As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on ATWT
Margo and Jack were in a shootout, and Margo had to take a life. Carly was disappointed when her pregnancy test was negative. Lucinda and Molly teamed up to take David down. Nikki asked to move in with Barbara.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, March 30, 1998

Molly got a surprise from Lucinda. Lucinda convinced Molly to be vengeful toward David.

Emily put on an act for David at the Falcon Club. It finally grated on his nerves, and he had to leave but not after receiving more money from his father. Susan was glad David was out of Emily's life, and Emily realized she was glad too.

Hal confronted Carly about what he had done to Nikki about the pregnancy test. Carly admitted the test was hers. He apologized to Nikki and told her he would try harder to trust her. Nikki told Carly exactly how she felt after Hal was called away on a case.

Margo shot a woman for shooting Jack. Margo was not dealing with the shooting very well. She was very shaken. Tom and Margo let the boys go home with Camille for a while so Margo could have time to digest what had happened.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Lucinda tried to get Molly to get dirt on David. Molly did not fall for Lucinda's games just yet. Molly had to make the decision to stick with David or go for Lucinda's deal.

The woman Margo shot had died, and her son blamed Margo for killing her. Margo apologized for the outcome, and in return, the boy tried to assault her.

David was getting more and more vengeful every day. He had a meeting with Sara Ruth about selling him her share of the Falcon Club, and she agreed to it.

Lily and Holden reenacted their honeymoon as it should have been. The reminisced about the times when they had been much younger.

Wednesday, December 1, 1998

Jessica was appointed to represent Eddie in his case. Her first order of business was to find out what Eddie wanted to do about his mother's body. Eddie acted out and had to be taken back to his holding cell.

Carly's pregnancy test was negative. She didn't believe the test, so she went to the hospital to see Dr. Samuels. John overheard her conversation with the nurse. He offered to do the test.

Nikki wanted to move out of the house so she could get away from Carly. She talked to Andy about it, and Andy tried to convince her to stay there. Hal walked in and agreed with Andy. Hal told Nikki that Carly was not pregnant, but he wanted her to accept it when she did become pregnant.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Holden appeared at the Oakdale Police Station to talk to Jack about his love life. He and Lily noticed the new personal ads in the Argus and thought Jack should take advantage of them. Jack thought Holden was crazy, but after a little convincing, Jack called one of the ads and left a message, using the alias "Starsky."

Lisa talked to Emily at the Argus. Andy arrived to discuss his new job as a photojournalist for the Argus. After Lisa left, Emily asked Andy what he thought about the new personal ads. Andy deduced that one of the ads belonged to Emily, which she reluctantly admitted.

Andy and Emily got a kick out of listening to the pathetic messages left on her voicemail by various callers. However, they were both impressed by Starsky's message, and Andy encouraged Emily to call him. She did so using the name "Alexis." After a little small talk, "Alexis" and "Starsky" make a date to meet at Java.

John arranged for Carly's blood test. John was disturbed when Carly mentioned that Hal was at Fashions with Barbara. He questioned her about the situation, which momentarily piqued Carly's curiosity about the extent of Barbara and Hal's relationship. While John checked on the lab results, Lisa arrived to give Carly support. John returned to tell Carly the test was negative.

When John stepped outside the examining room, a very disappointed Carly told Lisa she had just blown the $50,000,000, which John, of course, overheard. After Carly left, John questioned Lisa about the $50,000,000, asking her, "Is that why she married Hal?" Lisa briefly explained the contract, telling him it had to do with sisters and sibling rivalries. When Carly returned to retrieve her pocketbook, John blurted out, "Now that you lost all this money, are you going to stick it out with Hal or not?"

Carly was shocked at Lisa for telling John and annoyed by John's questions. When John persisted, Carly told him to get lost. She confessed to Lisa that maybe she should have chosen Jack and asked herself, "Why do babies have to take nine months?" Lisa told Carly that sometimes they didn't. Tom had been born premature. That sparked Carly to think it might not be over after all. Lisa, understanding what Carly meant, warned her that thoughts like that could be dangerous.

Lucinda was at the Falcon Club, doing her best to convince Molly to help her get the goods on David. She even offered to help Molly get her book published. However, Lucinda was shocked to see that Molly was meeting David, after all, and stormed off in a huff. David told Molly that he was planning to buy Sara Ruth's half of the Falcon Club, and he wanted to hire Molly as his hostess. Molly was offended by the idea and told David all she cared about was getting her book published. David told her no one was going to publish her "stupid book."

Meanwhile, Lucinda and Lily were at Java. Lily tried to counsel Lucinda about her obsessive vendetta against David. Lucinda assured Lily it was "not revenge; it's housekeeping." Back at the Falcon Club, David's comments about Molly's book swayed her to call Lucinda to tell her she had made a decision. She told Lucinda, "We have a deal if you are willing to pay for it."

Friday, April 3, 1998

Hal wanted to discuss the baby issue with Carly, since they knew she was not pregnant. Hal insisted that he was not ready for them to be parents. He wanted to wait at least a year so that they could have time to be alone and get to know each other better. After a heated argument, Carly finally convinced Hal that because of what had happened with Nora, being a mother was something she needed to do right away. Hal gave in to Carly, saying that they'd just let nature take its course. If it happened, it happened.

Lucinda and Molly discussed what Molly's new job entailed. Lucinda informed her that Molly would answer to Lucinda and do exactly what Lucinda said, or "this fairytale is over." Molly said that in return, she wanted Lucinda to be her biggest fan. Lucinda said that was not possible because no one would believe it. However, Lucinda agreed that once Molly's book was published, she would work behind the scenes to get Molly whatever favorable publicity and recognition she wanted. Molly agreed to those terms and offered Lucinda her first tidbit of information about David - he had just bought half of the Falcon Club.

After Lucinda left for the Falcon Club to see Kirk and Sam, Molly made a phone call, saying, "I win. You lose. Get over here now." Andy showed up at her door. She told him she had won their bet, and it was time for him to pay up. She showed Andy all the things her new "publisher" had advanced her -- the suite, the money, the skimpy wardrobe -- but Andy thought the publisher wanted more than to just publish her book. When Molly informed Andy her publisher was a woman, Andy still refused to take her picture for the book cover. He told her that she looked like a porn star, and she should stop acting like a cartoon.

David was at the Falcon Club, going over the financial records. When Kirk and Sam objected, they were flabbergasted to learn that Sara Ruth had sold out to David. When Lucinda arrived, David took great pleasure in goading her about his little victory, but rather than fight back, Lucinda made a toast to him instead.

Margo was at home, trying to deal with what had happened to Deana. She was further upset when Adam referred to her as a hero. She tried to make her son understand that killing a human being was not heroic. Tom comforted Margo and tried to convince her to take time off from work and let her family take care of her for a change. Later, Margo went to Deana's funeral and saw Eddie.

Jack was waiting for Alexis at Java when Emily arrived. The two made small talk, not realizing that they were there to meet each other. Emily was surprised when Jack finally admitted that Alexis had stood him up. She confessed she was there to meet Starsky. They made fun of each other but decided to go out on a date anyway. When they arrived at the Falcon Club, David met them.

David convinced Emily to talk to him alone for a minute. He told Emily he loved her and they should be together. Upset, Emily walked away but later told Jack she wanted to call off their date so she could go to David. Lucinda overheard it and called Molly with instructions to immediately go to David's suite, take off her clothes, and crawl into his bed.

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