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Duncan McKechnie
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Actor History
Michael Swan
May 2, 1986 to October 10, 1995; fall 2001; spring 2002


Presumed deceased from winter 1981 to June 6, 1986 after an avalanche in Switzerland

Other Names

Scotch Terrier (alias)


Former reporter for the Argus

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Jessica Griffin)

Past Marriages

Lilith maiden name unknown McKechnie (divorced; deceased)

Shannon O'Hara (divorced)

Shannon O'Hara (divorced)

Jessica Griffin (divorced)


Angus McKechnie (paternal great-great-great grandfather; deceased)

Margaret maiden name unknown McKechnie (paternal great-great-great grandmother; deceased)

Mary Joanna McColl (granddaughter)

Brian McColl (son-in-law)


Beatrice McKechnie McColl (with Mary)

Unnamed son (deceased; with Shannon)

Bonnie Louise McKechnie (with Jessica)

Flings & Affairs

Mary Callaghan (lovers)

Rosalind Hatchley (lovers)

Suzanne Dupres (engaged; deceased)

Doris Pierpont (affair; deceased)

Barbara Ryan (lovers)

Jessica Griffin (dated)

Emily Stewart (dated)

Crimes Committed

Secretly smuggled the family jewels to avoid paying taxes [1970's - 1980's]

Faked his own death [winter 1981 - Jun 6, 1986]

Broke out of jail [Nov 5, 1987]

Suspect in James Stenbeck's "murder" [Nov 25 - Dec 23, 1987; not guilty; anyway James wasn't really dead]

Hired someone to stalk Hal Munson in Edinburgh, Scotland [Apr 1988]

Falsely accused by teenager, Kira Johnson of making sexual advances to her at the Earl Mitchell Center [summer 1991]

Brief Character History

Dashing Duncan McKechnie came to Oakdale to keep his wife, Shannon O'Hara, from marrying another man. Apparently Duncan and Shannon married years ago on a drunken lark and went their separate ways without consummating the marriage. Now older, Duncan was determined to hold on to his wife and continually blocked her attempts to get a divorce. As the months wore on, it became apparent that Shannon wasn't his only reason for being in Oakdale: he was also there to investigate reports that international criminal James Stenbeck was alive. Apparently James smuggled drugs into the shipments of jewels that Duncan was sending home and Duncan wanted him apprehended. In the course of the investigation, Shannon and her fiancÚ discovered a startling secret: Beatrice, the woman Duncan claimed was his sister, was actually his daughter! Growing closer to him, Shannon convinced him to tell Beatrice the truth. Soon after, Duncan and Shannon realized they had deep feelings for one another and they married in a beautiful Scottish ceremony.

The couple was happy until Duncan's first wife, Lilith, arrived on the scene. A mentally disturbed woman, Lilith tried to kill Shannon. Though he sent Shannon away for her safety, Lilith found her and sent Duncan her shrunken head: confirmation that Shannon was dead. While grieving for his beloved, Duncan grew closer to his friend, Jessica Griffin. As time went by, the couple fell in love and, despite objections from family and friends over an interracial marriage, the pair married and had a daughter, Bonnie Louise.

Years later, Duncan received the shock of his life when Shannon returned to town! Shocked that his beloved was alive and suffering from amnesia, Duncan was uncertain about how to proceed. Though he told Jessica he'd honor their vows, it was evident that he was still drawn to Shannon and so Jess granted him a divorce. Unfortunately, in the years that Shannon was missing, she and Duncan had grown and they discovered that they'd grown apart and went their separate ways. A single man again, Duncan left Oakdale to do some reporting in Bosnia. A few years later, he moved to Europe and took Bonnie with him.

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