindy, and Phillip hugged.

In the gazebo, Mel hoped it was the last time that Remy and Christina would get married. Christina hoped so, because they were expecting a baby. Mel and Cyrus congratulated them.

Natalia played with Henry on a bench as Reva told Olivia that Josh had left, but he'd asked her to meet him in a year. "Of course he did," Olivia knowingly said. Reva shook her head, adamant that she didn't know what she'd do once the time arrived.

One Year Later:

At the baseball field, Marina held a two-year old Henry in her arms as she cheered coach Shayne to win the championships. Lillian anxiously took baby Clayton when Christina and Remy arrived with Mel and Cyrus. Buzz directed people to the food. Frank said he had another assignment for Cyrus and Remy. Doris dubbed the men "Springfield's own Butch and Sundance."

Blake took Francesca to Frank, saying that both his girls needed attention. Frank kissed Blake, and wondered why he always had diaper duty when Francesca had two mommies. Buzz reminded him that Natalia and Olivia had gone to pick Rafe up from the bus station. Natalia and Olivia arrived with Rafe, and introduced him to his new little sister.

Jonathan and Billy stood near the stands. Billy asked Jonathan to be the foreman on their new construction project. A pregnant Lizzie arrived with Bill, and let Sarah feel her little brother moving inside Lizzie's stomach. Billy and Jonathan wondered where Reva was. Jonathan asked if Billy had talked to Josh. Billy guessed that Josh was at the lighthouse at that very moment.

As the families that had gathered at the baseball field played and picnicked together, James picked up Ashlee and Daisy. He and Daisy kissed. The girls hopped into James's convertible, and they took off.

At the mansion, Danny, Michelle, Beth, and Phillip toasted to Rick and Mindy on the eve of their wedding. Mindy warned Rick to be on time for the wedding. Phillip said that as best man, he'd handle it. Hilda took a picture of the six of them.

Somewhere in Europe, Dinah and Mallet peeked in on a couple's wedding ceremony. Mallet commented that they'd interloped on weddings in almost every church across Europe. Dinah dreamily said that she'd never tired of it. Mallet threw her over his shoulder, and spirited her away from the church.

At the lighthouse, Josh arrived in the old-fashioned pickup truck. When he saw Reva and Colin strolling toward him, he hurried to meet them on the road. Josh said that he hadn't been sure that Reva would be there. "Yes, you were. You knew I was going to show up. What you didn't know was what I would say," Reva replied.

Reva said that Josh had been right: she'd needed to find herself. "So you found Reva again?" Josh asked. Reva affirmed it with a devilish grin. She asked if he'd found Joshua, and if Joshua still wanted the same thing. "To be with the woman I love-the woman I have loved my entire life-for the rest of my life. Yes, I want the same thing. I want you, Reva," he told her. Reva uttered that she loved him, adding, "And if you still want to be together, I'm in."

Josh kissed Reva. He asked where her stuff was, because he wanted to go on a big adventure with her and Colin. After tossing her things into the back of the truck, Reva, Josh, and Colin climbed into the front. Josh asked if Reva were ready. "Always," she said.

Reva and Josh drove away from the lighthouse, and down a country road as lyrics to a song played, "We belong together..."

The End.

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