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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, November 2, 1998

Tom is at the airport and he is frantically trying to find out if Margo made her flight. The attendant will not give him any information. The security guards have to drag him away from the counter.

Emily is surprised that Margo is at her house. She is expecting her to be on a plane to the Caribbean to get a quickie divorce. Remember, she forged Tom's name on the power of attorney. Emily says that this may not be the best time for her to be there and she will come back later. Margo wants to know if she is going to come back, like when the ink is dry on the divorce papers. Margo says that she will not come back later, she will stay there and they are going to have it out. Emily says that if Margo wants to face off, they will face off, but only when Margo gets back from her trip. Margo tells her no, they are going at it right now. Emily tries to convince Margo that she didn't mean to come between she and Tom. Margo tells her that is a load of crap because she knows about every dirty trick that she has pulled. Of course Emily denies everything that Margo brings up. Margo asks her if she has the guts to own up to everything that she has pulled, all the way down to convincing Tom to get the divorce. Emily says that she wasn't even there when Tom signed the power of attorney. Margo says that she didn't say it was a power of attorney. Then Emily keeps denying that she ever did anything to disrupt their marriage. It was all Margo, she was never there for Tom, she was always running after Eddie. Margo looks at her and says that she never slept with Eddie. Emily says that maybe she should have. Emily tells Margo how she made Tom feel like a man when he felt like he had nothing. Margo says to her that he had family. Emily says that now he has a new family, she rubs her stomach and says this sweet, innocent baby inside me. They get into a big brew-ha-ha and Tom comes running in the door. He is begging Margo not to leave him. Emily says to Tom that Margo is not thinking straight. Tom says that she should leave. She looks at him with that hurt look she has and Tom and Margo both say, "leave, Emily!" Emily walks outside and in a temper tantrum, picks up a jack-o-lantern and smashes it on the patio. Inside, Tom is telling Margo that he was looking all over the airport for her. He asks her why she forged his name on the power of attorney. Margo says, "you think that I forged your name?" Tom says to her that they can work it out, they just need to talk it out. Margo repeats, "you think that I forged your name on this document?" She tells him to get out of her house, leave and she goes upstairs. Tom gets his coat and says that this is not over, not by a long shot. He walks outside and sees the smashed pumpkin. "Perfect!" Emily is standing in the bushes, again and smirking, again.

Carly is asking John to give her the name of the sperm donor. He will not tell her. She threatens him with the hospital board, how thrilled will they be that a cardiologist inseminated her. John tells her that if he goes down, she will go down with him. That doesn't scare her, she has been down and out before and she can handle it again. The phone rings and it is for Hal. Carly needs to take a message. At the same time, the doorbell rings and Carly asks John to take care of the trick or treat kids at the door. She goes to find some paper and a pen and while John is busy at the door, she goes through his coat and finds some keys. She takes the message and John closes the door. Carly makes an about face and tells John that he is right, she better stay with what she has and be happy. John can't figure her out, she runs hot and cold. He leaves and she leaves right after to go to the hospital.

Barbara and Hal are kissing and telling each other how much they care. Barbara tells Hal that she knew Carly was not good for him and Hal says that he wished he would have listened to her. They are discussing how they are meant for each other and they have found their way back. Halloween kids come to the door and Barbara and Hal give them lots of candy. Later, Barbara is coming downstairs in her robe and carrying two wine glasses. There is knock at the door, she picks up the bowl of candy, thinking it is more children. When she opens the door, John is standing there and says, "trick or treat." Barbara says to him that he should have called and maybe he could come back tomorrow. John apologizes for not calling and says that he just came by to say that he was sorry. About that time, Hal comes downstairs buttoning his shirt. John looks at Hal and then at Barbara and says, "looks like the tricks on me."

At the Snyder Farm, Emma, Lily and Holden are with Hope and they are cooing over her. Lily asks about Julia. Emma says that she is upstairs, asleep. She came back from Chicago exhausted. Emma says that it isn't surprising, with everything that she has been through with David. Holden says that she needs to forget about all that. Julia walks in and says, "easier said than done." Holden apologizes. Jack comes running in and wants to know why she left him in Chicago. She tells him that she is sorry for that. They go outside to talk. Jack tells her that he loves her and doesn't want anything to happen to her. He suggests that maybe she should go see a doctor. She thinks maybe that is a good idea. Jack gets a call and has to go back to the station. Julia goes inside and tells Holden that she is going to see a psychiatrist. Holden thinks that is not a bad idea. Lily is looking at the birthmark on Hope's leg. She tells Emma that she doesn't remember it being there when Hope was born. Emma tells her how could she, with all she was going through with David. Holden overhears her and says that is right, she has been through a lot and probably didn't see it right away.

Their is a baby, lying alone in a crib, with no birthmark on its leg. Someone is knocking at the door and asking if anyone is home.

Julia leaves and goes to the woods where David is buried. She thinks that if she confronts her fears that she will stop dreaming about him. She walks up to the grave where David is buried. She tells him to let her go, stop haunting her in her dreams. She says that she is the one keeping him alive, but no more. She says that he deserves to be dead, he was a cruel monster. She hears something in the bushes. She jumps up with her flashlight and starts looking around. Someone throws a shovel at her feet and she starts to scream.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

John has found Hal and Barbara together. Barbara is in her robe and Hal is buttoning his shirt. John asks if they were putting the children to bed. Barbara tells him that they are not at home, they are at a Halloween party at WOAK. John asks them how long this has been going on. Barbara tells him nothing has been going on, not until tonight. Hal tries to explain to John that he was upset about Carly and came to Barbara to have someone to talk to. Barbara tells John not to blame Hal, he should blame her, she wanted to be with him.

Carly is at the hospital, breaking into John's office. She stole his keys from him earlier. She is in the office and looking for her file. She wants to find out who's sperm she was artificially inseminated with. She hears voices. Ben and Jack are walking down the hall. Ben sees keys hanging out of the lock on John's office door. Jack and Ben go inside to check out the office. Carly is hiding under the desk. No one is inside, so they decide to call John and tell him about the keys. They leave and Carly crawls from under the desk and finds her file. She can't find anything that says who the donor was. She decides to go to the sperm bank and see if she can find out anything over there. She gets to the sperm bank door and, of course, the door is locked. She takes a fingernail file from her purse and starts to work on the lock. A security guard catches her. He is dragging her to his office and they run into Jack. Jack wants to know what the problem is, he tells the security guard that he is with the police department. The security guard tells him about Carly trying to open the lock of the sperm bank with the file. She protest and says that is what it looked like. In reality, she had dropped her purse and the file fell out and she was picking it up. Jack looks at her. She begs him to believe her, of course, he doesn't. He tells the security guard that he will take it from here. He takes out his cell phone and Carly wants to know who he is calling. He is calling Hal, he is still at Barbara's house. When Carly hears Jack talking to Hal, she tries to make him stop. Jack tells Hal that there is problem with Carly at the hospital. Hal says that he will be right there.

Hal tells Barbara that he has to take care of something. He tells John that he will have to go. John wants to stay and talk to Barbara. Hal says that he won't let that happen. Barbara tells Hal that it will be OK, she needs to talk to John. Hal leaves. Barbara and John go through a whole thing of he loved her and she didn't love him. She says that she did love him and she was really trying to work on their marriage until she found out what he had been up to with Carly. He says again that she never loved him. Finally, she admits that she never really loved him.

When Hal gets to the hospital, Jack informs him what Carly had been up to with the sperm bank. She tells Hal that it isn't what it looked like and she tries to tell him about dropping her purse and file fell out. Hal asks Carly why she would be trying to break into the sperm bank. Maybe because he had told her that he wanted a divorce and she could get into the office and forge some papers and get a new daddy for their baby. Hal tells her they are going to the station, he is going to book her. She begs him, please, she won't try anything again. Hal takes out his handcuffs and holds them up in front of her. She walks to the door.

At the station, Hal is telling Carly that he can't believe that she would have tried something so low to get the money. Hal informs her that he is going to file for sole custody of the baby. She tells Hal that he can't do that. She says that she might as well tell him now, she was artificially inseminated and he is not the father.

Julia is screaming at the shovel that was thrown at her feet and she runs off into the woods. A car drives up and Camille gets out and yells for Brad. Brad appears and he is holding a shovel. He wants to know what she is doing there. She tells him that she was driving by and saw his truck parked by the road. He wants to know why she is there. She tells him that she has been checking around and she found a contractor that will build their house. Brad says no, he already told Ben that he would build it. She tells him that he is off the hook. He says that he doesn't want to be off the hook. She tells him that she fells like she has used him and he says that he doesn't feel that way. He has never felt about anyone like he fells about her. She says that he touch her in a way that no one has, he has healed her. They ultimately end up saying that they love each other. But, she will not leave Ben. She loves him and she will not hurt him. She starts to leave and Brad grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him away and runs to her car.

While all this is going on, Holden and Julia are at David's grave site. Holden is trying to convince Julia that David is still in the ground. He tells her that he has a shovel in the truck and he will go and get it and dig David up to prove to her that he is dead. She tells him no, she believes that David is dead. She goes to the grave and tells David that she is sorry that his life on earth was so miserable. She says that she hopes where ever he is now, that he has peace. They leave and go back to the farm. After they are gone, some one walks up and start to dig in the grave. Is it Brad?

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

A distracted Eddie stares out the screen door but is vehement in his denials to Georgia--I wish I'd never met Katie. Margo defends Eddie to Katie when she learns that her sister gave him the brush-off. She also informs her sister that she and Tom are not getting back together, despite appearances. Emily spies a morose Tom being chided by Lisa. When James approaches her about her role in confronting Lucinda, Emily plays it up to an observing Tom.

Carly reiterates to Hal that he's not the father, and thus won't be able to gain custody. Hal wants to arrest her. Carly refuses his deal to drop the charges in exchange for her signature on the divorce papers, insisting that she'll be a very rich Mrs. Munson when the baby is born. She then demands her one phone call.

Lisa pushes John away when he complains about Barbara's bedding Hal. He just comes to her and uses her whenever he has problems with Barbara, Lisa accuses. Tom intervenes in the scene between a bewildered James and Emily, who is doing her best to look frightened of him. Katie urges her sister to tell Tom about it being Emily, not Margo, who forged Tom's signature, but when Margo refuses, Katie surmises that it's a test for Tom.

Lucinda walks in on a shirtless Eddie and a pajama-clad Georgia lying on her bed. Lucinda picks up where she left off at the hospital, playing the role of a meddling "auntie" as she exhorts her niece to act like a Walsh. Georgia denies that she's a Walsh and tells her to leave. She's not done with her yet, a departing Lucinda mutters. Katie reminds Margo of her father's death, comparing it to the death of the family that Margo & Tom's divorce would cause. Even after Margo fills in Katie about Emily's pregnancy being for real, Katie senses that Margo doesn't really want a divorce.

Tom instructs Emily to call him if James bothers her again. Lisa steps between them and bemoans her son's naivete. They'll always be a part of each other's lives because of the baby, Tom reminds his mother.

At WOAK, Molly applauds Emily for her "Emmy-caliber" performance. Emily accepts the praise and plots her next move. Hal is far from pleased to see John show up at the station in response to Carly's call. When John says that he can't help her, Carly threatens that she won't go down alone. She calls Hal over and introduces John to him as her "partner in crime."

Hal deduces that John was the one who inseminated Carly, and wonders what his motivation was. Emily plans to use the threat of David to her advantage, recalling that when David stranded her on the Valetta, Tom was there to rescue her. Emily advises Molly to go along with her scheme if Molly wants to get her job back.

Eddie and Georgia cozy up in front of the TV and share painful details from their common past as abandoned kids. Eddie remembers with fondness a foster sister named Janie whom he treated like a little sister. Georgia is his little sister now, he tells her, and he'll always be there for her.

James startles Lucinda when she arrives home by pulling her into an embrace. They bicker over the prenuptial agreement that Lucinda presents to him, with James promising to have her sign one, too.

Hal questions John about David's involvement--he saw the contract that Carly signed, giving David ten percent of the trust. Hal's interrogation is interrupted when John attacks him for sleeping with Barbara. Carly is also livid at the news, but knows that Barbara is still a married woman, and Hal is not going to gain custody if he's seen as an adulterer. Hal is nonplussed and threatens to arrest John for the first break-in at the hospital, especially with Carly willing to testify against him. Carly is anxious when John agrees to talk, but wants to do so out of earshot of Carly. Behind closed doors, John admits to Hal that he inseminated Carly back in April.

Lucinda and James dicker over where they should live after they're married, before James' attention is grabbed by the news--Emily is claiming that David has contacted her. James is jubilant--I knew he was alive, he says. Lucinda knows otherwise. Tom also sees the news broadcast and runs out on his mother.

Thursday, November 5, 1998

Emily is thrilled when Tom arrives to comfort her after hearing her broadcast about being contacted by David. However, Emily is a bit uncomfortable when James, Lucinda, Lily, Holden, Julia and Jack all descend on her after hearing the news. Later, a mystery man is seen taking care of a baby.

Sara Ruth, while trying to lure Camille to a surprise party, realizes that there is something going on between Camille and Brad and Camille does not deny it. Brad arrives at the hospital after cutting his hand while working on a model of Ben and Camille's dream house. Ben interrupts them and later questions Camille about Brad. Camille asks Ben to cancel the party, but Ben convinces her that their engagement is something for them and their friends to celebrate. Camille agrees. She also tells Ben that Brad won't be walking her down the aisle or building their home. Ben admits that he is relieved.

In the face of possible jail time, John matter-of-factly informs Hal that he artificially inseminated Carly in April. Furious, Hal threatens to throw the book at both John and Carly. However, John warns Hal that he might not want to do that. He advises Hal that David Stenbeck could be the father of the child and when the press finds out, Carly and the child could be in danger. Lisa arrives at the police station and is shocked and disgusted to learn what John and Carly have been up to. When Hal tells John and Carly they are free to go, Hal comments to Carly that "he hopes to God he is the father of this child." Sure that John told Hal the donor's identity, Carly frantically continues her quest to learn the truth. Then, out of the blue, James Stenbeck arrives at her door.

Friday, November 6, 1998

Georgia is enthused when Eddie asks her to be his date to Ben & Camille's engagement party. A tuxedoed Jack shows up at the construction site to make sure Brad isn't going to the party. Ben presents Camille with a special heart-shaped necklace, but she hands it back, telling him that she doesn't deserve him. Margo learns from Julia about Emily's supposed contact with David. Emily is frustrated when she can't locate Tom. James tells Carly that her baby is the key to bringing David back--she's the only one who can do it, he says, but she wants no part of it.

Jack warns Brad to stay away from the party. His brother retorts that something has already come between Ben and Camille. Camille allows Ben to put the necklace around her neck after he tells her that just her accepting his proposal made him the happiest he's ever been.

Julia catches herself from telling Margo that David's dead. Tom shows up at the party, thanks to Adam's invitation. Fatherhood will bring out the best in David, James insists. Carly adamantly nixes this idea, perceiving it to be a request to let her child become a "rehab project."

Susan and Bob meet at the engagement party. Susan is unaware that Bob has not been informed about Emily's pregnancy, and Bob is startled when Susan mentions it. Margo advises Julia to confront the man she thinks is David, to help convince herself that she's not real. Eddie has something to tell Tom.

Molly's distracted from plotting her new show when she hears David's voice. She runs into the office, but it's only Emily doing some creative editing with some videotape. Molly tells her that she's gone too far--it's cruel. John visits Johnny's grave and has a talk with him. He realizes that when Johnny left, so did Barbara--and he can't get her back. James finally concludes that Carly is in the dark about what he's talking about.

Brad labels Ben "an emotional no-show" and forcefully denies using Camille--he loves her, he admits to Jack. Georgia visualizes dancing with Eddie in an empty room. She comes out of her reverie to see Katie by her side.

Eddie tells Tom that he hopes he and Margo work things out. Eddie aides Adam in his scheme to have a song dedicated to Margo from Tom. Molly wonders how Tom will react when he discovers that Emily manipulated him in order to be with him--the very thing that Emily abhorred in David. James informs Carly that he knows John told Hal that she was inseminated by John. Carly crumples to the floor when she realizes that James is saying that David was the sperm donor.

Margo won't dance with Tom, even with their favorite Barbra Streisand song playing in the background. Kim is stunned to learn about Tom's having had an affair with Emily that resulted in pregnancy, especially that Bob kept the news from her. Our kids are in trouble, Kim tells her husband.

Katie walks away when she sees Eddie. Brad and Camille are tight-lipped when Julia wonders where "father of the bride" Brad is. Jack thinks that Brad took advantage of a vulnerable Camille. Jack taunts his brother with the notion that he'll never be good enough for Camille.

Carly demands proof that David is in fact the donor before she'll talk to James again. Carly then fills in Molly on her possible link to David. As she stares at David's image frozen on the TV screen, Emily has momentary doubts about using him, but quells them. Adam can't understand why his mom wouldn't dance with his dad--does she really hate Tom that much? Adam asks her.

Jack agrees with Camille about it being wise for Brad to bow out of the wedding party--he isn't "paternal" material. Molly is bitter--she should be the one pregnant with David's baby. Carly wonders why John would tell Hal that David was the donor.

John is alternately remorseful and bitter as he cries to his son about his recent actions, including lying. He knows who the real father of Carly's baby is, but wonders what will happen if and when that fact is revealed. Carly asks Molly if she can have something of David's so she can sample his DNA for the paternity test--she's not going to wait to find out.

James is lying in wait for John at his office and asks him bluntly if he is in fact the grandfather of Carly's baby.

At Georgia's prodding, Eddie reluctantly agrees to leave the party, but he's still there when Katie offers him an apology. Margo and Tom's tete-a-tete is interrupted by Emily. Julia slips out of the party to follow the David look-alike. Jack prepares to make the toast as best man as Brad shows up, carrying a box.

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