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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, June 22, 1998

Ben goes into Camille's room and is surprised to find Brad there. Camille tells Ben that Brad has agreed to stay in town and help rebuild the church. Ben brings flowers for Camille and she thanks him. Camille tells Ben that he is late for the ball and that he should hurry over there. As Ben leaves Camille's room he stops her nurse and asks her if she will help him with a secret for Camille. The nurse takes Camille for a walk while Ben decorates her room so she won't miss out on the ball.

Eddie interrupts Tom and Emily dancing by reminding Emily her date is looking for her. Eddie tells Emily he knows what game she is playing with Tom. Emily goes back to Tom and tells him her date is with someone else now. He asks her to hand out with him.

Molly and Carly go back to Molly's room to get ready for the ball. Molly tells Carly that Lucinda wants her to get David to fall madly in love with her than dump him Molly admits she has feelings form David and Carly reminds her that David is blackmailing her about her pregnancy. As they are talking about how Carly's dress is getting a little snug David walks in and is delighted to hear that Carly is pregnant. Carly watches in the bushes as Jack and Julia kiss out on the terrace. Later in the ladies room, Julia discovers it was Carly that Jack was on the rebound from. Julia then asks Carly if she is pregnant with Jack's baby.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Townsend

Ben decorated Camille's hospital room for a surprise. They are going to pretend that they are at the Ball. Susan comes in from the Ball to give Camille a bunch of get well cards that had come in at the front desk. Camille is unhappy because she did not want everyone to know. Ben explains that Rev. Dansby had requested prayer for her at the Ball. Camille tells Ben that she is not the same, and Ben tells her she is the same person that he loves.

At the Ball, Emily is acting upset and Tom wants to know why. She tries to brush him off, but he persist. She leads him to believe that Eddie made a pass at her. Tom says he is going to talk to him and she tells him not to say anything. Tom goes to Eddie anyway. He tells Eddie that he has upset Miss Stewart. Eddie tells Tom that he is sorry, but everything he says to Miss Stewart makes her upset. In the mean time, Emily goes to the head caterer and tells him that Eddie was rude to her and that he is out on parole. Eddie gets fired.

Carly walked out of an interrogation at the police station and Margo is looking for her at the ball. She is in the ladies room talking with Julia. She lets Julia find out that Carly is the woman that Jack is still hung up on. As they talk she leads Julia to believe that the baby she is carrying is Jack's. Julia leaves the ladies room a bit upset and finds Jack. Carly also enters the room and Jack sees her. He excuses himself from Julia and goes to Carly to tell her that Margo is looking for her. She is not listening and she is going on about the last time they were all dressed up and in walks Margo. Margo has Jack handcuff Carly and as they are escorting her out she doubles over with pain. The paramedics are called and Margo asked Jack to stay with Carly to make sure she is not pulling anything. Jack gives Julia a look of apology and leaves with Carly.

James summons Lucinda outside to the patio for just one dance. She resist and he tells her that he will be leaving for awhile because someone is trying to kill him. She gives him the dance. As they are talking and saying their good byes (Lucinda threatening to call the police), Brad is eavesdropping on their conversation. When James leaves, Brad approaches Lucinda and offers her his cell phone and asks 'Do you want to call the cops and tell them that you were dancing with James Stenbeck?'. Lucinda asks 'Who are you?' and takes his phone and throws it. They have some chit chat and as Lucinda is entering the Ball Room, Brad says that her secret is safe with him.

Brad dances with Molly and tries to get some dirt on the citizens of Oakdale. Molly has not a whole lot to say to him. David sees them dancing and does not like it. Later, in Molly's hotel room they have a big blow up and David tells her how he wants her to climb the society latter. Molly reminds him that most of the women of Oakdale do not like her. Their conversation heats up and David grabs Molly and kisses her. Molly pushes him away and slaps him. He grabs her and kisses her harder, she pushes him away and slaps him. He grabs her again and kisses her and she succumbs to him. They fall in a heap on the bed. He kisses her again and tells her that he bought the pearls around her neck for him to see on her and admire, not for Holden and not for some stranger. She says that she now understands that, as a tear runs from her eye.

Margo and Tom finally meet up at the Ball as it is winding down and decide to go home together. As they leave, Emily is standing alone watching them go. She goes into the ladies room and Eddie follows her. She tries to get by him and he stops her and tells her to stay out of his way. She scoots by him and runs out.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Carly wakes up in her hospital bed to feel Dr. Samuels taking her pulse and asks her about her baby. The doctor tells her she's had no symptoms since being admitted and she thinks it's stress-related. Carly wants to leave but Dr. Samuels says then her guard would get in trouble. They both look over to see Jack asleep in a chair. The doctor tells her Jack was by her side all night and refused to let anyone relieve him. Camille is also going stir crazy and wants to break out. Ben turns her down with regret but does tell her someone's coming to see her. A woman named Aileen appears-it's from an organization he contacted, he tells Camille. She has something in common with Camille, Aileen says-she's a breast cancer survivor too.

Margo asks Tom on his way to work if he's seen Eddie yet-she went to wake him up to go to work and he was gone and his bed didn't look slept in. She's wondering what's kept him up this time. Emily positions another desk and a nameplate for Tom in her office. Eddie appears in the doorway and asks her why she's bothering with a desk, since Tom seems to work off her lap anyway. Jack wakes up when Carly pulls the blanket over him. Jack orders her back to bed-"lie down and pipe down." They talk about her being arrested and put in handcuffs by him at the ball. Carly asks him why she keeps making mistakes-some of which she'll regret for the rest of her life.

Eddie tells Emily he's there to deliver some coffee ordered by one of her "slaves." He asks her if she slept well last night. He brushes off her getting him fired last night and labels her a "taker," like the drug dealer who got his mom killed. She's taking from Margo. Well he couldn't stop the drug dealer, but he can sure stop Emily, he says-and he will. He presses the coffee on her and leaves. Aileen tries to tell Camille about the support groups they run for breast cancer survivors but Camille stops her and insists that she's fine. After Camille leaves, Ben apologizes to Aileen. She tells him she's seen it before and that he knows what he's dealing with.

At the farm, Julia remembers dancing with Jack at the ball, then asking Carly if the baby was Jack's and Jack's vow not to leave Carly's side when Carly is wheeled away. Julia tells Emma that Jack left with someone else-Carly. Emma calls Carly a tramp. Carly tells Jack that he must be anxious to get back to his "princess." Ben walks over to where Camille is admiring the flowers Lisa has given her. On her way out, Lisa runs into John, who tells her Barbara called to tell him she'd started therapy, which is why she stood him up at the ball. John would've preferred to do it together. Ben tries to get Camille to look at the literature Aileen left and Camille again refuses as Margo stops by. Margo wants to talk to Ben about Eddie and Camille waves them away.

Hal and Nikki arrive at the hospital. Nikki tells her dad that after seeing the strain that this has put him under, she's going to drop the charges. They go to tell Carly the good news. John sees the Munsons and Lisa fills him in on Carly's arrest. Jack corrects Carly-the princess' name is Julia, and it was a very nice surprise to see her again. Carly tells Jack she just doesn't want to see Jack hurt again. She urges him to make sure that Julia's the one he really wants. Hal and Nikki walk in on them. Carly explains about Jack guarding her and leaving Julia stranded on the dance floor. Nikki tells Carly she's dropping the charges against her. Carly tells Hal it was hard on her and the baby. Nikki rolls her eyes and slips out of the room. After Hal leaves to get the charges formally dropped, Carly looks over to the chair where Jack slept. She slips out of bed and picks up the tie from his tuxedo. John walks in and reads her the riot act.

Tom comes in as the workmen are removing the desk from Emily's office. She tells him she likes him, but not enough to be his roommate. Tom senses something's amiss. Emily perches on her desk while Tom pitches how he wants to write up the article on the ball. As he's talking she hides the coffee that came from Java. Tom wants to know if something's happened. She lies and tells her secretary that the coffee hasn't arrived. Tom tells her that that's 11 "I'm sorry"s and 1 lie. She tells him it was Eddie who delivered the coffee. Margo tells Ben about Eddie's latest episode, but only that he held her. Ben assumes it's because Eddie has feelings for her. Emily tells Tom that Eddie accused her of getting him fired. When Tom wants to know exactly what Eddie said to her, Emily breaks down crying and tells him she can't remember-she was so scared. She tells him that Eddie threatened her. Tom tells her he'll take care of this right now and storms out of the office.

Margo denies Ben's assumption but admits she didn't ask Eddie about it. Ben suggests that maybe next time Tom should be the one to wake him up, but she admits she didn't tell Tom about this. Eddie bursts in to get those drugs that Ben talked about and sees Margo there. He knows she's telling Ben about what really happened. He tells Ben he's so scared to go to sleep. When Ben doesn't immediately accede to Eddie's demand, Eddie runs out and Margo goes after him. John orders Carly back into bed and tells her if she doesn't take care of the baby he'll go straight to Hal and tell him how she got pregnant, no matter that it would implicate himself as well.

Susan goes to change Camille's bandages and look at the incision. Emma tells Julia about Carly's past machinations with her sister Rosanna. Julia thinks there must be some good in her if Jack likes her and tells Emma about Carly's conversation with her at the ball, though not about Carly's insinuation that Jack is the father of her baby. Emma tells her not to believe anything Carly says. Jack arrives in his rumpled tux with a bouquet of wildflowers. He doesn't want Carly to ruin another day for her. They finish their dance from the night before. Hal and Nikki arrive back at the hospital after he's yelled at the D.A. Nikki tells him she called Carly a slut during their argument-but with good reason. She's seen how Carly is with Jack.

Margo and Eddie arrive home and argue about her avoiding telling him. She agrees to tell him what really happened. Camille closes her eyes when Susan examines her incision. When Susan tells her it looks good and is healing well, Camille opens her eyes. She looks down and is horrified. Susan tries to calm her down but agrees to cover it back up. After their dance Jack tells Julia he doesn't want to make a mistake and lose her again. He starts to tell her about the woman in Oakdale and she tells him she knows it's Carly-she found out last night. She tells Jack to tell her how he feels about Carly only if he wants to. Hal doesn't want to talk about Carly and Jack but Nikki tells Hal he'll have to hear it.

Margo tells Eddie that he held her. Eddie doesn't believe her when she says that's as far as it went-otherwise she wouldn't have kept it secret. He grabs her arms and tells her he needs to know because he cares about her. Tom comes in as Eddie is shaking her and yelling at her, wanting to know if he has hurt her. Tom berates him for hurting Emily and his wife and hustles him to the door.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Jack tries to explain to Julia where he stands with Carly. He tells her he came back to Oakdale because he didn't want to runaway anymore. He tells her that he knows now that he and Carly are over and that he's not really sure he ever loved her. Then, Jack tells Julia that finding her again is like a second chance and that what he felt for Carly is nothing like what he feels for her. He tells Julia he believes she may be the woman of his dreams and he asks her to stay in Oakdale and take a chance on him.

Nikki and Hal fight over Carly. Nikki tries to convince her father that Carly loves Jack.. Hal tells Nikki he doesn't want to hear another word about it, but Nikki continues to berate Carly. She tells Hal that she overheard Carly tell Lisa right before the wedding that she almost dumped Hal for Jack. Hal insists Nikki misunderstood, but Nikki escalates matters when she insinuates that Jack is the father of the baby. In a heated moment, Nikki tells her father she should move out of the house and Hal tells Nikki it's up to her-he just wants some peace. Later at Java, Nikki cries on Andy's shoulder and decides not to move out after all, much to Carly's chagrin.

An already spooked Emily is startled when Susan appears at her office door. When Susan inquires about what has her so upset she confesses that Eddie has threatened her and blames her for getting him fired from the catering job. Realizing she must stop Tom from confronting Eddie, Emily desperately goes to Java in search of Tom. However, in the process, she ends up getting Eddie fired from Java, too.

After Tom has thrown Eddie out of the house, Margo runs after Eddie and begs him not to give up. When Eddie insists he's trash and nothing but trouble, Margo pleads with him not to think that way. She begs Eddie to come back to the house and talk to Tom, but Eddie refuses. When Margo tries to smooth things over with Tom things only get worse. The harder Margo tries to plead Eddie's case the more stubborn Tom is in refusing to give Eddie another chance. He can't believe Margo is putting Eddie before her family's safety. Later, Margo goes to Java to talk to Eddie and is shocked to hear that Eddie has been fired. She's even more shocked to see Emily there.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Lucinda sees Brad at the church construction site and recognizes him from the ball. He tells her he didn't realize James Stenbeck was her boyfriend. Jack tells Julia she's the best thing that ever happened to him. He begs her to stay in Oakdale and see what'll happen. She agrees to stay-but with a few conditions. Carly goes down to the station and calls and leaves Jack a message telling him she wants to thank him in person. John spies her and is disgruntled to hear that she is "chasing" after Jack. Margo goes to meet Eddie at Java but the manager tells her he was fired. She spies Emily and tells her it's odd that Emily was there both times that Eddie got fired. Emily tells her to wake up, that she may lose her husband over him. Emily tells Margo that she wants Eddie locked up because he scares her and has threatened her. She agrees with Tom for kicking him out. Margo leaves to find Eddie. Eddie sneaks up on Emily at Java and tells her he's seen her coming onto Tom.

Brad asks Lucinda if anybody's called her "Luce." He tells her he's in real estate-metals and forestry. Ben arrives and tells Lucinda that Brad'll be pretty busy-as the construction foreman. Brad tells her he hopes her offer to get together and discuss business still stands. Julia tells Jack her conditions: 1) she has to pay her own way, which means finding a job; 2) they have to take things very slowly, and 3) if any royal like Prince Xavier offers Jack a title, he has to turn them down. Jack is amused that he has to give up the opportunity to be called "Sir Jack." They shake hands on the deal and set up a dinner date before Jack has to head back to work. Emma finds the envelope that Jack left behind and Julia heads to the police station to give it to him.

Carly explains to John that Jack was her ex and John tells her he knows-Lisa told him. Carly tells him he's overreacting because he lost her son. John accuses her of being jealous of the woman that Jack was dancing with at the ball. She tells John that she knows Julia is hiding something. John tells her she won't take any risks with the baby or else he'll go to Hal about the $50 million scam. Nikki hears John promise Carly, "whatever it takes." Ben and Brad discuss the construction plans, then when the two of them are alone again Lucinda accuses Brad of leading her on. He refuses to apologize for not being rich, or for getting his hands dirty. She in turn refuses to apologize for anything she's said.

Lucinda asks Ben where Brad came from. He tells her that he doesn't know Brad that well, that he came alone at the right time, when Reverend Dansby needed somebody. He admits to her that he's suspicious of Brad. Sara Ruth goes to see Camille and wants to take her on a little walk around the park but Camille declines, even when her mother tells her she got her doctor's permission to do so. Sara Ruth shows Camille the padded bra she bought for her.

Eddie tells Emily that he'll spread the truth about her being a "tramp after her best friend's husband." Ben leads a prayer at the groundbreaking ceremony. Lucinda takes the shovel to break ground at the ceremony and after Brad makes a crack to her about not getting herself dirty she promptly takes the shovelful of dirt and pours it over his shoes. She turns down his handkerchief. Lucinda tells Ben about Lily wanting to be there and Brad overhears as Ben tells her there'll be a plaque with Lily Snyder's name on it. Brad questions them about the name Snyder and Lucinda tells him it's her daughter's married name. Brad denies knowing the Snyder clan, just having heard the name from Camille.

Nikki asks Carly about John and why he seems so concerned about the baby when babies aren't even his medical specialty. Carly tells her it's because he was involved with her case when they thought she had heart problems. When Andy arrives, Nikki asks him what's going on between his father and her stepmother. Julia and Carly meet at the station. Margo goes to the farm and asks Emma if she'd take in a boarder-Eddie-as soon as she can find him, that is. Eddie makes good on his threat to Emily and in front of her, he calls and asks for Tom. He leaves a message telling Tom to meet him at the park. Emily calls her secretary afterward and has her rip up the message she just took for Tom.

Camille laughs at her mother's purchase and tells her there's no bra that will make her normal again. Camille is angered when Sara Ruth tells her she spoke to Susan. Nikki tells Andy she suspects his dad of knowing something about Carly. She wonders if John knows somehow that her dad is not the father of Carly's baby. Julia reminds Carly that Jack stayed with Carly all night because she was in police custody. Julia tells Carly that she can stop the act-she's onto her. Eddie falls asleep in the park and dreams of Margo crying in his arms and Emily appearing. In the dream Margo tells Eddie to make Emily go away. Carly tells Julia that Julia's not as sweet as she pretends to be with Jack. Julia accuses Carly of keeping Jack on a string and informs Carly that she's not leaving town.

When John meets up with Andy, Nikki asks him about Carly and her medical condition. John advises her to give Carly some space and to be patient. Jack arrives at the church site and Ben comments on his ebullient mood. He tells Ben about Julia being in Oakdale and staying at the farm. Lucinda asks Ben about Brad and Jack perks up at the name. At Java, Brad sees a copy of the Argus with the photo of Jack arresting Carly and tells Jack hello.

Susan arrives in answer to Camille's paging her. Camille rails against her for talking to her mother and "everybody on the planet" about Camille. She tells Susan she can handle it herself. Jack tells Ben that Brad sounds a lot like someone he used to know. Brad arrives at Emma's and Julia tells him yes, this is still the Snyder farm. Ben tells Jack that Brad's last name is Carter and how he helped Camille. Jack says he sounds familiar, that the Brad he knew he wouldn't trust with any woman. When Eddie wakes up, Emily is there, and he corners her in the park.

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