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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday,March 19, 1999

Brad is at Carly's house and he is asking her to marry him or he will tell Rosanna that John Dixon is not Parker's father. Carly refuses and says that she does not believe he will tell Rosanna. He takes out his cell phone to call her sister and Carly begs him not to tell Rosanna. He says that he won't, but he will make a call to Hal. Then she will not only lose the money but she will lose her son, also. And, Hal will have to arrest her for defrauding Rosanna. Just as he is dialing the phone, the door bell rings and Hal comes in with a box of baby things and toys for Parker. Carly looks at Brad and accuses him of calling Hal already. Brad denies it and says that he must be living right. Hal wants to know what is going on between the two of them and Carly tells Hal to ignore Brad, he is just a trouble maker. Hal explains that the box of things that he has was some stuff that he had bought when Carly got pregnant and he thought that Parker could use it now. Hal tells Carly that in case she hadn't heard, he and Barbara are getting re-married. He looks at the box of baby things and says that their children are all older and they are not planning on having anymore babies. Brad says to Hal, "you never know, life gives us surprises." Carly looks at Brad and asks if he doesn't have something to do and Brad says that he can take a hint, he will go and check on Parker. Hal looks down again at the box of things and says that he got a little carried away with buying, but he was so excited when he thought.....Carly finishes his sentence, "you were Parker's daddy?" She apologizes to Hal for that and she wishes him well with Barbara. He says to that everything worked out just like it was supposed to, no loose ends. Carly says, "no loose ends." Brad walks in with Parker and says, "look who is all wide eyed and bushy tailed." Carly says that she hopes that he didn't wake him up and Brad says that he was sitting in his crib playing. Brad brings him over and says that Parker saw the toys right away, he must have some detective blood in him. Brad asks Hal if he would like to hold Parker and Carly says that Hal has to leave. Hal says that he could hold him just for a minute. Carly is getting nervous and Brad asks her if she can see that Parker looks a little like Hal. Carly tells him to stop it. Hal, once again, wants to know what is going on with the two of them and Carly tells Hal that she has a little bit of news herself. Right before Hal came in, Brad had asked her to marry him and she was about to give him the answer. She says that she will marry him and Brad asks her if she is for real, no crossed fingers? Carly flashes him a look.

Rita is asking Reid if he is the father of Lily Snyder's baby? She shows Reid that the baby is going to have a transfusion and Holden is not the father. Reid wants to know if the Snyder's know this yet and she says that they will know soon. He tells her to take the papers back before someone sees them missing. She says that this is not news to him, he already knew about this. She says, "don't get mad, get even." He tells her again to take the papers back and she says, "I, I sir" and salutes him.

Jack wants Julia to give up her therapist. Julia says that she can't live without Reid, she wants Jack to be proud of her. He says that he is proud of her and there are many more therapist that she could go to. Julia is getting upset and she tells Jack to stop it, she is not going to choose between him and Reid. Jack gets a little upset with Julia and goes to leave, he leans in to kiss her and she turns her back on him. He storms out of the office and comes face to face with Reid. They look at each other and Jack takes off. Julia is starting to hear her mother's voice. She is telling Julia that she must choose who she wants to live with, her mother or her father. Reid come into the office and sees that Julia is shaken up. He tells her to sit down with him and talk about it. She tells him that Jack wants her to give up on using him as a therapist. She says that Jack thinks that she has switched her addiction to Reid. Reid asks Julia that maybe there is something going on with Jack. He asks her if it is possible that Jack is interested in someone else and he is finding fault in Julia to cover up his guilt? She doesn't think that is it, he just wants her to choose. She says something about choosing when she was a small child. Reid wants to talk about it, but she doesn't. He presses her to talk about it. She tells him that when she was little, her mother made her choose between her mother and her father. She chose to live with her mother and hardly saw her father after that. She says that he could be remarried with children of his own. She tells Reid that she only wants to feel that safe and protected feeling that fathers give to their daughters. Julia is very emotional about talking about this and Reid comes to her and gives her a hug and tells her that she is protected, he is there for her. Reid tells her that they had a good session today and she should go home and take some time to think about everything that they had talked about. She looks at him and says, " I can't give you up."

Bob and Ben are discussing the results of the test. Bob says that he has known Lily and Holden all their lives and Lily could not have conceived this child with anyone else. Lily and Holden come over to find out what is wrong. Bob tells them that they can't use Holden's blood for Hope's transfusion. They want to know why and he tells them that she has a rare blood type and they can get some blood from the hospital blood bank. Lily looks worried and Bob tells her not to worry, the blood at the hospital is tested very well and everything will be OK. They tell Lily that she can't be with Hope while the transfusion is going on, but they will take good care of her. They take Hope and Lily turns to Holden and he takes her into his arms. Bob tells Lily and Holden how the transfusion will help Hope, but eventually, she will have to have a bone marrow transplant. They talk about Luc possibly being a donor, but he is her half-brother and he may not be a match. They can go to the hospital data base to find a donor. Later, Ben comes out and tells Lily and Holden that Hope is doing fine, she is a real trouper. Lily goes to see her and Holden see Jack and Jack asks him why he is at the hospital. Holden tells him about Hope. Jack wants to know if there is anything that he can do and Holden tells him to encourage people to give blood. Jack tells Holden about Reid and going to Canada to check him out. He tells him that he couldn't find anything on him, but his gut instinct tells him that something is wrong. Lily comes out to get Holden to come and see their daughter. Jack gets up to leave, he starts one way and then stops and says, "she doesn't need me bugging her right now" and heads off in a different direction. Ben and Bob watch as Lily and Holden go by them. They discuss if they should tell the couple about the paternity test. Bob says that they have been through so much lately, they won't tell them right now. Bob walks off and Ben watches Lily and Holden with Hope.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Eddie makes a comment about Alec being at the club all the time. Katie reminds Eddie that Gary's trial is coming up. She asks him if he is nervous and he says that he is just going to tell the court what he saw at the club when Gary was running it. Georgia comes in and she is holding an envelope and says that she has some information on Eddie's new boss. (At this point, I was interrupted by a news report and didn't get to find out what info she found on him.) A drunk guy starts to hit on Georgia and Eddie intervenes and escorts the drunk outside. Georgia is watching from the door and Katie comes up behind her and says how Eddie will come to the rescue for anybody. Eddie comes back in and asks Georgia if the guy hurt her and she says that she is OK. Alec is listening to them. Eddie tells the girls about when he was young, Dina would bring drunk guys home with her and they would start smacking her around and there was nothing that he could do about it. He tells them that he is all worked up and needs some time to himself. He walks away, but Georgia follows him and tries to comfort him. This is getting on Katie's nerves. A guy comes in and asks for Denise. Katie tells him that she isn't there right now. He gives her a note from Gary to give to Denise and he leaves. Katie reads the note and gets a smile on her face. She folds it in half and writes her name on it and sets it up on the bar for Eddie to find. Katie then goes to the jailhouse to see Gary.

Rita comes to Holden and Lily with some paperwork on Hope. Lily and Holden don't understand what she is asking of them. She says that there is some discrepancy in the paperwork and she just wants to clear up something. She asks about the blood work done on Hope and Lily and Holden tell her that Hope has rare blood type and they needed to take blood from the hospital blood bank. Rita looks at them with a questionable look on her face and asks if that is all of the story. They don't understand what she is looking for and she ends the conversation abruptly and leaves. Lily says that she does not trust her. Holden asks Lily if she thinks that it is strange that neither of them have the same blood type as Hope. He questions this and they decide to go see Susan and ask her about this. Susan suggest that they go to Ben and talk to him about it and follow what he has to say. After they talk to Susan, Lily remembers that she was supposed to have a meeting with her mothers neurologist. Holden tells her to go and he will take care of Hope and Luc. After she is gone, Holden goes back to Susan and ask about who he has to see about looking at his daughters medical file. She tells him to go see Ben.

Denise is waiting for Ben in his office. She starts to look around his desk and opens Hope's file. Ben comes in and catches her and tells her that she can't look into any file laying on his desk, they are confidential. She has seen the results of the blood test. She advises Ben to tell Holden about the results. Holden sticks his head in the door and asks if he can talk to Ben. Denise says good-bye. Holden tells Ben that he knows that something is going on and he demands Ben to tell him. Ben says that they found something in the first blood test. They took a second one and the same thing came up. Holden wants to know what they found. Ben says to him, "Holden, you are not the father of Lily's baby."

Bob and Susan are talking about how many hours they have been working. Chris is around the corner listening to them. Bob asks Susan what she is going to do this evening. Susan says that Ellen has Ally and she is probably going to stay at the hospital for awhile and get caught up on some paperwork. Bob tells her that he was going to do the same and maybe they could share some Chinese food later. They walk away talking about what they are going to order. Chris comes around the corner and a nurse starts to talk to him. The phone rings and it is Kim. Chris tells the nurse that he will talk to her. He asks her when will she be home, he tells her to hurry home, things aren't the same when she is away.

Julia is discussing with Reid what she is going to do about Jack. She isn't sure how to handle the situation. She gets an idea and tells Reid that she will let him know how it works out. Julia goes to Bob and asks him about the patient that was stalking Reid. He tells her that he did mention that was the reason for him to relocate to the U.S. She happily go out to the farm where Jack is and tells him about this. He still is not satisfied, he wants her to find a new therapist. She says that she is not going to do it and she heads for the door. Jack tells her not to leave and she says that she is tired of fighting. As she is going out the door, Jack is yelling, "Julia!" She heads back to see Reid and tells him that she told Jack about confirming the stalking and he says that there is only one thing left for her to do, she is going to have to give him up to save her relationship with Jack.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Eddie gives encouragement to Georgia as she runs her lines with him. Denise urges her boss not to let anything--or anyone--get in the way of his connecting with his "George." Katie visits Gary in jail. Julia tells Reid she needs him. Ben breaks the bad news to Holden--he's not Hope's father--and urges him to talk to Lily about it. Carly tries to talk to an agitated Jack, but he's got Julia on his mind. Brad arrives in Jack's wake.

Don't make me give you up, Julia begs Dr. Hamilton. Rita determines to break up Reid's sessions with Julia. Holden relays the news about Hope's parentage to a stunned Emma. Holden concludes that maybe there was some kind of baby switch--and David was behind it.

Eddie deserts Georgia after he finds the threatening note from Gary and surmises that Katie has seen it. Katie asks a favor of Gary in return for her not testifying against him. Brad dares Carly to go ahead and tell jack about his blackmailing of her--it'll come back to haunt her. Holden wonders if the baby Lily gave birth to has died. How can I tell Lily? Holden agonizes.

Denise tries to find out if there were any newborns brought to the hospital during October. Katie asks Gary to be her "pen pal" from jail--it's for her psych class, she tells him. Gary is suspicious, especially at her nervousness, and demands she take off her sweater to prove she's not wearing a wire.

Brad taunts Carly about the possibility of being penniless again and kisses her. I hate you, she spits. Jack talks to Bob about the background check they did on Dr. Hamilton. Rita shows up at the hospital and demands to see Reid. Bob is incredulous when Jack relates Reid's detox treatment of Julia in a hotel room.

Katie feigns that Gary is attacking her when she spies Eddie. Eddie has to be restrained by the guards and Katie wraps herself around him in gratitude. Holden agonizes about his real daughter. The nurse brings in Hope and he cradles her in his arms, wondering if her real parents are out searching for her.

Ben encourages Denise's search for her baby, telling her he's engaged a private detective. When she surmises that he's told Holden the bad news, Ben urges her to forget all that she read in Hope Snyder's file. Rita interrupts Julia's session, but Reid is successful in getting her to leave.

Bob promises Jack there'll be an investigation into Reid's actions. Denise is skeptical of Katie's attack, demanding to know why she went to see Gary in the first place. Reid prevents Rita from saying anything to Jack. He assures his former nanny that it's his last session with Ms. Lindsay, but demands an explanation for her going up to Officer Snyder. You got what you wanted, Julia tells Jack, and he has to chase after her.

He's not having any more therapy sessions with Julia, Dr. Hamilton clarifies, but he's not through with her yet. She'll never marry Jack, he vows. Georgia storms off when she sees Eddie comforting and kissing Katie. A tearful Holden assures Hope he'll always love her. Denise decides to get tested to be Hope's bone marrow donor.

Thursday, April 22, 1999

Margo surprises Alex with burned pancakes for breakfast at the club. Over coffee, Margo relates that she killed Dina, Eddie's mother, last year and then explains about Eddie's sorry family life. When he asks about her friendship with Eddie, she accuses him of interrogating her. He apologizes and explains that he's never dated a cop before.

Lily and Holden's house:
Lily calls and informs Holden that she is at the airport and heading home. Emma is there with Holden giving him support that he needs to tell Lily about their switched baby. However when Lily shows up, Holden can't tell her. He tells Emma that he will tell her after he finds their real baby.

Margo arrives at the courthouse with Alex. Tom sees them together and is visibly shaken by it.
We have two trial's going on. The first is Gary's. Katie goes up to Gary before trial and provokes him into going for her. She runs to Eddie and boo-hoo's . Milking the situation for all it is worth. Gary tells Denise that he will give her the picture of the man who bought her baby, IF she changes her testimony. The picture ends up being one of David. Denise tells the truth on the stand and after court, Gary burns the picture right in front of her.
Meanwhile everything seems to be going well for Emily until Margo brings in a computer diskette and Tom tells Emily it's bad news. The DA seems thrilled.

Friday, April 23, 1999

Julia suggests to Lily that they have Luc be tested, since siblings are often a better bone marrow match than parents. Reid spies Molly and Andy making out by the pool. Margo testifies that Emily's supposed kidnapper kept a record of all payments for his acting job--and Emily was listed as his employer. A stunned Tom requests a recess. Margo tries to explain but Tom won't listen. Denise believes she'll never find her baby now that Gary has burned the paper.

Lily is suspicious when Holden tries to dissuade her from having their son tested. Emily realizes David must have planted the incriminating records. Reid grits his teeth as Andy and Molly badmouth David. Ben tries to get Denise to give in to her feelings, but she tries to pretend nothing's wrong. Lily agrees to exhaust their other options before testing Luc.

Eddie and Alex sit together in court. Reid advises Molly that she's performing too hard-it's like she's trying to convince herself. Ben raises Denise's spirits. Tom sets out to destroy Margo's creditability as a witness--it's the only way to get the jury to discount the records, Tom tells Emily. Tom hesitates and then introduces the subject of Eddie and how Margo hid him from the police. There is a stir in the courtroom when he gets Margo to admit to lying because she was emotionally involved with the suspect. Denise decides to get tested--if she can't help Hope, maybe she can help somebody else's baby.

Julia is uncomfortable when Holden quizzes her about when they were held captive in the cabin by David. Margo admits to losing her friendship with the defendant, because Emily slept with her husband. Eddie has to be restrained by Alex when he lashes out at Tom and his hard questioning.

Reid tells Molly she shows more passion just talking about David than she does kissing Andy. Holden urges Julia to keep quiet about his concerns. Denise talks to Lily about how she's holding up.

Adam walks in as Tom badgers Margo and insinuates that she fabricated the evidence. Margo loses control and admits she hates Emily. Tom turns around and sees a stony-faced Adam, which upsets both his parents. Reid pulls Molly into an embrace. We're finished, Margo tells Tom.

Andy and Denise recognize each other when they meet in the hospital.

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