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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, February 17, 1997
   By Sage Scrogham

Lily and Diego go outside the church. Diego tells her that he really loved her. She tells him that he doesn't know how to love. Diego starts to leave. Lily screams out for him to stop. She wants to know where Lucinda is. Diego calmly tells her that Lucinda is with her husband... her LAST husband. People start filing out of the church. Lily wants to know what he means. Diego tells her that Lucinda is dead and he killed her. Lily gives a blood curdling scream, tosses the bouquet into the air and cocks the gun. A shot is heard ringing out just as a bolt of thunder crashes, knocking out the lights. Someone turns on the headlights of a car and the crowd gasps as they see Diego lying flat on his back bleeeding from the chest and not moving. Pilar rushes up to his side, crying out to him. Ben comes to Diego's side as well, checking for vital signs. Lily asks if he is dead. Ben says that he is in bad shape and that he'll need all your prayers. (Like anyone is going to waste one on him, besides Pilar) Diego regains consciousness, looks directly at Lily and says his last words... "I loved you." All Lily has to say is "What did you do wit my mother's body?" Pilar is upset and blaming Lily for Diego's death. Later, Hal arrives and asks what happened. Lily says that Diego said he killed Lucinda. Just then Lucinda shows up. "No he didn't baby... He tried." They fall into each other's arms, crying. Then Lily tells Hal that she had a gun hidden in her bouquet... and she thought about Luke and wasn't going to shoot but it went off anyway. Holden then makes his presence known. He tells Hal that Lily couldn't have killed Diego because he did it. Holden and Lily exchange long looks of concern for each other. Lily can't believe her eyes. "It's really you?" she asks of Holden. Hal asks where the guns are. Holden says that he threw his in the river. Lily says she can't find hers... and must have dropped it. Connor walks around asking other wedding guests if they have seen Mark. The police comb the whole crime area looking for a weapon and clues. The find a fresh foot print in the bushes which looks like it belongs to a work boot. Later, at the police station, Holden and Lily each contend that they killed Diego. Back at the crime scene, Margo doesn't remember anything and finds that her gun is missing. Kirk lurks around, yaking to everyone like he's drunk (I don't think he is). Emily is glad he's dead and wishes that he had suffered more like he made her suffer. Back at the police station, Holden and Lily take a powder test, since they were the only ones who confessed to killing to killing Umberto. When the results are returned, Holden doesn't have any traces of gun powder on him but Lily does. Hal places Lily under arrest. She signs a confession to the murder. Jessica, her lawyer, is very upset that Lily won't listen to her. The police tell Holden he can leave. He tells them that they are making a mistake.

Ryder stops by Nikki's to talk to her. He's soaking wet. Later, they are making out on the couch. She asks him what he was doing out walking in the rain. He tells her that he was thinking about things. He notices that he's tracked mud in from outside. Nikki asks for his work boot and puts them outside on the porch.

Mark parks his truck and gets out. We don't know where he is. He hides his gun in the bottom of his tool box under a tarp in the back of his truck.

Editor's Note: Even though it doesn't look like a whole lot, it is mostly what happened during the episode. There was a lot of camera action jumping from Diego's body to following the police in their search for the murder weapon and everyone is at one scene other than Nikki and Ryder. Also not included is Hal questioning everyone at the church because everyone said they didn't see anything. No sense in repeating all that. :)

Tuesday, February 18, 1997
   By Tim Tkacik

Lucinda, Cal and Jessica talk strategy at Worldwide. Lucinda is upset that Lily had to spend the night in jail. Cal tries to get Lucinda to calm down. Jessica reminds Lucinda that Lily admitted to shooting Diego and had gun powder on her hands. Jessica thinks that Tom will press charges of first-degress murder. Cal and Lucinda don't like the sound of that. Lucinda comments that too many people wanted to kill him and wishes that she had done it herself. Jessica points out that Lily brought a gun to the wedding which could be seen as pre-meditated.

Margo tears the house apart looking for something. Adam enters asking about what she is looking for. Margo wants him to go out and play. Adam says that it's cold outside. Margo retorts by saying that it's February... it's supposed to be cold outside. Adam asks if she is looking for her backup gun. Margo sends him out. Adam stays, knowing now that it's what she's looking for. Margo commands him to go out and play. Adam says that nobody is in town. Margo says she saw one of his friends outside playing a couple of days ago. Adam jokes that he has frostbite now. Margo doesn't think that's funny. Adam whines that they are supposed to be in Florida right now. Margo tells him to stop whining... plans change, get used to it. Adam finally decides to out skating. After he leaves, Margo goes back to searching. Later, Margo goes to the church to search for her gun. The pastor comes in asking about her. The pastor adds that she won't find anything as the custodian has been cleaning all morning and other officers haven't found anything out of the ordinary. Margo adds that she's just a fresh pair of eyes to look once more. The pastor agrees and then leaves. Margo resumes her search. She moves on to te groom's room and finds Diego's coat. An image of Diego calls out to her. She closes her eyes and realizes that she's having another PTS episode and convinces herself that the image isn't real. She looks back towards the image and it's gone. She moves on but the image returns and taunts Margo about the wire Lily was wearing. He tells her she should think it through next time. Margo keeps trying to convince herself that it ins't real. Diego asks "If I'm not real, why are you so jittery?" and for her to stop playing games. Margo tells him that he's the one who uses people as pawns. He says he wanted to get even. Margo asks why he is doing this. Diego says he is trying to help her but Margo isn't buying it. He tells her that she knows who killed him and she knows exactly where her gun is. Margo screams out "NO" while Diego keeps repeating that she knows where the gun is. Soon the custodian is there offereing to help her up. She says that she's ok. He tells her that the pastor commented to him that she was looking for something. Margo says that she is. The custodian thinks he found it. He pulls out her cell phone and hands it to her. Margo thanks him and asks if he found anything else. He replies only a pack of gum and a ladies comb.

Hal and Tom listen to the tape associated with Lily's wire. When the come to the part where Diego admits to killing Lucinda, they both agree it establishes motive. They continue listening where the scream from Lily then the crack of lightening and the gun shot is heard. Hal comments "And that's when she killed him." They both can't figure out why Lily brought the gun to the wedding to begin with. Tom thinks that it snowballed. Hal thinks that maybe the gun did "just go off" as Lily said. Tom doesn't think so. There is a knock at the door. It's Holden, who wants to see Lily, is it ok? Hal and Tom talk it over a moment then give him the ok. Hal calls down to the cellblock to notify them of Holden's arrival. Tom thinks that maybe Holden picked up her gun and threw it in the river instead. Hal says that's why he's got his force searching every inch. They hate the fact that they are using the wire against her. Margo enters. Tom asks why she is there... didn't you have an appointment with Dr. Michaels? Margo says that she does and promises she wont' miss it. She is only looking for her sunglasses and thought that maybe she left them at her desk. Margo goes off to search. An officer comes by with the autopsy results. Tom asks if there is anything interesting. Hal says that they recovered the bullet... a .38 caliber in good condition... now if only we had the gun. Tom goes to check on Margo, who is practically tearing apart her desk looking for her gun, no luck. Tom asks if she found her sunglasses. Margo says that she didn't. Tom offers to spring for a new pair. Tom gives her the money and walks away. Tom and Hal look over the wedding photos except the outside ones, which are poor quality. Tom comments that nobody saw her pull the trigger. Lucinda, Cal and Jessica enter without being see by Tom and Hal. Lucinda says that they have no reason then to hold her daughter. Hal says they can hold her without charging her for 72 hours, just ask Jessica. Hal adds that Lily admitted to the crime and they have other evidence. Hal walks out. Cal asks Tom what Lily was supposed to do? He was going to leave town. Tom says he can relate but can't do anything. Tom argues that if Lily didn't need the gun, why did she bring it? Nobody can answer the question. Lucinda doesn't understand adding that Lily took the gun in self-defense. Tom tells Lucinda to look that the results... a man is dead. Lucinda accuses the police of dropping the ball. Hal and Tom object. Lucinda says that maybe her death and Holden's death would have given the police proof of illegal activity. Tom thinks that Lily was on the right track. Lucinda wonders if they have questioned anyone else? Pilar? Hal says that Pilar was emotional and haven't talked to her yet but even if Pilar says that Diego and Umberto were one in the same, it doesn't make him a murderer and it doesn't justify Lily killing him. Jessica corrects Tom saying "if." Tom tells Jessica to get off it. Jessica asks if they found the weapon. Tom says no, but they have the powder test and the slug from the body. Tom goes to Cal and tells him that Lily admitted to taking the gun from Cal's collection. Cal is surprised to learn that. Tom asks Cal for a complete inventory including registry numbers ASAP! Tom says that they are trying to be fair and following proceedures by the book. Lucinda tells Tom that if they are keeping Lily to look good, that's fine. Tom says that isn't the point. Lucinda adds that if they charge her, she has a problem with that and that they will have an even bigger one. Later, Hal tells Tom it's his call. Tom wants more facts. Hal asks "Like proof Diego was Umberto?.".. it would put what Lily did in a different light. Tom wants more time and decides to check up on Margo. He learns that she never kept her appointment to see Dr. Michaels. He wonders where she could be. Margo enters that this point and tells them that she lost her backup gun.

Lily flashes back, remembering everything that happened the night before. Diego finding the wire, learning that he "murdered" Luncinda and pointing the gun at him and firing the gun. The guard comes up and tells her that she has a visitor. Holden comes up to the bars and asks how she's feeling. She replies that she feels numb and thinking about what happened. Holden tells her that he plans on staying to see her through this. Lily says that Lucinda told her about how big a help he was in the wine celler with her. Holden tells her that his job now is to get her out of jail. Lily doesn't want him to get involved and can't believe that he confessed. She doesn't want him protecting her in this matter. Holden says that's like asking him not to breathe. He thinks that everything that has happened to her is all his fault. Lily wants to know why he thinks that. Holden says he should have stayed in touch with Emma. If he only knew what had happened he would have come home sooner. Lily starts to cry. Holden adds that he wouldn't have let Diego anywhere near her. She asks why he came home now. Holden says that it was because something good happened and tells her that he has his memory back. Lily looks surprised and asks how much he remembers. Holden says he remembers everything. Lily asks how it happened. Holden says the doctors don't really know but images started appearing in his mind after a fight in a bar. Holden explains about the fight in the bar at Maryland, about slugging a policeman by accident and sitting in that jail cell seeing pieces of the past like a book. Holden asks if she remembers the first time he took her swimming at the pond. She remembers something a fish rubbing up against her. He asks if she remembers the day at the county fair on the ferris wheel. She remembers Holden keep swinging the car back and forth, clinging to him. Holden admits that he paid the man operating the ferris wheel to stop it at the top and that he always wanted her to need him. Lily can't believe that he remembers everything. Holden talks about the accident that took his memory... how he returned home with Emma who showed him all the photo albums with people he didn't know. He tried for her sake but it didn't work... he had no idea. Holden says the main point now is that he remembers how much Lily meant to her... the feelings he had are now in his heart to stay. (Someone get me a kleenex!!). Lily tells him that she is happy for him. Holden says that Emma also told him about Damian when she came to Maryland to get him out of jail. Lily admits that it's been a hard year. Holden tells her the real reason he came back... He had to see her to see if the love was still there. Lily wants to know why he didn't tell her. Holden says he tried... the day he came back. He found the note saying that she was at Cal's stables but when he got there... Lily wasn't alone. Lily remembers it, the day she proposed to Diego. Lily says that if she had known he was back she would have told him what she was up to... to get him to confess but all anyone knew was that I really loved him. Holden points out that was how he saw it. Holden says he tried a second time. He went to Lucinda's estate when she was talking to Lucinda and Margo. Holden asks if she remembers what she said. Lily doesn't say anything. Holden says he overheard her say that she loved Diego more than she ever loved Holden or Damian. All Lily can say is that Holden knows that it wasn't true and apologizes to him. They look deep into each other's eyes. Holden knows he could have helped her had he been there. Lily doesn't think so and admits that she wouldn't have listened to him... she was only interested in getting Damian's killer. Holden says he can understand that but still could have helped her. She wants to know how. Holden pauses a moment and says that he could have beaten the truth out of Diego. Lily thinks that it would have only made it worse. Holden says he would have tried something else and would have never given up. Lily realizes that everytime she messes up, Holden is there, always by her side. Holden says that will never change. Lily is starting to learn that. Lily asks him where the gun is. Holden tells her not to worry about that. Lily says that she confessed and had gun powder on my hands... they have enough to put me away for murder. Holden says that nobody will blame you. Lily begins to have a breakdown. The guard comes up the cell and tells Holden that his time is up. Holden asks for a few more minutes. He tries to convince Lily that it was only an accident and knows that she could never do something like this. Holden begs the guard to be let into the cell. Lily huddles in the corner, crying.

Later, Lucinda, Cal and Jessica return to Worldwide. Lucinda asks what can she do now? She thinks she could talk to the Governor or perhaps her friends in the Legislature.... maybe I could front an attack in the City Times? Jessica doesn't want her to do that. Lucinda wonders why not? Cal tells her that when she begins to muscle people, all hell breaks loose. It'll look like we're expecting special treatment. Cal wants her to wait until Lily is charged. Jessica says that they won't let her go and suggests to Lucinda to put herself in their shoes. Lucinda retorts that she doesn't choose to and can only put herself in Lily's shoes. What about everyone else that died? It was justifiable homicide and you know it! Lucinda wants to know how much she is paying for this "pitiful" service. Cal interrupts and asks that they stop their bickering. He knows they all have different opinions but wonders if they are all in agreement that they're all trying to do is what's best for Lily? Jessica and Lucinda both agree. Cal tells Lucinda to just calm down then. Lucinda wants to know why he is so calm. Cal says that he is confident that Lily won't be charged. Jessica goes to object and Lucinda asks Cal how he knows. Cal asks Lucinda if she trusts him. Lucinda says that she does. Cal tells Lucinda that he will see her later and leaves. Jessica and Lucinda can only look at each other, confused.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997
   By Nicolas Stroman

Connor showed up at Casa Kasnoff looking for Mark, but instead ran into Mike. When she asked if he knew where Mark was, he said he hadn't heard from him. Connor concluded that he had disappeared. Connor started to bombard Mike with quesions about Mark's whereabouts because she had apparently checked everywhere. He didn't have a clue though, as his head injury was preventing him from thinking clearly or remembering much of what happened on the fateful wedding night. Connor pulled out a note that Mark had left under her door which said:

    "I'm sorry I had to leave like this. I don't know when I can come back. But I know this is for the best. I couldn't stand to hurt you more than I already have. MARK"
Connor had no idea what this meant, but thought Mark might be trying to break things off with her. Mike reassured her that Mark loved her more than anything. Connor then started to think that Mark's disappearance could be about Jones' death. She wondered if her and Mark had gotten together too soon. Mike said this wasn't possible and not to jump to conclusions. Mike searched for Mark's cellular phone to call him, but when they heard ringing inside the house, they realized he didn't take it with him. While looking for the phone, the two of them found the security tape from the night of Jones' death. Both of them wondered why Mark had kept it if there was nothing incriminating on the tape.

Margo told Tom and Hal that she lost her back up gun at the church. When Hal asked her when the last time was that she had it, she admitted it was right before Diego was shot. Margo tried to remember all the details from the infamous night, but she couldn't. Hal let into her and Tom told him to back off. (Why does Hal scream all the time anyway??) Hal apologized, but Margo told them an important detail: she was involved in bringing Diego down from the start. She informed Tom and Hal of Lily's plans at the wedding and that she had helped her get the wire to wear. Margo admitted that she had lied about staying away from the Malzone case and that she was providing Lily with independent police back up. "I gave up being a cop in order to get Diego" When Hal started to tell her she disobeyed direct orders, she told him that she had already turned in her police badge. After Hal left, Tom asked Margo if it was all worth it. Margo answered that it wasn't because her PTS attacks had gotten worse and more frequent. When she was trying to explain all of this, she had another PTS episode. She fell to the ground crying and shaking, shouting "He's Dead!" . Tom tried to calm her down and held on to her. He insisted that it would be over soon, but Margo told him that he had no idea how bad her attacks were. Soon the two of them left to go to Margo's desk. Tom tried to convince Margo that them and the kids should leave for Florida now. While they were discussing it, an officer dropped the ballistics file from Diego's murder on her desk. Tom tried to stop her, but Margo picked up the file and read it. The gun that was used to kill Diego was a .38, the same make as Margo's back up gun!!

In her holding cell, Lily flashbacked to the wedding and asked God to forgive her for what she had done. Cal showed up to visit and told Lily that she was going to get out because he had shot Diego, not her. Lily told him she knew that she was the one that had done it, but Cal explained that there was no way she could be sure. She was shaking and it was storming after all. Cal explained that he likes to take care of the people he loves and that was his motive. He also apologized for being so stupid and blind to Diego's dangerous game. (if the shoe fits Cal...) Lily asked how Cal could have known what Diego had done and he told her that Susan informed him of Emily's rape. He said that he lost it at that point and shot him. Lily knew this was all a lie and told Cal not to try this act with the police. Cal insisted that his way made more sense. Lily tried to talk him out of it, but he decided to leave. Lily told him to give Luke a kiss for her. Cal went into Hal's office and set his gun on his desk and confessed to murdering Diego. Hal started to protest, but Cal confessed that his gun matched the murder weapon and that his hands would come up positive if tested for powder. Cal tried to convince Hal that this was the easiest way to wrap up the case because of the press, community pressures, etc. He told Hal to take the bullet from his gun and switch it with the one obtained from Diego's body. Otherwise, switching evidence. With Hal still wary of taking the deal, Cal told him he could anonymously donate money for Nikki's college fund. With this, Hal lost it! (and this time for good reason). Hal told him to leave immediately and asked Cal why everyone was willing to take the blame for the murder.

When Lucinda told Jessica that she called a judge friend of hers, Jessica scolded her. Jessica told her that from calling him, any judge could establish bias and that they would be breaking the rules. Lucinda swore that she just wanted the judge's opinion on the case. Holden overheard them talking and interrupted them, yelling at Jessica to keep Lily out of prison. Jessica told Holden that nobody wanted Lily to go to prison, including the police. She also warned that facts could keep Lily out of prison, but could also keep her in there. Lucinda argued that Lily was only armed for her protection, but Jessica told her that wearing the wire established motive. While they were talking, they noticed that a reporter was listening in trying to get the scoop. He tried to back out of the situation, but Jessica, Lucinda and Holden ganged up on him. He admitted he worked for the Chicago Confidential, a tabloid paper. Holden grabbed ahold of him and threatened him that if he printed anything about Lily, he would regret it. Jessica and Lucinda pryed him off of the guy. When he threatened to sue, Lucinda told him that she knew his boss and could get him fired in an instant. The reporter vacated quickly, and Lucinda urged Holden to get out with her to do the same. She said they had some planning to do. Holden and Lucinda went to lunch and tried to go over Lily's case. But when Lucinda asked Holden where he stashed Lily's gun, he told her he never had it. He thought that she had taken it. They concluded that if neither one of them had it, then someone else did. They went through a list of people that could be possibilities, and wondered if whomever had it was holding it trying to incriminate Lily. Later, the two of them went to see Lily in her cell and Lucinda told Lily to go through with a trial because no one would ever convict her.

When Emily saw Diego's picture on the front of the paper and then walked into her office, she had a flashback about the rape. She had some men come in to take away the desk that she was raped on. She wanted it replaced. While she was at it, she decided to just redecorate her whole office. When Susan stopped by to see Emily, Emily asked her if she wanted to help her with the remodelling. Susan yelled at her for trying to cover up her feelings about the rape by drowning herself in work. Em insisted it was over. "The minute Lily shot Diego, I was cured." (hmmm...) When Susan suggested they go out to eat or go shopping, Emily blew her off. With Susan gone and her new desk in place, Emily sits back and looks at Diego's picture on the front of the paper and says:"I warned you. I told you you would pay for what you've done. (Points fingers like a gun) Bang! Bang! You're dead." Double hmmm...)

Thursday, February 20, 1997

RECAP ADVISORY: Another "Missing In Action" recap... it should be posted no later than Monday morning. Please check back again soon!!

Friday, February 21, 1997
   By Nicolas Stroman

While Mike was being checked out by Ben, they talked of what happened at the wedding. Mike was convinced that Lily did not do it. While Ben doubted this, Mike explained to him that there were MANY people who hated Diego enough to kill him, including himself.

Lucinda went to to the funeral home to talk to Pilar about Lily. Lucinda tried to convince Pilar to confess all of Diego's sins to the police like she had planned before the wedding. Pilar didn't listen to anything that she tried to say and was convinced that Lucinda was only there to hurt Diego even more. When Lucinda offered her money to make a statement, Pilar went nuts and told Lucinda that Lily was the cause of all of Diego's indiscretions. When Lucinda told Pilar that Diego was going to burn in hell, Pilar defended him. She said that Diego used to be a good man, but was driven to evil by all of the people of Oakdale and their actions. When Lucinda explained to her that Diego had killed many people, Pilar said once again that that was Lily's fault. When Mike showed up, Pilar begged him to make Lucinda leave but Pilar and Lucinda continued to argue, with Mike in the middle. When Mike told her he was only trying to help, Pilar yelled at him saying that he had done nothing to stop Lily from killing Diego. Pilar told the both of them that it would be up to her to condemn Lily. Lucinda and Mike went into the corner to talk and she explained that Lily needed Pilar to tell all about Diego. Mike said he would try to talk to her when Lucinda revealed what Lily's plea was going to be. When Lucinda left, Mike and Pilar argued and Pilar told Mike that she loved him. Pilar demanded that Mike say that Lily should be locked up and that her brother didn't deserve to die. Obviously, Mike couldn't say either one. Pilar then told him that he was no better than all of his friends. Pilar explained to Mike that there was no way he could know what she was feeling. She continued to condemn Lily's actions and told him that she would cheer when they took her away to prison. She then told Mike to leave and to tell Lucinda that he had failed in getting Pilar to help them. Later, Mike walked back into the funeral home and heard Pilar talking to Diego. But, this time he heard Diego talk back!!

Tom told Hal that he would reduce Lily's charge to involuntary manslaughter if she pleaded guilty, but it remained to be seen if Lily would do so. Hal explained to Tom that everything could change if they could just find the gun. Margo tried to get Tom to stop the arraignment hearing because she believes that her gun could have been the one that killed Diego. Margo tried to convince Tom that she could have killed Diego, but Tom wouldn't buy it. He went over all the facts of the case with her and showed that Lily had motive. Margo retaliated by telling him she had just as much motive as Lily. Margo told Tom that when she has her blackouts, she can be functioning in what seems normal to everyone else. Tom still wanted to believe that Margo just misplaced the gun. He told her that she was trying to take the blame for something that she could have avoided weeks ago. She knew about Lily's plan, but didn't stop it. Later, Margo told Tom that she went to see Lily and that she had said the same things that he had said. Tom told her that they would get through the PTS together and Margo she had made another appointment with Dr. Michaels.

Cal went to the Kasnoff's to talk to Mike, but was surprised to see Connor there. He told her that Lily was being arraigned and was pleading guilty. This got Connor to thinking about Mark and she flashbacked to a time when Mark was telling her about Diego and how much he wanted him dead. Cal snapped her out of it by asking her why Mark wasn't home. Connor broke down and told Cal about Mark's vendetta against Diego for Jones' death. Cal just told her to calm down and that Mark would eventually provide her with an explanation for his disappearance. When Connor thanked him for caring even after all that had happened, Cal insisted that was in the past. (but his face said something different).

Holden interrupted Jessica and Lily's conversation about her plea and begged Lily to plead not guilty. Holden blasted Jessica for trying to convince Lily to plead guilty, but Jessica explained that with her plea, she may only get 5-15 years in prison. This did not satisfy Holden. Lily tried to calm him by saying that she was now thinking of Luke's future. She would be better off just getting it over with. Holden told her he would not accept seeing her rot in prison and would be back for the arraignment. Later, Margo went to see Lily and told her about her recurring PTS episodes and her missing gun. She told her that she may have shot Diego, but Lily told her not to take the blame and to just get herself better. Holden interrupted them (he had a knack for that today) and brought in Luke to see Lily. Hal bent the rules and let Luke go inside the cell to be with Lily. Holden told Lily that he brought him there so Lily could see that she needed to fight for him. This broke Lily down, but Holden insisted that she needed to focus on pleading not guilty. Later, Lucinda yelled at Jessica for her counsel of Lily, but Jessica insisted that Lily was calling all the shots. (pun intended) She tried to explain to Lucinda that the evidence was too strong to ignore, but she wouldn't be afraid of going to trial. Then they both visited Lily to inform that they had to leave for the hearing. Luke left with Holden and Lily told Luke she loved him. She broke down crying after they left. Lucinda begged Lily one last time to plead not guilty. When they got out of the cell and into the office area, Lily was handcuffed. She told Holden to take Luke away so he would not see her like that. Jessica wanted to know one last time if Lily understood the consequences of the plea bargain. She insisted she did and they proceeded to the courtroom. While outside the court, Cal told Hal about Mark's disappearing act and the fact that Mark had a motive to kill Diego. Meanwhile, Mark is shown somewhere in a wooded area by a fire. He plunges a knife into the snow-covered ground. Back at the courtroom, the judge asks Lily how she pleads to involuntary manslaughter. (No answer until Monday....)

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