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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, September 6, 1999

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns was not shown.

Tuesday,September 7, 1999

Margo and Eddie were in Alec's office and they were arguing over Eddie taking the job with Alec. Eddie wanted her to tell him why he shouldn't take the job and she couldn't tell him the truth. It finally came down to Eddie saying that she didn't think that he could handle the position. She told him that was what it was, but she was lying to try to get him to not take the job.

Margo and Eddie started to argue so much that Alec rushed with Georgia. He told them that he could hear them all the way down the hallway. He asked them what was going on. Eddie said that he was discussing the job opportunity with Margo. Alec asked him if he had decided to take the job, and Eddie said that he had decided -- Margo had helped him make up his mind. Eddie told Alec that he would take the position as Alec's right-hand man. Alec gave Eddie the contracts and Eddie signed them without reading them.

Molly was at Lucinda's and tried to run out. Jake caught her and held his hand over her mouth. She wouldn't tell Lucinda anything about Reid. Lucinda got on the phone and pretended to be her secretary and called the police. Molly said that she would talk. Lucinda told the police to never mind, they had everything under control.

Molly told Lucinda and Jake that she did not know where Reid was, and she hadn't seen him. Lucinda didn't believe her. Jake picked Molly's purse up off the floor, and her passport was sticking out of it. He asked her if she was planning to leave the country because people didn't usually travel around with their passports on them. Molly told them one more time that she was not going to run off with Reid and she did not know where he was.

Molly said that she was going to leave, and Jake had better not try to stop her or she was going to call the police and report him for kidnapping. She started to walk by, and Jake put out his arm. Lucinda told him to let her go. Molly left, and Jake and Lucinda were standing there looking at each other. Jake finally said, "Are you ready to go?" Lucinda wanted to know where, and he said to follow Molly and asked if that was Lucinda had let her go. Lucinda said that they needed to give her a few moments to get away. They left together.

Reid had knocked Lily out and went downstairs, where Denise was watching Faith and Hope. Ben walked in, and Denise asked Ben to take Hope for a walk outside because that always calmed her down. Denise was looking for Faith's bottle and put her in the playpen while she went to the kitchen to get a fresh one. As she left, Reid walked into the room and told Faith/Melinda that he has missed her and he was there to take her away with him.

Reid picked up the baby, and Denise walked around the corner. She saw Reid and backed up. She didn't know what to do. She saw a bat sitting by the door; she grabbed it, went into the living room, and told Reid to put the baby down. She had the bat ready to swing. He put the baby down and started to walk toward Denise. She made a run for the door and tried to yell for Ben.

Reid got to the door and slammed it shut. Denise took a swing and hit Reid in the side. She dropped the bat and went in to see about the baby. Reid picked up the bat and went after Denise. He hit her in the head and knocked her down. She managed to roll around and got back on her feet. She was still in between Reid and Faith, and she said that he would only get the baby over her dead body. He told her that she should watch what she wished for.

At that moment, they heard Ben and Holden at the front door. Reid turned to look, and Denise grabbed Faith. Denise started to yell for Ben, and Reid took off. Ben and Holden raced into the room, and Denise told them that Reid had been there and had tried to take the baby. Holden asked about Lily and then ran upstairs to get her.

Holden found Lily still passed out from the chloroform that Reid had used on her. Ben rushed in, and he and Holden got Lily to come to. Ben said that he would get her some water, and Holden told him to call the police. Ben said that he already had.

Holden, Ben and Lily went downstairs, and Denise was sitting on the couch, holding her head. Ben wanted to look, and she wouldn't let him. The police arrived and started to search for Reid. One cop began to question Denise. She started to tell the story and said that Reid had hit her on the head with the baseball bat. Ben asked about him hitting her, and Denise passed out.

Molly got to the docks, and she was telling Reid to step out. Then she said, "David, you can come out now." She couldn't understand why he wasn't there; he was late. Finally, Reid showed up and was out of breath. Molly asked him where he had been, and he said that he had been doing some errands. She told him that she could have done the errands for him, if he had told her.

Molly and Reid started to leave, and Reid doubled over in pain. Molly wanted to know what was wrong, and he said it was nothing. He asked her about what had been in Lucinda's vault, and she said that it was nothing. Lucinda had just told her that to lure him there. Reid asked if Molly had talked to Lucinda. She said that she had, but he didn't have to worry because she had told Lucinda that she hadn't seen him.

Reid doubled over in pain again, and Molly wanted him to go to the hospital. He said that there would be no hospital. She told him that they should get going to Canada, and the doctor that had helped him before could help him again. He asked about Lucinda again, and she reassured him that Lucinda did not know about him.

As Reid and Molly started to walk away, Lucinda rolled toward them in her wheelchair. Reid looked at Molly and angrily said that Molly had told him that Lucinda didn't know about him. Molly swore that she had not told Lucinda anything. Reid went over to Lucinda and asked her who had told her that they were there. Lucinda answered, very slowly, "" Reid turned and looked at Molly.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

A remorseful Hal told Barbara she would have to tend to a teething Parker, as Hal had to deal with the aftermath of Reid's kidnapping attempt. Ben tried to take charge as Denise was rushed into the Emergency Room. When Reid recalled being on the docks a year before as the Valetta sank, Lucinda gasped and blurted out that he was David. Jake arrived and hid in the bushes.

Hal praised Barbara for enduring her in-town honeymoon and jokingly promised to increase the fun the next day by starting Parker on toilet training. Hal later caught Carly lurking outside. Barbara grudgingly agreed to let Carly stay and apprised her of Parker's condition. Barbara allowed Carly to put Parker to bed when he fell asleep in her arms.

Susan ordered Ben out of the ER and chided him for being too involved when he wanted Denise to undergo a risky procedure. Ben stood by helplessly as Denise went into cardiac arrest.

Reid overrode Molly's attempt to shush him, and relished relating to Lucinda the details of how he had survived. He then announced he was the only one of them who was going to leave the docks alive. When Reid approached her, Lucinda sprang from her wheelchair and pointed a gun at him. Jake rolled his eyes when Lucinda took her eyes off Reid to call the police, allowing Reid to knock the gun away and turn it on Molly.

Molly pleaded with Reid, telling him she would wait until he was free. Reid listened to Molly's pleas of devotion and then shoved her away, turning the gun on her and Lucinda. Jake grabbed Reid from behind while Lucinda picked up the gun. After Jake trussed an unconscious Reid, Lucinda lambasted him for waiting so long.

Lily was given a clean bill of health.

Denise was finally resuscitated. Ben insisted to Holden that she was not in a coma -- she could hear everything. Though Denise's condition had stabilized, Ben took issue with Susan's conservative approach.

Holden took Hope from the nursery and told her this time she was providing a miracle for someone else. Lily took Ben to the hospital chapel. Ben wiped away tears when he saw Holden and Hope in the doorway. Susan overrode hospital policy and allowed Holden to take Hope into Denise's room. As Ben and Lily looked on, Holden told Denise she would have to return for her little girl.

Carly and Barbara shared an uneasy bond over a cup of tea. Carly learned Barbara had made the curtains in Parker's room. Barbara shrugged off Carly's thanks and told her she could have unscheduled visits, but Barbara would be keeping close tabs on her.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

A disbelieving Julia and Camille discussed Reid's attack, and Julia wished she knew how to find him. Jake called an ambulance over Lucinda's objections. Reid showed Molly he was feigning being unconscious.

Denise regained consciousness when she heard Hope crying.

Julia was convinced that the man who had attempted to murder Denise couldn't be the same Reid who had helped her overcome her addiction. When Jack arrived with the ambulance, Lucinda filled him in on Reid's identity and the fact that Molly had been aware of it. Jack cursed Reid for playing them all for fools. Holden apologized to Denise and insisted he could never repay her. Holden and Lily then watched in shock as Lucinda arrived along with the ambulance and directed verbal jabs at the cops.

Molly managed to get a minute alone with Reid at the hospital, and he insisted she was the only one that could help him. When Carly arrived, thanks to the news bulletin on the radio, Molly told her cousin she didn't think she could leave Reid alone. Julia used her hospital ID to get past the security protecting Reid.

Lily welcomed her mother back with open arms. Lucinda explained why she had played the role of an invalid and told Holden the body in the grave couldn't be David's, because he was alive and well in the guise of Reid. Lily initially was in denial, but Holden remained silent. When Lily finally said they needed to put it behind them because it was in the past, a stony-faced Holden declared it was not over -- not by a long shot.

Molly cut off Carly's string of barbs -- Reid was David, she explained. Carly was relieved when Molly assured her she was not going to help Reid escape, but she was going to enlist the services of the best attorney to help him get off. Jack demanded Molly tell him if she had known about Reid's true identity before then.

When Julia quizzed him about his actions, Reid exulted in apprising Julia that he was David. Molly remained mum on the subject, so Carly took up her cousin's defense, insisting to Jack that Molly had found true happiness only after David left. Later, Carly castigated her son's godmother for letting her lust get her into such legal trouble. Even Andy looked good at that moment, Carly cracked.

Molly used a nurse's ID to get near Reid, hovering in the doorway of his room as Reid offered proof of his identity to Julia. He remembered that she had said a Hail Mary during his burial, and that Holden's shovel had struck a rock. He then taunted her about having slept with him, boasting that he had never had it so good. Holden was eerily quiet in the background while Lucinda dragged Lily in to thank Jake.

Though handcuffed to the bed, Reid managed to keep a firm grasp on Julia. Ms. Lindsey was horrified when he reveled in having gotten her addicted and also breaking up her and Jack. He also filled her in on his plan to have her committed soon after their wedding and then live off of her money. Molly had heard enough when he boasted he didn't care about anyone, including Molly.

Julia finally wrenched free and fired back that he was trapped again, and he would never control her. Reid lunged for her but couldn't get to her. When he was taken out of his room for x-rays, Molly slapped him and told him to rot in hell. He had never loved her, she realized. The security guard ordered Reid back to his room but in the confusion, Holden slipped by them and into Reid's room.

Jack ran into an upset Julia and surmised that she had been with Reid. He was going to pay for what he had done to her -- immediately, he added as he rushed off toward Reid's room. Ben and Hope shared a tender reunion with Denise.

Lucinda was apologetic about not being there for Lily during all the baby troubles. Both looked up and realized that Holden was missing. Reid was startled by the sudden darkness. When he saw Holden's face, Reid jerked at his handcuffs, but remained chained to the bed.

Friday, September 10, 1999

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns was not shown.

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