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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, March 1, 1999

Camille has found out that her cancer has not returned. She is very thankful and Ben is happy for her. Ben tells Camille that he called her mother and she is probably waiting for her. She says that she needs some quiet time before she sees her mother. She tells Ben how scared she was thinking that her cancer was back and she is grateful that he was there with her.

Out in the hall, Sara Ruth and Denise are having a free for all. Sara Ruth sets Denise straight about what is going on with Camille. She informs her that Camille has had cancer and she is not just trying to get Ben's attention. She also tells Denise that she used to be just like her. She would shake her tail feathers for anything walking by in pants. She tells her about when she was pregnant and her husband had left her, she could have given Camille away, but she kept her and she has been a blessing from God. As Sara Ruth is saying all this, Denise is starting to hear a baby cry. She starts to yell, "shut up, shut up"! She turns to leave and runs into Ben. Ben wants to know what is going on and why is Denise there. Denise says that it is the same old, same old. Sara Ruth says that she rushed over as soon as she got Ben's call and Dr. Stewart told her that it was just a pulled muscle. Ben apologizes for upsetting her for nothing. Sara Ruth asks if she can see Camille and Ben tells her that she needs some time alone, she was pretty shaken up. Ben gets a page and leaves. Sara Ruth says to Denise that when she gets back she hopes that Denise will be gone.

Back in the room, Camille is saying a prayer of thanks to God. Denise comes in and tells Camille how sorry she is, she didn't know that she had cancer. She says that she didn't think anyone as young as Camille could get cancer. Camille says that before she got it, she didn't think so either. Denise says that she should be going and Sara Ruth walks in and says that is a good idea. Denise walks outside the door but peeks back inside at Camille and her mother. Sara Ruth is hugging Camille and telling her how thankful she is that she is OK. Denise turns to walk away with tears in her eyes and Ben walks up. He asks her if she is crying and she says, "no way." Ben apologizes for being so hard on her back at the apartment. He also says that Sara Ruth can be a little hard on some people but she would lay down her life for her daughter. Denise tells Ben that Sara Ruth thinks that everyone should be just like her and not everyone is made out to be a mother.

Andy introduces Molly to Reid. Reid acts like he doesn't know her. He says that he was on his way to the coffee shop to meet them and Andy says that there have been a change in plans. Reid tells them some other time and starts to walk away. Andy calls him back and asks if he would like to come inside and have coffee at their house? He accepts and Andy goes to open the door and realizes that he has locked himself out. He leaves Molly and Reid at the door while he goes to get the extra set. Reid tells Molly that it is good to see her again and Molly says that he could have fooled her. Carly calls Molly on her cell phone and tells her to come over to Java, she has a huge surprise. Andy walks up and overhears Molly and asks Reid if he is up for going to Java after all. They all decide to go. Before Molly hangs up, she tells Carly to get ready for an exciting development. Carly hangs up and says, "so dramatic."

Jack comes in and Carly runs up to him, playing the damsel in distress again. Her expresso maker is not working and she needs him to fix it. He tells her that he doesn't know anything about those machines, but she persist and he goes over and fixes it. Carly is gushing all over him, telling him that he is her hero. Julia comes in and wants to know what is going on. Jack tells her that Carly has bought Java, all he did was make the expresso machine work again. Carly looks at Julia and says, "he is wonderful." Jack tells her that he didn't get them a table yet and Julia tells him to get a big table, they have a lot of planning to do. She looks at Carly and tells her that they are making final plans for there wedding. After they walk away, Carly says, "what is that saying, the best laid plans of rats and men." Carly is sitting across the room watching Jack and Julia having fun, making their plans for their wedding. Andy, Molly and Reid come in and Carly yells surprise and tells them that she has bought Java. Andy introduces Carly to Reid. Carly tells him that he looks familiar and wonders if they have met before. Reid and Andy walk over to the bar to order coffee and Molly tells Carly that Reid is the limo man. Molly tells her that she feels bad that Reid has moved to Oakdale to be with her and she is involved with someone else. Carly reminds Molly that he is a doctor and rich and handsome. Molly tells Carly that she hasn't had a chance to talk to Reid alone and she asks Carly to occupy Andy for a bit so they can talk. Carly asks Andy to give her some advice about the menu. Molly tells Reid that he can't stay in Oakdale. She tells him that she is flattered, but their time in New York was short and she had filed it under the letter "J" for just one of those things. Reid tells her that he didn't know she lived in Oakdale and it was just a coincidence. Molly gets a hurt look on her face.

Julia sees Reid come in and she is ready to go. Jack tells them that they can't leave yet, they have to decide on the music. Jack goes to the bar to get refills on their coffee. Carly introduces Reid to Jack. Julia gets upset, thinking that Carly knows that Reid is her doctor. She goes up and says hello to Reid and tells Jack that they know each other because they work on the same floor at the hospital. Carly excuses herself and goes into the restroom. She is talking to herself about Julia being perfect and a princess and Julia follows her into the restroom and wants to know what she is up to. Carly realizes that Jack meeting Reid is upsetting Julia. She tells Julia that she shouldn't keep secrets from Jack. She tells her that she hopes that she gets better real fast so she doesn't have to worry about her lies. Carly leaves and Julia goes for her pills.

Molly comes up to Carly and tells her that Reid had not moved to Oakdale to be with her. Carly tells Molly that she needs to speak to Reid. She goes over and sits beside him and starts talking about the fact that Julia is seeing him. He says that he is surprised that Julia mentioned that she is seeing him professionally. Carly tells him that they had gone through something tragic together last summer and she was wondering if he could treat her? She says that he will probably get tired of the two of them talking so much about David.

James and Georgia are in Lucinda's room asking the doctor about her prognosis. The doctor says that she should make a full recovery, but it will take some time. Georgia tells James that she will go and call Lily and tell her the news. She walks out into the hallway and Chris is waiting for her. Chris tells her not to give up hope, his mother was in a coma not long ago and she came out of it. Georgia tells him that Aunt Lucinda is paralyzed and can't talk. Chris offers to go get some food for Georgia and she tells him that he doesn't have to that. He says that he wants to. After he is gone, Eddie walks up to Georgia. He has brought her some of her favorite snacks. Eddie tells her that he thinks things are moving fast between she and Chris. She reminds him that he knew right away that he wanted Katie. He tells her that things have been strange between them since they had their "just friends" talk. She says that it might have been the best thing that could have happened to them. Chris comes back in with a sack of food in his hands. Georgia introduces the two of them. The food that Chris has brought is all fried and Eddie starts to laugh. Chris wants to know what is so funny and Eddie tells him that Georgia doesn't eat fried foods. Georgia says that maybe she is in a rut and takes a bite of a fry and makes a face, but hides it from Eddie and Chris. A nurse comes up and tells Georgia that Lily is on the phone for her and she rushes to talk to her. After Georgia leaves, Eddie asks Chris what the deal is and Chris Mocks his New York accent. Eddie tells Chris that Georgia is a friend of his and he doesn't want to see her hurt. Chris says that the food comment didn't fly and Eddie says that they don't always see eye to eye but they are friends. Georgia comes back and Eddie leaves. Chris offers Georgia more food and she says to him, "that stuff will kill ya."

James is talking to Lucinda and telling her that when she comes out of this, if she wants him to go, he will. But he wants a life with her and he will do everything to have that. The doctor comes in and James asks if there is any change yet. The doctor tells him no but they have to keep talking to her and he brought her out of it before. James says that he had made her angry. The doctor leaves and James says that he is apologizing in advance for what he is about to do. James start saying to Lucinda that it is too bad that she can't communicate, she and he are the only ones that knows what he did and he is going to get away with attempted murder. Lucinda says to herself, "like hell you will."

Julia is sitting on the floor, beside the toilet in the bathroom stall. She is looking at one of the pills laying on top of the toilet lid. She has a flashback of she and Holden dumping David's body in the grave. She picks up the pill and takes it.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Carly and Molly arrive at John's apartment. They are talking about Parker's christening and how Carly wants everything to go perfectly today. She hopes that John won't act like a jerk. She knocks on the door and she hears the baby crying. John opens the door and Carly wants to know why Parker is upset. John tells her that he has been this way all night. He could not get him to stop crying or take a bottle. Carly takes him and he gets quiet right away. Carly says that all he needed was his mother. John explains to her that is why he needs to have him more, he is a stranger to his son. Carly gives him a bottle and he starts to drink right away. She gives the baby back to John so he can feed him. Carly tells John that the christening is making it an exciting day and it makes the custody battle a little silly. MJ comes out of the kitchen. Molly and Carly talk to him and tell him how big he is getting. Then they all leave to go to the church.

Margo is at the church arranging flowers for the christening and Tom walks in. They talk about the day and the christening and Margo reminds Tom that he hasn't been in church in awhile. She suggests that he could go to church with her and the boys sometime and he says that he would love that. Susan comes in and asks Tom if he has heard anything from Emily? Margo gets disgusted and leaves. Susan can't understand why they haven't heard anything. Tom tells her that he still has some detectives working to find her but they haven't even found a trace of her. Susan says that it doesn't make any sense that there isn't one clue. Margo walks back in and says that she can't believe that Tom is still falling for Emily's tricks. Susan turns to Margo and says that if she is disturbed because they are concerned about Emily, that is too damn bad and she walks away.

The christening begins and everyone gathers around in a circle. The minister is speaking and Carly takes her vows to raise Parker in a Christian home and follow God's word. John takes the same vow. As John is speaking, Molly has a flashback of when she told Parker not to worry about anyone taking him away from her and his mother. She also told him that John is not his daddy. She comes back to attention. She has vows to say and Andy, who is the godfather, has vows to say. The ceremony ends and Parker is getting fussy. Carly takes him to another room to change him and feed him and MJ follows. Carly lays Parker down in his baby seat and she is trying to get the diaper bag open, the zipper is stuck. MJ asks her why Parker is crying and she tells him that he is just not happy right now. MJ tries to pick Parker up and then Carly hears a thud, when she looks around Parker is lying on the floor. She runs over to him and picks him up. John and the new intern at the hospital hear Parker crying and comes in to see what is wrong. Carly says that Parker fell. John says, "he fell"? MJ says, "Carly dropped him." Carly says, "that is a lie."

Emily is sitting on her bed in her cell. She is doing that Emily, half crying, half whining thing. She is saying that she doesn't know how long David is going to keep her locked up. She tells herself that she has to stay strong for her baby. She lays down and falls asleep. She is awakened by Tom's voice. He is yelling for her and he bust open her door and she jumps up and runs to him. They are hugging and Tom is asking her to forgive him for not believing her. Of course, she is just dreaming. She wakes up in the cold, dark cell all alone. She runs to the door and yells at David and asks her how long he is going to keep her locked up. Will she die in this cell, will he have yet another murder on his hands? She grabs her stomach and slides to the floor, she is having contractions.

James comes into Lucinda's room with flowers. He tells her that he only brought them to keep up the pretense that he is a loving husband. He is trying to make Lucinda mad enough to snap out of her stroke. James tells her that he is going to have to have her ruled incompetent. Dr. Hamilton walk into the room and James wants to know who he is and what does he want. Reid explains that he is a new doctor in the hospital and has looked at Lucinda's records. He would like to work with her and try to help her communicate. James explains to Reid that she had an accident and then a stroke. Lily walks into the room. James introduces Reid to Lily and Lily wants to know if he is another doctor that James has brought in. James tells her that he is a new doctor in the hospital and he has come to him and wants to help Lucinda. Reid explains that Lucinda is conscience and can hear what they are saying and he wants to help her to communicate with them. Reid tells them that he needs to know some background and everything that had happened before the accident. James tells Reid everything that had been happening starting last summer. James gets to a point in the story that he says that Lucinda had forgiven him for the things he had done to her family. Lucinda says to herself, "you are one lying snake." Reid asks about James' son and James says that he has search for him, but he knows now that he will not be back. He says that he had blamed Lucinda's family for this. Lily clears her throat. She tells James not to hold back. She tells Reid about David kidnapping her when she was pregnant. She says that she is not sad that he is gone and she sleeps better at night. Reid asks if he can spend some time alone with Lucinda. Lily doesn't understand, Lucinda can't speak. Reid says that he has worked with stroke patients before. Lily tells her mother that Dr. Hamilton wants to have some time alone with her and she and James will be right outside. They leave and Reid goes to Lucinda's bedside. Reid starts to talk to Lucinda, telling her that he can sense her anger. He knows what it is to hate and it can be very energizing. Lucinda moves her eyes and looks at him.

Lily is watching from the hall and she tells James that she doesn't think they should bring in another doctor at this time. Reid comes out and Lily is saying that she needs to get home to Hope. Dr. Hamilton says, "Hope"? Lily tells him that is her daughter and he says that she has a lovely name. Lily says that she is a lovely girl. She leaves and James tells Reid that money is no object, he will do anything to get Lucinda back, she is all that he has left. James walks back into her room and Reid says, "I'll be in touch", after James is in the room he adds, "DAD"!

Wednesday, March3rdh
by Meredith Thompson

MJ tells his father that Carly was the one who dropped the baby, despite Carly's denials. James admits to Reid that his wife is all he has left. Julia begs Reid to refill her prescription. Jack starts to ask Lucinda questions about the accident and James makes him leave. Reid refuses to give Julia any more drugs unless she begins therapy.

John reads Carly the riot act and takes Parker to the hospital. Susan talks to Reid about Emily's disappearance. Katie comes to the club and apologizes to Eddie for not being supportive of his plans. Eddie accepts and tells her they're trying too hard. Carly insists on accompanying Parker down the hall for precautionary x-rays. Jessica gives John a reality check--Carly is not going to lose custody. Julia loses her inner battle and swipes the drugs from the counter. Susan observes this and confronts her new assistant, who feigns ignorance.

After conferring with Jack, Lily tries to communicate with Lucinda about the accident using a system of blinks. Jessica advises John to "make nice with Mommy" so his visitations can go smoothly. Parker is fine, but Brad counsels Carly to strike first, before John can use this incident against her. Carly agrees--the truce is over. She orders her lawyer to "put the screws" to her ex-husband. Julia lies and tells Susan she thought they were vitamin samples. Susan recalls her own addiction to pills.

Lucinda stops responding to Lily when James shows up. Eddie is candid with Katie--they just haven't connected. Katie correctly surmises that he's found that kind of connection--with Georgia. He wants a chance with his former roommate, he admits. Carly thanks Brad for his surprising loyalty, and he responds with a kiss. John gets a call alerting him to Carly's hardball tactics, and his intern agrees to come with him to the hearing.

When a shaky Julia drops some pills, Jack is there to pick them up. What are these? He asks. Eddie and Katie share an awkward parting, then Eddie leaves to go find Georgia. These are tranquilizers, Jack spits out as Carly looks on.

Don't bother asking Lucinda, James tells Lily as Reid hovers in the doorway. He then stuns Lily & Holden by telling them that the day of the accident, he and his wife had a fight because he'd just learned that Holden had killed his son.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

At the hospital
James confessed everything to Holden and Lily. How he knew about Holden killing David and he and Lucy had fought about it just before she went to the stables to warn Holden. He told them that he forgave them and wanted to go on with life and wanted to make them and Lucy a real family. He asked for their forgiveness for making Holden feel he had to keep David's death a secret.

Jack confronts Julia about her problem then finds out that Carly knew for a while. He talks to Carly and then decides to go back and work on things with Julia.

Reid overheard a little of the conversation and goes back to his office where he burned a picture of his old face (David). Julia comes to see him and begins to tell him about last summer. She gets part out, but doesn't tell the whole truth. She asks for help with her addiction and he offers to help her, but she shouldn't try to quit cold turkey, she should ease herself off of them. She agreed and then went to find Jack to tell him. Before she saw Jack, Holden and Lily told her that James knew.

Georgia says goodbye to Chris. He tells her he is on his way back to New York and wants to see her again when he comes home for Spring Break. Eddie sees the two saying goodbye. He comes up after Chris leaves and tells Georgia he has something for her to see but he can't show her there. She agrees and they leave. Kim is saying farewell to her son and hands him an envelope with $2,000. In it. She tells him to take care of everything and she will see him soon. Just as Chris starts to leave Bob comes in and announces that he has canceled Chris plane reservations because a friend of his on the board at Colombia called and said that Chris had been expelled for buying term papers. Kim and Bob were furious and they marched Chris to Bob's office to discuss things.

Denise comes into the hospital to have a mammogram. She runs into Camille and Camille takes her in to see the doctor. Denise tells Camille that she was having a pain in her breast and after hearing about what Camille went through, thought she should be tested. After the procedure the doctor tells Denise that she has a blocked milk duct, which isn't that uncommon for new mothers.

At the Oasis
Eddie shows Georgia his plans for the club and tells her that he wants to share it with her. Katie walks in to see Georgia and Eddie in a very close position. She leaves but just a few minutes later interrupts what could be Georgia and Eddies first kiss with a phone call. Georgia remembers everything and gets upset and leaves. Eddie picks up the phone, tells Georgia he can't talk and hangs up on her.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Ben interrupts an argument between Denise and Dr. Foley about a follow-up visit. Chris admits to buying term papers at school when he couldn't bring his grades up. An irate Georgia arrives home and Eddie shows up on her doorstep not soon after. Julia denies wanting to call off the wedding, but is hurt when she thinks Jack proposed because he felt sorry for her. Ben finds one of Denise's medical papers stating she had a mammogram.

Bob is angered when he learns that Chris didn't want to call him for help when he was having trouble with his classes. Georgia listens as Eddie pleads his case with Matthew, then commiserates with Katie about Eddie's fickleness. Jack denies Julia's assertion that she's weak. Ben urges Denise not to keep a secret from him--the last time that happened it destroyed a relationship. Eddie returns to the Walsh mansion and Georgia prepares to confront him with Katie as her ally.

Kim isn't sure anymore when her son is telling the truth, but she agrees to keep mum about the money. When Jack has to run off for police business, Julia panics and reaches for her pills. When she calls Reid, his secretary gives her the run-around while Reid listens in to Julia's distress. Georgia and Eddie have a conversation through the door. In response to his pleadings, she opens the door, only to slam it in his face. Stop changing your mind, she advises him. Chris promptly calls Georgia and asks to come over--it can't wait.

Bob is irked when Kim suggests he's expecting Chris to live up to his own self-standards. Chris asks Georgia to let him spend the night. Reid lets Julia wait on hold before he finally picks up the phone. Under his direction, she steps outside and throws the pills into the night. She then curls up in Jack's bathrobe and promptly has visions of shovelfuls of dirt.

Katie goes to the club and cozies up to Eddie, never letting on that she was there when he tried to make up with Georgia. Georgia reluctantly agrees to let Chris stay with her. Bob blames himself for Chris' troubles--they happened because he's Bob's son.

After seeing Ben with Denise, Camille realizes she never let Ben help her. I never should've let him go, she tells her mother. Hallelujah, says Sara Ruth. Julia rushes to the hospital, causing her to miss Jack's call, and runs into Reid. He takes her aside and assures her he will help her defeat her "monsters"--but only if she turns her life over to him completely. She agrees.

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