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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, July 14, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

LUCINDA invites EMILY to the Falcon Club for lunch. She gives Emily permission to break the story that she is David's mother. Emily says that when she finds out what this is really about, she will let Lucinda know whether she will run the story. Then she figures it out--"You told him that you are his mother and he didn't believe you." Lucinda urges Emily to tell him privately that she knows Lucinda is his mother--"He will believe you." She offers to pay Emily but Emily doesn't want her money. Emily calls David and asks him to meet her at the Falcon Club.

DAMIAN surprises MARGO at her house. She is terrified until she discovers that he is really alive. He tells her what happened to him. Margo says she felt so guilty because Samantha lost her sight and Damian died. Damian says, "The most important thing is we have all been given a second chance and we need to focus on that." Margo tells Damian that this experience has changed him. She tells him about her problems with PTS. He says when he first regained consciousness, he went through something like that, but a voice came from somewhere telling him to fight back. Margo gets a phone call from Hal who tells her she can have the desk job she wanted and that he needs her to come to the station.

EMMA finds LILY in the barn. Lily says, "If I'd thought for one minute that Damian could have survived the plane crash, I never would have... How am I ever going to deal with this?" "Before the plane went down, we were working on our problems and it was helping." Emma tells her not to punish herself. "I love Holden but Damian needs me. I've never been so confused about anything." Lily says that she tried to talk to Damian about Holden and he said to give him a few days. "Something about Damian has changed. The anger inside him is not there now. He is at peace." Emma--"Does this change the way you feel about Holden?" Lily answers, "No. I love Holden with all my heart and Damian's return does not change that. I'm afraid I'm going to lose Holden again. Emma tells her that she has to be honest with herself and with Damian and Holden. "Once you have done that you won't have anything to be afraid of." Back home, Damian and Lily hear a sound of something hitting the windows. It is a bird with a broken wing. They both remember the injured bird they helped long ago. Damian says that they helped that bird heal and they will help this one.

JACK comes to the station looking for Hal. He meets Nikki (who is attracted to him). Jack tells Hal that he wants to join the force. He says he has been working on the Stenbeck case for two years and he wants to get out of the undercover job. Margo comes in and asks Nikki what Jack is doing there. Hal tells Jack that he wants to think it over. After Jack leaves, Margo says she thinks Hal ought to hire Jack and Nikki agrees. Margo then tells Hal that Damian is alive.

Lucinda goes to Tom's office. He says if he agrees to take the case, they need to bring in an independent accounting firm to confirm whether the books are on the up and up. She says that her word ought to be good enough. Tom tells her that if she refuses to open her books, it will look like she has something to hide. She says she has nothing to hide but that she has trade secrets. "In any business there are transactions that might look suspicious." She has done nothing illegal. Tom tells her that David is trying to destroy her. Lucinda says that may change. Tom says, "If you are planning to blackmail or bribe the district attorney, you'd better tell me now." Then he tells her that he will take the case. Now that there will be lawyer-client confidentiality, she says she has something to tell Tom, but not at this time.

When David arrives at the Falcon Club, Emily asks him about Lucinda's confession. "She claims to be my long lost mother!" Emily acts surprised. David insists that Lucinda is a liar. Emily--"What if it's true?" He says he despises her and does not want to be related to her. Later, Lucinda returns to the club and is eager to hear what went on with David. Emily says she didn't tell him because he doesn't want to know. She says that David hates his biological mother and he hates Lucinda. If he believed that they were one and the same, who knows? Emily says that the only person she is concerned about is David. "I'm his friend." "You are not his friend. A friend would tell him the truth and then help him to cope with it."

Margo goes to see Tom at his office. She tells him about the new job and then tells him that Damian is alive. She can tell by his reaction that he thinks she is imagining things again. As she leaves she says, "I had no reason to think anything had changed."

Tuesday, July 15, 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

BEN and CAMILLE are looking over the menus at the Falcon Club. He wants to pay but she insists on going dutch. They talk about the possibility that she might be awarded a college scholarship. She doesn't want to count on it and possibly be disappointed. She tells him he has changed. She says that he ought to forget the big steaks and get some good soul food. They leave before their dinner is served. She takes him to the church they both attended as kids (for food for the soul). The minister recognizes them both and remembers their antics as youngsters. They enjoy listening to the singers.

SAMANTHA and KIRK are talking at the club. She tells him that Damian is still alive. He realizes that he is not responsible for Damian's death but Sam says, "What about the pilot?" He says he is going to try to make up for what he did. She tells him just to leave her alone.

Also at the Falcon Club are BARBARA and LISA. Barbara has been to see Dr. Sedwick to have a test done on her baby because of the drugged champagne she drank. She tells Lisa, "John Dixon is no longer the father of this baby." She has a plan to start dating a lot of men in order to confuse John when he sees that she is pregnant. She says that John has made it clear that he doesn't want any more children, let alone have a baby. Lisa reminds her that there are not a lot of available men around. Barbara spots Kirk and tells him, "You are just the man I've been looking for." She offers him free rent in an apartment she has in exchange for taking her out on a date. He thinks Hal put her up to it. She convinces him by telling him that it might make Sam jealous enough that she might take him back. They make a date for tomorrow night.

DAMIAN dreams that he and LILY are kissing. He wakes up and touches her face as Molly looks on (with a self-satisfied look). Molly asks to borrow Lily's car; Lily tells her that the keys are in her purse. As Molly gets the keys out of the purse, she finds a note that says, "I love you. Holden." She lays the note on the table next to the purse. Damian tells Luke a bedtime story (using hand puppets) about a prince and princess (Lily and himself) who live happily after. As he puts Luke to bed, Lily daydreams about kissing Holden. Damian tells Luke he will look after him now--"and your mama too." Damian says to Lily, "Tell me everything." After the commercial, he says he wants to know everything about his son--all that he missed out on. She tells him about all the presents Luke has received from Damian for every little occasion, with reassurances from Lily that Damian loved him and is watching over him. As she is locking up, Damian is looking out the window and saying, "I love Lily and I love our son. I am going to get them back." At the same time, Lily finds Holden's note and says, "I love you too, Holden."

Molly is standing at the pool table waiting for Jack and watching a teenage couple carving their initials on a post. When Jack arrives, she tells him how she and Holden used to come there. She remembers how Holden carved their initials on a table and wonders if it is still there. Jack tells her that things change and she needs to move on. She says she tries but it doesn't work. They dance. She asks, "Why am I wasting time on Holden? Maybe I ought to swear off men forever." Jack tells her that there is a guy out there for her and she says if the right guy ever does come along, she will somehow miss him. As she walks away, he says to himself, "All you have to do is open your eyes."

Wednesday, July 16, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

MOLLY answers the door and finds HOLDEN standing there. She tells him that Lily has gone to her mother's preliminary hearing and Damian and Luke have gone for a walk. Holden tells her that the guy in Florida was not the picture of health and couldn't remember a thing about her baby. She says she should have listened to Jack who told her she was never going to find her daughter. Holden says finding her is just as important to him as it is to her. He tells her that giving up custody of the baby was the right thing to do. He says that he gave up custody of Aaron years ago and that he is in Seattle with his mother. Giving up custody was the best thing for Aaron. She asks him if he will try to regain custody of Aaron once he and Lily are married. He says he doesn't know. But he says he and Molly won't give up finding their daughter to make sure she is OK. He makes her promise that she won't disrupt the child's life if everything is all right. He asks Molly how Lily is doing now that Damian is back. She tells him they are spending a lot of time together but that he is sleeping in the guest room. She says that Holden should marry Lily now; he says he needs to give Lily time.

JACK is introduced as the new detective on the force. MARGO tells him he has to go through initiation. He resists but she says he must sing like Elvis for the other cops. They gather round to watch him do an Elvis impersonation of "Blue Suede Shoes." Hal walks in on the end of it. "You didn't fall for that old initiation routine, did you?"

At the free clinic, CAMILLE helps BEN with a resistant patient. He says, "We make a good team, don't we?" NANCY reminds them of Lisa's big benefit tonight--Oakdale Fights Breast Cancer. Camille suggests that they go together but Ben says he already has plans to go with Jessica. MARK and CONNOR come in. Connor asks Camille to take her on a tour of the clinic. Mark tells Ben that he is going to Spain and he would like Ben to watch Connor while he is gone. Mike has landed a big construction job there and needs Mark's help--plus Mark needs the money. Mark talks with Ben about Camille as Connor talks with Camille about Ben, both of them trying to bring them together. Before Mark and Connor leave, Ben asks them if they will be at the benefit and they reply that they will be. Nancy answers the phone and a man asks if Camille works there. When Nancy says that she does, he hangs up.

In the courtroom David tells Emily that Lucinda's case is a slam-dunk. LUCINDA enters (with LILY and SAMANTHA) insisting that she should not be there. She should be in her office. She walks over to David and tells him she thinks they need to talk. "You are my son. I will not allow you to ruin your own life because you are too stubborn to accept the truth." She tells him that she understands what he is going through because she had the same feelings when she first found out that she had a son by the name of David Allen. "Nothing you say will ever make me believe that you are my mother, Mrs. Walsh." She suggests that he call his parents and find out how the adoption was arranged. The judge comes in and reads the charges against Lucinda. Of course she pleads not guilty. Tom requests that the charges be dropped. He says David Allen does not care about justice; he cares only about furthering his career. They move to the judge's chambers. Lily asks Lucinda why she thinks she can get through to David now. Lucinda says that she and David have a connection but she says she will tell her when Lily gets her own life straightened out. The judge, David and Tom return to the courtroom and David is told that he may proceed. David says that he does not relish going after Lucinda but she is a fraud. WorldWide is barely worth the paper the stocks are printed on. The judge does not agree to dismiss the charges. Trial date will be set.

Thursday, July 17, 1997
by Bubblz

Emily convinced David to escort her to Lisa's Breast Cancer benefit and told him to go with his gut feeling on whether or not Lucinda is his mother.

Damian told Lily that he would rather stay home with her and Luke because he didn't want to be on display for the whole town. Lily talked him in to going by telling him that he could get all of his "Hellos" over at once.

Lucinda made a typical Lucinda entrance to the party, shocking many after her appearance in court earlier that day. After a few tense moments with Emily and David, she convinced David to dance with his mother.

Holden and Lily shared a brief kiss on the deck of yacht. Lily hurried back inside so that Damian would not know what was going on. Holden then went home because he couldn't stand to see them together. Nikki came to the benefit with Hal, and immediately upon their arrival, rushed of to say hello to Jack. Jack told Emma that Nikki was his "pretty new partner." Later, Margo urged him to dance with Nikki.

Damian, Samantha, and Margo had a tearful reunion. And later, Damian gave Kirk a scare, since Kirk assumed he'd be a little mad about the plane crash. Lily sang a song at the request of a "long time patron of the Falcon Club."

Connor told Mark that she was going to use her money to help close down Kasnoff Construction, because it would make her happy to go to Spain with him. Mark confessed that he had been trying to find a way to convince her to come with him ever since they decided she should stay in Oakdale.

Friday, July 18, 1997
by Sally Efird

Jack called Molly to help "teach" him how to do the chores he had promised Emma he would do. She helped him milk the cow, pitch hay and gather eggs while they bonded.

Ben and Bob had breakfast at the Falcon club and discussed forming a working scholarship for Camille so that she can become a doctor and still work at the clinic. Camille came to the Falcon Club in search of her purse which she left the night before. After telling Ben that she just wants to see him on a professional basis, he convinced her to come and talk to him and Bob about the scholarship. After Bob leaves, Ben talked Camille into going to a pot luck dinner at church. On their way out they bumped into Jessica who told Ben that she would have to meet him at the symphony tonight because she had a meeting. Ben admitted forgetting about the symphony but didn't tell her about his other plans. Jessica decided they would just skip the symphony and offered their tickets to Camille who turned them down and told her she was going to church.

Lily sneaked out of her house and went to the farm to see Holden. She was upset because she said things at home seemed too "normal" and she was really in love with Holden. Holden convinced her that it was time to tell Damian about the two of them if she was really sure that she wanted to be with him. Lily left to tell Damian the truth.

Jack went back to the house to change after a mishap with Gurtie the cow and Molly had a talk with Emma. Emma admitted that she knew about the baby, and that she wasn't exactly happy about what her son was doing at 16. Emma told Molly that she thought that Jack had feelings for her and they ought to go out. Molly said that she thought that Jack was only teasing her about the crush he had on her when they were kids.

Jack found Holden in a sour mood worrying about Lily and Damian. Jack reassured him that Lily was in love with him and that it would all turn out fine. Holden told Jack about the last time Lily went to tell Damian that she was leaving him for Holden and that she never came back. Jack continued to reassure him. Holden told Jack that he should do something big and romantic for Molly to win her attention since he was obviously stuck on her.

Lily found Damian and Luck outside ready to set the wounded bird free. After watching the bird fly off to his freedom, Damian sent Luke inside to wash his hands and Lily prepared to tell Damian about Holden. Damian confessed how much he loved her and Luke and she didn't get the chance to tell him.

Back in the barn, Emma leaves to give Molly a chance to talk to Jack. Jack was trying to ask Molly if she wanted to go sail boating when she spotted Holden. Molly interrupted Jack and asked him if he wanted to go out on a date that night.

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