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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, April 13, 1998
by Judy Stallcop

Today's recap was provided by Judy Stallcop. Judy is our new Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday recapper. Please send any praise or advice that you might have for her to

Margo gets Eddie to stop thrashing in his jail cell. She then asks Eddie if he can get past with what has happened to his him, because she can. Margo then gives Eddie the envelope of his mother's belongings.

Hal asks Barbara if he can keep her company. She agrees to let him stay. Barbara admits she has been coming to the cemetery for quiet some time now, even more than once on some days. Barbara complains she was never involved in the baby's life, not even the funeral. Hal suggests that they have another ceremony. During the ceremony Barbara breaks down crying and asks God to please hold and lover her baby. Then together they plant a tree by the baby's headstone. Barbara packs up all the stuffed animals and books she has put on the headstone saying he won't need them now that he has the tree.

Jack gets the conductor to stop the train and a women boards the train. She identifies herself as Julia and that she is on her way to Chicago. Jack stares out the window and daydreams about Carly. Suddenly the train stops and Jack gets upset, taking it out on Julia. When she starts to move to another seat he says he is sorry and asks her to sit with him. Jack tell Julia he is a detective and on his way to Chicago on a case. Julia starts to panic when it starts to thunder. She asks Jack to sing, and he does.

John and Carly argue about her marriage. He tells her to go look for Hal. Kim shows up and asks John why is he there. He says he is making a house call and that Carly has a bug. Kim tells Carly that Hal is at the cemetery with Barbara. John starts to head out the door to go see Barbara when Kim grabs his car keys and hides them down her blouse. Nikki comes home and asks Carly if she and Hal had their serious discussion. Carly says no and that Hal is with Barbara. Carly then tells Nikki she will be pregnant by the end of the month. Nikki tells herself no way will Carly get pregnant. Nikki then plots to get Carly some Birth Control.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998
by Judy Stallcop

Today's recap was provided by Judy Stallcop.

Emily gets ready to go on her lunch date. Andy shows up and they discuss who the date is going to be. She then invites Andy along on her date. At the coffee bar she waits for her date while watching Molly and David. Instead of her date showing up, a large bouquet of flowers arrive.

Nikki goes to the clinic to get birth control pills. Susan examines her then writes her a prescription for the pill. Nikki bumps into Molly on her way out and Molly asks about the pills. Molly then goes to see Susan about getting her own set of pills. But Susan refuses to be her doctor. Hal shows up at the coffee bar and startles Nikki who spills her purse and the pills fall out. Molly covers for her and picks up the spilled purse. Nikki slips a pill into a cup of coffee and offers it to Carly as a peace offering.

At the gym Ben and Margo talk about how she is feeling. Ben admits he is not over shooting Teague and may never be.

John goes to Lisa and asks her if she knows where Barbara is. Lisa won't tell him. Lisa shows up at Carly's just as John is leaving and tells her to stay away for him, that he is bad news.

Carly goes to the police station to see Hal. She asks him to come home with her. He says no. Hal asks Carly if she knows where Jack is since he never showed up to work. She says she doesn't know but Hal does not believe her. Carly tries to tell Hal that she is over Jack, but he does not believe her. She then leaves. John shows up at Carly's and is told that Hal never came home last night. He storms out. John shows up at the police station and starts yelling at Hal.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998
by Judy Stallcop

Today's recap was provided by Judy Stallcop.

Molly surprises everyone as she shows up at the fashion show rehearsal and admits she is going to be the model wearing the best dress. A baby shower is being planned for Lily after the rehearsal. Sam refuses to allow Molly to attend the shower, which makes her mad. As the baby shower gets under way, Molly looks on from another room. She vows to get even.

Tom shows up and talks with Emily. Tom says he thinks David is the one who sent the flowers. But Emily just laughs at the idea. Emily tells Tom that she placed a personal ad, which makes him laugh. Emily tries to get him to help write a article about Margo.

Hal admits to John that he spent last night with Barbara. Margo steps in as John is about to hit Hal. Hal stops by the rehearsal to see how Barbara is doing. Kim and Carly look on as Hal and Barbara hug each other. Carly questions Hal about what is going on with him and Barbara. He won't talk about it.

Carly accepts the coffee from Nikki but says she can not drink it because of trying to get pregnant. Later at the rehearsal Nikki slips another pill into a glass of water intended for Carly but Andy catches her. He accuses her of trying to drug Carly. He then figures out it was a birth control pill. Nikki explains to Andy why she is doing it. Then tells him she won't do it again.

Margo asks John to look at Eddie. When John asks him about what happened to his hand he can't remember what happened. After John finishes examining him, he says that nothing is wrong with him.

Carly takes her temperature and finds out she is ovulating.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Margo tells Eddie that someone has paid his bail and he is free to go. When Eddie asks her who it was, Margo tells him she doesn't know. As Eddie walks out the door, Margo warns him to show up for his court appearance tomorrow or he will ruin the rest of his life. Tom comes to the station to see his wife and is surprised to learn that someone has posted bail. Jessica also arrives at the station to tell Margo that charges for the Fashions robbery are being brought against her "favorite suspect" Eddie.

Nikki thanks Andy for stopping her from making a stupid mistake. Andy tells her everything is okay, people make mistakes and he won't tell anybody what happened. Andy tells Nikki she should model for the fashion show because Barbara has a dress that would be perfect for her. Nikki balks at the idea, but Andy tells her he would love to take a picture of her in the dress. Pleased, Nikki agrees to model.

Carly tells Molly about her problems with Hal. When Molly tells Carly she should be with Jack, Carly tells Molly that she loves Hal. Molly tells Carly she has a plan to get Hal to come home. She tells Carly about seeing Nikki getting birth control pills and that she should use that to get Nikki to help her with Hal. When Nikki comes home to change for the fashion show, Carly attempts to blackmail Nikki. Angered that she is being used as a pawn, Nikki tells Carly to go ahead and tell Hal what she knows because she has no intention of helping Carly.

Everyone is busy at the Falcon Club getting ready for the Milltown Church Fashion Show Benefit. Holden and Ben are helping Lisa and Barbara put things together for the show as Nancy, Kim, Camille, Samantha, and Lily prepare to model various Barbara Ryan Originals. Kim approaches Barbara commenting on her new attitude. Barbara glows as she tells Kim how wonderful Hal is and how much he helped her say goodbye to her son. When Kim questions Barbara further about her feelings for Hal, Barbara denies that she is after her ex-husband. Molly arrives to get ready for the fashion show and, of course, receives the cold shoulder from everyone. When Lily informs Barbara that Jennifer has a case of stage fright, instead of handling the situation herself, she calls Hal to come talk to his daughter. When Molly sees Barbara leading Hal to a private backroom, she immediately calls Carly to warn her. Later, after talking with Jennifer, Hal is about to leave when Barbara urges him to stay and give her support. Meanwhile, Molly corners Lily in the ladies' room locking her in. As Molly walks away, she hears Lily scream that she thinks she is going into labor. When Carly arrives at the Falcon Club, she confronts Barbara about her intentions toward Hal. Barbara baits Carly, calling her a "gutter tramp." Not pleased by her comments, Carly grabs Barbara and warns her to stay away from her husband.

Friday, April 17, 1998

Everyone looks on as Carly lays into Barbara. Hal steps in to break up the catfight. Carly tells Barbara and Hal that Barbara will do anything to manipulate the situation and is not above using her children, including her dead baby, to do so. Hal orders Carly to go home, but she tells Hal she won't be brushed off. After a heated argument, Carl tells Hal maybe he should have listed to everyone when they told him not to marry her. Hurt, Carly calls Jack, but hangs up on him when he answers the phone.

John confesses to Susan that he misses Barbara's children. He knows Jennifer is modeling in the show and he wishes he could be there to cheer her on. Deciding to stop feeling sorry for himself, he goes the benefit. Kim continues to question Barbara about her motives towards Hal. John arrives in time to overhear Barbara and Kim talking. Later, after watching Jennifer on the runway and Barbara with Hal, John returns to his office to find Carly waiting. Carly informs him she will do whatever it takes to keep her husband and get the money. She tells John "I'm having Hal's baby with or without him."

When Molly falls for Lily's theatrics and rushes back into the ladies' room, Lily turns the tables on Molly and locks her in the room instead. Later, when Molly's cell phone rings, Lily answers it and is shocked to hear Lucinda's voice on the other end.

Jack runs into an old flame in a bar and things heat up. When the two leave for "other things," her husband meets them at the door and he is not pleased.

At the fashion show, a mystery man has a dress delivered to Emily with a note telling her he hopes she will wear it when they finally meet. Later, David pays off the mystery man.

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